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The Magus Era - Chapter 518


Chapter 518: Intent of Dao

Translator: Law Editor: AntiGod

The fiery cloud swooshed across the air. Wherever it swept across, all wind and snow were dispelled.

The vehicle pulled by the twelve flood dragons was enormous inside. It was a great hall that could hold a party of thousands of people. Ji Hao sat straight on a large chair made of pure gold and was coiled around with raging flames, with the jade tablet that had Po's cultivation experiences written on it held in his hands. He was carefully reading the jade tablet.

Zhu Rong Long and the other seven Zhu Rong Country divine Magi, with tens of Zhu Rong Country Magus Kings, were standing straight in the hall. They couldn't help curiously look at the primordial spirit of Ji Hao, which seemed to be carved out of cyan-colored glaze and had been floating around his head, looking exactly same as Ji Hao.

These divine Magi and Magus Kings all had the bloodline of the God-kind and didn't have souls. Or in other words, for descendants of Gods like these Zhu Rong Country warriors, their souls were born fused with their body. Therefore, when their bodies were harmed, their souls would be wounded as well.

Humankind in these days hardly paid attention to the cultivation of souls. Human Senior Magi only relied on their tough bodies and nourishing their souls naturally with their thriving spirit blood, to allow their souls to grow along with their continuously improving physical bodies.

For the great Dao taught by Yu Yu, less emphasis was put on the cultivation of physical bodies and instead, the particular emphasis had been placed on the cultivation of primordial spirit and the senses joining with nature. To Zhu Rong Long and the other warriors, this primordial spirit Ji Hao released from his body was truly strange and magical.

Ji Hao intentionally released his primordial spirit from his body to let these proud divine Magi and Magus Kings witness his miraculous power.

The first Yu Yu's Qi of Dao had transformed into a stream of flowing light, rotating slowly around the primordial spirit. As Ji Hao had been slowly and carefully reading Po's cultivation experiences, he had gradually gained some understanding for himself, thus producing this stream of Yu Yu's Qi of Dao.

Yu Yu's Qi of Dao was the base of the great Dao;it was a straight path leading to the origin of the great Dao taught by Yu Yu.

However, by targeting the same Yu Yu's Qi of Dao, many of Yu Yu's disciples had attained different achievements. For example, Po's Yu Yu's Qi of Dao had countless magic formation patterns, magic talismans and magic spells contained in it. Therefore, Po was good at crafting magic tools. Not matter how rare and precious a material was, with a slight touch of Po's Yu Yu's Qi of Dao, countless magic formation patterns would be embossed on it, and the material would turn straight into a top-grade magic treasure.

Taking Gui Ling as another example, she was Yu Yu's disciple as well. But unlike Po, she had both pre-world and after-world water power contained in her Yu Yu's Qi of Dao, along with the moving tracks of all stars in the sky and the great ability possessed by herself as a spirit tortoise, which allowed her to predict all the fortune and misfortune in this world. Therefore, Gui Ling was good at all kinds of water-related magic;the thunderbolt cast by her with all kinds of water power could be considered as unique among Yu Yu's disciples. She was even better at sensing nature's mystery, predicting fortune and misfortune, and interacting with stars in the sky;no one could ever compare with him on these.

Then taking a look at Yu Yu himself, the basic of his great Dao was If the world could be represented by the number of fifty, forty-nine of the fifty would be occupied already, with one missed. The missed one could be considered as an opportunity. Yu Yu had intercepted this missed one and forcibly taken it to complete his great Dao and allow all fifty streams of Yu Yu's Qi of his to meet together, and thus, he finally attained a seed of Dao. Therefore, the origin of Yu Yu's Dao was in one word, 'interception.'He intercepted an opportunity from nature and made it his own. Therefore, Yu Yu's power of Dao was fiercely powerful and was nearly invincible. The power of a stream of Qi of Dao released by him could suppress the power of any pre-world or after-world treasure, and any defense would become like rotten wood in front of his Qi of Dao.

’’The seed of Dao, the seed of Dao...Brother Po has the gift of tool-crafting, sister Gui Ling has the gift of foreseeing, and Shifu has intercepted an opportunity from nature. My seed of Dao...what kind of power should I combine with my Yu Yu's Qi of Dao?’’

