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The Portal Of Wonderland - Chapter 165.1


­Taking Risk Out of Desperation

As soon as the white spider thread's attack missed, it was immediately recalled. It was tightly wrapped around the trident with Su Gu pulled along with it.

At this moment, a blue blight shone past extremely swiftly, slicing downwards onto the spider silk.


The spider silk was cut through.

Not far away, Pearl's left hand grasped the five-coloured coral, while in her right hand, she held a blue coloured serpentine scimitar which emitted a blue lustre meaning it was obviously a valuable treasure.

It was plain to see that the spider thread was cut in half by this sword.

The left over spider thread dashed into the valley. In the next moment, from within the valley trees, a ’’whoosh’’ sound resounded loudly and a gargantuan shadow jumped out.

It was an impressively large spider, approximately the height of a human and when looked upon, you could see jagged hairs sticking out from all over its body. On it backs, there were markings alternating between black and yellow in colour, almost as if they were tiger stripes.

From within the giant spider's mouth a set of dagger-like venomous teeth appeared. They glowed green as 4 different sized eyes gazed at Pearl and Su Gu.

’’Tiger-Striped Demon Spider!’’ yelled Su Gu as his face turned a pale white.

’’At a glance, it has probably just advanced not long ago, we will undoubtedly obtain the things in the valley,’’ Pearl indifferently said. The serpentine scimitar and the five-coloured coral lit up with radiance in her hand.

In another location in the Middle Area, 5 barbarians had just encircled a large blood red tiger.

The blood tiger was a Xiantian beast, but at this moment, one of its hind legs had been pierced through by a bone spear, making it limp.

These five people were from a vicious tribe. Their movements were unparalleled and their synergy with each other was perfect, enabling to capture this blood tiger within a circle. It had tried to burst through a few times, however, the five barbarians were able to block it.

Not far from where they were, there were four to five barbarian corpses laying on the ground still flowing with blood having died a horrible death.

Barbarians, commoners and even mariners made an attempt at the Middle Area. As long as you had power, you would all have an interest in it.

But the Middle Area was was covered in numerous dangers. While hunting beasts, many people have also succumbed to beasts, becoming their food.

Below a black mountain peak in the Middle Area, there was a black cave measuring ten feet high. The inside looked dark and humid, while the green moss grew from the ground and the walls.

Momentarily, a figure appeared from behind a large rock next to the cave. He carefully peek his head out to glance inside the cave. This was Shi Mu.

His condition at the moment wasn't very ideal. His eyes are bloodshot and his face looked emaciated.

Ever since he had stepped in the Middle area, three to four days had already passed. The travel time would be ten days, which meant that he only had two days left.

He had followed the map that Minh Tu had given him, each searching for traces of the python. They had searched everywhere, which came to no avail. The place in front of him, was the last place it could be.

Shi Mu looked at the cave in front of him and relaxed the wrinkle in his brow. He had a glint in his eye.

This cave looked just like a place where snake beasts would reside. From within the cave, a certain stench could be smelled.

The glint in his eyes got bigger and bigger, but he obviously wouldn't recklessly charge into the cave.

Shi Mu breathed a deep breath, calmed his mind and moved carefully into the cave.

His footsteps were taken with great care, and did not utter even a slight sound.

The cave's interior was made up of a type of black shiny rock.

As soon as Shi Mu saw this, the hope he held had been raised greatly, which could be reflected on his face.

By the time he had moved ten feet into the cave, the light had gradually faded and ended up becoming complete darkness.

However, Shi Mu's eyesight was very good so the darkness posed no problem for him.

The cave was quite complicated as it winded around. As he headed downwards, fifteen minutes had already past but there was no sign of the python at all.

Shi Mu did not have an impatient look on his face as he held the handle of his black sword in one hand, and a few talismans in the other in his sleeves.

At this moment, Shi Mu had reached a corner, which led to an open area.

Shi Mu stuck fast to the cave walls, and peeked one eye out to look around aththe cavern.

From the large open area in front of him, a large stalactite hung down from the ceiling.

The humidity from this area far exceeded that of the entrance. Even water droplets would fall from the ceiling.

In the middle of this cavern, there was a pool and its area was fairly large. When the water droplets fell into this pool, it made a light ’’ding’’ sound.

Shi Mu's expression suddenly changed and revealed a look of ecstasy on his face. Next to the pool, there was a concaved nest which had a massive black python measuring more than ten feet.

The scales on the python were pitch black, and some of them even had flame-like patterns on them.

Shi Mu was ecstatic to the extent that his body was faintly trembling.

These flame-like markings confirmed that this was the python that he was looking for.

However, as soon as his eyes laid upon the black python, his expression changed greatly.

He saw a gigantic multi-headed python with three large skulls all sleeping at the moment.

Shi Mu suddenly started to sweat heavily and a hesitant look appeared on his face. He began to slowly back out, carefully walking the way he came.

When he had backed out from the cavern and reached the jungle a hundred feet away, he let an anxious breath of air out, but his brow was still wrinkled.

Even though the multi-headed viper was found, it was completely larger than expected. It was a vicious three-headed python, meaning it was a mid-level Xiantian beast.

According to his level now and adding other secret means, he could possibly defeat an early-stage double-headed Xiantian python, but he could definitely not overcome a middle-stage triple-headed Xiantian python.

His body was still trembling a little. Fortunately, the three-headed python was still deep asleep, otherwise getting out with his life would have been a problem in its own right.

A gravely solemn expression surfaced on Shi Mu's face. In his mind, he was constantly weighing out the benefits and detriments to taking on the three-headed beast.

If he did take action, the chances of succeeding were very slim, needless to say he would probably lose his life.

Should he give up? He had a limit on his time so finding other multi-headed serpents were not an option and according to the information he had gathered, there was no chance of coming across another one.


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