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The Magus Era - Chapter 99


Chapter 99: Breaking Jiang Yao

All of the Blood Fang warriors moved at once.

So did Ji Hao.

He grabbed Man Man and swung her onto his back;at the same time, the pair of fiery wings burst out from a dim sphere of fiery light behind his body along with a small caw. Ji Hao's wounds hadn't fully healed yet, therefore, his fiery wings were now much smaller and dimmer than usual.

But still, followed by a fierce gust of the wind that was abruptly brought up by the fiery wings, Ji Hao turned around and darted towards the rapidly flowing river behind him, leaving tens of wisps of afterimages.

In the rainy season, every single river in the Southern Wasteland jungle was flooding. The urgent river behind Ji Hao had been roaring and rolling, just like a raging yellow dragon, which was struggling and howling with all its power. Countless whirlpools were banging against each other and swallowing each other on the surface of the river which was thousands of feet wide;waves ,that were zhange[1]tall, rose from time to time.

A river in flood.

Only if Ji Hao rushed into the river, would the Senior Magi be unable to easily grab him.

Large groups of 'sword edge spiders' rushed up from the surrounding area. Dark-skinned slave warriors, who had been standing on the backs of those gigantic metal spiders, opened their thick lips, and growled at Ji Hao. They raised their heavy crossbows and pulled the strings open, aiming at Ji Hao's body;however, none of them dared to shoot the arrows rashly at the moment.

Di Luo had given an order, which stated that he wanted Ji Hao to be captured alive. This order had tied the hands and feet of these slave warriors - they were so afraid that their arrows would hurt the vital parts of Ji Hao's body.

If it wasn't for that order, hundreds of crossbows would have shot altogether;even if Ji Hao could run a time faster, he would hardly be able to keep Man Man and himself safe from hundreds of arrows.

The sharp, long sword held in Ji Hao's hand was waving hard and brought up tens of feet long, sharp streams of air. Ji Hao growled out hoarsely, like the desperate roar that was let out by a wounded beast. A bright, piercing light flashed across the sword and what came out was arc-shaped, swift and fierce streams of air, which chopped off all of the metal feet of those 'sword edge spiders', along with the bodies of those slave warriors, who had been riding on the metal spiders.

A step to travel a hundred feet far;Ji Hao quickly took five steps forward, and sliced a whole line of slave warriors in front of him within a moment. After that he broke through the large groups of the slave warriors, who had been guarding beside the river. Beams of cold light that were sent out by the long sword flashed across the air interweaving, and sent the bleeding bodies of over two hundreds of slave warriors into the air. Their muscular bodies fell apart in the air, and became pieces of bloody body parts which then fell back to the ground.

The gigantic, metal bodies of tens of 'sword edge spiders' collapsed while twitching;sparks were coming out from their legs, which had been cut apart by Ji Hao, and the sounds of spell symbols exploding continuously came from their bodies.

Di Luo started screaming in rage and anxiety. He madly cursed 'useless' and 'incapable' at the warriors. Both Ji Hao and Man Man were seriously wounded, but still, so many elite warriors of the Blood Fang failed to stop them from running away.

Especially at those slave warriors, Di Luo was angrily shouting and threatening that he would certainly degrade all of their families to the lowest slaves - All of these slave warriors were at the Junior level, quite many of them were much more powerful than Ji Hao as well;however, their blockade had been easily broken by Ji Hao.

’’Are you all Jurassic beasts?! No! Jurassic beasts could at least be eaten! And what use do you have?!’’ While screaming and cursing in such a manner, Di Luo rushed towards Ji Hao in big steps. Gusts of fierce winds had been circling around his body;the erect eye located between his eyebrows suddenly opened, after which, the air within a few miles radius suddenly started to rolling intensely.

’’Encircle him! Let me capture him by myself! You useless stupid things!’’ shouted Di Luo confidently towards those Jia Clan's warriors who had almost caught Ji Hao.

Nearly a hundred Jia Clan's warriors had already rushed up from all directions and circled around Ji Hao. These elite Jia Clan's warriors were much more efficient than those slave warriors, even three of them, who were especially powerful, were able to grab Ji Hao's shoulder if they would thrust their arms out.

However, the loud shout of Di Luo and the fast rolling air surrounding him, clearly indicated them that Di Luo had already released his special ability.

The three Jia Clan's warriors subconsciously slowed their movements down, letting Ji Hao keep running forwards.

The Blood Fang, and the powerful organization that the Blood Fang belonged to, had extremely strict hierarchical rules. Di Luo was not only the leader of the Blood Fang, but also a man born in the three-eyed Yu Clan who possessed their noble bloodline as well;therefore, although all of these Jia Clan's warriors were much more powerful than Di Luo, they came from the Jia Clan. The four-eyed Jia Clan was a lot lower than the three-eyed Yu Clan in hierarchy.

