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The Magus Era - Chapter 67



A Senior Magus body is all toughened up by practicing and fighting for thousands of times;it's as heavy as a mountain, as firm as the earth, and hundreds, and even thousands of times harder than iron;except other Senior Magi at the same level, no other person is able to hurt even a hair on a Senior Magi, unless he or she wielded one of those legendary weapons in their hands.

The sharp sword in Ji Hao's hands was only a reward given to every new Senior Magi of the Black Water Serpent Clan, though it was capable of slicing gold and jade, it was no where near the level of legendary weapons.

If used by another Senior Magus, this sword could certainly harm the body of a Senior Magus, however, in Ji Hao's hands, it wasn't supposed to hurt even a little bit of Black Water Jiao's body!

Black Water Jiao looked down, while he stared at the sharp sword which was inserted three inches deep into his own body. He couldn't believe it. A stream of cold air and a stream of hot air were rotating around each other, drilling deeper into Black Water Jiao's body;Black Water Jiao even heard the muffled noises made by the cold and hot gaseous powers clashing suddenly against his own muscle.

’’Damn! You little bastard! You...How could you hurt me?!’’ Black Water Jiao looked at Ji Hao with a twisted face and yelled, ’’You little bastard! You are just like a little rabbit that didn't even grow its teeth yet, but bit a great winged-tiger;a little Jurassic beast[1], that didn't even wean yet, kicked the scales of a flood dragon broke...This is...impossible!’’

’’Wu Guan Pi Li, Tie Jia Fei Xiong, Ji Ji Ru LüLing.’’

Ji Hao grinned to Black Water Jiao, locked his finger together and pressed his hands on the hilt of the sword, and cast the spell loudly.

The coldand hot stream, wrapped around the sword, started coiling and rubbing against each other;numerous lightning bolts appeared within the cold and hot air. Up in the air, a small dark cloud quietly appeared. Ji Hao's Yuan Dan - a huge sphere that shone with a bright purple light within his spiritual space - suddenly disappeared. Within an area of tens of miles, a gale had started, and large amounts of natural power continuously gathering towards Ji Hao's palms.

Followed by a thunderous bang, eighteen human-head-thick lightning bolts wildly fell down in a row from the small dark cloud, and hit on the sword hilt held in Ji Hao's hands.

Compared with months ago, when Ji Hao had spied on Ji Shu and Ji Wu with the spying-crow and attacked them with lightning, Ji Hao's power had improved by more than a hundred times;just now, he had sent all of his internal power into the small dark clouds, and had cast the [nine-lightning cloud's magic];the natural lightning power that had been drawn by Ji Hao today was over hundreds of times greater than months ago.

The lightning gathered on the edge of the sword, gushed into Black Water Jiao's body through the metal sword under Ji Hao's control. Ji Hao sprayed a mouthful of blood out on the sword, stared at Black Water Jiao, whose face was badly twisted and body covered in lightning bolts, then cast a Maguspriest's magic, taught by Ji Kui, the Master Maguspriest of the Fire Crow Clan!


A single, monotonous syllable came out of Ji Hao's mouth. The sword held in Ji Hao's hands started shaking intensely. The thickly dotted spell symbols on the surface of the sword lit up simultaneously, a torrent of destructive power contained in the sword suddenly gushed out.

’’No!’’ screamed Black Water Jiao, his face became even more twisted, raised his head and widened his eyes, stared at Ji Hao with eyes filled with astonishment.

The magic cast by Ji Hao just now could disintegrate a Magus tool within a moment, and release all of the tremendous power contained in the Magus tool as a deadly attack. This was an extremely powerful and difficult magic;in the Black Water Serpent Clan, none of those new Maguspriests could learn such a difficult magic. Only those Maguspriests who practised for over twenty years could master this kind of powerful magic spells.

Though Black Water Jiao was a powerful Senior Magus, however, he was not talented in Maguspriest's magic at all. In another words, he was just a warrior like Ji Xia, who had a relative simple mind and who depended purely on their physical strength;Maguspriest Magic spells, like disintegrating a magus tool, even for the current Black Water Jiao was impossible to learn.

Black Water Jiao could destroy this sword with his physical strength, however, he could not activate the spell symbols on the sword, making those integrated spell symbol disintegrate, and release all of the power contained in the sword within a moment to attack his enemy.

A pair of fiery wings stretched behind Ji Hao's back;Ji Hao then transformed into a beam of light and flew aside leaving a mirage of red afterimages.

Red Horn from the Ghost Clan let out a roar, and rushed towards Ji Hao.

