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The Magus Era - Chapter 62




Ji Hao cawed towards the sky. A sphere of fiery light darted out from his back, and quickly condensed into a pair of fiery wings, flapping behind his body;with his body wrapped in a faint light, Ji Hao transformed into a beam of flame, darted out of the jungle, flew across the river and the nearly a mile wide flat area in front of the village, and directly rushed into the village, leaving afterimages and waves of hot air behind.

The Blood Crocodile Clans's warrior with a pair of swords was a peak level Junior Magus;while he was waving his swords and roaring to the sky, a cloud of blood mist appeared behind his body, within which, an over a hundred feet long blood-crocodile was rolling.

Every time when the blood-crocodile rolled over in that blood mist cloud, the skin of this warrior would become translucent;with the help of |Gold Crow Magical pupils|, Ji Hao clearly saw the eight meridians inside his body, which were shining with a blood-red light;on those meridians, a few thumb-sized Magus Acupoints were shining brightly.

This guy is so close to the awakening his Magus Acupoints! thought Ji Hao.

’’But you won't get there in this life!’’ laughed Ji Hao loud out He flew crossing miles, appeared in front of the warrior, throwing a punch towards the face of that Blood Crocodile Clan's warrior.

The thing that the fiery wings brought Ji Hao, was amazing speed, which was so fast that ordinary people couldn't even catch Ji Hao with their eyes. The ancient Gold Fire Crows were able to travel from up the heaven to down in the underworld;the most powerful Gold Fire Crow could fly across a hundred-thousand miles within a single moment.

Though Ji Hao couldn't be mentioned in the same breath as the legendary creatures such as the ancient Gold Fire Crows, amongst ordinary Junior Magi, he was fast enough to make his enemies helpless - For example the Blood Crocodile clan's warrior in front of him, who was staring at the air blankly, didn't even saw Ji Hao's shadow. He waved his heavy swords madly and moved forward, purely relying on his good fighting instict.

’’Break!’’ shouted Ji Hao. He locked his fingers together, triggering 'Lin', 'Bing', 'Dou', 'Zhe'- four of the [Nine Secret Words] simultaneously;all of his internal power gathered together, like a powerful golden bead;he brought along the surrounding natural power, hitting forward dauntlessly.

All of Ji Hao's muscles were tightened and all of his bones were creaking, making sounds like a heavy, metal bell. A dragon roar came from Ji Hao's body;upon the multicoloured flame in his lower abdomen, the last bit of Ji Xiao's Senior Magus' blood was quickly consumed.

The Blood Crocodile clan's warrior with a pair of swords screamed out hopelessly.

He still couldn't see Ji Hao's figure, however, weirdly, he saw a fist.

That was a gigantic fist, which seemed to block the entire sight of the sky, and gathered the magnificent power of the heaven and the earth, emitting inexhaustible light and heat, pushing towards him like a shooting star. There was not enough time for him to raise his swords and hack the fist;he could only hold them high horizontally, attempting to hold the punch off.

The pair of heavy swords were eight-foot-long and one-foot-wide, forged by refined iron;three spell symbols were flashing on their surfaces. They were a pair of Magus tools. In the Southern Wasteland, every single Magus tool would be incomparably precious, only the most talented warriors of a clan were qualified to have their own Magus tools. Once those spell symbols were engraved on the surface of the magus tools, they would become tens or even hundreds of times harder and more powerful than they originally were.

Ji Hao stared at this warrior, and fixed his eyes in his heart.

Ji Hao didn't take the pair of sword seriously at all, his right fist directly hit on the crossing point of two swords, along with a slight hint of spirit power which tightly connected with nature.

The Blood Crocodile clan's warrior let out a howl;he finally saw Ji Hao's face, and he couldn't believe it!

’’Even my boy is a bit bigger than you!’’ shouted the blood Crocodile clan's warrior a moment before Ji Hao's fist landed on his swords.

The pair of heavy swords shook intensely. Ji Hao's fist was as heavy as a mountain, crashing down on the blood Crocodile clan's warrior;the arms of the warrior couldn't bear the horrible power of that punch, the bones of his arm broke inch by inch, while his muscles were shocked and tore apart from his arms by the great power, and were sent flying far away along with a swishing sound.

