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The Magus Era - Chapter 624



A white cloud drifted in the air, hundreds of meter high from the ground.

Compared to before, back when they were facing only Ji Hao, Elder Destiny and the group of ancestor souls had now been suffering a much greater mental stress.

If Ji Hao were still alone, Elder Destiny would be confident of that he could easily suppress him. In coordination with Kong Wu You and other ancestor souls, Elder Destiny believed that they could even kill Ji Hao. Therefore, back then, Elder Destiny could still speak with fervor and assurance with Ji Hao and discuss some profound and mysterious topics with him.

Nevertheless, Ji Hao had met Taisi, Yu Mu, Feng Xing, Candle Dragon Yan, Candle Dragon Fire and a few Magus Kings under their commands. On Ji Hao’s side, the power was improved greatly and suddenly, which made Elder Destiny and those ancestor souls a bit anxious.

In the eyes of Elder Destiny, Yu Mu was clearly weak, even in comparison with local holy spirits. Therefore, Elder Destiny or any ancestor souls could easily crush him. However, inside Yu Mu’s body was a terrifying thing that seemed to be an especially powerful weapon. Elder Destiny only touched this thing slightly with his spirit power but immediately, all his fine hair stood straight up in shock and fright. This weapon was incomparably powerful, filled with a strangely fierce power of killing. If Elder Destiny was right, this weapon had devoured at least thousands of billions of living creatures.

Neither thousands nor billions… literally, thousands of billions of living creatures were devoured by this weapon.

Sensing the universe-destroying fierce sense of power releasing from Yu Mu’s body while looking at that chubby and honest face of Yu Mu, Elder Destiny really wanted to find some sharp or tough tools to change the shape of Yu Mu’s face. Yu Mu actually had such a terrifying weapon inside his body, but why the hell did he have such a frank and honest face?

Nevertheless, the weapon contained in Yu Mu’s body seemed to be in a deep sleep, and no direct threat was sensed from it by Elder Destiny.

What was more terrifying was the horrible being connected with Taisi. That mysterious being wasn’t alive, and neither was it dead. It seemed to be in this world, but also seemed not. That scary being was in an especially strange state, and ever since Elder Destiny met Taisi, that indescribable being had been fearlessly ‘staring’ at Elder Destiny.

Just like a poisonous snake staring at a chubby frog, this mysterious being had been looking at Elder Destiny from up to down all the time, seeming ready to swallow him up anytime.

This had thrown Elder Destiny in a bad fear, and he was even prepared to suppress Taisi’s power with his spirit holy weapon anytime. It was too terrifying, way too terrifying. Elder Destiny couldn’t tell exactly how powerful the mysterious being was, which was connected with Taisi. But it was for sure that the existence of this mysterious being was a great threat to Elder Destiny without a doubt.

Fortunately, the mysterious being hadn’t shown any sign of attacking for now. Therefore, Elder Destiny only needed to stay vigilant, in case it launched a sudden attack.

From afar, about a hundred miles away, Feng Xing was following this drifting white cloud closely. Feng Xing was the one who truly kept Elder Destiny and those ancestor souls on tenterhooks. The great powers possessed by Elder Destiny and those ancestor souls were well-prepared to burst while they were ready to take actions to fend against Feng Xing’s sneak attacks.

Feng Xing’s arrows were truly destructive. The few holy spirits who were shot by Feng Xing were nearly killed. Elder Destiny fed them with life-saving magic medicines, but it was still uncertain that if they could survive or not.

Feng Xing had a greatly powerful weapon with him. That weapon made the spirit holy weapons of Elder Destiny and all ancestor souls buzz ceaselessly to warn their owners of the danger. According to the grading system used in Pan Xi world, Feng Xing’s weapon was definitely as powerful as a top-grade holy weapon. Besides, Feng Xing’s weapon was also a massive slaughterer that had taken countless lives;it was truly a top-grade weapon of killing.

