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The Other World Dining Hall - Chapter 119


Chapter 119

Mocha Chocolate Parfait

What is it? This guy.

Two decades ago, after surviving the battle against the four heroes (monsters), the ’’Demon Beast King’’ Altina, who was the last demon king of this continent, was puzzled.

[Let me tell you straight away. I want you to swear vassalage to me and become my retainer. We do not want to die yet with you.]

The warrior, the magician and the priest were brought together, and the words of the young man still resounded.

[Oi, you, we won't listen to the words of a human!]

[Demon King-sama, let's kill these guys!]

[You guys! Be prepared to die!]

To those words that sounded too arrogant, her hot-blooded subordinates were riled up and rose up in a blink of eye.

Her demonic beasts (pets) which noticed that their master was made fun off also stood ready.


However, Altina who was intrigued by their mysterious attitudes instantly stopped her men who were ready to kill.

She gazed at the humans with a sharp glint in her eyes that made even her subordinates and demonic beasts tremble in fear.

...Except for the man in front of her.

[...Well then, will you let me know? Why should I accept your offer?]

While her words were dripping with blood thirst, she thought.

Why was this obstinate man ’’weak’’?

The man in front of her, he was weak. No, perhaps as a human, well, he could be considered as strong.

His warrior body was well-toned, and from the way he moved, he was able to wield his sword skillfully.

Even his warrior and magician subordinates also had considerable skills, she could see that this man had considerable skill.

However, they were weak. Their opponent was the demon beast king Altina who had lived for nearly 300 years and could kick about 1,000 knights.

They were nothing compared to the heroes who slaughtered her demonic beasts (pets) and underlings one by one even when there were only four of them and had prepared themselves even for their deaths.

[Umu. First of all, this city is mine.]

The weak man spun his words without being frightened of Altina's blood thirst.

[Twenty years ago, you killed the king ruling this capital city and his family... but two of them survived. My mother Adelheid and I.

And my mother died when I was very young. In other words, the only legitimate successor who has the right to inherit the throne is I. Therefore, I am the king of this country.]

So what.

Altina was more confused by the fact that it did not have much significance.

She had nothing to do with the survivor of a country destroyed by the demons that called himself king, but there's no way she would just give away the capital city that was obtained with great pains.

[In other words, if I were to return the capital city to you as the king of the country, you would admit to losing and be sworn in as a vassal.]

[...So? Why should I comply with that?]

It was not an act of intimidation, but of a doubt. It was not only her that thought that it was foolish to respond accordingly.

[I myself do not think that I can easily do it, so I left my will in my hometown.]

She guessed that the man also knew. So he prepared his trump card.

[If I were to die, people will avenge me. The ones that will avenge me are not just this city and this nation... yes, I have requested to aid of the Kingdom, the Principality and the shrines of the six goddesses as well.

Maa, even if it's called preparation of vengeance, it also doubles as subjugation. They will do anything in order to try to kill the ’’last demon king’’, even if it means reducing this capital city into ashes and any other sacrifices.]

[...I see.]

Altina finally notice this man's intention. It was a threat.

If she were to kill this man, the army of the Kingdom and the Principality, as well as the priests of the temples who greatly detested the demons would attack the city.

[But why, why do you ask for vassalage? Why do you not cry in those countries and let them snatch away this country from me?]

[That won't do. It would be like me obtaining a bloody wreckage of land that had its delicious juice sucked out.]

Then, he looked straight at Altina and said it.

[Demon Beast King Altina. The humans of this world fear and extoll your ’’strength’’. But I value and praise your ’’wisdom’’.]

Rather than uniting with humans, he would like to join hands with the demon king. That was the motive he thought about.

[Before I met you, I was surprised by this country. While the people of this country had high prices, there was strict supervision of crime. Though some people grumbled that newcomers were put in fixed matches at the arena.

...It's like the people of human country making idle complaints when things are turning well. This is a country ruled by a pretty capable king.]

Indeed, the woman in front of him was a demon. She was probably one of the strongest demons in this continent.

However... it would be foolish to just describe her as strong, that's a fact.

[If you accept my offer, I shall give this capital city to you. It would be best if you govern it as you are doing now. If you like, I can lend you some human civil officials.]

