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The Magus Era - Chapter 91



Just like a flower bud that opened its first crack, and showed a slight little part of the soft and tender petal...

Just like a cocoon suddenly cracking, and the delicate newly grown wings slowly thrust out from it...

Just like the shell of a golden cicada that had just spit up, and the patagium that came out of it along with a slight singing sound...

Just like the shooting stars that flew across the sky, and the lighting that tore apart the dark clouds;like the sun that had been blazing in the sky without any blockage, and the rivers rapidly flowing on the earth.

Countless illusions appeared in front of Ji Hao's eyes;including the earth splitting up and the sky falling down;the sun rising and sinking over and over again;the gale which was soaring towards the sky and the clouds which were rolling like sea waves;the flowers bloomed then withered;the rain came and stopped, the snow fell down and melted. At the moment when his finger slightly drew across the air, it felt like every secret of this entire world had been shown in front of his eyes. Ji Hao clearly saw that a lot of spell symbols had been hidden inside the blood-red light, and formed a gigantic, complicated system, which seemed like a magic seal.

His finger drew across the air, just like a sharp sword cutting into the most fragile crack of the huge net that was formed by those spell symbols.

Just like how the flower bloomed, the cocoon cracked;just like the shell of the golden cicada which couldn't hold the thin, transparent patagium anymore;just like stars and the sun which had been following their own special, natural patterns, that was existing since the beginning of the world, ceaselessly rotating. An irresistible power tore the blood-red light apart, shattered the steady magical seal that was formed by the spell symbol system inside the light, and left a huge crack on the blood light.

’’If there is a number that could represent the whole world, and it is fifty, then forty-nine could be seen and used by us, while one would be hidden. In this vast world, there will always be a chance to break every single powerful treasure and formation. In other words, anything in this world, unless it had gone beyond the heaven and deeper than the underworld, has an exception to it. The [Sky opening] technique, is pointing directly at the 'one' that is hidden inside this vast world. Once we find out the rip, and hit it straight on, we can break any formation in this world,’’ said the mysterious man while drawing the arc in the air with a resonant voice, ’’Such a shame, such a pity, such a sadness, but so be it. If I have could understand this back in my time, like I do now, there was no way for me to end up like this. Little guy, what are you thinking about? Just run.’’

Ji Hao felt an incomparable pain coming from his soul. The Yuan Dan in his spiritual space was even about to explode.

When he drew the arc along with the mysterious man's move, all kinds of illusions started flashing in front of his eyes, and all of the profound mysteries of this world had been clearly shown in front of his eyes. These abstruse, occult mysteries of the world were not something that Ji Hao could understand at the moment. He was like a tiny bug that stayed in the mud, which could never understand how those gods, who had been standing high above the sky, managed and ran this world.

The tiny and weak soul of Ji Hao was like a mirror, copying all of the worldly mysteries. What had been contained in this copy was not as much as one of the trillions of the real worldly mysteries;however, it had already almost burst and vanished Ji Hao's weak and fragile soul.

The mysterious man just lent a hand and broke the 'blood-moon hazy ghost kill' formation. Not that Ji Hao didn't want to run at the moment, instead, his soul was about to explode, and couldn't support his body anymore.

Ji Hao started vomiting blood;cracks started emerging on his soul;furthermore, a series of popping sounds came from inside his body.

After he had drawn that arc in the air, almost all of the muscles of Ji Hao's right forearm had been blowing away by the counterforce, which bared more than a half of his arm bones, causing it to shine with a dim and crystal light. The counter force went to the rest of his body along with his bone arms;soon, countless small cracks appeared on his arms bones and started expanding towards inside his body, then the hand bone, shoulder bone, ribs, spine, leg bones...

Along with the sound of cracking bones, at least more than a half of Ji Hao's bones had been broken by the counterforce.

Even if his soul wasn't hurt, and still capable of controlling his body, this body wouldn't be able to move intensely.

