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The Magus Era - Chapter 76


Private Property

A black banner was fluttering in front of the entrance of a small village.

On the surface of the banner, which was made from human skin and beast tendons, tens of hideous bugs had been painted with the blood of some beast. Tens of wisps of black smoke were spurting out from the banner, each wisp of black smoke had more than tens of thousands of poisonous and multicoloured bugs hidden inside it;those bugs were flying towards Ji Hao while buzzing sharply, like ocean waves.

Ji Hao had been standing still right in front of the entrance of the small village, while facing those black smokes that were roaring towards him.

The armour made by Po emitted a faint, cyan light, which completely blocked the black smoke with bugs hidden in them. Those bugs were madly trying to take a bite of Ji Hao's body, but couldn't even touch a hair on Ji Hao. More bugs were flying towards him while spewing venoms, however, all kinds of venoms were blocked by the cyan light as well. They dropped on the ground, neither could even touch Ji Hao's body.

On Ji Hao's skin, a layer of extremely dim, red and feather-like spell symbols were flashing loomingly. Occasionally, a wisp of fire would spurt out from Ji Hao's body and burn large quantities of flying poisonous bugs, which die making a popping sound;dead bugs were continuously dropping onto the ground.

In only seven to eight minutes, a two feet thick layer of bugs' carapaces had already been piled up around Ji Hao's body.

Inside the village, a few scrawny, dark-green skinned old Maguspriests were screaming;they jerked out black daggers and stabbed hard into their own chests. The banner in front of the village entrance started to shake violently, the fresh hot blood gushed out of those old Maguspriests' bodies had all been drawn and absorbed by the banner.

An ear-piercing call came from the banner, along with which, a black mist was being released from the banner;from within the mist three gigantic, multicoloured, poisonous scorpions emerged. These scorpions flew out of the banner, swung their hundreds of feet long tails that had huge poisonous hooks towards Ji Hao.

Ji Hao continued to remain motionless. The cyan light emitted by the armour worn by Ji Hao, which was as light as a feather, seemed to have become a bit brighter. Followed by a thunderous bang, all three poisonous hooks hit hard against the armour on Ji Hao's body. In the next moment, all of the three poisonous hooks had been smashed into meat paste against Ji Hao's armour;blood and venoms splashed everywhere.

Those old Maguspriests inside the valley fell on the ground in despair;they let out long wails and cries which were filled with hopelessness. The banner in front of the village then was shattered into a cloud of black smoke by an invisible power, and dissipated quickly in the air along with the wind.

A quarter of an hour later, all of the remaining Gu Clan's people walked out of the village one after another. Walking in front of the line were a few old Maguspriests. They were holding the sculptures of five highly poisonous creatures, which were carved out of jade, then carefully put these totems of their clan near Ji Hao's feet, while trembling. All of their eyes were filled with fear.

One of the allied clan which had attacked Ji Hao's troop, the Gu Clan, had collapsed at that moment.


Two days ago, in front of the entrance of the Ghost Clan's village.

Two hundred of elite warriors, who had been left to guard the village, were shouting and yelling. The shortest one among these warriors was tens of feet tall. They were all madly weaving heavy axes and swords, held in their hands, towards Ji Hao.

The cyan light of the armour worn by Ji Hao appeared again and was rotating around Ji Hao's body. Ji Hao stayed still, no matter how hard those Ghost Clan's warriors tried, they couldn't harm Ji Hao even a little bit. On the contrary, Ji Hao pulled out a machete that he had seized from Black Water Jiao's hands, and slightly waved it across the air, chopping the heads of tens of warriors, who were standing near him, off.

A light, low growl could be heard. Suddenly, a loud howl came from out the crowd of warriors. A thirty feet tall, sturdy warrior had been violently grabbed by Stone on the neck and brought up into the air while coughing blood up.

This was the only Senior Magus left in the Ghost Clan, and also was the last bit of courage that had been left in these Ghost Clan's warriors'hearts.

Stone and the three of his friends got into the village from under the ground, and badly injured the last Senior Magus of the Ghost Clan. This time the Ghost Clan had been crashed thoroughly.