If she was ruling the country by force and making it into a demon-dominated hell like what people of other countries said, then he wouldn't be able to talk to her.

However, if she could rule the country with wisdom instead of strength, then there was a better way to kill.

[However, it's not for free. I'll have you work hard. From now on from your country, men who can fight... aa no, in demon race's case, does gender really matter? I'll accept people that can fight.]

In other words, most of the citizens of this country were demons.

[Actually, I have many enemies. Although I am the legitimate heir of the throne, many people thought that it was unsatisfactory to become vassals and amassed a lot of ’’rebels’’. I will conquer them.

However, it can't be helped that the soldiers under my command are weak. I can protect the land I'm ruling by transporting food provisions and weapons to the battlefields, but more than that is impossible.

Since farmers have to work, I have to be careful not to let them die or get injured, and they are too weak to fight the army of rebels in the first place. That's why I thought about it.

In exchange of vassalage, I can obtain the best army that can suppress the ’’rebels’’ even if it's during the off-season for agriculture.]

[...Is that us?]

She understood. It was true that the majority of humans were bad at fighting with the exception of knights and mercenaries.

[Maa, that's it. For ordinary people, being sent to fight in a war arbitrarily by the ruling class is regarded as a punishment or a slave's job...]

[...Aa, unlike humans, demons love to fight. It's even more so if we can just fight without thinking about obtaining meals or where to rob from.]

Altina unexpectedly laughed. It would be a terrible pleasure for them.

20 years ago, ever since the Demon God was defeated by the heroes, the demons had been weakened, but they had not lost their will to fight yet.

Mad warriors who finds the worth of living only in fighting itself was a dime in dozen that could be tossed away.

[...Very well, I'll be your vassal, I swear it.]

[Demon King-sama!?]

After a glance towards her subordinates that hardened due to surprise, she looked at the man... and his group in front of her.

[However, it's only a formality. I shall decide my own rule as I please. Can you protect me as my lord so that foreign armies do not come to his city?

Maa, do not worry. If it's good, I shall send many hot-blooded mad warriors (idiots) to the battlefield.]

She did not intend to be below someone. This is an alliance.

Even if this country was ’’a country ruled by the demon king’’, there was no longer a justification to attack ’’a country ruled by its legitimate human king’’.

Altina was not stupid enough to not know it.

[Aa, I understand.]

Hou, and the man breathed out.

Finally, it was all in place. Now that the preparations with the demons completed, he could defeat the rebels.

As soon as it was finished, the man stood up and declared.

[Thou, Altina. I, Wilheim, acknowledge you and your descendants as vassals that serve the ’’Empire’’ and I give you this city and its surroundings as your territory. From now on, devote your loyalty to my Empire.]

[...I accept.]

Thus, one country was born. That was 50 years ago.

Early afternoon in the Demon Capital, in an office furnished with luxurious furniture, a young lady was engrossed in work that day.

[...Well then Demon King-sama, your afternoon work today is done. Thank you for your hard work.]

After the work was finished, the human civil officers bowed down while holding a large amount of documents she had looked through and signed just some moments ago before they exited, Lastina then sat down on her office chair and relaxed.

[Demon King-sama, huh...]

She unintentionally restrained herself.

Lastina was the demon king. As the head of the Empire's best aristocrat family, she was the king that governed the demons... that's what she was supposed to say.

Lastina was a demon. But she was not just any demon.

She was the only descendent of the great demon king Altina. Thus, she was a demon king.

[...I'm not strong enough to be called a demon king.]

When she was young, she dreamt of being able to fly, but her wings were only strong enough to become folding fans, making her mood worsen even further.

By nature, demons did not care about blood lines. They received their divine protections from the Demon God.

The divine protections bestowed by the Demon God were very fickle. The child of a parent with strong divine protection could have a weak one, while the child of a parent with weak divine protection could have a strong one.

Therefore, in essence, the title of the demon king was not inherited from one's parent, but it was something that a person recognized and admitted.

...Among many demons, a lot of demon kings that were feared by the humans were actually ’’self-proclaimed demon kings’’.

However, the daughter of the demon king Altina, someone born with tremendous magical power, had many demonic beast subordinates, and feared and extolled by people... the ’’weakest king’’ Lastina was different.

