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The Magus Era - Chapter 71



’’You're a lunatic! You're such a heartless person!’’ Black Water Jiao gazed at the hundreds of gigantic Fire Crows which were diving down from the sky and yelled. His entire body had nearly been frozen and could hardly move;after being stunned for a moment, he had to spend quite an effort to squeeze these words out of his frozen throat, which felt as if they were as hard as pieces of stone.

The thousands of Fire Crows which had their nests on those towering, ancient mulberry trees on the Gold Black Mountain, were the most solid power that the Fire Crow Clan had been relying on;without them, the Fire Crow Clan would never have the ability to rule that piece of land all by themselves.

These Fire Crows were direct descendants of the ancient Gold Fire Crows. Although through thousands of years, their bloodlines had become very thin and not as pure as the ancient Gold Fire Crows, they had still inherited a strand of the ancient Gold Fire Crows' magical power.

Every mature Fire Crow was as powerful as a Senior Magus, however, relying on the sliver of ancient Gold Fire Crows' magic power, which they contained in their blood, they could easily fight against five to eight human Senior Magi simultaneously. Furthermore, most of the human Senior Magi couldn't fly with their own powers, but these Fire Crows were able to fly at lightning speed. When they fought, they were incredibly powerful;when they wanted to leave, they could rise high into the air and disappear within a single moment, without leaving a single trace. Usually, even if tens of ordinary Senior Magi would combine their powers together, there still would be no guarantee to kill a single Fire Crow.

Black Water Serpent Clan, the archenemy of the Fire Crow Clan, had always been suppressed by the Fire Crow Clan, and could never win, which was because of the existence of these Fire Crows.

The horned serpents, which were the special battle beasts of the Black Water Serpent Clan, were gigantic and powerful as well;a mature horned serpent was also as powerful as a Senior Magus, and had its advantages when fighting against a human Senior Magus. However, senior-level horned serpents could not fly, therefore, while facing the Fire Corws, who dominated the air, horned serpents would lose their advantages.

With such great power, these Fire Crows had been guarding the Gold Black Mountain's Holy Land for thousands of years, never going thousands of miles away from the Gold Black Mountain.

However, the Fire Leopard Clan's village was nearly twenty-thousand-mile away from the Gold Black Mountain;even Black Water Jiao and Jiang Yao hadn't thought that these horrible gigantic crows would show up here when they had been planning all this. At most, they had planned that the old guy, Ji Zhuo probably would show up by himself and fight against the allied forces. They hadn't even imagined that hundreds of gigantic Fire Crows would show up in this battle.

’’Crazy? Maybe!’’ Ji Hao let out a whistle. Mr.Crow swooshed over and carried him on the back, after which it had risen back into the air.

’’Then why don't I be crazier? All of the people here, not a single one of you can leave today!’’ shouted Ji Hao. The twenty-foot-long spear in his hands released beams of eye-piercing fiery light out towards the allied troops, which had madly been fleeing everywhere on the ground.

The small three-legged Gold Crow had been flying around the spear and cawing happily. After every beam of fist-thick fiery light had hit the ground, it quickly spread towards the surrounding, forming a tall and roaring fiery wall. The tall fiery walls swept the area for hundreds of miles in radius within the blink of an eye along with a great heat. Large groups of allied Clans' warriors were swallowed by the flame. They were crying and screaming;Novice Magi had been burnt into ashes within moments;Junior Magi had been struggling with all of their powers against the flames, however, they all were burnt into black cokes after the span of three to five breaths.

Only Senior Magi could bear the raging flame from the long spear with their tough bodies, and leaped into the air, launching attacks towards those diving Fire Crows.

Fire Crows let out thunderous caws. With hundreds of Fire Crows gathered together, their cawing sound was as powerful as a tsunami, even the ground was slightly shaken by their caws. They were rapidly flapping their wings, throwing countless ablaze feathers along with large pieces of flames towards the ground. Every single feather accurately punctured the body of the allied clans' warriors. All those warriors whose bodies were punctured by the feathers were howling in pain, and their entire bodies were set ablaze.

