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The Magus Era - Chapter 83



Ji Hao had already became Man Man's bodyguard, who was responsible for carrying her mace for three days. During these three days, Ji Hao got to know about the true Man Man.

’’She is a really...special...girl!’’ Ji Hao carried the terribly heavy mace, while looking at Man Man stunned;at the moment, Man Man was leaping around in the jungle like a monkey. Her originally snow-white face was now covered in a thick layer of moss, which nobody knew the origin of;the black, shining and perfectly banded ponytail behind her head had become like a sphere of interleaving straws, added with a few small branches that hung on her head;the exquisite and luxury armour was now worn by her shapelessly and twistedly, all stained by mud.

After a while Man Man was gasping heavily, while sitting on a branch. She opened her mouth wide, and took a few fist-sized bird eggs out from a large nest. After that she laughed loud out, waving towards Ji Hao, who had been standing on the ground.

’’Ji Hao! Look! Bird Eggs! Still warm! Do you want one?’’

After Ji Hao had shaken his head, Man Man happily cracked one bird egg hard open against her own forehead, then ripped the eggshell open, and poured the clear liquid contained in the egg into her mouth, swallowing it instantly.

’’So delicious! You sure you don't want one?’’ Man Man popped up her eyes, staring at Ji Hao innocently while asking;her purely black pupils were as clear as water.

’’I prefer to eat...boiled eggs.’’ Ji Hao spread his hands and smiled bitterly.

’’Okay,’’ yelled Man Man disappointed, then suddenly laughed out again and yelled to Ying Yan, who had been standing behind Ji Hao, ’’Old Yan, come on! Take off your cloak! Hurry! Take off your cloak! And hold these eggs for me! They're so delicious!’’

Ying Yan smiled with a sour face, took the golden-silk cloak worn by him off, and showed up the tight, short underwear underneath it. Man Man started joyfully climbing around on the hundreds of feet tall tree, and throwing bird eggs down one after another.

Ying Yan rushed up under the tree in a flurry, and agilely caught every single bird egg that came flying down from the sky, after which he put them on his cloak, which had been spread flat in the ground;at the same time, he was screaming towards Man Man, ’’Young master! Young master! Be careful! Slow! Slow! Ah! You almost fell! Ah!’’

Although Ying Yan was screaming like hell, his movements were nimble and quick. He steadily caught all the bird eggs and put them on the cloak, without missing a single one of those bird eggs that had been thrown down by Man Man like rain drops. Quite often, Ying Yan's hands were leaving light afterimages behind. Ji Hao had triggered the |Gold Crow Pupils|, but was still unable to see his moves clearly.

Ji Hao didn't say anything, but he was badly shocked by Ying Yan. He speculated that Ying Yan's power far surpassed that of Ji Zhuo's. It was very likely that the level of his power could be extremely close to that of those legendary Magus Kings. However, a powerful man like that was only an old servant in front of Man Man;he had to grin cheekily and escort Man Man all day-long no matter what she wanted to do, and would even kiss the ground while facing her;it made him wonder what kind of man Man Man's Abba was?

’’Oy~ Oy~ Young master! Look out! We have drawn that huge guy out there!’’ Along a shout that came from tens of miles away, a gust of gale was brought up, which blew across the jungle, breaking large amounts of branches and leaves. Even the rain that was falling from the sky was shaken by the invisible sound wave, transforming into a large cloud of white mist, which descended from the sky and shrouded the entire area within it.

On a mountain miles again, tens of guards who had come along with Man Man, were now running down across the sharp mountainside. The guard running in front of the team was carrying a three-foot-long, furry animal in his hands. The furry little thing had been madly struggling in his hands and letting out sharp yet small calls.

Behind them, tens of gigantic trees were uprooted by a horrible power and thrown towards those warriors like javelins along with thunderous, piercing swoosh sounds. Ji Hao clearly saw that in front of those gigantic trees, the air had even turned into white, visible explosive ripples by the terrifying impact force;it was obvious how great the power, with which the trees were thrown, was.