In addition to holding an especially powerful weapon, the sense of Feng Xing’s power had been coming from varied directions all this while. Sometimes left, sometimes right, the sense of Feng Xing’s power never kept coming from a certain direction for more than the span of three breaths.

Elder Destiny and those ancestor souls felt that Feng Xing was just like a flea, that he had been leaping all over the air and preparing to pull his longbow open and shoot them with his arrows anytime.

Taisi seemed to be confused badly. He didn’t show much intent of killing. Unlike Taisi, Feng Xing’s gaze was as sharp as sword edges, scanning across the vital body parts of Elder Destiny and those ancestor souls all the time. Even though Elder Destiny was a rather powerful being, he would still quiver in fear when Feng Xing swept across his vital body parts.

Feng Xing wasn’t powerful enough to frighten Elder Destiny, but the powerful weapon held in his hands was. And Feng Xing had a strong intent of killing. Therefore, he was capable of threatening the lives of Elder Destiny and those ancestor souls.

For the above reasons, Elder Destiny barely talked during the rest of their journey. Instead, he paid ninety-nine percent of his attention to Yu Mu, Feng Xing and Taisi.

Compared to these three freaks, Ji Hao himself and the two divine Magi sitting behind him seemed to be much less threatening.

Ji Hao discovered the awkward situation of Elder Destiny and those ancestor souls. While Ji Hao was silently surprised by Elder Destiny’s keen insight, he had also been laughing in his head. Yu Mu had the Disease God’s streamer while Taisi was a descendant of the netherworld-kind who could make contacts with countless ancient devil gods, and none of those devil gods was nice. As for Feng Xing, because of the longbow held in his hands, he had been hunted by the leaders of Yi Shen Clan and Ten Sun Country for so many years. Clearly, this longbow, which was the greatest treasure of Yi Shen Clan, was indeed a great piece.

With powerful weapons and unsettled minds, Feng Xing, Taisi and Yu Mu could burst with destructive powers anytime and start a massacre. This was the reason why Taisi, Yu Mu and Feng Xing made Elder Destiny feel so threatened.

Both Candle Dragon Yan and Candle Dragon Fire were rather powerful ones among divine Magi, but Elder Destiny hadn’t shown much of vigilance towards them. Clearly, Candle Dragon Yan and Candle Dragon Fire were relatively mature and steady-going, and they wouldn’t just kill people for no reason.

Ji Hao wasn’t kind enough to save Elder Destiny and those ancestor souls from this awkward situation. Instead, he lazily and proudly started bringing up all kinds of topics with Elder Destiny, trying his best to dig out as many secrets as possible from Elder Destiny’s mouth.

Elder Destiny’s face was badly darkened. As he had paid most of his attention to Yu Mu, Feng Xing and Taisi, some deep secrets that he couldn't let Ji Hao know were dug out from his mouth by Ji Hao one after another.

Sitting on the cloud and drifting for whole three days. Finally, the entrance of the Holy Land of Pan Xi world showed up in front of everyone. Suddenly, Elder Destiny tightened his body.

From the air, hundreds of thousands of white threads emerged abruptly, reaching towards Elder Destiny like a spider net. These white threads were glowing with a faint light. Slightly, these threads connected with Elder Destiny’s body and a huge stream of white mist began flowing out of Elder Destiny’s body ceaselessly.

Elder Destiny’s look suddenly changed as he growled hoarsely, "Who is it?! Who has the power to take my fortune right through the air? My fortune is connected with the fortune of the whole world. My fortune is the fortune of the world. Who can take my fortune?!"

Screaming for a few times, Elder Destiny quickly locked his fingers together and dragged backward. Instantly, the stream of white mist flew out from his body paused, then began slowly flowing back into his body.

But soon, those spider-net-like white thread shook intensively, then released a greater power.

Elder Destiny’s look changed again. He roared out in anger as an enormous compass emerged gradually behind him.

"Compass of destiny, break this!"


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