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The Magus Era - Chapter 66



’’How did this kid move so fast?’’

Black Water Jiao, who had been standing on the horned serpent's head while smiling, had now tightened his body suddenly, like a frightened old cat, and stared stunned at the smoky long sword held in Ji Hao's hands.

The shape of that sword was very familiar to the one Black Water Jiao possesed.

Once a Black Water Serpent Clan's warrior became a Senior Magus, as a reward, the clan would forge a sword for him or her in the mouth of the extremely cold of the Black Water Holy Spring, with tens kinds of special metals;the most powerful Maguspriest of the clan would inject magic power and inscribe spell symbols into the sword by himself. The sword forged in this way would become a powerful weapon, which gathers the essence of the tens of spacial metals, and is sharp enough to slice through gold and iron, and could kill a man without being stained by a single drop of blood.

The sword held by Ji Hao was gained from the battle less than a month ago when the Black Serpent Clan Warriors launched a surprise attack on the Cold Stream Valley. Ji Xia badly wounded a cousin of Black Water Jiao and had seized the sword from his cousins hands.

In Ji Hao's hand this sword seemed to have become a live being, quite fast and agile. The moment the glistening of the sword edge flashed through the air, even Black Water Jiao saw only a beam of bright light, the sharp sword had already penetrated Jiang Yao's chest.

’’If he does that to me, I...I'm afraid that even I wouldn't be able to dodge that completely!’’ Black Water Jiao roughly measured his reacting speed against this horrible attack launched by Ji Hao, and cold sweat suddenly started pouring down from his forehead.

Ji Hao was only a newly promoted Junior Magus who just had activated his bloodline power, but his sword-using skill was quite mature.

If he would be allowed to grow up in this way, then he would most likely replace Ji Xia and became another horrifying nightmare for the Black Water Serpent Clan. For thousands of years, Ji Xia and his family were like an eternal nightmare for the Black Water Serpent Clan, one from which they could never get rid of.

The Black Water Serpent Clan had spent incalculable efforts and sacrifices to kill all of Ji Xia's brothers and elders;by now, only Ji Xia and his son had been left alive;however, Ji Hao had such terrifying potential. Black Water Jiao growled to the sky in rage.

How come a talented kid like this was not one of the Black Water Serpent Clan's kids! thought Black Water Jiao.

Black Water Jiao stamped his foot hard, after which the horned serpent let a sharp hissing sound out. The nearly hundred feet long serpent raised its upper body and swooshed out, opened its jaws and spew a mouthful of blue-black cold air towards Ji Hao.

Black Water Jiao leapt up from the head of the serpent and pulled his sword out;a large piece of black mist rose from his body, and large amounts of black ice fragments slowly started falling down around his body, tinkling against the ground.

The jungle within the circumference of few miles around was quickly frozen. Black Water Jiao raised the long sword with exactly the same shape and colour as the one held in Ji Hao's hands and pierced towards Ji Hao's left shoulder;a, tens of feet long, black light spurted from the sword tip.

If this attack would succeed, then the sword would pierce through Ji Hao's shoulder directly into his heart and get him killed.

’’Ha! Die!’’ The Ghost Clan's Senior Magus, Red Horn, who was chasing Ji Hao all this time, raised his huge wooden stake high and smashed towards Ji Hao's face along with a strong gust of wind. The Ghost Clan's warriors were born to be cruel, all he was concerned with at the moment was simply to get Ji Hao killed;he didn't even notice that he accidentally involved Jiang Yao in his attacking range.

The longsword in Ji Hao's hands was shaking intensely, making a bright and clear clang-like sound.

The [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words] could connect with the whole universe and borrow power from everything in this world. Ji Hao triggered the Black Water Serpent Clan's special magic injected in the long sword and send a part of his own power into the sword at the same time.

A cold stream of the sword's power from the sword and a hot stream of Ji Hao's power, which were opposites of each other, somehow supported each other, were quickly pulsating on the sword edge, transformed into a black and red light, and rotated around the sword fast like a windmill. Once the two beams of light started rotating, blood spurted from the Jiang Yao's chest and pieces of flesh flew away from her body. Half of the blood that spurted out was frozen intoice crystals, while the other half of the blood boiled and turned into vapor.

Jiang Yao stared at Ji Hao with a badly twisted face, continuously coughing blood up, and said in a shocked tone, ’’How did you...the Demon Clan's soul-calling magic was cast by their most powerful Maguspriest, even Ji Xia...wouldn't be able to defend against that...’’

