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The Magus Era - Chapter 632


When a world was created from the prehistorical Chaos, the original creative power would spread out and generate countless great treasures.

The greater the original creative power of a world was, the higher quality would the treasures generated by the original creative power have, and naturally, more powerful and tougher could these treasures be. For example, if one had two seeds which were exactly the same, and one threw one of them into a barren soil and another one into fertile soil, the former could grow into a sapling at most, while the latter might become a towering tree with abundant sunshine and nourishing moisture.

Pan Gu world’s original creative power was incomparably great;thousands, tens of thousands or even millions of times greater than that of Pan Xi world. Therefore, great treasures like world-accompanying spirit treasures generated by the original creative power of Pan Gu world were surely similarly more powerful than treasures in Pan Xi world.

The short sword that flew out from Ao Li’s mouth was a world-accompanying spirit treasure, though only of a low to mid grade. But the sword light streams released from it dazzled swiftly, seeming to even teleport across space. Besides, the sword light released from it then transformed into clear gusts of wind, invisible and intangible, perfect for sneak killing.

Ao Li seemed to be rude and brutal, but he was never silly. He was wearing a heavy armor and holding a long sword. Anyone saw him would believe that he was a fearless warrior, but who would ever think that he might let a short sword out of his mouth to launch a sneak attack on his enemies?

The pair of long swords which had transformed into two enormous serpents and belonged to the two ancestor souls elders stood beside Elder Destiny clanged slightly against Ao Li’s short sword, then immediately showed their original forms. Not only that, the short sword remained perfectly unharmed while small sawtooth-like breaches appeared thickly on the pair of long swords. The pair of swords were world-accompanying treasures of Pan Xi world, but with a single clash, they were badly damaged.

The pair of long swords couldn’t even fly in the air by now. Instead, they fell to the ground while wailing like severely injured dying birds. For such a grave damage, without the nourishment of the original creative power, this pair of swords might have to spend millions, or even tens of millions of years to recover their own powers.

The faces of the two ancestor soul elders twisted in pain. They raised their heads and let out shrill great growls towards the sky, sounding like two old crows which had all their feathers forcibly pulled off by someone else.

Following a series of loud, enraged laughs, another two gold-kind ancestor soul elders launched their moves. They glanced at each other, and then one of them wielded his hand and let out a round-shaped, thick shield that was shining with a silver light, floating in front of him. A sparkling, silver-colored and round-shaped light screen was released from the shield, shielded its owner and the other ancestor soul elder behind.

As for the other ancestor soul elder, he bowed three times towards the sky with an extremely solemn and serious look, then locked his hands together and pointed at the spot between his eyebrows. A deep and rumbling thunder could be heard from the Holy Land while a purple, destructive thunderbolt dazzled down from the sky.

"When a great treasure shows its power, even the world would sense it!" Ji Hao popped out his eyes, staring at that ancestor soul elder. What kind of treasure would this gold-kind ancestor elder take out?

Following a series of clangs, a golden shining dragon head slowly drilled out from this elder’s forehead along with the deep moans let out by this elder in pain. The golden dragon head expanded gradually once a breeze blew across it while it slowly flew out from the elder’s body bit by bit with some difficulties.

A fierce aura of killing suffused the space immediately, sensing which, those dragons, phoenixes and beasts raised their heads simultaneously, looking at that golden dragon head that was coming out from the elder’s forehead in shock.

Elder Destiny, a group of ancestor souls and some experienced holy spirits clapped their hands and laughed out loud together. "Dragon-beheading guillotine, I never thought that I can be lucky enough to witness its power with my own eyes!"

A deep dragon roar could be heard while an enormous guillotine slowly flew out of the elder’s forehead. A strong and sharp sense of power released from the guillotine could now be sensed from every corner of the Holy Land. This guillotine was tremendous;only the dragon head was tens of miles long while the rest part of it was shaped like a golden dragon as well. Around two-hundred miles long part of it had already flown out from the elder’s body, but still, no end of it could be seen by now.

"Hm, a great killing treasure… It has the power of the great Dao." The mysterious man abruptly showed his body in Ji Hap’s spiritual space, smiled scornfully and said, "In terms of grades, this guillotine is at the same grade as the four swords and blueprint of Yu Yu…But in terms of power, hehe, hehe, hehehe!"

Ji Hao had no idea where did the mysterious learn to laugh like that. He rubbed those goosebumps on his skin and couldn’t help but shake his head. He used Yu Yu’s terrifying sword formation once himself;the four long swords coordinated with the blueprint and generated a world-destroying power. Even though Ji Hao could only activate less than one ten-thousandth of that power, it still brought Ji Hao a great fear.

This dragon-beheading guillotine was a great killing treasure with the power of great Dao of Pan Xi world. This guillotine and Yu Yu’s sword formation should be at the same grade, but judging from the vibrations of power released from this guillotine, if Yu Yu’s sword formation was the sun, this guillotine could at most be a relatively brighter star.

"You think our phoenix-kind don’t have any great treasure?!" Just now, Ao Li yelled exactly the same thing, but the one who yelled again like this was Feng Qinxin.

She puffed her cheeks up, proudly looking at the gold kind elder who was trying very hard to activate the dragon-beheading guillotine while reached her right hand into her left sleeve. Abruptly, an indescribably splendid stream of fiery light was dragged out of her sleeve.

The glowing red fiery light enlightened the entire sky. Within a blink of an eye, a big half of the Holy Land was enveloped by a great fiery light, and the temperature of the broad Holy Land was raised at a crazy rate. Surrounding the Wave Listening Pavilion where Ji Hao and his friends stayed in, smoke puffed up from everywhere while many wooden parts of buildings were nearly set ablaze.

The object held in Feng Qinxin’s hand was a feather fan, only around a foot and eight inches long, looking very exquisite. Countless flame-shaped symbols had been sparkling on those layers of red feathers. Feng Qinxin gripped the feather fan and gently swung, as a thunderous boom was generated immediately. Hearing that, Ji Hao only felt that the world within his sight was suddenly lightened up, and then he sensed a severe dizziness. The entire Holy Land started shaking slightly.

From the tiny feather fan, a clear, enormous stream of fiery light that looked like melted glass surged out. Within the fiery light, nine tremendous fire phoenixes were flying proudly and elegantly while letting out resonating songs.

When the fiery light stream surged out with the nine fiery phoenixes wrapped in it, the natural law in the Holy Land was broken, as the balance of natural powers in the Holy Land was broken. The fire power was boosted up, seeming to suppress other natural powers. The balance of natural powers related to the great Dao of nature while the great Dao of nature was the basic of a world. In other words, the balance of natural powers was related to the survival and downfall of a world.

The fire power suddenly suppressed the other natural powers, which was no different from a great disaster for a world. And at the moment, the Holy Land of Pan Xi world was actually facing a true, world-destroying disaster. From high up in the air, huge streams of lava emerged abruptly, within which, countless whirlpools had been spinning and screaming. Countless enormous fireballs spurted out from those whirlpools with lava, smashing down towards the ground along with a sky-shaking noise.

Thousands of streams of flames wrapped the dragon-beheading guillotine even before it flew entirely out from the elder’s body.

The guillotine let out a shrill buzz in pain. A serious dragon scream that was loud enough to shatter the whole world could be heard endlessly, while the gold-kind ancestor soul elder began vomiting blood, and had fainted already.

The fire was so intense that the dragon-beheading guillotine even seemed to melt.

Elder Destiny popped his eyes out in a great shock, glaring at Feng Qinxin in anger as he screamed out hysterically.

"Enough! Do you truly want to perish together with us?"


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