All of the Ghost Clan's warriors had merged with evil ghosts, that had been worshipped by their clan since they were newborn kids. Ghosts that were worshiped by them were extremly evil beings;what they hated and feared most was the positive, natural lightning power. Ji Hao just drew the natural lightning power and attacked Black Water Jiao, this made Red Horn immediately see him as a sworn enemy. Red Horn's pupils instantly became blood-red. He raised the wooden stick and swung it towards Ji Hao with all of his power.

However, Ji Hao moved fleetingly fast, flew away and dodged the wooden stake when the stake was about to scratch his face.

The huge, wooden stake heavily thudded against Black Water Jiao's body, who was wrapped in lightning bolts and twitching. Following the raging curses from Black Water Jiao, the firm leather armour worn by him was shattered into pieces by Red Horn's wooden stake;and the gigantic horned serpent under Black Water Jiao's feet was sent flying by the residual force of Red Horn's attack.

In the next moment, followed by a thunderous bang, both of the cold and hot air suddenly burst out;with an eye-piercing light, the sword, stabbed in Black Water Jiao's chest, exploded suddenly;countless rice-sized metal fragments darted towards every directions;the power contained within every single metal fragment was nearly as powerful as a full-strength punch of a new Senior Magus.

Hundreds of metal fragments hit Red Horn's body, a large cloud of blood mist suddenly rose;those metal fragments punctured his body, and wounded the sturdy body, causing it to be riddles with holes within a moment. Red Horn staggered tens of steps backwards, then fell hard on the ground, after uttering a great roar towards the sky;he was badly injured, sat on the ground and couldn't even move.

Black Water Jiao and his horned serpent were hit even harder. The sword exploded right in front of their faces, half of Black Water Jiao's chest was shattered, the squirming internal organs were exposed to the air, blood continuously spurted out of the wound.

Countless metal fragments, which were shining with electrical light, were inlaid in his chest and stomach;strong electric currents went through his body. Though Ji Hao was not powerful enough to really hurt Black Water Jiao with the lightning light he had drawn from the sky, the whole body of Black Water Jiao was paralyzed, and couldn't move for a while.

Seven to eight miles away, two thousands of feet tall gigantic trees let our thunderous roar, and swung tens of tremendous branches towards the ground.

Black Water Jiao screamed out terrified;a cold sphere of black mist wrapped his body up, suddenly brought his body up, and rose hundreds of feet high into the air.

His horned serpent near him didn't react as fast as him. The serpent body was huge, therefore, it moved relatively slow, added with the fact that it was stunned by the wooden stake of Red Horn just now, the serpent didn't even move while facing those gigantic branches swinging towards it.

Along with a bone cracking sound, tens of tank-thick, dark green roots thrust out from the ground, puncturing the serpent's body. This Senior Magus level horned serpent struggled wildly in pain, right after it had let out a few howls, the tens of roots shook intensely and ripped the hundreds of feet long-horned serpent into tens of pieces, followed by a great wail.

’’Do not waste its blood! Senior Magus Blood! Collect them for me! Ten vats of booze to each!’’ Ji Hao flew high into the air, the three black thorns of life and death darted downwards following Ji hao's hand gesture, and hit Black Water Jiao, who was wrapped in the cloud of dark mist.

Black Water Jiao started spewing blood. The three black thorns of life and death had just penetrated his three Magus Acupoints;he sensed that his power suddenly became weaker.

’’Somebody! Come! Come and kill this little bastard!’’ Black Water Jiao was nearly driven crazy by the weird behaviour of Ji Hao. ’’Does this little bastard know the two thousands-years old Treemen? Which means that this is a trap?’’ shouted Black Water Jiao in his head.

Large groups of Black Water Serpent Clan's warriors rushed out of the dense jungle under the lead of four Senior Magi, and darted towards Ji Hao while growling in low voices.

Ghost Clan's Red Horn roared out loudly, hundreds of, over twenty feet tall, Ghost Clan's warriors rushed over with big steps. Amongst these Ghost Clan's warriors, the tallest one even reached fifty feet in height.

The Ghost Clan's master Maguspriest who was standing in front of the black, human-bone altar, stayed stunned for a while, then suddenly started screaming and jumping;followed by his voice, grey, cold whirlwinds, that could pierce into the bones, were started to flow in the surrounding area;tens of utterly pale infants slowly fluttered over.

The ground shook intensely, a tens of feet thick, jade-like arm fleetingly thrust out from the ground, smashed and broke all of Ghost Clan's master Maguspriest's bones.


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