However, a beam of light flashed through Man Man's pupils. She grabbed Ji Hao and threw Mr.Crow, who had been badly wounded, into Ji Hao's arms, then carried Ji Hao onto her shoulder like a straw man, and started running with all of her power.

Man Man was extremely strong, and she run like the strongest and most barbarous beast, even too blustering to be reasonably described.

She stamped her feet hard against the ground, and followed by a thunderous boom, a hundreds of feet wide and thousands of feet deep pit had been opened up in the ground. Man Man's body then was pushed up, darting straight into the dense jungle, leaving shreds of black afterimages behind her.

The jungle was filled with gigantic, towering trees. Man Man rushed a whole seven miles away using this single step;she glided across the air very close to the ground, and crushed at least hundreds of towering trees with her head. Behind her, countless trees were falling down onto the ground one after another. A straight and wide road had been opened up in the jungle by Man Man.

’’Damn!’’ Di Luo quivered in fright, then slapped hard on his own face. He raised his head up and looked at the blood moon in the sky. A clearly visible crack had already appeared on the hazy phantom of the moon. He couldn't believe it, and let out a high-pitched scream, ’’This is the great powerful formation, made by a master of the Xiu Clan, this did could he break this formation?! This was designed for the war!’’

A vicious and greedy light shone in Jiang Yao's pupils. She screamed out as well, ’’This kid must have some great treasure with him! Capture that kid and the little girl! If they get away, you people will be unable to leave the Southern Wasteland alive!’’

Di Luo sneered, raised his arm and pointed at the moon, a beam of blood-red light darted out towards the direction that Ji Hao and Man Man had ran to. Afterwards, the blood moon in the air suddenly shattered into countless fragments, turned into countless blood-red light spots and dissipated in the air, disappearing completely. The great formation that had shrouded the entire area for nearly tens of miles around, had suddenly collapsed.

Throwing a satisfied glance at Jiang Yao, Di Luo said confidently, ’’My dear Maguspriestess, our Blood Fang are very powerful, even you have no idea about how powerful we really are. This Southern Wasteland is nothing but a barbaric, stinking land, we can come and leave as we want, nobody can hold us back, no one.’’

Jiang Yao let out a creepy grin towards Di Luo, whispered a name, and said, ’’That little girl, was his daughter. His youngest, most beloved daughter! And that little girl's Amma is from an even more noble family, her Amma is...’’

Di Luo's face suddenly darkened and twisted. He gazed at Jiang Yao, with panic and despair filled in his face, abruptly leapt up and screamed, ’’Go! After them! We must get the little girl and the kid killed! Destroy every trace that was left by us here! All traces! Every single, slightest trace! We can't leave even a hint of scent or the tiniest hair here! Destroy them all! Destroy this place! Destroy!’’

Di Luo nearly went mad. He pointed his finger at Jiang Yao's face and yelled, ’’You crazy woman! Do you want to get us killed? You are getting us killed! The Blood Fang...the Blood Fang can't deal with those horrible guys, I, I, I have to...have to make this right...I made a huge mistake...’’

Jiang Yao exaltedly looked at Di Luo, who had fallen into a panic and didn't know what to do. She then laughed with a cold voice and said, ’’If not so, how could I say that, if you kill everybody in this manor, Ji Hao would be doomed. If that little girl died, not only Ji Hao, but also everyone related to him would have to die!’’

All of Jia Clan's warriors that had been following Di Luo, shouted out aloud, and rushed towards the jungle along with the broad road that had been opened up by Man Man when she carried Ji Hao and ran away.

The tens of guards of Man Man let out a last roar, struggled up from the ground and rushed towards those Jia Clan warriors, and tried their best to stop these monsters.

Heavy swords and axes were raised up high in the air and chopped down towards the tens of guards. Soon, all of them had become piles of dead body parts. Over thousands of Jia Clan warriors and ten thousands slave warriors of the Blood Fang, who seemed like the most vicious monsters that had got out of the hell, were chasing into the jungle while yelling and shouting.


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