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The Portal Of Wonderland - Chapter 141


Chapter 141 - The Bloodshed

Fei Du frowned as he saw there were visible burns where his whip was cut. Sand Sun's staff shone with a black light in the shape of a flame.

’’Hehe, I never expected you to have made such progress in the black magic of fire in just a few years. But do you really think you can fend off our warriors of the Heavenly Wolf Tribe with just your pitiful magic?’’ Fei Du sneered, and, suddenly, an overwhelming qi burst out from his body. The black wolf he was riding howled.

All the other wolves and soldiers howled in response. They all stepped forward and an invisible pressure started pushing against the tribesmen of the Flying Raven Tribe.

Sand Sun wore a gloomy face under the pressure, because he knew, in a glance, that it was an old trick used by the Heavenly Wolf Tribe to disturb the minds of their enemies.

With no time to think, he wielded his staff fiercely, and then a beam of dark light was emitted, forming a shield of light in front of his tribesmen.

The invisible power flowed near the enemy as soon as the light shield took form.

Then, with a muffled noise, the black shield broke under Fei Du's attack, but it did succeed in obstructing the pressure from before.

Sand Sun's face turned unnaturally red, and he took a step backwards. The black light on his staff faded away rapidly.

All the tribesmen of the Flying Raven Tribe seemed to be frightened, looking to Sand Sun for more action, but no one took a single step back.

’’Sand Sun, if you are sensible, you will not try to oppose us of the Heavenly Wolf Tribe. You have the alternative of giving me the resources. Otherwise, die with all of your people! Now give me your choice!’’ Fei Du said, sneering.

Sand Sun turned pale with rage. He sank into the most tumultuous thoughts of his entire life when he stared at the twenty-odd Totem Warriors in front of him.

’’A thousand kilograms is too much. We can spare two hundred and fifty kilograms for you, and some horses and wine to make amends, OK?’’ After a while, he opened his mouth and spoke reluctantly.

A majority of the tribesmen were immediately ignited with indignation, shouting with rage when they sensed their Shaman's intention to compromise.

Sand Sun waved his hand to suppress the voices around him.

’’Haha, do you take us as beggars to give us only such few grains? A thousand kilograms or death! You do not have the right to haggle with me! ... Well, our young master has mentioned that he has interest in your beautiful daughter, Sand Girl. If you give her to us, our young master will have her as his concubine, and I can free you from the demand of grains. It is an honor of your tribe. Just take her to me!’’ Few Du was still sneering, this time more hideously.

’’Fei Du, don't take a mile when we give you an inch. Though we do not have many people, we can still feel insulted!’’ Sand Sun wore a fierce expression as he shouted. Meanwhile the tribesmen behind him all drew their weapons. The sound of war had broken out.

’’Well, now that you are courting death, I won't give you mercy!’’ Fei Du's face turned pale with rage and he grinned coldly with his hand raised.

The wolf-riders behind him formed a formation that was like a river of steel, and they rushed toward the tribesmen of the Flying Raven Tribe together with the one hundred foot soldiers.

’’Retreat to the inside!’’ Sand Sun ordered loudly, and then, with thick black light shooting up from his staff, he uttered a spell. Suddenly, a black cloud emerged in the sky, with muffled cawing noises coming from it.

Soon afterwards, dozens of black crows flew out of the cloud, like arrows aiming at the riders of the Heavenly Wolf Tribe.

The black crows were flying at a high speed, and their beaks were like awls, even sharper than real arrows. Some wolf-riders in the front were struck down from their wolves by several crows as they had no time to duck.

However stout, the body of Totem warriors could still suffer from the attacks of the crows. Therefore, the warriors all bled badly, especially the one who was hit on his eye. The thin and long beak stabbed deeply into his head. This primary Houtian Totem warrior cried bitterly and fell off his wolf after getting hit on his head. He struggled on the ground for some time before he twitched and stopped moving.

Sand Sun uttered his spells loudly, then black light shone around him again. Suddenly, something dark speedily flew out from the tents and merged into Sand Sun's body. Next, the black light around Sand Sun's body formed a shape of crow, and his staff started glowing with red light.

Under the red light, his complexion became filled with vigor.

Sand Sun shouted, and thrust his staff forward like a spear. The staff pierced a wolf-rider, who was rushing towards him, through his chest, and lifted him up forcibly.

Meanwhile, two other beams of black light also came from the tents, coming into the bodies of the other two Totem warriors of the Flying Raven Tribe, though not with the same momentum as Sand Sun's. Even so, the two warriors were greatly refreshed, and red lights emerged on their weapons, obviously sharpening them.

The three rose up to lead the other warriors of their tribe to ward off the enemies. After the cost of more than twenty tribesmen's lives, they managed to repel the attack of the Heavenly Wolf Tribe.

Fei Du flew into fury when he saw his men were killed. The twenty Totem warriors were his capable helpers, as well as his private army. It was a heavy loss to lose even one of them. He shouted and lifted his hand into the air. Then a beam of dark light flew out, looking like lightning.

While Sand Sun was holding his staff, fighting energetically with a hammer-wielding wolf-rider, who was at the middle stage of Houtian Realm, he felt a sudden pain on his chest. Sand Sun turned ghastly pale when he lowered his head to see what had happened.

