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The Magus Era - Chapter 70


Seeking Revenge For The Smallest Grievance

Ji Hao flapped the pair of fiery wings, transformed into a thin beam of fiery light and flashed across the air, and appeared right in front of Black Water Jiao.

Ji Hao raised the long spear high and pierced it into the old Maguspriest's chest while the old Maguspriest was trying very hard to resist Ape's attack;the long spear easily broke through the wisps of black smoke that had been wrapped around his body, and punctured his heart. Fiery sparks burst out from his wound, a raging flame suddenly had spurted out from the old Maguspriest's body. The old Maguspriest let a howl out in pain and despair. Huge flames spurted out from every single pore of his, and burnt him into ash in the blink of an eye.

’’You damn little bastard!’’ Black Water Jiao popped up his eyes, and barked out in rage.

’’Well, my Abba is simple and generous, always putting the clan's profits on the first priority, therefore, it's inevitable that people might think he's a pushover!’’ Ji Hao swung the long spear over, bringing up countless afterimages, which were rotating fast around Black Water Jiao's body, then suddenly pierced the spear towards Black Water Jiao.

Another Black Water Serpent Clan's Senior Magus holding his longsword, darted up behind Black Water Jiao with his waist bended, attempted to attack Ape, who was holding his huge wooden stick and was madly hitting Black Water Jiao. However, Ji Hao moved even faster than that Senior Magus, raised the long spear and punctured his body from the sideways.

The Senior Magus's body was easily penetrated by the sharp spear, just like a piece of Tofu;he gave a scream and stumbled backwards;a golden flame burst out from his whole body, the raging fire even lightened up the sky.

Ji Hao swung the spear again across the air and chopped the Senior Magus' head off. The body of the Senior Magus had quickly burnt into ash, after which only a human-head-sized sphere of Senior Magus Blood was left floating in the air. Ji Hao thrust an arm out and grabbed the blood sphere in his palm. The blood soon merged into his palm and disappeared.

’’For example, when Ji Shu had challenged my Abba for the position of the leader, if I was my Abba, I would have killed Ji Shu's whole family long ago;then that crazy woman wouldn't get even the chance to harm us over and over again,’’ sneered Ji Hao in a low voice while waving the long spear, causing large pieces of fire sparks to fly towards Black Water Jiao.

While speaking, Ji Hao's body disappeared again, leaving several afterimages behind him, and then showed up behind another Black Water Serpent Clan's Senior Magus, after which he sliced his head suddenly off.

Black Water Jiao shouted out hoarsely in anger. He pulled out an odd-shaped machete from nowhere, barely held off the attacks launched by Ji Hao and Ape all together;at the same time, he yelled at the two remaining Black Water Serpent Clan's Senior Magi, ’’You! Together! Kill this little bastard first!’’

The two Black Water Serpent Clan's Senior Magi drew quickly together, and slightly patted around their waists. Two horned snakes, coiled around their waists, darted out and quickly expanded their bodies into hundreds of feet length, opened their jaws widely and flew towards Ji Hao, which seemed as if they would swallow him whole.

Ji Hao didn't even threw a glance at the two serpents, stood still and let them have a bite on his body with their highly poisonous, sharp teeth.

A beam of clear and bright light flashed across Ji Hao's body. Attacks of the two horned serpents were firmly blocked by the armour made by Po. Ji Hao then raised the spear high and pierced both the two gigantic heads of the two serpents. The two serpents howled and struggled in great pain;wisps of flame started sourting out from their scales and their dark scales quickly burnt glowing red.

’’Another example, today, you gathered tens of clans' warriors and ambushed here, to get me besieged. If my Abba had received this message and had come over, he wouldn't do this for clan's sake. Apart from the benefits for our clan, he must be worried about the Fire Crow Clan's reputation, and how the other clans in the Southern Wasteland would see us, so he would never slaughter all these people.’’

Ji Hao looked at Black Water Jiao with a mocking smile on his face, then said calmly, ’’Is this what you all thought? Keep me here and draw my Abba out. With warriors from this many clans all gathered here, my Abba definitely wouldn't fight against these many Southern Wasteland Clans. Then you would get the chance to push my Abba into a corner and make all those senior Magi rush up together, and catch him alive.’’

Black Water Jiao didn't respond, he was trying everything in his to hold off those continuously coming attacks launched by Ji Hao and Ape.

