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The Magus Era - Chapter 97


A Difficult Situation

Five days later, beside a rapidly flowing river in the jungle.

Three Jia Clan's Warriors, leading over a hundred slave warriors, had encircled Ji Hao and Man Man. The three Jia Clan's warriors were holding heavy weapons, moving as fast as the wind. They had been madly attacking Ji Hao;occasionally, their attacks hit on Ji Hao's body and caused muffled, loud booms like thunder.

All of these powerful Jia Clan's warriors were at the Senior level;every single attack that was launched by them was powerful enough to destroy a mountain.

However, the armour made by Po, was incredibly firm. The inconspicuous dim light streams that were being emitted from it had been circling around Ji Hao, condensing into a palm-sized lotus, and was closely attached onto Ji Hao's body. No matter how powerful those heavy weapons that swung towards Ji Hao were, this lotus could turn most of the powers into nothingness, by only slowly rotating.

Ji Hao had also activated the [Gold Crow Armour], the fourth special ability he possessed. Countless feather-like spell symbols emerged on his skin and connected with each other, moving and rotating on Ji Hao's skin like water streams. Although those three Jia Clan warrior's attacks could never really hurt Ji Hao, at the very least, it should have pushed Ji Hao to fleeing away and not been able stand steady;however, the [Gold Crow Armour] had magical power which was able to make all attacking powers disappear;therefore, all of the power of those attacks, launched by the three Jia Clan warriors, had been defused by those feather-like spell symbols. With the protection of these spell symbols, Ji Hao's body had only taken a slight bit of the impact that was not even worth mentioning.

Therefore, although the three Jia Clan's warriors had been attacking Ji Hao simultaneously, Ji Hao could still hold the long, sharp sword, and fight against them for this long.

With Ji Hao's life force energy, which was strong enough, the small half of his injured hand been healed by the multicoloured light, during these five days;at least, he could now flexibly use the sword without any difficulties.

The [Gold Crow Pupils] were also activated. Nine spell symbols were slowly rotating around Ji Hao's pupils. The movements of the three enemies were indeed as fast as a fierce gust of wind, and their steps were weird and unpredictable, but with these pair of pupils, Ji Hao could still clearly see about fifty to sixty percent of all their moves that were made by the three Jia Clan warriors.

Occasionally, Ji Hao's long sword would be swung in the air, and threw out a mysterious arc light, which flashed across the heavy weapons of the three Jia Clan's warriors;every single time this sharp and bright light would accurately hit on the vital and soft parts of the three Jia Clan warriors, such as eyeballs, mouths and throats.

This time, Ji Hao didn't risk his life and activated the [Collapse of the Nine Stars]. Although he was unable to break away from the encirclement of the three Jia Clan's warriors with his own power, after the span of every three to five breaths, Ji Hao could hit the vital parts of one of them every time. Therefore, the longer this fight continued, the less confident the three Jia Clan warriors became, and the more frightened they were.

They had been working for the Blood Fang, capturing and selling slaves in the Southern Wasteland for two to three hundred years;during all this time, they had pillaged countless of people from this land, and been through at least thousands of different fights of differing scales.

In their minds, the powers of the Southern Wasteland warriors were strictly divided, just like their personalities.

The Novice Magi could never beat the Junior Level Magi, and the Junior Level Magi had no chance to beat the Senior Level Magi;as for Senior Magi, the power of Senior Magi on different levels had distinct disparities as well. Due to their different bloodlines they had and different numbers of Magus acupoints they had awakened.

In the Southern Wasteland, there were no such things as a Magus challenging other higher level Magi.

However, the sense of power that kept being released from Ji Hao's body, clearly showed that he was only a bottom-level Junior Magi. How could this little kid, who had just activated his bloodline power, be fighting against three powerful Senior level warriors for this long, and showing no sign of losing? Judging from the power levels, Ji Hao was definitely weaker than the three of them, but in the case of the current situation, it was hard to tell which side would win.

Even when judging on basis of the effectiveness of attacks, you would find that Ji Hao's long sword had accurately hit the vital parts of the three Jia Clan warriors, which made the attacks launched by Ji Hao seem more threatening.

’’This little monster, we can't let him leave!’’ One Jia Clan warrior shouted out, ’’Let's try our best and catch him alive! Don't wait for the others to come! Or we're going to have to share a big half of our reward with them!’’

The three Jia Clan's warriors were now extremely irritated. It had been five days! After Ji Hao killed the second Jia Clan warrior, they somehow managed to hide and flee in this jungle for an entire five days, and during this time period, another two Jia Clan warriors and hundreds of slave warriors were killed by Ji Hao and Man Man.