There was a big black hole burnt through his chest!

A loud noise resounded.

A second after getting smote with the black lightning, the hammer of the wolf-rider in front of him smashed into his body and knocked him into the air.

’’Shaman!’’ The golden-haired hefty man changed his look and cried out, but this left him distracted, and a black spear struck while he wasn't paying attention. It stabbed into his throat and soon he bled to death.

The game was as good as lost. The last Totem warrior of the Flying Raven Tribe was killed by several wolf-riders' spears a few breaths later.

The Heavenly Wolf Tribe had only lost a few riders, which, now that the three totem warriors of the Flying Raven Tribe were dead, made little difference to the battle.

On the other hand, without Sand Sun and the other two Totem warriors, the wolf-riders crushed the defenses of the Flying Raven Tribe with ease. Tribesmen would be killed wherever a wolf-rider wielded his weapon.

’’Follow me, capture them alive!’’

Fei Du raised his blade and urged his wolf soldiers, leading his army into the Flying Raven Tribe.

It was absolutely a carnage of war of the whole tribe!


It was getting late when Shi Mu got back to the tribe with Sand Girl, Sand Star, and the other young tribesmen.

Shi Mu was riding his Four Odds, along with the sister and brother, who were sitting shoulder by shoulder. He also had a yellow roebuck on his saddle. He was toying with a yellow round ball, which was as big as an egg, that was sitting in his hand. It felt as if he was holding a stone ball, but the ball discharged an odd fragrance.

’’Thank you for helping me hunt the roebuck!’’ Shi Mu stored the yellow ball in a small bag hung on his waist, then smiled and cupped his hands to express his thanks. The tens of people had spent a whole day to kill this roebuck.

’’Don't be so polite, brother Mu, it is a matter of pride for us of the Flying Raven Tribesmen to help a friend.’’ Sand Star puffed out his chest and thumped on it, speaking loudly. All the other young tribesmen also waved their hands and wished Shi Mu a good journey thereafter.

However, Sand Girl was riding wordlessly near him. She kept silent all the way back, in a solitary mood. Shi Mu sighed secretly to himself and did not speak to her.

In a jovial atmosphere, the hunting group soon came near to their tents.

However, Shi Mu suddenly frowned. The strengthened eyesight made him possible to see some faint black smoke swirling up from their tents. And the black clouds floating above only added to the ominous sensation.

A bad premonition emerged in his mind, which made his face stern and gloomy.

’’Brother Mu, what's up?’’ Sand Girl had been keeping an eye on Shi Mu, so she immediately discovered his change of expression. She finally mustered her courage to ask after a short hesitation.

’’Something unusual may have happened at the camp. Let's speed up.’’ Shi Mu said seriously.

The others also changed their looks, stretching their necks to stare in the direction of their home. Unable to see the situation there as clearly as Shi Mu did, they still hurried to accelerate when they saw Shi Mu's troubled face.

Before long they arrived at the upper reaches of the river, and all were utterly stunned by the scene before their eyes.

The Flying Raven Tribe no longer existed.

It had been burned to ruins. All the tents on both sides of the river had been turned to ashes, and some were still smoldering.

In the ruins, bodies lay everywhere. Elders, children, and warriors of their tribe. There were stone hammers and bone spears dropped all over the ground.

All the warm faces they were familiar with had now become stiff. Many were cut into pieces, which showed the cruelty of the killers. The river seemed to have swelled up with all the blood it had received today, and the smell was terrible.

And began crying their hearts out. They jumped down their horses, and scuttling toward the ruins.



’’Little sister....’’

’’No, no, it's not real!’’

All of the survivors were full of tears, crying and shouting as they searched for their relatives' bodies in the ruins.

An overwhelming dizziness came over Shi Mu, and his face went as pale as a piece of paper.

Due to spending his past few years on the battlefield, he had become used to seeing scenes of slaughter and bloodshed, but right now his heart was broken with grief. Just the night before, he was still drinking with these honest and kind-hearted barbarians, watching charming dances and listening to appealing music. Though they lived a poor life, and lacked resources, they had never lost their will to live. All of them were praying for the blessing of the Raven God, looking forward to a better life in the next year, with more cows, more sheep, and more food....

The Four Odd seemed to be terrified by this horrendous scene, too. It neighed nervously, digging earth with its hoofs without stopping.

Shi Mu clenched his fist, and breathed deeply several times with his eyes shut up. He had regained his senses, but the fierce light in his eyes did not fade.

He dismounted from the Four Odds, staring at the ground instead of stepping toward the ruins. There were many footsteps overlapping each other - human footsteps, wolf paw prints... It all constituted a chaotic scene.

He studied the marks for a while, walking along the footsteps, and fished his eyes on the desert ahead.

Though the earth was solid in the desert, with his eyesight, he could see the steps of more than a hundred people, who seemed to have come from the southeast. However, the number of footprints seemed to have doubled when the attackers left.

Cold light flashed across Shi Mu's eyes, then he turned abruptly back and hastened to the ruins of the tribe.

Translated by XianXiaWorld


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