In the future, for the Lastina who was arranged to be the next demon king, the whim of the Demon God was not gentle.

Though it was unusual, Lastina had the same divine protection as Altina. She grew horns, wings and tail.

However, their strength was much weaker than Altina's.

Altina had magical power that far exceeded even the elves, her magical attack was comparable to the dragon's breath, and her healing magic was comparable to that of a high priest's.

Compared to Altina's 7 prominent horns that looked like a crown, Lastina's 2 horns were so meager that they were almost covered by her hair bangs.

Her magical power was only above an average human magician.

Unlike Altina's long whip-like tail that could even slice iron, Lastina's tail which length did not even reach her knees could only generate the force of a child's power when swung.

Unlike Altina's huge wings, which allowed her to freely fly in the sky and overlook the battlefield, Lastina had small bat wings that couldn't even make her float no matter how desperately she flapped her wings.

Lastina was taught martial arts and magic by her mother directly, the technique to tame demonic beasts that was the reason why Altina was called the demon beast king, even though she was compatible with it, Lionel who was undefeated in the arena of Demonic Capital was much stronger than her and more suitable to be the demon king.

It was obvious that she was the weakest among the great demons that were referred as demon kings. Hence her title as the weakest king Lastina.

As one would expect, no one would directly say it to her face, but the title was well-known in the city.

[...I'll go back home. Even just a little, I have to train.]

Lastina who thought that it would become even more painful if she thought about it any further mumbled to herself to change the mood.

Three years had passed since she succeeded the title of demon king. Although she had finally understood her office work, her strength as a demon had not grown much.

On the contrary, she had been so busy with her work that she had neglected her training, and her skills seemed to have fallen.

She was ’’too weak’’ to call herself a demon king, that's what she thought.

[Fal, I'm returning to my room at once. I don't need help changing my clothes.]

That was why Lastina was secretly determined.

As a demon, she would try to ascertain the identity of that mysterious existence.

[Certainly, Demon King-sama.]

Lastina stood up, telling so to her maid who was chosen as her escort since she possessed the eyes of Medusa which was capable of stopping the movement of people that had seen them immediately.

...Waiting for her, was a premonition of an encounter.

That was a strange existence.

[...Otherworld restaurant Nekoya. Really, what is this?]

The signboard on the door was written with the letters of Eastern Continent language. The well-maintained black door had a picture of a cat on it.

It appeared suddenly inside the clothing closet of her bedroom this morning.

(...Certainly, I have heard about the magic of transference of the old elves, is this it?)

According to the information she obtained as the greatest noble family of the continent, it was one of the magic of lost legend that the great magician Artorius who was one of the four heroes had resurrected.

She had heard that some of his disciples that had received his teachings directly could utilize magic of transference and could cross the Eastern and Western Continents in an instant.

(But why is it here in the Demonic Capital...)

That's what she didn't know. The reason reason why such a magic appeared in the palace of Demonic Capital... and why it had the signboard of a restaurant.

[...First of all, I understand that I can't understand it no matter how much I think about it.]

There was only one thing to do.

Lastina resolved her mind, she then opened the door.

'Chirinchirin', the door opened with the sound of bell.

And beyond that... the place that was literally written on the sign spread.

The strangely bright room on the other side of the room was wrapped in the noise of late afternoon.

(This place... it's like a bar of Demonic Capital.)

She looked around to determine the situation.

In this place, there were humans, dwarves, half-elves, halflings... demons and monsters.

Various races with no sense of unity gathered, enjoying unfamiliar food and drinks.

While she could see combinations that would kill each other if they met normally, there was no conflict between each other.

It was reminiscent of the tavern of Demonic Capital where demons gathered, as their appearances differed due to the capricious nature of their divine protections, that she had visited with her mother before.

(However, I never heard of such place at the Demonic Capital.)

But there were monsters and not just demons in the place, no such place existed at the city.

If there was such a place, there was no way such information wouldn't enter her ears since she was the demon king.

Then it was when she tried to explore the place further.

[...Are you possibly Lastina-sama?]

Her breath got caught when she heard a familiar voice.

