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The Portal Of Wonderland - Chapter 166


PoW Chapter 166 - Lure Into a Trap

’’Could it be that even skeletons can be sentient and feeling?’’

This thought suddenly rose from Shi Mu's mind, but he shook his head soon after. Throwing this ridiculous thought to the back is head, he began to think about the matter at hand.

’’There is a formidable vicious beast within the depths of this cage. Go inside and lead it out.’’ A moment later, Shi Mu gave Silk this order.

The magical markings immediately displayed its might. A wave of strange force was used on Silk's body, urging it to step towards the depths of the cave. Powerful resounding steps could be heard.

’’Walk softer!’’

When Shi Mu saw this scene, he immediately added this sentence.

When Silk heard what was said, its right leg that had just stepped out suddenly stopped, sticking straight out in the air. The faint green soul flame within its eyes began to slightly tremble before that leg slowly fell. Following that, its left leg began to slowly raise...

Silk's steps became rather slow, and it was almost comical as it walked in a tiptoe manner. However, there were no longer any sounds that could be heard.

Mu Yi felt somewhat speechless when he saw it walking so slowly. However, he didn't have too many expectations for Silk to begin with, so these actions were already beyond his expectations.

After lightly exhaling, his figure flickered, before soundlessly entering the jungle.

Within the cave, Silk's figure gradually moved deeper and deeper. However, it seemed to have gradually grown accustomed to this kind of quiet movement, so its steps were much sharper than before.

When Silk was no longer far from that spacious place, the soul flame within its eye sockets suddenly jumped.

A wave of extremely ruthless aura filled the depths of the cave, making it not want to go any closer. However, under the force of the contract, it couldn't disobey Shi Mu's order and could only continue forward.

Following that, Silk's soul flame surprisingly weakened by a great amount. Its steps also became more quiet, and even the aura around its body was retracted.

Soon after, it arrived at the deepest parts of the cave. The vicious Three-Headed Python appeared within its field of vision.

Even though Silk was able to retract its own aura, its method was naturally not comparable to Shi Mu's.

When its gaze fell on the Three-Headed Viper's body, its coiling body suddenly moved. On top of its three enormous heads, six vertical eyes opened.

The snake heads turned around one after another, and its six ice-cold eyes immediately fell on Silk's body!

Silk's body was sluggish at first, but soon after, the soul flame within its sockets lit up. There wasn't the slightest bit of hesitation as it turned around and fled towards the exit. Its movements became extremely nimble.

The instant it turned around, a black beam of light also flashed through the air, striking down fiercely on where it previously stood.


Shattered rocks were blasted everywhere, and a pit roughly one zhang deep was created. At the same time, a nasty sharp odor filled the air.

The Three-Headed Viper's left head opened its mouth wide, releasing an indistinct and faint black light. A low hiss was released;its eyes were full of fury.

If it was before, it wouldn't have been so furious. However, not long ago, it's stomach became pregnant with a new life, so it needed a long and deep sleep. Only then could it deliver a healthy descendant.

However, someone actually dared to enter its territory to disturb it from its sleep. This was definitely an unforgivable matter.

The Three-Headed Viper's enormous body began to sway left and right, suddenly turning into a dark shadow. It shot out, chasing after Silk.

At this moment, Silk had already reached the passageway, its speed extremely quick.

However, this speed was still not enough for the Three-Headed Viper to care about. Its body swooped down towards the passageway like a dragonfly touching water. After slightly moving back, it once again flew out like an arrow from a bow string. In the blink of an eye, it traveled several dozen zhang, catching up to the skeleton.

The right head opened its large mouth wide, using its sharp teeth to directly smash down. It wanted to crush this wretched skeleton into two!

However, right at this moment, Silk's body suddenly became indistinct, turning into a silver afterimage before appearing again several zhang from its original position. It narrowly dodged this snake.


The Three-Headed vicious python clearly didn't anticipate this situation. The snake head couldn't stop its momentum, smashing into the cavern wall. The entire cave immediately began to shake, causing countless crushed rocks to fall in succession.

Silk didn't turn around, but it heard the huge rumbling sound that sounded behind him. The soul flame within its eye sockets began to shake in disorder, as if was showing a shocked expression. Its speed seemed to have increased by a bit.

When the Three-Headed Viper raised its head, Silk had already escaped from through the cave exit.

The vicious Three-Headed Python released a furious hiss from its mouth before frantically chasing after it. The right head opened again, spitting out a thick beam of black light that arrived behind Silk in a mere instant.

Silk's soul flame eyes flashed, and in the next moment, its body became misty again. After leaving behind a string of silver afterimages, it reappeared outside the cave.

With a rumbling sound, the sound of mountain stones blasting apart rang out once again.

After moving twice at such speed, the faint green soul flame within Silk's eyes had already dimmed by quite a bit. However, it still didn't stop and continued to quickly run towards the jungle where Shi Mu's traps were laid.

After failing twice, the vicious Three-Headed Viper went completely mad.

As the overlord of everything within ten li, it rarely miscalculated. However, right now, it couldn't even deal with a mere initial Houtian thing.

Peng! A loud sound rang out.

The cave began to swirl with shattered stones. A huge hole was actually blasted open by the Three-Headed Viper, its enormous ten zhang length body rushing out from the cave.