Therefore, these Jia Clan warriors almost instinctively followed Di Luo's order, no matter how stupid or unnecessary the order was. The air in the area for miles around was rolling and shaking intensely. Countless raindrops had been stirred up by the fierce air streams, making it dart around in the air along with the storm, which had suddenly intensified. Followed by the swishing sounds, tank-sized, cyan, wind-dragons started emerging from the air, one after another;crystal-like raindrops merged with the wind dragons' bodies and flew in the air at a very high speed;occasionally, when the wind-dragon swept across the rocks, those raindrops easily punctured the hard rocks, leaving countless numbers of small holes.

Ji Hao had been rushing towards the river at his highest speed, however, after the wind dragons showed up, his movements gradually became slower. He felt that the air had become thicker and stickier, and both visible and invisible winds had bound his body, making it difficult for him to even make a single step forward. The afterimage, caused by his fleetingly fast movement suddenly dissipated in the air. Ji Hao gnashed his teeth, and tried his best to step forward, however, the strong wind had wrapped his body tightly;Ji Hao spent all of his remaining power, but was unable to take another step forwards.

’’Little guy, you have run out of your good luck!’’ Di Luo held Jiang Yao's hand and said proudly while approaching Ji Hao step by step;wing-like phantoms had been rotating fast inside the erect eye between his eyebrows. ’’Have you felt it? Apart from making you unable to move, the wind that is being controlled by me has the special power of the blood moon. Do you feel your spirit power and bloodline power are fading away? Is your strength disappearing? Oh, my great blood-moon, the most mysterious and powerful moon, amongst the highest nine moons, I shall give you my praise!’’

Ji Hao's body had been slightly trembling. Indeed, he felt that within the wind that was being controlled by Di Luo, was another cold and sticky power, which was trying to drill into his body through his pores, swallow his blood and take away his power.

He turned his head back, looked at Di Luo, who had been holding Jiang Yao's hand and was proudly walking towards him in big steps.

A hundred zhang, ninty zhang...ten zhang, five zhang...

Ji Hao abruptly laughed out, and took the red tablet, the one Man Man used to harm the mountain god the other day, out of his clothes.

The glowing red tablet was wrapped by a blazing fire!

Although the sun hadn't come out during these couple of days, Ji Hao had put the tablet with Mr. Crow, who had been badly wounded earlier. The hot power that was being released from Mr. Crow's body contained a small portion of the special sunlight power;the tablet had absorbed the sunlight power that came out from Mr. Crow's body, and had been refilled for about seventy to eighty percent.

Additionally, Jiang Yao just had thrown the leather map at Ji Hao, and the leather map had then tightly attached onto Ji Hao's chest, sending a vast and great power into his body;with this strand of power, the tablet had been fully refilled!

Ji Hao held the tablet in his hand, and Man Man thrust her arm out, grabbing the tablet as well. The two of them then laughed out loud simultaneously.

Di Luo's facial expression suddenly froze. He subconsciously grabbed Jiang Yao's soft and tender neck and pulled her in front of himself. Jiang Yao screamed out with a piercing voice in fear;she had realized the danger as well, and took out a blood-red jade piece out and crushed it in her hand.

In the next moment, a huge power, which was so great that it felt as if it had descended from the heaven, had been released. A sphere of red light came from the blood-red jade piece that just had been crushed by Jiang Yao, and wrapped up Jiang Yao's body;however, once the power of the tablet came out, the sphere of blood-red light suddenly shattered and quickly disappeared.

A beam of red light darted out from the tablet, punctured Jiang Yao's head and hit hard against Di Luo's body.

An eye-piercing white light burst out from the long and luxurious cloak worn by Di Luo, following which, nine blood-red precious stones rose from his cloak, and combined into a twisted, odd spell symbol, firmly blocking the red light of the tablet. Along with loud popping sounds, the nine precious stones exploded in a row. The red light, which had been half-neutralized by the precious stones, then pierced Di Luo's chest.

The dead body of Jiang Yao fell hard onto the ground - her head had been completely evaporated by the red light.

This time, the life-saving treasure that was given by Jiang Bo had failed to save her life.

Di Luo was sent flying by the power of the red light while vomiting blood;all of the Jia Clan's warriors paused all at once, looking at Di Luo and felt at loss, not knowing what to do next.

Ji Hao took this opportunity, tightly held Man Man and jumped into the rapidly flowing river.

[1]Zhang: A unit of length (1= 3/3 metres).

TL note: She died! She died! Too easily though, but she's gone!

ED note: Finally

ED note (SR): I thought this day would never come #criesfromhappiness


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