’’I'm not my Abba!’’ Ji Xiao gave an irrelevant answer, pulled the sword out and swung it towards Jiang Yao's neck along with an eye-piercing cold light;in the meanwhile, he said loudly, ’’Jiang Yao, you should have died a long time ago. Don't you feel tired of chasing us like this?’’

Jiang Yao curved her lips and let out a weird smile, gnashed her teeth and said, ’’Ji Hao, I will remember you! You almost killed me, I will remember you!’’

A red jade piece inside her belt suddenly burst up;a bright sphere of flame wrapped Jiang Yao up. A single legged Bi Fang Bird slowly flew out of the flame, wrapped Jiang Yao's body with its faint fiery feathers, then transformed into a beam of fiery light, attempting to rise into the air.

’’Thorn of life and death, kill!’’ Ji Hao growled in a low voice, opened his mouth and spew a mouthful of blood, and pointed his finger at Jiang Yao, who was wrapped in the flame.

Three long, back needles darted out from Ji Hao's mouth and punctured the flame that was protecting Jiang Yao, like three black lightning bolts. Three brightly flashing Magus Acupoints in Jiang Yao's chest and stomach suddenly exploded;black, fresh blood gushed out like three fountains.

’’Thorn of life and death! Qing Fu's inherited Magus Treasure! Why do you have them!’’ Jiang Yao screamed madly;along with her voice, the Bi Fang bird let out a sharp call, and transformed back into a beam of bright light and flashed into the cloud within only a moment, and quickly disappeared, without leaving any trace. Jiang Yao was saved and taken away by her life-saving magic treasure, without leaving any trace to be followed.

All these happened so fast;the edge of Black water Jiao's sword was still seven to eight feet away from Ji Hao's body, and Red Horn's wooden stake was still hundreds of feet away. Ji Hao had already seriously wounded Jiang Yao, and her life-saving treasure, given by Jiang Bo, had activated automatically, saving and taking her and took her away.

’’You litter bastard!’’ Black Water Jiao cursed loudly in anger;the black mist, emitted from his body, was growing dense, and the long sword held in his hands started shaking intensely as well. A horrifying cold air shrouded the entire area, within tens of miles in radius, all of the plants were covered in thick black ice;after that Black Water Jiao shook his wrist, making all of the black ice burst out. Suddenly, a fierce cold air rose and shrouded the jungle for tens of miles around, causing countless gigantic trees to shatter into ice pieces.

All the nearby trees were shattered into ashes, only two especially tall and huge trees stayed still. It seemed as if they were not influenced by the cold air at all.

Furthermore, the two trees suddenly opened their treehole-like mouths, letting out low roars that were filled with anger;on their tree trunks, four spheres of green lights suddenly lit up, like two pairs of eyes, staring at Black Water Jiao.

’’Tenthousand years old Treemen?’’ Black Water Jiao's body was instantly soaked in cold sweat;he quickly recognised these two trees - the Treemen that were at least ten thousand years old. These Treemen had very bad tempers, if anyone damaged the jungle in front of them, then the person would become their archenemy.

Black Water Jiao just released all of his power, causing the jungle within the circumference of tens of miles around to be completely damaged. This would make these two Treemen, who had appeared suddenly, to do whatever they could and hunt him to the end of the world.

Ji Hao leapt high into the air, facing the bright light emitted from Black Water Jiao's sword, raised his own sword high into the air and pierced towards the heart of Black Water Jiao along with that eye-piercing, red-black light.

Followed by a thunderous noise, a faint layer of light was rotating around Ji Hao's body. The attack that had been launched by Black Water Jiao with all of his power was easily blocked by this layer of light. Ji Hao's body slightly shook;he felt that all of his internal organs were slightly vibrating, and a hot stream gushed up through his throat. Followed by that Ji Hao spat a mouthful of hot blood out.

Black Water Jiao was an elite Senior Magus, while Ji Hao was only a newly-promoted Junior Magus, there was a huge difference between the two of them. Black Water Jiao could crush hundreds of Junior Magi with a single punch.

However, the armour made by Po had amazing defensive capabilties. The attack launched by Black Water Jiao with all of his strength only made Ji Hao spew a small specks of blood out.

The edge of Ji Hao's sword was extremely cold. Ji Hao released all of his power and controlled the sword. Under Black Water Jiao's horrified eyes, the sword stabbed with some difficulty into his body through his firm leather armour. Ji Hao didn't stop, and continued to push his sword harder and harder;the sword tip pierced three inches into the chest of Black Water Jiao.


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