[Adelheid... Your Highness? Why are you here!?]

There, it was her master that she had only met rarely... Adelheid, the beloved daughter of the emperor.

The two times they met was when Lastina went to the Imperial Capital to greet the emperor during his enthronement ceremony back when she was young, they had played together back then, and the next one was when Lastina went to the Imperial Capital to report her inauguration to the emperor, there was no mistaking her appearance.

She thought that she became even more beautiful than she remembered, but she certainly recognized that surprised expression.

[I am the demon king... after I inherited my title, I heard you being treated for you illness... why are you here?]

Surely, as soon as she became the demon king, she remembered hearing that the princess was sent to the villa to recuperate from the Poor Killer.

Lastina couldn't understand why she was in this dubious place behind the door.

[Of course, in order to eat parfait here... it is my ojii-sama's guidance.]

Hearing Adelheid's reply, Lastina unintentionally burst into laughter.

(Aa, that's right, Her Highness is like this.)

Indeed. This person she had met twice before was like this, she was estranged from common sense... she did not care about minor details like her being a demon.

While the Empire coexisted with the demons, there was still distance of making humans and demons equal from Lastina's point of view.

[If you do not mind, why not join us? Today Sharif-sama and Lana-sama are not here so I'm feeling lonely.]

(Sharif, Lana... the prince and princess of Western Continent?)

Indeed, while thinking that the royalties of the country at Western Continent where there was only sand dessert and recently started to increase their exchanges with the Empire had the same names, Lastina sat down on the soft chair.

[Ano, welcome! This is your first visit right? Are you by chance Adelheid-sama's acquaintance?]

As soon as she sat on the chair, a girl who seemed to be the waitress approached and said so to Lastina.

The girl seemed to be a demon, she could see her small horns that look like a goat's.

[Yes... ano, what is this place?]

Lastina asked the girl, feeling a little relieved seeing her own race in this mysterious place.

Perhaps she was a child that was born to a wealthy household of the Empire, she looked cleaned up even though her divine protection seemed to be weak.

If she could serve in such a strange place, she should know the circumstances very well.

[Yes, this is the otherworld dining hall. We serve various types of cuisines and they are all delicious!]

The girl proudly responded about the restaurant.

[Cui, cuisine...? No, indeed the signboard is written so...]

Come to think about it, the words ’’otherworld restaurant Nekoya’’ was written on the door. In other words, this place was certainly a restaurant, one that served dishes of otherworld.

[Would you like something to eat? First time customers often do not bring any money, so it's okay to pay next time.]

[Ee. Since you have come to otherworld restaurant, would you like to try the parfait, Lastina-sama?]

Hearing the girl's words, Adelheid encouraged her.

[Haa. Well, sorry to trouble you... I shall partake.]

It would be impolite to decline. Thinking that, Lastina nodded.

[I see. If I'm not wrong... Lastina-sama is not particular with fruits, isn't that so?]

After the talk had settled, Adelheid remembered her distant memories about when they both played together as children for about a month.

Certainly, Lastina didn't like fruits and vegetables very much.

In the dinner where the mother and daughter pair were invited, she ate a lot of meat dishes and the dishes made using fruits and vegetables ordered from various parts of the Empire were hardly touched.

On the other hand, her mother who had similar face to Lastina but had bigger horns, wings and tail was a person that ate fruits and vegetables very much and almost did not touch any meat dishes that were served on the dining table.

[Ee... I like sweet things, but fruits are a little...]

Lastina who responded while feeling embarrassed still did not like fruits.

She's already an adult and could eat them if necessary, but she didn't want to eat anything she didn't like.

...When she was young, her mother would abandon her work and fly out of the palace on a whim, she then would try to feed Lastina ripe fruits that she had obtained somewhere, but that was now a nostalgic memory.

[If so... then how about Kaffa? I remember that Sharif-sama said that he had presented it to Lastina-sama who is the current demon king and it was received positively.]

[Kaffa... ee. That was delicious. It was difficult to procure in the market, but recently a lot of people living in the city including me had taken a liking to it.]

This time, she nodded.

The pitch black tea of the Western Continent was brought into the Empire a while ago and it had appeared in Demonic Capital a year ago.

