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The Magus Era - Chapter 98


Magus King's Tomb

’’Hao!’’ Man Man, whose entire body had been covered in blood, ran up to Ji Hao and carefully grabbed his sleeve.

Ji Hao lightly patted Man Man's head, smilingly shook his head towards her and said, ’’It's okay, don't be afraid.’’

The rainstorm had never stopped, and the boundless sky was filled with dark clouds, while lightning bolts madly fell down from the sky one after another, just like furious dragons. On every mountain top, a few towering trees were hit by the lightning bolts, exploded and were set ablaze along with thunderous booms, like huge torches standing under the sky.

The raging roars of beasts were coming from unknown directions.

The long and resonant roars reached the sky, and mixed with the growling of the thunder;gigantic trees were blazing on top of those mountains, and the storm had been sweeping over the entire jungle. The Southern Wasteland had been wantonly showing its crazy, violent, wild and primitive side.

Clang, Clang.

The metalic feet of the 'sword edge spiders' clashed against the stones at the sides of the river. Tens of 'sword edge spiders', surrounded by thousands of slave warriors, jumped up from the river behind Ji Hao, slowly approaching Ji Hao and Man Man.

Large groups of Jia Clan's warriors and more slave warriors had been following them, tightly packing this part of the river bank.

Jiang Yao showed up. She was gorgeously dressed, wearing an extra luxurious and stunning, purple silk long dress, which was very incompatible with the Southern Wasteland style. The woman, who looked like a beautiful, poisonous papaver flower, turned her slim waist, while holding Di Luo's hand, and walked towards Ji Hao dramatically.

One of Di Luo's hands was held behind his body, while his other hand was held by Jiang Yao. The white and delicate face of his had been filled with a twisted, bone-deep hatred. Di Luo stared at Ji Hao with an incomparably vicious expression, and walked over along with Jiang Yao.

Both of them had been extra cautious this time. They were surrounded by thirty Jia Clan's warriors, who were the most powerful, elite warriors amongst the entire Blood Fang. All of these warriors were holding their heavy weapons tightly, while violently staring at Ji Hao and Man Man with their eyes, which were shining with bright lights.

None of these Blood Fang warriors were cowards, it was just that they nearly all had been driven crazy by the unreasonable fighting record of Ji Hao and Man Man - It had been only five to six days, yet more than ten Jia Clan's warriors had been killed by them!

In the fights that they had been through, consisting of varying scales, such things had never happened to the Blood Fang, in the past 500 years.. They had attacked tens of thousands of different scale clans, killed more than tens of thousands of Senior Magi;even those Senior Magi couldn't cause this much of a loss to the elite warriors of the Blood Fang.

However, both Ji Hao and Man Man were only little kids, around ten years old! Man Man had not even had her ten-year-old birthday yet!

’’Ji Hao, you damn little bastard!’’ Jiang Yao walked to less than a hundred feet away from Ji Hao and yelled. The first sentence she threw out was a malicious curse.

’’Are you saying that your son was a bastard?’’ Even during an oral argument, Ji Hao would never let others win;he responded with a more vicious taunt, ’’I'm pretty sure that I am the biological son of my Abba and Amma. But, as for your precious son, Wu... Jiang Yao, are you sure that he came from you and Ji Shu? Not a... um...bastard, of you and this three-eyed freak?’’

The beautiful face of Jiang Yao instantly became twisted when she heard Ji Hao;her nostrils suddenly became wider and she started gasping quickly and heavily.

Di Luo grabbed Jiang Yao's hands and said after a ferocious, yet proud sneer, ’’Little guy, you have a vicious tongue, just like your fighting strategies. But, I kinda think you've just made a right point. Maybe, in the future, probably, I will have a son with the Southern Wasteland bloodline. In fact, it's not bad at all.’’

Man Man spat towards the ground and yelled loudly, ’’You shameless stinking woman!’’

Pausing for a second, Man Man tried to make it sound worse, so she added another word.


Jiang Yao's face turned purple in rage;her lips even started trembling. She glared at Man Man and said with a very wicked voice, ’’Little girl, you've got some balls. But, the more loudly you curse, the uglier you will die! Guess, how will I torture you?’’

Man Man didn't say anything. Ji Hao abruptly said to Di Luo, ’’Di Luo, do you think it'll be worth it? I mean, everything you have done for this woman. Your Blood Fang had lost so many people already, and because of your foolishness, you will certainly lose more. How would you explain that to the people who have been supporting you? By telling them that is was only for this woman?’’

Di Luo showed a slight trace of hesitation when he heard Ji Hao, then took a glance at Man Man.

