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The Portal Of Wonderland - Chapter 165.2


PoW Chapter 165.2 - Taking Risks Out of Desperation

Even though princess Huowu promised to have an Earth-rank expert to help him with the seal, the totem tattoo on his body could erupt at any time. Whether or not he could hold on until he return to the alliance was definitely a problem. In addition, he couldn't be a hundred percent sure whether or not an Earth-rank expert would agree.

While staying within these sacred mountains, he learned quite a few things about the totem curse from Min Tu.

Based on what Min Tu said, even though an Earth-rank expert could seal up the totem curse's power, it would also seal up a large portion of his own qi as well. In other words, even if he was able to live through a fluke, he would turn into an ordinary person.


Shi Mu's hesitant expression slowly began to disappear, and his gaze became decisive.

He already promised his mother that he was going to become a true martial expert. He could not disappoint her now.

He also promised the Tian Yin beauty that he was going to become a Xiantian expert before the age of thirty and find her. How could he be willing to become an ordinary mortal?

When Shi Mu thought up to this point, his expression immediately lifted. He quickly scouted out the area around the cave before standing at a comparatively empty place.

’’This is the place!’’

He muttered this sentence before retrieving a small bag and opening it. Inside, there were a few charms, spiritual stones, and other things.

These were all prepared by Shi Mu ahead of time for the sake of killing the multi-headed python. His preparations were extremely meticulous, but faced with a mid-stage Xiantian Three-Headed Python, he wasn't sure whether or not these preparations were going to display their intended effect.

Shi Mu brushed away the dead leaves on the ground. Lowering his body, he began to draw out the formation's symbols stroke after stroke. Gradually, the outline of the formation appeared.

After roughly two hours, he stopped. His forehead was full of sweat.

As for the Three-Headed Python, he still did not have any great methods of dealing with it. He could only use everything he had to lay out these formations and traps, then find some way to lure it over. He was going to use this external assistance to see if he could snatch victory.

Following that, Shi Mu found a shaded place to sit down. He took out a pill and began to meditate.

Only after the sun began to set in the western mountains did he feel the power in his body recover to an optimum level. He stood up and first walked over to the formation traps to check them carefully one last time. Only then did he move towards the distant cave entrance.

At this moment, the sky had already completely turned dark. A moon appeared within a sky full of stars, lighting the sky up with tiny specks.

He took out a charm drawn on a piece of beast skin and stuck it onto his body.

A green color enveloped his body and he immediately felt much lighter. He was about to go inside.

Shi Mu was suddenly stumped for words. Within his sea of consciousness, he suddenly recalled that hazy skeleton.

After summoning it a long time ago, he almost forgot about that skeleton after so many years.

He muttered for a bit, then his mouth began to recite a spell.

A lump of black qi appeared in the space before Shi Mu. A short moment later, a lanky skeleton that was a bit shorter than him appeared.

The skeleton was wearing a rather tattered bone armor, and in its hands was a wide bone blade that was roughly half its height. Inside of its eyes, a green soul flame was burning.

Shi Mu's eyes were both opened wide.

Was this rather formidable looking skeleton warrior really the broken small skeleton from before?

As he circled around Silk, the expression in his eyes was of amazement.

With a sweep of his mental strength, he quickly realized Silk's current strength. It had already reached the initial Houtian stage.

’’I never thought that this skeleton's strength would increase so drastically after not seeing it for those few years...’’

Shi Mu was was absolutely shocked!

It should be known that the first time he summoned the Silk, its strength was only equal to seventh or eighth level of bone-tempering, and its expression was lifeless. If it really fought, it was likely that it was far from being able to match even an ordinary warrior apprentice.

As for the current Silk, an ashy-white color was present in its bones. However, it seemed like its right arm and skull was a bit different from the rest of the bones on its body. It was as if they were a bit brighter.

Silk's expression was blank, its gaze slowly moved towards Shi Mu.

One human and one skeleton looked face to face for a brief moment. Shi Mu's brows slightly furrowed.

The cyan soul flame within the opposing side's eyes seemed to carry a vague hint of emotion.

However, when he carefully looked again, that feeling had already completely vanished.


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