When it was boiled, it had extraordinary strong flavor and when plenty of expensive white sugar was added to sweeten it, it would soak into her tired body when she drank after she finished her work.

Even when she was feeling tired, her mind became clear. That's why she bought it at regular interval now.

[...Then, that looks good.]

After listening to Lastina's answer, Adelheid decided on which confectionary to recommend.

Because the otherworld was abundant with sweets, she must think carefully on what to recommend.

It was something she learned from the aristocrat magician with long ears that ate meals together with her sometimes.

[Aletta-san, I wish to order one mocha chocolate parfait chocolate parfait for her please. Please bring me the chocolate parfait I ordered earlier too.]

[Yes! It will take a while to serve both of them, is that okay?]

[Ee. Thank you very much. We'll wait for it... by the way, how are you here Lastina-sama?]

She called out to Aletta, added an additional order and then finally noticed it.

[E? That, a dubious door suddenly appeared in the palace.]

[Maa! How lucky!]


Seeing the reaction of Adelheid who went at her own pace as usual, Lastina waited for her next words.

[The door is whimsical, no one knows where a new one will appear next. I have heard so. Just like grandfather, he built the villa at the location of the door's appearance since once a door appears, it will always appear in the same place afterwards...]

[So that's how it is...]

That reminded her that there was a villa in a remote place somewhere far away from the Imperial Capital where Wilheim-sama spent his later years, apparently the door appeared there too.

At least, seeing the situation of Adelheid who seemed to be visiting this place frequently, there was no danger.

As soon as she realized it, a weight seemed to be relieved from Lastina's shoulders.

[Maa, it seems that there is no need to deal with it specifically.]

[Ee. I can also meet Lastina-sama for the first time in a long while;I think it's a good thing.]

[...Me too.]

Lastina unconsciously smiled after seeing Adelheid's cheerful smile.

[...Lastina-sama is finally smiling, that's good.]


[When you came here, you seemed to be vigilant and your body was tense.

What happened, Lastina-sama?

If you do not mind, could you tell me while we wait for our parfaits? Ever since I moved to the villa, I lack ordinary chats.]

After saying so, Adelheid closed her mouth and looked straight at Lastina.

[...As a matter of fact, I'm feeling troubled lately. I've been wondering if I'm suitable to be the demon king. I am also thinking on whether I should give up my title and pass it over to a more powerful demon.]

As if encouraged by the gaze, Lastina revealed her troubles that she was unable to reveal in the demon palace.

Not only herself, surely other demons were also thinking so.

[Is that so? Previously, otou-sama said that he felt reassured that Lastina-sama was the one who became the demon king, you know?]

[His Majesty said so?]

However, Adelheid's reaction was so unexpected that she was amazed by it.

The emperor... he was a person with accomplished parents, though it had been many years since she last saw him, he was a person that she respected.

She had no idea that he thought so.

[Ee. It was around the time Lastina-sama came for audience. I also thought that Lastina-sama is very intelligent when Altina-sama brought you with her. You are wise. If it's you, surely the Demonic Capital is governed well.]

[...Intelligent, is it?]

Aa, she reflexively sighed.

Certainly Lastina's intelligence was above usual. She could memorize well, she did her office work smoothly, and her negotiation skill was also good.

From young age, she helped Altina drafting plans and strategies for invasions as the next demon king, and ever since Lastina became the demon king, she emphasized trading with human partners, increased the tax revenue and the population of the Demon Capital had also increased.

And when her mother's lifespan had reached its end, she who was lying on her bed said that she could leave the Demon Capital in Lastina's skillful hands.

[However, me as the demon king, that... unfortunately... I am too weak to be called one.]

But that did not make up for her weakness that was fatal as a member of the demon race.

She would certainly think on whether she had the qualification to become the demon king with the useless feeble divine protection she received from the Demon God.

[Ara? Is there something wrong with being weak?]


That's why Adelheid's words surprised Lastina.

What was she saying, that's what she thought.

Whether she knew that she surprised Lastina or not, Adelheid continued to speak.

[I hardly know how to fight. Not just the sword, I can't even use a dagger properly and I am unable to use magic. Even so, I can function properly as the imperial princess and my father, who was only able to wield the sword to a certain degree, was the emperor.

