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The Magus Era - Chapter 94


Fight and Kill

Twenty of Blood Fang's slave warriors had been carefully walking in the dense jungle in a line, like the most ferocious and cunning hyenas;in the meanwhile, they were observing the surrounding areas down to the slightest spot, trying to find a trace of Ji Hao.

The endless downpour of rain had brought tremendous troubles for their hunting, but they all believed that they could find Ji Hao. Di Luo had promised them that the team which would be able to catch Ji Hao alive, would, as a reward, be freed from slavery and become decent Blood Fang warriors.

In order to get rid of their status as slaves and earn themselves a bright future, all of the Blood Fang's slave warriors had steeled their nerves and swore that they would capture Ji Hao alive. The last thing they would allow to happen here was to let that little bastard, Ji Hao, who had brought a badly wounded little girl with him, successfully get away.

Right above this group of slave warriors, on a branch, Ji Hao had been calmly looking at these dark skinned warriors who had been chasing him. Ji Hao's entire body was covered in branches and leaves, and completely merged with the shade of the tree. He had triggered the [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words], and perfectly restrained the sense of power that was being released from his own body;he had even temporarily stopped his own heart from beating.

Taking a deep breath, Ji Hao focused on gathering his power. When the twelve slave warriors slowly walked pass the tree that Ji Hao was hiding on, he quickly locked his fingers together and incanted a spell in a low voice. His Yuan Dan, which had completely absorbed the drop of phoenix blood and become many times more solid than before, started to rotate rapidly;all of the power contained in the Yuan Dan, then, was sent out within a moment.

Within a radius of a thousand feet, every drop of rain was simultaneously frozen into silver-white ice crystals.

Countless white, long ropes, condensed by the ice crystals, were twisting in the air, and swinging towards those slave warriors, like silhouettes of a snake that came from the most horrible nightmare, even covering the sky.

Those dark-skinned slave warriors screamed out in both rage and fear, madly waving the weapons in their hands and trying to break those ice-ropes that were coming towards them from all directions. However, there were too many of those ropes and they were too thick. After they chopped one rope off, countless ropes would come after it and coil around their bodies.

Necks, wrists, ankles and waists...The bodies of these slave warriors were soon tightly bound by those ice-ropes that had been releasing a bone-piercing cold power. Even though they were struggling hard, they were unable to break loose within a short amount of time. The cold power ceaselessly drilled into their bodies, slowly making their bodies stiff and paralyzed.

They madly shouted out, praying that their companions could hear their voices and come over to save them.

However, Ji Hao had taken control of the entire area within a thousand miles around him;all kinds of fluctuation of the air were under Ji Hao's control, which meant that the voices of those slave warriors would never be able to be transmitted through the air.

Ji Hao held the long sword in his hands and leapt down from the tree. He narrowed his eyes, and saw the mysterious, magic arc loomingly appear in front of his eyes in his mind, that he had drawn along with the mysterious man's movement, at the time the mysterious man was controlling his body and launched [Sky Opening]. He followed the exact same arc, waved his arms and threw out tens of beams of lights from the sword;the bright and sharp sword lights agilely skipped those interleaving ice-ropes, and accurately ripped the throats of those slave warriors apart.

Not even a drop of blood had come out of the bodies - all of the fresh blood inside the bodies of these slaves warriors had been frozen.

Ji Hao quickly searched their bodies, found a small leather pack from the leader of this team, and poured a handful of round pills out of it. Ji Hao then slowly put these pills near his nose and took a sniff. Afterwards, he frowningly threw all the pills onto the ground and stamped them deeply into the mud.

Those pills quickly melted in the mud, turning into a dark-green, thick liquid, and started corroding the surrounding soil;soon, a human-head-sized hole had appeared in the ground.

’’Jiang Yao, you are so clever! It seems that all of the life-saving medicines these slave warriors have are poisons.’’ Ji Hao locked his fingers back together, and slightly waved his arms. Afterwards, the frozen rain water melted all at once, turning back into transparent rain drops and fell back on the ground, along with a clattering sound.

Standing in the storm, large amounts of natural energy and power swooshed into Ji Hao's mouth and were absorbed by his body. After flowing along the meridians for a while, a wisp of purple smoke slowly puffed into his spiritual space and was absorbed by the Yuan Dan, which had been rotating rapidly.

