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The Magus Era - Chapter 59


Asking For Help

The Blood Fang's people had again showed up outside the Cold Stream Valley.

Not only Ji Xia, but also Ji Zhuo had burst into anger. He had taken his contracted Fire Crow and searched the surrounding jungle for days, however, he didn't find even a trace of the Blood Fang;therefore, Ji Zhuo could only proudly tell Ji Hao that the Blood Fang's people were frightened by his existence, and had already fled.

Ji Hao didn't think that it was this simple though;but he either could find any evidence revealing the schemes of the Blood Fang, or he could bury all the questions deep down his heart for now.

The next half month had been strangely quiet and peaceful, with nothing abnormal happening.

Ji Hao had started to practice regularly according to a schedule, just like in his old days in the Gold Black Mountain.

At dawn, before sunrise, Ji Hao would already get up, sit on the mountaintop with his legs crossed, and practice by purifying his Yuan Dan, while waiting for the first strands of the purest life force energy, which the forest only released at sunrise.

After finishing his morning practice, he would go hunting with Qing Ying and hundreds of clansmen, to supply food to the entire Cold Stream Valley.

Daily, Ji Hao would eat large amounts of beast's meat during lunch, and practice his physical strength in the afternoon. Within only half a month, Ji Hao had managed to completely stabilize his bloodline power, which had been fluctuating after he upgraded to the Junior level. Every day, large amounts of Senior Magus' blood was being transformed by the multicoloured flame and absorbed by Ji Hao's body. The Gold Fire Bloodline power of Ji Hao had been continuously and steadily improving, as well the power of his three special abilities.

During nighttime, Ji Hao would either learn drug-making skills from Qing Fu or practise fighting skills under Ji Zhuo and Ji Xia's tutelage.

Both Ji Zhuo and Ji Xia were exemplary great warriors of the Southern Wasteland;they did not have any specific fighting skill;every attack they launched, followed the instincts of their bodies, imitating the wild beasts living in the jungle. What they had been pursuing was to cast the fastest attack through the shortest route, killing their enemies as efficiently as possible.

Under Ji Zhuo and Ji Xia's strict training, Ji Hao gradually had surpassed the artistic, complicated and ingenious attacking skills inherited from his previous life, and became mature, fearless and decisive.

The fighting skills passed on from his previous life and the instinct of killing and fighting of his current life slowly merged together by the power of his soul, subliming into a special, powerful 'fighting skill' of Ji Hao. By practicing intensely during this half month - although Ji Hao's power level didn't improve much - his fighting and destructive power had improved by ten times.

At present, at dusk.

Ji Hao stood on the fence wall, provoking a silver double-headed snake with ring-shaped speckles covering its body.

The ten-foot-long poisonous snake moved as fast and light as a gust of wind;its body was wriggling quickly, and it seemed as if it would dart out any moment. However, Ji Hao had his eyes fixed on the snake, while he held an eight-foot long, thumb-thick branch, with which he lightly tapped and whipped on the snake. No matter how quickly the snake moved or how hard it tried to attack Ji Hao, it was madly struggling ten feet away from Ji Hao, but could not even move an inch towards Ji Hao.

A large group of Fire Crow Clan and Qing Yi Clan warriors had surrounded Ji Hao, while praising him loudly.

’’Hao is truly worthy to be the son of Brother Ji Xia and Sister Qing Fu, such a young Junior Magus! I doubt even the Bi Fang Clan has any kid as talented as him!’’

’’Aye, compared to Hao, I'm so ashamed. I'm ten years older than Hao, and still, only a level twelve Novice Magus!’’

’’Tell me about that! I could chop this 'double-headed black-ring viper' to death, but I do not dare;how does he dare to play with such a highly poisonous viper like this?!’’

Following their voices, on a high watch tower a hundred feet away from the crowd, a Qing Yi Clan warrior suddenly shouted out, leaned half of his body out of the tower and pointed his finger at the dense jungle below.

’’Oy! Over there! Something has happened! I saw blood glistening under the sunlight! Fresh human blood! Someone has been hurt over there!’’

Along with the rustling sound of branches and leaves, miles away in the jungle, a nest, full of sparrows, flew high into the sky in panic. All of the warriors on the fence wall shouted out;there had to be someone running and fighting in the jungle and scared those birds.

Ji Hao took a deep breath, suddenly thrust the branch forward. Followed by two popping sounds, both of the snake's head were smashed by the branch. Ji Hao then kicked the, still squirming, viper down the fence wall, leapt hundreds of feet high into the air, grabbed a fender pile of the watching power and swung into the tower.

’’Whoo~ho~~’’, the warrior in the watchtower let out a long and resonating shout.

In the Southern Wasteland, this kind of shouting sound means that this area was under the domination of a certain clan, telling the enemy to not come anywhere near;on another hand, the special rhythm of this kind of shouting sound could also lead the direction for their own clansmen and friends, guiding them to safety with the shouts.

The creaking sounds of branches kept coming from the jungle ceaselessly;after the time span of around tens of breaths, a man, covered in blood, staggered out of the jungle, while rushing towards the entrance of the Cold Stream Valley, leaving a trail of blood behind him.

The man had run less than a hundred feet away from the jungle, and was still over two miles away from the Cold Stream Valley. Ji Hao activated his golden Crow pupils and easily saw his face. The man's upper body laid bare, and a blood-red leopard totem was tattooed on his hairy chest.

It was a person from the Fire Leopard Clan. The Fire Leopard Clan was a middle-scale clan, under the protection of the Fire Crow Clan. Their territory was located in the northern side of the Fire Crow Clan's territory. The Fire Leopard Clan's clansmen were all brave and skillful fighters;they were very close to the Fire Crow Clan. For years, every time when the Fire Crow Clan fought against the Black Water Serpent Clan, the warriors of the Fire Leopard Clan always had been running in the front as the vanguards.

’’Is our brother from the Fire Leopard Clan!’’ shouted Ji Hao, he then leaned his upper body out of the tower and shouted to the warriors standing on the fence wall, ’’Go save him!’’


A couple of warriors let out great shouts and rode on their contracted beasts. They leapt down from the fence wall, and moved rapidly towards the injured Fire Leopard Clan's warrior at their highest speed.


A vicious laughter came from the dense jungle behind the Fire Leopard Clan's warrior. Followed by a swishing sound, two arrows darted out of the jungle, and approached the back of the Fire Leopard Clan warrior in the blink of an eye.

’’Do you even deserve to use bow and arrows in front of me? I, Qing Ying, am the most handsome archer of the Qing Yi Clan, and the youngest Senior Magus in the history!’’ Qing Ying's voice came from afar. Along with a sharp whistling sound, a phantom of an arrow flashed through the air, flying towards the back of the Fire Leopard Clan's warrior.

The cyan arrow detoured half-circle pathway, accurately hitting the two arrows coming from the jungle onto the ground.

The Fire Leopard Clan warrior stumbled, and fell hard on the ground;his head bounced on the ground, leaving a deep pit and rising a large cloud of dirt.

He raised his bearded face embarrassedly, and screamed with a hoarse voice, ’’Help us! Help our clan! The scumbags of the Blood Crocodile Clan and Ghost Frog Clan, were both attacking us together! Good God! A couple of days ago, the Gold Black Mountain transferred all our young and strong warriors away!’’

After hearing the cries of the man, the Fire Crow Clan's warriors all roared out in rage.


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