I think it is a good thing to be strong even if they're royalty like Sharif-sama, but I am not sure if it is necessary to be strong.]

[...Is that okay?]

Those words were explained clearly.

However, she did not know the reason.

As a ruler, Lastina was familiar with human's society.

In case of humans, it was common sense that even the king who led the country was basically not very strong.

However, she was a demon, the demon king. She was not sure if it's allowed for her.

[I do not understand. If you're weak, then don't you only need not to go to the battlefield? My ojii-sama also said so. Leave the battles to the strong ones.

It is the job of those who is positioned above to arrange the preparations so that those skillful in fighting can fight well, and to give them commands in the battlefield. It is already a losing battle when the general have to fight directly.]

Adelheid did not understand. But at least her ojii-sama... the greatest emperor of the Empire did not find much value in strength.

On the battlefield, he thought that those who could move their soldiers well could win even if they themselves were weak.

[Besides, he also said it. Making the country prosper is far more difficult than winning in battles. And a king who can make the country flourish is very valuable.]

[...Is, that so.]

Adelheid's words pierced her.

Those words might only because humans did not see strength as the supreme value.

However, accepting those words seemed to be much better than lamenting the fact that she was born weak.

[...That is so.]

That's why Lastina laughed and nodded.

[...That's good. You finally laughed.]

Facing her, Adelheid deepened her smile.

Even if she could eat a delicious parfait at the otherworld dining hall, a smiling face was still the best.

She had learned that here.

[Thank you for waiting! I brought your parfaits.]

While the two people were smiling, their orders came.

Thus, the girls' tea party began.

(Well, this is... it's not black, it's brown in colour.)

This was the first time she saw this kind of dessert that was placed in front of her.

(It's well made, and the arrangement is very elaborate... this is scorched, right?)

Feeling dubious, she knitted her eyebrows.

Numerous unidentified confectionaries were overflowing from the beautiful and well-shaped glass.

It had layers upon layers, and it certainly looked as if it's a special dish made by a professional artisan.

If the white thing was decorated with pieces of fruits just like the one placed in front of Adelheid, it would certainly look like a piece of art.

However, compared to Adelheid's dish, Lastina's was full of white, black and brown colour, it didn't look delicious at first sight.

On the bottom of the glass cup, something that looked like a black slime was spread over it, above it was something that had something that had the colour of sand, after that was a layer of moist black thing, and on top of it was something brown spread all over it.

On top of it all, something brown and white were mixed together and served with the same white thing as the one served in Adelheid's dish, but something black covered it from above.

The round confectionary that decorated it was not pale wheat in colour, it had colour of brown that looked as if it was scorched considerably, she didn't think that it looked delicious.

Aside from that, it didn't look like a failed work, probably because it was a baked confectionary with clear transparent icing sugar over it that had appropriate baked colour, so perhaps it's not a failure, but it required a bit of courage to eat it to be honest.

[Here you go. I prefer this type of parfait, but yours is also delicious. I think that Lastina-sama will like it.]

However, Adelheid certainly said that the dish was delicious.

(...Maa, because this is a different world, maybe this will be delicious.)

Thinking so, Lastina decided to try.

She picked up the one that looked like a normal confectionary that was placed on the side as garnish with her fingers and then ate it.

(Hou... this is delicious. The sweetness is weak, but it has a light taste.)

Comparatively to its sugar icing, the amount of sugar used was not much so it wasn't that sweet, and its texture when it broke down in her mouth reminded her of a stack of thin baked confectionaries.

It had wheat and buttery flavours, it melted quickly and disappeared from her mouth after it crumbled down.

(...Well, next.)

With her expectation raised after tasting the first baked confectionary, she shifted her attention to the brown lump.

A glossy brown mass lined up beautifully on something that looked soft and white.

It was something that Lastina had no idea about, it probably was a confectionary.

She scooped it up with the white surroundings with her spoon and ate it.

(N. This white thing, I guess it's milk confection. It's kind of sweet... n!?)

The brown thing that melted in her mouth was really delicious, it made her confused.

(It's bitter!? But not just that... it's also sweet!?)

The confection was bitter and sweet.