Tens of guards were agilely running and leaping across the jungle like apes. The gigantic trees that were flying through the air were inches away from scratching their bodies, after which they shattered against the ground. Huge tree trunks were all shattered into pieces;the ground collapsed and rocks burst out, stirring up countless stones and large amounts of soil. Both the sound and the scene were extremely terrifying.

An especially angry roar came from far away. From a long distance, Ji Hao saw an over a hundred feet tall giant had leapt high into the air, and swung a tens of feet wide gigantic rock towards those fleeing guards.

Followed by a loud bang, the ground under Ji Hao's feet slightly shook. On the mountain afar, an area of the forest, which was tens of miles in radius, had been shattered. The ground was split apart and hollowed into a ten of miles round, huge crater;the unbelievably great power that had done this was caused by a single, random hit of this muscular, ferocious-looking giant.

Ying Yan screamed out once more. ’’Young...young, you sent them, to, provoke the 'mountain god'?’’

In the Southern Wasteland, amongst the non-human creatures like Ji Hao's friends Stone, Treeman and Heng Luo, one kind of creature was formed by the original energy and power of the earth and the mountains. This kind of creature had been nourished by the natural life-force energy and universal power, after which they had formed bodies;after that, they were able to enhance the power, which was similar to the natural power of the mountains;therefore, every single movement of theirs contained great power that could even shake the earth. This kind of magical creature that existed in the Southern Wasteland jungle, were called the 'mountain gods' by the people of those primitive clans.

Some of those primitive clans even worshiped these 'mountain gods', just like they worship their ancestors' souls. Those 'mountain gods', who were worshiped by these people, would protect their clans while these people would supply food and others services to the 'mountain gods.’’

’’That's nothing but a silly big guy, don't be exaggerating!’’ Man Man held her head high, smoothed her joints then suddenly leapt up into the air hundreds of feet from the ground;a gust of wind was blowing by at the moment. Man Man flew along with the wind, towards the 'mountain god';after only the span of a few breaths, she had flown seven to eight miles away.

’’Old Yan! Do not interfere in this! I haven't exercised my whole body for such a long time! I am even feeling it itching!’’ yelled Man Man, ’’If you even dare to interfere in this, then I can only go back and practice my punches and kicks on your sons and grandsons!’’

The wrinkled face of Ying Yan seemed so bitter, as if he would nearly cry out;he then stamped his feet against the ground, and yelled at Ji Hao with his teeth gnashing, ’’Go! Go! Follow the young master! If she gets hurt even a little bit, we all will have to die! Hurry! Hurry! Follow her! Do not step in, but neither can you let that stupid huge thing hurt the young master!’’

The tens of Man Man's guards had tried their best to dodge the horrible attack launched by the mountain god. They were gasping heavily, while avoiding those flying stone fragments and running away from the mountain god at their highest speed.’’

The over a hundred-foot-tall mountain god roared out in rage, dropped the half-shattered rock, then pulled a thousands of feet tall, ancient tree out of the ground with his terrifyingly huge strength.

’’Ho!’’ the mountain god again let out a great roar, swinging the huge tree trunk forwards.

A small silhouette flashed through the air. Man Man had ran up to the mountain god like a gust of piercing wind, let out a shout then raised her arms, steadily held the tree trunk back.

Followed by a thunderous bang, the ground under Man Man's feet shook violently, then split apart into a tens of feet deep crater, which suddenly was created in the ground.

A sphere of fiery cloud appeared under Man Man's feet;she stood on her fiery cloud, floated up in the air with the huge tree trunk propped up by her arms, then shouted out again in a low voice. She turned her body and grabbed the tree trunk, carried the entire tree up along with the mountain god on the other side of the tree, and smashed both, the tree and the giant, onto the ground.

The ground shook for quite a long while after that hit, in which half of the gigantic mountain god's body had been smashed into the ground;he struggled for quite a while, but was still unable to get out.

Ji Hao's mouth fell open, while he stared at Man Man stunned. This kind of strength...

This little girl didn't even use any magical power, but had just suppressed this incomparably gigantic and powerful 'mountain god', purely depending on her physical strength!

What kind of physical strength was this?! This little girl was even months younger than Ji Hao!


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