Within the jungle, there was a certain tree with luxurious leaves. Shi Mu was perched on top of one of its branches as he overlooked the scene excitedly. With a flip of his hand, he took out the Sky-Shattering Bow, and with the other hand, he took out a Wind-Chasing Arrow.

After placing the arrow on the bow, he slowly pulled it to its greatest length. A hint of gold swept past his eyes.

The vicious Three-Headed Viper was extremely fast, and with only a few breaths, it appeared several zhang behind Silk.

However, as soon as its enormous body swayed about, its thick and solid tail suddenly slammed down on the ground. The gigantic body seemed to fly into the air like a black arrow towards Silk. The left head opened its mouth wide, and as a black light flickered inside, it was going to spew out a black beam of light again. The right head bared its fangs, as if it was charging up for a great attack.

Silk could feel the terrifying force fluctuating over from behind him. However, it already ran out of power to use its blink skill. In the middle of running, it suddenly threw its body down to avoid the attack.

However, at this moment, a sou sound streaked across the air!

This was precisely the green-colored arrow that flashed out from the forest, aiming at the Three-Headed Python.

The arrow was wrapped up in green symbols, reaching a terrifying speed as it tore through the air. Taking advantage of the moment the enormous python's right head opened, it sank right into it.

The Three-Headed Viper immediately released a painful cry. The right head that was struck by the Wind-Chasing Arrow began to frantically swing back and forth, continuously smashing into the ground.


A huge hole was smashed open in the ground. Dust flew into the air, and a gale began to engulf the surrounding area.

Silk, who was lying on the ground, was picked up by this gale. It began to fly like a willow branch into the air before dropping into the jungle.

After tumbling forward and backwards for a while, Silk lied on the ground, unmoving. It seemed to have received serious injuries from the fierce attack just now and could not budge an inch.

Within the nearby jungle, Shi Mu revealed a face of shock. Just now, he could clearly see that Silk had merely been affected by the gale. The bone armor on its body did not seem to suffer much damage.

However, the current situation was desperate, so he didn't have time to think about Silk's matters. He once again took out a Wind-Chasing Arrow and placed it in the bow.

A ear-splitting xiu sound whistled through the air!

The green arrow was like a shooting star as it went straight for the middle head's left eye.

The Three-Headed Python's left and middle heads' eyes shot out ominous looks. The head in the middle opened its mouth wide and spat out a slender red streak, accurately engulfing that long green arrow. This was precisely the vicious python's tongue.

However, the Three-Headed Vicious clearly underestimated the power of the Wind-Chasing Arrow. Even though the tongue wrapped itself around the arrow, it couldn't knock it out of the way.

The long green arrow only slightly altered its trajectory. With a pu sound, it firmly smashed into the scales surrounding that middle head, a small portion of the arrow piercing through.

The Three-Headed Python received another injury. As it released a loud hiss, the ice-cold snake released a burning gaze. It no longer paid attention to Silk, instead rushing towards the location where the arrow came from like a streak of lightning.

Within the jungle, Shi Mu restrained all of his body's aura. As he watched the incoming Three-Headed Python, his eyes revealed a happy expression.

His arm gently tugged. The transparent silk in his hands connected all the way into the distance.

Several zhang out, the jungle leaves fluttered, and a huala sound could be heard.

The vicious Three-Headed Python looked in that direction with a flash of understanding. Its enormous body immediately leapt out from within the forest, and the left head opened, releasing an expanse of black light. It was not a light beam like before, but instead a rolling bucket-thick black wind that swept towards the jungle's branches and leaves.

However, right at this moment, it overlooked something!

Suddenly, a beam of yellow light shot out from within the forest. It interweaved and condensed within the air before turning into a giant circular net, directly trapping the Three-Headed Python's body.

The vicious Three-Headed Python's body seemed as if it was being suppressed by a small mountain, directly thrown down onto the ground.

The yellow light that formed the circular web had confining properties. As a result, the Three-Headed Python with mid-stage Xiantian level power became sluggish within the circular web.

Within the jungle, Shi Mu began to mutter to himself. A palm-sized yellow disk began to float in front of him, and many formation symbols were carved on it. As it spun about, it released waves of yellow light.

After seeing that the vicious Three-Headed Python was trapped within, he revealed an exalted look. He turned around and jumped down, about to carry out his plan.

However, right at this moment, the Three-Headed Python's six vertical eyes released sinister looks from under the circular net. Its thick body began to violently squirm about, and large amounts of black qi began to appear on its body's surface, attacking at the golden bindings surrounding it.

The yellow binding light became unsteady. They began to shake, and faint cracks were starting to appear.

Within the nearby jungle, Shi Mu was greatly alarmed. He immediately lifted a hand and threw out a blue-colored charm. This was precisely the cold yin charm that princess Huowu gave him before they entered the forbidden land.

The blue charm flashed with a brilliant light in the air before turning into pieces. Seven or eight streaks of sky blue colored tentacles appeared, extending into the golden light beams. They tightly wrapped around the Three-Headed Python's body, binding its movements.

The vicious Three-Headed Python became agitated. The furious snake began to ferociously twist about, and the black mist around its body immediately doubled as if it was going to materialize. As the python attacked the blue tentacles and yellow light beams that were restricting it, waves of thunderous noise were released!


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