Their plan was exactly like how Ji Hao had just said, to gather tens of clan's warriors here, and frighten Ji Xia with the all these men's lives.

Ji Xia was a very nice and generous man, who would always consider the clan's benefit first while facing any kind of problems. Ji Xia would never start to kill these many clans, or the Fire Crow Clan would instantly make incalculable more enemies. Additionally, the clan's reputation would become more than bad.

Ji Xia, a Senior Magus who was bounded by the reputation of his clan and Ji Hao's safety;if he had come, he would be unable to walk ever out again. Senior Magi from tens of clans had been waiting here;added with all of those well prepared dark magic, such as the soul-calling magic even ten more Ji Xias would undoubtedly been captured.

’’But I am not my Abba!’’ laughed Ji Hao scornfully and said, ’’To me, you're all enemies, you should all just die! I'll kill all these stupid people;as for their clans, what's the big deal if they all become enemies of the Fire Crow Clan? It's nothing but to waste more time and wipe them all out!’’

’’Speaking of the clan's benefit...Would the death of these people be harmful to our Fire Clan? Well...since they've gathered here and ambushed me, then they've all become our enemies already, haven't they?’’ Ji Xiao smiled and said while he swung the spear backwards and punctured the body of another Black Water Serpent Clan's Senior Magus.

This Senior Magus could have dodged Ji Hao's attack. After all, they had huge differences in power level.

At first, because Ji Hao and his friends had suddenly launched attacks, these Senior Magi didn't have enough time to react;after they had clearly realized what had happened and calmed their minds down, it wouldn't be as easy to kill them like that.

Nevertheless, right before the Senior Magi tried to dodge Ji Hao's spear, a fist-thick branch suddenly thrust out from the ground and tightly banded him up so that he couldn't even move his finger. The Senior Magus then watched Ji Hao's spear come piercing towards his face;no matter how hard he struggled, or how loudly he roared, he could only watch that spear stuck into his chest while spurting a great flame.

He felt a great heat gushing into his body, then lost consciousness and died.

Ji Hao grabbed the sphere of the Senior Magus' blood that had been left floating in the air, absorbed it into his own body within the span of a few breaths, then said calmly, ’’Enemies should all die. Not only everyone here, but also their clansmen, those women and kids, either they should die or become our slaves!’’

Tens of dark green tree roosts thrust out from the ground, tied Black Water Jiao and the last Black Water Serpent Clan's Senior Magus.

Black Water Jiao was a very powerful Senior Magus, who grabbed the roots and teared it off, then rolled aside and dodged the Ji Hao's deadly attack. But the other Senior Magus' heart was penetrated by the spear along with his shrilly screams.

’’I, Ji Hao, have the reputation of seeking revenge for the smallest grievances. I will never wait too long for things like revenge.’’ Ji Hao narrowed his eyes, grinned and said, ’’You people had predicted my behavior based on my Abba's personality, how stupid you all are to have such a cute idea?’’

Black Water Jiao let out a growl and struggled back up from the ground, however, once he stood up, an arrow made of 'ghost-face spider' legs silently showed up behind him, then swished through his shoulder.

The arrow was dipped in a highly poisonous liquid, the poison quickly spread inside his body;Black Water Jiao's face instantly darkened.

’’You...cannot kill these many people!’’ growled Black Water Jiao hoarsely, ’’the number of Senior Magi on our side is ten times greater than that of yours!’’

By that time, the allied forces had started to flee towards all directions, the fastest troops had already run twenty miles far.

Ji Hao sneered, then let out a sharp whistle.

Surrounding the fastest troops, a dense, grey fog silently appeared.

Within the fog, countless looming beast silhouettes quickly emerged, which were shining with all kinds of weird and mysterious lights. Over ten thousand warriors suddenly exploded into a huge cloud of blood mist and were swallowed by the dense fog in the blink of an eye, not leaving even a single hair.

’’Haven't you understand yet? I told you that I'm different from my Abba, especially how we deal with things...For example, I respect the rules of our ancestors very much, however, when my life is being threatened, I might, occasionally, break those rules!’’

Ji Hao laughed coldly. Loud caws suddenly came from the air above Ji Hao. Thousands of gigantic Fire Crows, with their bodies wrapped in raging fire, abruptly showed up over the jungle, diving down from the sky.


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