As far as Lastina knew, bitterness in sweets was not common, usually it was firmly sweet.

However, this confection that softly melted due to the heat of her mouth contained bitterness in its mellow sweetness.

(Bittersweet... I see, it's because of this that Her Highness asked about Kaffa.)

Kaffa itself was bitter and sour, but if she drank it after adding plenty of sugar, it became a bittersweet drink, very taste to drink.

This confectionary reminded her of that a little... it was delicious even though she was skeptical about its appearance.

She instinctively scooped the two remaining confectionaries and ate them.

(...Apparently, this black sauce poured over the white milk confection seems to be similar to the melting candy earlier.)

Then, she realized that the dark brown sauce was of similar shades of brown with the brown mass she ate earlier and noticed it.

The soft white milk confection and the black melted confection with its strong bittersweet taste.

She continued to eat them both at the same time.

(...Oya, now is this light brown thing...?)

As she dug deeper into the dish as she ate, the flavor changed.

It was a bit harder than the previous milk confectionary and this brown milk confection was very cold.

From the flavor, she could discern that it was similar to the white sweet on its above.

(It's bittersweet, just like the black confection, but there's a difference... un? I think I've tasted this before?)

She felt that the milky flavor mixed in the bittersweet confection enhanced its sweetness, but the bitterness itself was different from the black mass she ate earlier.

It was a different taste, something that Lastina had tasted before, and she thought about it.

(Before coming to this restaurant, but just recently...?)

Her spoon did not stop as she thought about it, and this time she ate the burnt fragments.

This sweetness was weak too, and although it was something that's couldn't be thought when eaten alone... but when she soaked it in the melted milk confection before eating it, unexpectedly the taste wasn't inferior.

It was fragrant and crunchy;this texture was not found on other confectionaries used to decorate the top except for the first one she ate.

While enjoying the texture, she saw the next part.

Something that was moist and dark brown almost black in colour.

Although it didn't look delicious at first glance, Lastina who knew that this dish was made from delicious confectionaries no longer hesitated to bring it to her mouth.

When she ate it, it was surprisingly soft.

The moment she tasted it, Lastina realized what she was wondering before.

(I see... this is Kaffa!)

This extraordinarily strong flavor, it was the taste of sweetened Kaffa.

The moist cake that tasted like a cloth saturated with Kaffa was so soft that it could be broken even with her tongue, letting the taste of Kaffa spreading evenly in her mouth.

(I see, so that confection was Kaffa mixed with milk!)

The sand coloured confection tasted just like what Lastina expected.

Kaffa and milk were mixed together, giving the Kaffa a strong milky taste.

She didn't know how it was done, but it was frozen so that it would melt later, it had a gentle taste that tasted different from the cake that had strong Kaffa flavor.

If she changed the proportion so that it included both the black cake and the sand coloured confectionary, she could enjoy slightly different flavors, and both quickly disappeared into her stomach.

(This is the last one... aa, this is hardened Kaffa, isn't it.)

And the thing that looked like black slime on the bottom of the dish had the taste of cold hardened Kaffa.

Like the cake above, not much sugar was added into it resulting in the sweetness to be weak;she didn't think that it was delicious on its own.

However, the two milk confectionaries had melted as she ate, they penetrated into the jet black Kaffa and added sweetness to it.

With the taste of milk added to the strange slippery texture, it became different again.

In this way, Lastina enjoyed the mocha chocolate parfait until it was finished, she then put down her spoon with a sigh.

When she looked, Adelheid seemed to enjoy her dish too and was about to put down her spoon.

Their eyes met and they smiled at each other.

Looking at each other's face, they understood that the other was satisfied with the parfait.

[Can I join you again next time?]

That's why Lastina asked frankly.

[Ee, of course. I will be waiting. Next time I'll introduce you to Victoria-sama, Lana-sama and Sharif-sama.]

Adelheid said so as a matter of course while nodding.

[...Really, I'm glad that I came.]

While watching Adelheid ordering hot Kaffa for both of them, Lastina murmured so while unconsciously flapping her wings and swinging her tail.

A nice chat and a superb confectionary.

She thought that she would never forget this incident.

The weakest king Lastina... the time when she would be proud of her self-styled nickname would come shortly.


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