After the span of only tens of breaths, the Yuan Dan that had ran out of power just now, was fully refilled, and even improved a bit.

After the quick consuming and refilling during these couple of days, the originally foggily hazy Yuan Dan had now condensed into a bean-sized sphere which was nearly solid, looking as if it had been forged by purple gold. Only needing a special moment, Ji Hao could then transform his Yuan Dan into a genuine substance, upgrading it into a new level that he never had been able to reach, not even in his previous life.

Once the Yuan Dan transformed into a genuine substance, not only could Ji Hao's power be improved by hundreds of times, all of other magical sorceries he had learned before, would also gain more unpredictable possibilities.

’’Just a little bit more.’’ Ji Hao gnashed his teeth and murmured. His ears slightly moved along with the wind. In the storm, a subtle footstep sound at thousands of feet away clearly reached his ear, ’’But fortunately, the power of Yuan Dan at the moment is enough, at least my five senses have been improved by more than tens times.’’

Slightly waving her hands, Man Man carefully jumped down from the tree with a pale face. Ji Hao carried her on his back, carefully checked the tree trunk, avoided the direction which the sound of footstep came from, then walked towards the North with big steps.

Their opportunities were in the South, however, within the area of hundreds of miles around, the paths that lead to the South had all been completely blocked;unless Ji Hao wanted to meet those horrible Jia Clan warriors, who he was not yet powerful enough to deal with, he could only go North.

Both, the Fire Crow Clan and Man Man's father's territories, were in the South.

Every step more he moved towards the North, the more dangerous the road would be, but Ji Hao had no other choices. He could only head to the North first, and try his best to survive the hunting of the Blood Fang, then figure out a way back to the South. Neither Man Man nor he himself was powerful enough to fight against the Blood Fang at the moment.

After Ji Hao left, all of the rain drops that surrounded those dead bodies of the slave warriors, who were killed by Ji Hao just now, suddenly shattered into a watery mist. Besides the twenty dead Blood Fang's slave warriors, a gigantic silhouette over four meters tall, silently emerged. This was a bronze-skinned Jia Clan warrior, with two pairs of brightly shining eyes, and two heavy saw-tooth machetes held in his hands. This Jia Clan warrior took a glance at those dead bodies, then stamped his foot against the ground in anger.

Stamped by the Jia Clan warrior, the piece of ground within the radius of a thousand feet silently shook, and tens of towering trees suddenly turned into wooden fragments, falling to the ground. The Jia Clan warrior slightly twitched his nose, then grinned ear to ear.

’’Little bastards, I smell the scent of blood from you. Not the boy, but the little girl!’’

He let out a creepy smile, then chased after Ji Hao. The gigantic body of the Jia Clan warrior seemed as light as that of a phantom;when running in the jungle, he didn't make even the slightest sound. He rushed towards the direction that Ji Hao just had gone to;while running, his nose was twitching intensely, trying to catch the slight traces of the scent that was left by Ji Hao and Man Man in the storm.

Every Jia Clan warrior had a certain part of their body that was extremely strengthened. Without a doubt, this Jia Clan warrior's special ability was his nose. His nose was hundreds, even thousands of times more sensitive than his other clansmen, making him the top-rank hunter amongst the entire Blood Fang.

’’Award. Hm, hm. That kid Di Luo, though he's a bit crazy, but he is much more generous than Lord Di Sha. That scary man, Di Sha, has left, with Di Luo's personality, we will get much more benefits.’’ The Jia Clan warrior laughed in a low voice while running, ’’This is not bad, not bad at all.’’

Ji Hao wouldn't risk using any special abilities or magic, and only used a skill that could lighten his own body, and was running in the jungle as fast as he could.

He had to carefully choose the landing spot;soft soil, thick moss, dropped tree barks...too many things could leave traces and lead the enemies to them. In order to keep Man Man and himself alive, he had to be extremely cautious.

Blocking their way, was a thousand of feet tall cliff. Ji Hao frowned and looked at the surrounding jungle, thinking about how to climb up.

Three miles behind him, the Jia Clan warrior had been twitching his nose and located Ji Hao's direction.

Laughing with an odd voice, the Jia Clan warrior abruptly leapt high into the air, flew across the three miles within a moment, then shouted out aloud and threw a heavy punch towards Man Man, who had been carried on Ji Hao's back.

’’Little thing, you're mine!’’


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