The fist of Ji Hao held against the sword, pressed hard on the blood Crocodile clan warrior's chest. The pair of heavy sword were bended by Ji Hao's power, the spell symbols on their surfaces flashed brightly for one last time, then dimmed down and disappeared. Followed by a cracking sound, countless cracks appeared on the swords, and metal fragments started jangling down.

The chest of the blood Crocodile clan's warrior was hollowed, blood continuously gushing out of his mouth along with pieces of his internal organs.

On his back, a fist-shaped hole appeared on the leather armour. Ji Hao's punch punctured his body and even opened up a tens of miles long ditch behind him. Seven to eight Blood Crocodile clan's warriors were standing near the ditch, all of them seemed frozen, and stared at Ji Hao with a strange look on their faces.

These were the Blood Crocodile clan's Junior Magi, they all had been shocked dead by the power of Ji Hao's punch, none of them survived.


The body of the Blood Crocodile clan's warrior with a pair of swords suddenly exploded into pieces, along with the crocodile-skin armour worn by him;the seven to eight warriors standing behind him also exploded one after another;blood splashed everywhere within the circumference of tens of miles.

Ji Hao did all these with only a single punch!

The Fire Crow Clan's warriors, who were fighting around, were all stunned;after the span of a few breaths, they suddenly raised their weapons and started shouting madly.

’’Hao! Hao! Hao!’’

The shouting sound even shook the earth. Ji Hao's extraordinary performance highly encouraged these warriors.

On the contrary, all of Blood Crocodile Clan and Ghost Frog Clan's warriors were screaming and fleeing, as if there were facing a god or devil.

Ji Hao's face was strangely young and tender, he was even a lot shorter than other Fire Crow Clan's warriors, judging from appearance, he should be a kid.

However, this young warrior killed the leader of the Blood Crocodile Clan's warriors with a single punch;and the same punch also killed seven to eight elite warriors of the Blood Crocodile Clan. This punch of Ji Hao completely shattered the last bit of courage tofight, whichhad remained in the enemies hearts;all of them dropped their weapons, fleeing madly backwards.

The Fire Leopard Clan village was in the perfect location;in front of the village, there was the river that Ji Hao and his troop had came across.

On the left side, right side and behind the village was a cliff covered with thorns, which meant that there was no way out.

Those remaining Blood Crocodile Clan and Ghost Frog Clan's warriors were fleeing in all directions like headless chickens for a while, then kneeled on the ground, and surrendered to the Fire Crow Clan's warriors.

Treeman walked over from the other side of the river with heavy steps, dropped some thick and strong vines;the Fire Crow warriors then tied those surrendered enemies up.

’’All of them are qualified to be mining slaves! Ha ha!’’ laughed Ji Hao. He was standing on the back of the fat bear and was looking at the captured ones, then shook his head and said, ’’this time, the Fire Leopard Clan lost quite a few clansmen, we have to share a part of these slaves with them.’’

The ancestors'banner on top of the cliff behind the village suddenly shook, tens of phantoms of Fire Leopards flashed into the banner one after another.

Tens of elder Magi and Maguspriests of the Fire Leopard Clan walked down from the trail with sadness-filled faces, towards Ji Hao.

Ji Hao's face became serious, he jumped down from the back of the fat bear, and walked towards those elders.

They saluted to each other;before they spoke a word, loud and sonorous sounds of horns came from the jungle far away with a loud shouting sound. About a quarter of an hour later, large groups of warriors gushed out of the jungle on the other side of the river.

Hundreds of gigantic riding birds rose into the air from the jungle, there were sturdy and muscular warriors on their backs who raised their banners that symbolized their own clans.

Tens of different sized banners were fluttering in the wind, warriors across the river burst a proud and mad laughter all together;the appearance of these banners meant that there were at least tens of clans with all of their forces gathered;at least a hundred-thousand warriors were gathered inside the jungle across the river.

Ji Hao remained silent for a while, turned around with an extremely embarrassed face, and let out a bitter smile to those Fire Leopards Clan elders and said, ’’I think we're...besieged here.’’


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