The Senior Magi amongst the allied forces' warriors were trying their best to leap into the air and attack those Fire Crows. They could jump around seven to eight hundred feet high in the air, however, they were far less agile and mobile in the air than the Fire Crows. They leaped straight up, waved their weapons and hacked towards the Fire Crows, but the Fire Crows spun their bodies smoothly while they were proudly cawing, easily dodging these life-risking attacks launched by those Senior Magi.

’’Kill them all!’’ growled Ji Hao, ’’take their heads and souls back to our ancestors!’’

Fire Crows were cawing excitedly, dived till they were less than a thousand feet above the ground and opened their beaks, after which they spew raging golden-coloured fires out.

The flame that was being spew out at each shot by the spear held in Ji Hao's hand could only cover an area with a circumference of a mile. However, when the Fire Crows spew out flames, it would rise to cover even the sky after hitting the ground. Each of the flames shot out by the Fire Crows covered the ground around for miles.

Large groups of warriors from the allied clans were burnt into ashes in the flame, especially warriors of the Ghost Clan and the Demon Clan. The flame of the Gold Fire Crows contained a special, pure positive power, which could break all kinds of evil power and could easily and naturally suppress the dark powers of the warriors from the Ghost Clan and the Demon Clan.

After only the first flight of the Fire Crow across the sky nearly all warriors from the Ghost Clan and the Demon Clan on the ground were killed. Only tens or so Senior Magi were left alive, screaming and shouting in pain, with their bodies wrapped by flames. They were running into the sea of flames and trying to flee.

However, the raging flames had shrouded the entire area. No matter where they ran to, there was fire in front of them. Black smoke had wrapped around their bodies, and the lava melted by rocks and soil flowed everywhere on the ground.

Gigantic Fire Crows were madly flapping their wings and caused a boiling hot gust of gale to be started. The gale rolled the lava up into thousand-foot high waves. The waves of lava flushed through the ground, everything that was touched by the lava had become a part of that horrible fire.

Even the two other ten-thousand-year-old treemen, called out by Ji Hao's friend, Treeman, had stepped back as quickly as they could in fear, leaving the fire ground that had destroyed everything at their highest speed. When hundreds of Fire Crows went rampaging all together, any creature in this jungle that was capable of any thought wouldn't dare to challenge these big birds in rage.

In the air, clan leaders sitting on all kinds of large birds, were crying and shouting in both fear and sadness. A scrawny elderly man held an ancestor's banner and screamed hoarsely towards Ji Hao, ’’O lord of the Fire Crow Clan! Pity our warriors! Please show some mercy! They have lost the power to resist, they can't fight against your fury, please forgive them...’’

Mr. Crow let a sharp caw out and flew towards the old man;Ji Hao raised the long spear and thrust it through the old man's chest.

After Ji Hao grabbed the Senior Magus blood from the old man, he raised the spear high into the air, growled out like a ferocious ghost, ’’You set a ambush here and besieged our Fire Crow Clan's warriors, why didn't you thought about my forgiveness back then?!’’

’’You made a mistake, then you should bear the consequences!’’ Ji Hao sneered with his teeth gnashing, ’’Anyone that wants my forgiveness should drop their weapons and kneel on the ground!’’

Tens of Senior Magi who had been leaping into the air and were trying to attack those Fire Crows were hit by Fire Crow's flame. Their bodies wrapped in fore, dropped down, and rolled on the ground while howling in pain.

The allied troops had already collapsed in disorder. Those warriors were looking at those Fire Crows in despair, which were hovering in the sky;it was not known who was the first to drop down and kneel, but soon large groups of warriors had dropped their weapons down and were kneeling hard down on the ground.

’’Kneel! Kneel!’’ Ape who had been standing on one of the Stone giant's shoulder, was proudly yelling at the surrounding warriors, ’’Kneel down! Don't you even think about running away! All of you! Kneel!’’

Ape was counting his fingers and murmuring, ’’Capture one Senior Magus, I can get ten vats of booze...I have one here, two...hmm? One for ten, two for twenty, three...? How many for three?’’

Tens of Fire Crows were hovering above Black Water Jiao.

Black Water Jiao roared towards the sky despairingly, then dropped the machete and his knees thudded against the ground.


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