This great loss had made Di Luo completely lose his mind;he was thrown into anxiety and confusion, and had completely no idea about what to do next.

Those elite Blood Fang's warriors, who had been bullying others in the Southern Wasteland for five hundred years, without losing even one of their own, were nearly driven crazy by Ji Hao.

They were now inwardly seeing the mission of capturing Man Man and Ji Hao alive as an unrestrained gambling opportunity;apart from the rewards that had been promised by Di Luo, which turned out to be increasing day by day, these elite warriors had also laid whopping price wagers to each other.

’’Try our best and capture him!’’

Thinking about all the kinds of rewards and benefits they would get, once they had caught Ji Hao, the three Jia Clan warriors couldn't help but dribble;they started launching attacks as hard as they could. At this moment, all of their concentration was on Ji Hao, and none of them had paid any attention to Man Man, who had been hunkering down on the ground, looking like a poor, little animal.

All three of the Jia Clan's warriors released all of their powers. The pupils of two of them suddenly turned yellow, their bodies then started quickly swelling like balloons;streams of yellow light started flashing across their bodies. Their originally three-meters tall bodies soon swelled to become around six-meterss tall, and the power of every single attack launched by them had been improved by several times.

The other Jia Clan warrior's four pupils had turned into a sharp, cold silver colour. His body didn't change as much as that his two teammates, however, his every single movement started to release a horrible stream of cold power after his pupils had changed colour.

This kind of cold power wasn't as powerful as the magic powers or special abilities of the Magi, which could attack enemies in tens, even hundreds of miles away;this power only relied on the body of the Jia Clan warrior, attach to his body and weapons, and attack his enemies closely.

However, this power was bone-piercing cold;after Ji Hao had been hit by the long sword held in that Jia Clan warrior's hand, a thin layer of ice had appeared on Ji Hao's skin, and the speed of his attacks and defense had been suddenly slowed by half.

Followed by a few loud booms, the two Jia Clan warriors, whose bodies had expanded by several times, hit hard against Ji Hao's body. Two heavy, and huge hammers were madly swung towards Ji Hao's body over and over again, as if they were forging a piece of iron.

Even the armour made by Po and the [Gold Crow Armour] were unable to protect Ji Hao completely from this.

Forces of great impact hit against Ji Hao's body one after another, and although Po's armour and the [Gold Crow Armour] had taken ninety-nine percent of the impact forces away for Ji Hao, the last bit of the power of the attack still made Ji Hao spew blood;at the same time, his bones started cracking.

’’This kid's bones are so damn hard! Is he really only a Junior Magus, who just had his bloodline power activated?’’ the three Jia Clan warriors became more and more distraught. They had already released all of their special abilities, but how come they still couldn't beat Ji Hao?

Who on earth had been teaching this freak to fight?

Just for the one moment the three Jia Clan warriors became upset and impatient, Ji Hao suddenly opened his mouth and let out a huge sphere of flame, along with a loud flaming sound. The thick, lava-like Gold Crow flames instantly shrouded the area within a radius of a hundred feet, and enveloped all the three Jia Clan's warriors and the hundreds of slave warriors.

The terrifying heat burnt the hundreds of slave warriors into ashes within only a moment. The metal armours worn by the three Jia Clan's warriors suddenly emitted a bright light and held back the attack of the flames. Different coloured flames clashed against each other and created loud, muffled booms;the three Jia Clan warriors covered their own faces with their hands, trying to fend against the great heat that was coming towards them.

At exactly this moment, Man Man, who had stayed still during all this time, suddenly leapt high into the air while growling with rage, and darted onto a Jia Clan warrior's shoulder like the most vigorous monkey;she then held the gigantic head of the Jia Clan warrior with both of her arms, and pulled it hard aside. Along with a clear popping sound, the Jia Clan warrior's head was plucked off from his body.

One, two, three;the three Jia Clan's warriors hadn't even noticed Man Man, before she had torn their heads off in such a horrible way.

Three gigantic bodies fell hard on the ground, splashing the blood all over.

Ji Hao gasped for air, then coughed another mouthful of blood up.

Sounds of hurried footsteps abruptly came from the surrounding area. It was Di Luo, and hundreds of Jia Clan warriors, along with thousands of slave warriors lead by them;all of these enemies were coming from all directions.

Not only from the dense jungle in front of Ji Hao and Man Man, even from the broad river behind them, large groups of slave warriors rode 'sword edge spiders' and leapt out.


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