The water-like clear stream of Yu Yu's Qi of Dao rotated around Ji Hao's primordial spirit. This stream of Qi was the base of Ji Hao's very own great Dao. He had to combine the chosen kind of natural power or element with this stream of Yu Yu's Qi of Dao of his. Only after that could he be able to continue his cultivation upon this stream of Qi, and pursue the ultimate great Dao.

Currently, this stream of Qi was completely stainless. It was now the purest and most fontal being in this world. If Ji Hao made a wrong choice and combine this stream of Qi with the wrong element, the achievement he could make in the future would be certainly limited.

’’My origin is...’’ Ji Hao remained silent for a while, then abruptly pointed his finger in the air. Along with his move, a feather he took from one of the nine ancient Gold Crows flew out along with a golden-red stream of Gold Crow flame.

He was born in this world. His bloodline and his power, everything was related to the power of Gold Crow. Could the base of his great Dao continue in the power of Gold Crow? Gold Crow, one of the most powerful creatures back in the ancient times. If he could take the complete control of Gold Crow flame, that might be a broad path leading directly to the top for him.

Ji Hao reached his hand out and intended to merge the Gold Crow flame into his Yu Yu's Qi of Dao, but unexpectedly, the mysterious man who hadn't shown up for a rather long time suddenly condensed his figure from the mist in Ji Hao's spiritual space. With a deep and resonant voice, he growled, ’’What a silly little boy...How can the power of Gold Crow become the foundation of your Dao?’’

Ji Hao's hand quivered. He hurriedly put that Gold Crow feather back, closed his eyes and communicated with the mysterious man with full concentration, ’’Old guy, you tell me then, what is the foundation of my great Dao? Shifu taught me knowledge of magic formations, should I combine my Qi of Dao with countless magic formations?’’

This sounded like a good choice as well.

Combining the boundless knowledge of magic formation taught by Yu Yu with his Qi of Dao, and using magic formations as the foundation of his great Dao... after all, the world was a tremendous magic formation itself. This sounded just not wrong. Besides, if he truly combined his Qi with countless magic formations, his power would become terrifyingly great. All kinds of magical magic formations would surge out of his body with just a slight wave of his hand. By only thinking about a power like this, anyone's scalp might numb in fear.

’’Stupid!’’ roared the mysterious man mercilessly, ’’Great Dao, what is great Dao? The simplest, purest one is the best! Pure power, pure speed, pure light, pure darkness... these are the simplest, purest ones, and also the best ones!’’

’’You've already thought about using Gold Crow flame, but Gold Crow flame is not pure. The purest and most fontal flame in this world is right upon your head!’’ A prehistorical sense of power had been releasing from around the mysterious man's body as he yelled at Ji Hao with a rumbling voice, ’’Normally, you seem to be quite smart. Why are you so dumb today? Cultivate, cultivate... are you cultivating yourself into a fool?’’

Right upon the head?

Ji Hao wielded his arm, and suddenly, the ceiling turned transparent. He raised his head and looked at the sky. Beyond the thick layer of dark clouds, a dazzling sun was floating in there, giving out inexhaustible light and heat, shining on the entire world.

’’Sun...What is the sun? Pure, supreme, that is the sun!’’ Continued the mysterious man after a cold snort, ’’No rush, you ask Si Wen Ming about how to break into the level of Magus King. When you become a Magus King, you can take the chance and attain your seed of Dao.’’

Ji Hao looked at the sun upon his head silently. Was the mysterious man telling him to use the sun as the base of his Dao?

The silhouette of the mysterious man gradually dissipated in Ji Hao's spiritual space, only leaving a faint murmur behind, ’’That little guy will certainly tell you that if you promote yourself into a Magus King by using the essence fire of sun, you would never have the chance to become a divine Magus...Ignore him, just ignore him.’’

Ji Hao was totally confused. He gave a few shouts in his spiritual space, but the mysterious man never let out even the slightest sound.

'If you promote yourself into a Magus King by using the essence fire of the sun, you would never have the chance to become a divine Magus'? What did this even mean?

But soon, Ji Hao stopped struggling on his question. He released his spiritual power and momentarily scanned across the area with a radius of a thousand miles, then gave a faint and cold smile.

’’Did they truly come?’’


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