Ji Hao didn't give him too much time to think, and he instantly continued, ’’You're right! Man Man comes from a very noble family! Probably, just because of your stupid thoughts and actions, your entire Blood Fang will be wiped out from the Southern Wasteland;that all will happen only because of this women...Can I say something that might not sound sweet? I don't feel that with your family background, you will be lacking any women.’’

Di Luo was about to say something, but Jiang Yao gnashed her teeth and yelled out, ’’Di Luo! Don't let this little bastard delude you! What your Blood Fang has lost, I will make it all up to you! I can give you more than you can imagine! Beside what I have promised you before, I can give you even more rewards!’’

Ji Hao gave a sneer and said, ’’Are you talking about more rewards? What will that be? Are you planning to give your other sisters or nieces to these three-eyes freaks too?’’

Di Luo frowned, threw a glance full of displeasure at Jiang Yao and said, ’’I can have as many women as I want! My dear Magus Priestess, obviously, what I have done for you, is way more than what you can offer me.’’

Jiang Yao sneered as well, fixed her eyes on Ji Hao and said, ’’Ji Hao, do you know why I have been trying so hard so kill you and your Abba?’’

Ji Hao remained silent for a while then asked with a little bit of doubt, ’’The leader's poison of the Fire Crow Clan? For Ji Shu's slave trade business with the Blood Fang? For letting your Abba, Jiang Bo, control the Fire Crow Clan through Ji Shu, and gain more power and interests from our clan? What else? I don't think any of these can bring Di Luo enough benefits.’’

Jiang Yao glanced at Di Luo, whose face had gone darker, then took a one-foot square, gold-red leather out of her sleeve.

A sphere of bright fiery light had wrapped around the leather piece. Once Jiang Yao took it out, the leather piece seemingly sensed something attractive, and slowly flew towards Ji Hao;at last, the leather piece tightly attached onto Ji Hao's chest.

Ji Hao sensed a strand of very pure and great, hot power suddenly gushed into his body;he also felt that something hidden inside his cloth started beating quicker.

Ji Hao surprisingly raised his eyebrows,smiled, and then asked, ’’What is this?!’’

Jiang Yao took a deep glance at Ji Hao and said calmly, ’’Just as I thought, this is an inherited object. The power and message contained in it can only be sensed by a few of the Fire Crow Clan's clansmen, who have the same origin as you do. This is a map, leading to an ancient Magus King's tomb.’’

Ancient Magus King's tomb?!

Ji Hao quivered intensely. Did she say an ancient Magus King's tomb? Could the tomb and himself sense each other? How could this happen? Was it because of their senses of bloodline powers were attracting each other?

Although clansmen from the entire Fire Crow Clan had 'Ji' as their last name, and all of them had inherited the power from the ancient three-legged Gold Fire Crow, according to the differences of bloodlines that they have inherited, the Fire Crow Clan's bloodline had been divided into hundreds of branch bloodlines, and formed hundreds of different scale branch clans.

The branch bloodline that was possessed by Ji Xia, Ji Hao and their direct relatives had became very thin by know, which was because, except Ji Hao and Ji Xia, all of their other relatives had all died in uncountable fights against the Black Water Serpent Clan. The branch clan that shared the same bloodline with Ji Hao and Ji Xia had a flourishing time in the history of the Fire Crow Clan. Amongst their ancestors, there were countless Magus Kings and especially powerful Magi. The peak time of their branch clan was also the most prosperous period of the entire Fire Crow Clan;back then, the Fire Crow Clan was one of the most powerful clans in the Southern Wasteland.

’’The opening of the ancient Magus King's tomb requires the blood of the Fire Crow Clan Magus King's offsprings, who possessed the same bloodline as the owner of the tomb,’’ said Jiang Yao while looking at Ji Hao coldly, ’’Therefore, I have to get you and Ji Xia killed. Not only that I need your spirit blood[1] to open the tomb, but also only after you two have died, and the sense of your bloodline power has been wiped out from this world, can I use those inherited treasures, that are hidden in that tomb!’’

Jiang Yao looked at Di Luo, who was totally stunned, smilingly tied his collar, and said, ’’Lord Di Luo, what do you think we will find in the tomb that was left by the most powerful Magus King, amongst the three Magus Kings from the first three generations of the Fire Crow Clan? Can you even imagine what kind of precious treasures were hidden in it? Compared to that, how much could a few warrior's lives be worth?’’

Di Luo gasped deeply, thrust his hands out, pointed at Ji Hao and Man Man, and yelled out.

’’Kill that little girl! Chop her into pieces! Burn her into ashes and throw her into the river!’’

’’As for this little bastard, capture him alive! Alive!’’


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