Large groups of Ghost Clan's people walked out of the village, kneeled down in front of Ji Hao in fear, and were tied up by the Fire Crow Clan's warriors with beast tendons ropes, that had been injected with a secret magic spell.


The Demon Clan, Cyan Cattle Clan, Buffalo Clan...Tusk Tiger Clan, Raging Lion Clan...

All those clans which had been involved in the allied troops, had been conquered by Ji Hao's ruthlessness. Almost all of the Senior level Magi and Maguspriests had been offered to the Fire Crow's ancestors as oblations, and the remaining part of these people lacked the power to resist against Ji Hao and the large troops lead by him, not to mention that Stone, Heng Luo, Treeman and their friends were traveling along side with the troops. Amongst these non-human friends of Ji Hao, there were more than tens of Senior level creatures.

Ji Hao swept through all those clans and hardly encountered any difficulty. Millions of people from tens of clans were captured alive, became Fire Crow Clan's slaves, and had been mixed together. They were randomly sent to work in hunting grounds, mines, fields and pastures of the Fire Crow Clan.

Ji Hao had been occupied with this for over three months before finally wiping all tens of clans out and capturing all of their clansmen.

When the long and annoying rainy season of the Southern Wasteland jungle was about to come, Ji Hao had returned to the Cold Stream Valley with his troops. After three months of fighting and travelling Ji Hao had grown taller and more muscular. When he rode on his mount, he seemed no different from other adults Fire Crow Clan warriors at first glance.

Probably, the only differences were that because of the [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words], Ji Hao's eyes had been especially bright;occasionally, when he took a glance at a certain spot, two lightning-bolts-like lights would dart out of his eyes and directly hit on the spot;even the Fire Crow warriors who were most close to him wouldn't dare to look directly into his eyes.

Another thing was, along with the improvement of his power, Ji Hao's skin had become more and more white and tender, like the purest jade. A pearl-like luster was shining on his nearly silver skin, it seemed like there was a layer of liquid-silver flowing under his skin. Even if he would stand amongst hundreds or thousands of warriors, people would still recognize Ji Hao first glance;none of the other warriors could steal the spotlight away from Ji Hao.

From out a long distance Qing Fu, who had been standing on the fence wall of the Cold Stream Valley, saw Ji Hao.

This was the first time that Ji Hao had been seen byQing Fu after such a long time. Qing Fu raised her right hand high and shouted towards Ji Hao with happiness.

’’Hao! You finally came back! Amma will cook you the most delicious grilled meat!’’

Ji Hao laughed out aloud, then leapt into the air. A beam of fiery light appeared behind his body. He then darted out and left a long trace of fiery light and large quantities of afterimages behind him. Within the span of a few breaths, he had flown across miles and leapt onto the fence wall, held Qing Fu up and spun a few rounds.

’’Amma! I and uncle have all returned! Ah, we've picked quite a few rare herbs for you during the journey, including the...the 'blood swallow' that you have been talking about for years. Uncle was nearly disfigured by a wild cat for picking that for you, haha!’’

Qing Fu exclaimed and turned around in a flurry, looking at Qing Ying.

After seeing that Qing Ying's face was perfectly fine and without any scars, she laughed out, lightly slapped on Ji Hao's face and said, ’’Good, good, if Qing Ying's face had really got scratched by the cat then how would we get him a wife?’’

Qing Ying puffed his chest out and said proudly, ’’Sister, I'm not trying to attract girls with my face anymore, now, I'm the youngest Senior Magi ever of the entire Qing Yi Clan! Groups of girls will line up for me!’’

While Qing Fu, Qing Ying and Ji Hao were talking and laughing, Ji Xia walked over with big steps, together with a group of people walking behind him. From a long distance, Ji Xia laughed out loud and yelled to Ji Hao, ’’Hao, you finally have returned! Come over! From now on, these warriors are your personal slaves! They're all your properties, do you understand that? They will rely on you for living!’’

Ji Hao's mouth fell open stunned.

Personal slaves?

Ji Hao fixed his eyes on this group of warriors, after which he couldn't help but to gasp deeply.

Were these people all his very own, personal slaves? Both their numbers and power levels amazed Ji Hao hugely.


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