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The Magus Era - Chapter 625



Once the compass showed up behind Elder Destiny, a soft yet strong, unstoppable great power spread out towards all directions. Ji Hao felt it getting hard to breathe, and couldn’t stand steadily, being pushed away by this power. Within the span of a few breaths, he was forced backwards for over a hundred miles.

Looking around, Ji Hao found out that, not only him, everyone around Elder Destiny was pushed far away. Ji Hao was still relatively close to Elder Destiny by now, the few Magus Kings who were standing behind Candle Dragon Yan and were comparatively weaker, had been forced out for seven to eight hundred miles.

The five-mile in radius compass rotated slowly and started a loud buzzing noise that came from the whole world.

Ji Hao looked carefully at it and found that this enormous compass was milky white and translucent, and had patterns of suns and stars, mountains and rivers and other natural scenes embossed on it. Additionally, images of birds, fishes, grass and flowers and other living beings in Pan Xi world had been moving on the surface of the compass. This compass seemed to contain everything in this world.

The mysterious man talked in Ji Hao’s spiritual space in a low voice, "Good treasure. If Yu Clan people invade and local people of this world are endangered, you can offer to save a bloodline of theirs at the expense of this compass."

Before Ji Hao asked any question, the mysterious man continued, "This compass contains the entire natural law of Pan Xi world. I almost would think it’s Pan Xi’s spirit treasure if its power was slightly stronger. If you can merge its power into your body, you would be able to grow a seed of Dao with hundred percent guarantee. Meanwhile, you would reach the level of divine Magus."

Ji Hao paused slightly, then he instantly fixed his pair of shining eyes on the compass behind Elder Destiny.

Under Yu Yu’s guidance, Ji Hao had been cultivating himself based on the power of Great Dao. The stage of seed of Dao was similar to the level of divine Magi. If Ji Hao could grow a seed of Dao and reach the level of divine Magi in the meanwhile, his power would definitely be improved greatly, and he would become much more powerful than ordinary divine Magi. Then, who would he be afraid of?

Nevertheless, this compass was obviously the spirit treasure of Elder Destiny. Making a move and looting it directly? First, Ji Hao wasn’t powerful enough to do that, and secondly, he was chatting cordially with Elder Destiny just now and had absolutely no excuse to suddenly start a fight over his spirit treasure. Ji Hao wasn’t so shameless.

"Wait for an opportunity!" Helplessly, Ji Hao responded the mysterious man with these few words. The mysterious man remained silent, but Ji Hao clearly sensed that the mysterious man was now observing Elder Destiny through his eyes.

The compass rotated. Magically, all kinds of natural powers gathered over from all directions. At this moment, Elder Destiny seemed to become the owner of this world, and from high up in the sky, splendid streams of light poured down, lighting the entire space up.

Elder Destiny stood in the sky. Apparently, he was now the core of this world. He locked his fingers together and started incanting a spell in a low voice. Hundreds of thousands of white threads connected to his body vibrated intensively. The white mist gushing out from his body had been slowly dragging back. Meanwhile, faint wisps of white mist ceaselessly flew towards Elder Destiny.

"How dare you loot the fortune of our world…No matter who you are, today, I have to let you know that our world is not a place for you to do whatever you want!" growled Elder Destiny harshly. But Ji Hao somehow felt that Elder Destiny was talking to him.

Loot the fortune? This sounded a bit familiar.

Silently, Ji Hao released a dazzling golden light. Immemorial sun streamer, soul-shaking clocks, Heaven and Earth stamper and nine suns spear were all well prepared. In addition to that, he also had a few thunder bombs and powerful magic talismans held in his hands. If anything went wrong, Ji Hao would launch his move immediately.

Even though this might be completely unreasonable and he didn’t have any excuse to do so, he would still make a move without any hesitation. If he guessed right, the one who had been fighting against Elder Destiny was truly Shaosi, and if Shaosi fell into a disadvantage instead of gaining the upper hand of this fight, Ji Hao would launch fatal attacks with all of his power, and without any mercy.

This was not about right or wrong or justice… Shaosi was his fianceé while Elder Destiny…To be honest, why would Ji Hao care about his life at all?

"You are not one of our kind, and we do want different things. If you are killed by me later, don’t blame me for having no mercy." Ji Hao’s face was cold, and his eyes were shining brightly. He looked around and with a few quick and slight hand motions his, Yu Mu, Feng Xing and the few Candle Dragon Clan warriors were all prepared to launch heavy attacks.

A faintly sensible power vibration was released from Yu Mu’s body while Feng Xing had disappeared long ago. Although Taisi was silly and still confused, knowingly, he moved over to Ji Hao, hiding behind him and using him as a human shield.

Buzz! Those countless white threads reaching over from the sky vibrated, gathering towards a certain spot. After this, along with an ear-piercing swishing noise, these white threads quickly interwove into a thousands of meter tall, human-shaped silhouette.

This huge human-shaped silhouette was familiar to Ji Hao. It was devil god Si Ming, who had showed up once outside Yao Mountain City at a blood-offering ceremony, before Ji Hao and his friend left for Pan Xi world.

Si Ming, whose face was hazy and blur, cast a glance at Ji Hao, then silently raised both of his hands, with gray light spots sparkling on his fingertips. In the next moment, the gray light spots on his fingertips quietly combined into a thirty-meter in diameter, gray-colored sphere of thunderbolt.

Swoosh! A fresh gust of wind blew across while the gray sphere of thunderbolt dove down, letting out a strong power, and fiercely attacking towards the head of Elder Destiny. The power released from the gray sphere of thunderbolt contained all kinds of negative energies, including all kinds of misfortune, disasters, death powers and disease powers.

Ji Hao turned around and walked away without saying a word. Conveniently, he grabbed Taisi’s neck and carried him away at his highest speed.

Seeing Ji Hao flee away, Yu Mu and the others all turned around and rushed out as well.

Elder Destiny’s look changed slightly. Around him, a white glow emerged that shielded him behind it layer by layer, fending against the gray sphere of thunderbolt.

The gray sphere of thunderbolt bumped into the white glow, generating a slight, clear cracking noise. Following that, the highly condensed negative power burst out along with rumbling thunders and released a dense gray mist that enveloped the entire area with a radius of three to five hundred miles.

A weird series of roars came from the mist. The group of ancestor souls couldn’t react timely and were surrounded by the gray mist. The mist was so dense that no one could see what was happening inside it, but Ji Hao could hear the shrill howls let out by those ancestor souls.

"Such an evil magic!" shouted Elder Destiny angrily, "Where did you get so many negative powers?"

While shouting, Elder Destiny was coughing ceaselessly. Gradually, his coughing sounds became intermittent, as if he had a great amount of liquid spurting out of his mouth. Ji Hao could imagine that he was now vomiting blood.

From a great distance away, Shaosi and Man Man were standing on Mr. Crow’s back, surrounded by a few Zhu Rong Family divine Magi, flying over to Ji Hao.

Ji Hao laughed out loud, opened his arms and trod on a stream of golden light, flying towards them as well. While greeting Man Man and Shaosi, Ji Hao shouted, "Elder Destiny, they are my friends. This is just a misunderstanding. Let’s just shake hands and bury the hatchet!"

Elder Destiny didn’t give a response for a long while.


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