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The Magus Era - Chapter 517


Chapter 517: Pilgrimage

Translator: Law Editor: AntiGod

Among the humankind, there was a tradition that a small-scale meeting with the emperor would be held every five years, a large-scale meeting with the emperor would be held in every ten years, and a world-wide pilgrimage would be held every hundred years.

For the small-scale meeting with the emperor held every five years, all 'earls' and 'marquis' in Midland would have to go to Pu Ban City with offerings and meet the human emperor. For the large-scale meeting with the emperor held every ten years, all 'earls' and 'marquis' in Midland and the four wastelands would have to either come to Pu Ban City themselves or send emissaries to Pu Ban City to meet the human emperor.

As for the pilgrimage held every century, all 'earls' and 'marquis,'clan leaders and elders of all human clans that were powerful enough, would have to go to Pu Ban City by themselves. No matter where they were and what they had been doing at the time, they had to go to Pu Ban City and meet the human emperor in person.

Ji Hao had stayed in Yao Mountain area for a couple of years. Only building the city had cost him nearly three years, and after that, he spent a year on dealing with all kinds of domestic affairs. Now, it was just the time for a large-scale meeting with the emperor.

His territory was located in Midland, and therefore, he was different from those 'earls' and 'marquis' living in the four wastelands. They could still send emissaries to meet the human emperor, but he had to go to Pu Ban City and meet the human emperor himself.

In Earl Yao's mansion, an enormous vehicle cast from the mix of flame divine iron and dragon bones and scales was floating in midair and shining with a dazzling fiery light. The twelve fire flood dragons which would be pulling the vehicles had their entire bodies wrapped in fiery light and had been impatiently spurting huge spheres of fire from their mouths.

The vehicle was wrapped in a fiery cloud. Controlled by the divine power of the few Zhu Rong Country divine Magi, the fiery cloud extended to around ten miles and upon which were a series of specially-crafted floating large vehicles lined up orderly. A red defensive flame had all vehicles enveloped firmly. Through the translucent layer of flame, one could see brightly shining armors and weapons and countless pieces of pure gold and jade piled up orderly in those vehicles.

Ji Hao had set a dojo in Yao Mountain. In his dojo, departments under his direct lead were the department of magic formations, department of magic talismans and department of Dan. Apart from these three departments, he let Po's disciple, Luo Shan, lead the branch department of magic tools.

The magic tool crafting techniques taught by Po were especially igneous. Compared to tools and weapons crafted by the Magi Palace with the traditional magic-tool crafting techniques, the pieces crafted with Po's techniques were much more powerful. Within these short couple of years, the dojo in Yao Mountain could already have large volume production of high-quality weapons and armors. This time, Ji Hao prepared to bring these armors and weapons produced in his dojo to Emperor Shun as offerings.

When Ji Hao and Ji Tian walked up to the fiery cloud, Man Man was already sitting on the back of a flood dragon with her pair of hammers placed on the flood dragon's horns. Seeing Ji Hao, Man Man grinningly waved her hands to him while saying, ’’Ji Hao, come onboard. Let's go to Pu Ban and have some fun!’’

Ji Hao smiled and nodded to Man Man, then took out the magic wand and tablet which were used to control the heaven and earth great formation and twelve-star space-twisting formation and seriously handed it to Shaosi, who was standing beside him.

’’I'm going to Pu Ban City to meet the human emperor. Things at home will be left to you...Be careful and cautious. Before I came back, you and Taisi shouldn't take a single step out of my mansion, and tell Candle Dragon Yan and his brothers to stick with you at all times.’’

Shaosi smilingly took over the magic wand and tablet, then straightened Ji Hao's collar with natural movements and put two wisps of loosened hair behind his ear. After this, she said in a gentle voice, ’’As long as I am here, you don't need to worry.’’

Ji Hao nodded and looked around. Next, eight of his disciples cupped their hands and bowed to Ji Hao together. Then, each put an exquisite mask on their faces. Immediately after that, their body shapes and the sense of power released from their bodies all changed. In the blink of an eye, the eight disciples transformed into the eight divine Magi sent over to Yao Mountain by Zhu Rong.

’’Lord, we are going on patrol!’’ The eight divine Magi transformed from Ji Hao's eight disciples said in strong and loud voices, after which, they led an elite batch of warriors and walked out of Earl Yao's mansion with big steps.

Ji Hao then glanced at Candle Dragon Yan and the other three Candle Dragon Clan divine Magi. The four divine Magi nodded, then walked onto the fence wall of Earl Yao's mansion with big and rumbling steps with a group of elite warriors, and began patrolling around the mansion round by round.

If anyone had been paying attention to things happening around Earl Yao's Mansion, he or she would only find that all twelve divine Magi Ji Hao had under his command stayed in Yao Mountain City, and none of them headed to Pu Ban City with Ji Hao, to meet with the human emperor.

’’I'm leaving as well.’’ Ji Hao's body flashed across the air as he hopped onto the fiery cloud. Ji Tian, Ji Di and the other close guards of his hurriedly followed Ji Hao, hopping onto the fiery cloud. After this, the eight divine Magi sent over by Zhu Rong cupped their hands and bowed to Shaosi, then walked into the biggest vehicle and disappeared.

’’Eh? Do we need to be so careful?’’ Man Man confusingly looked at Shaosi and asked, ’’Who dares to bring us troubles?’’

Shaosi walked up to Man Man, clasped Man Man's little hand and said while a frosty beam of light flashed across her eyes, ’’We should always be careful. After all, we have many, many enemies. Man Man, in Pu Ban City, you have to always follow Ji Hao closely. Don't leave him alone and let him be in places that he shouldn't be in.’’

The corner of Ji Hao's mouth twitched and the muscles in his face twisted.

Man Man seemed to understand seventy to eighty percent of Shaosi's words, but still, she looked at Shaosi in slight confusion, seriously nodded and said, ’’Hm, I won't let any other woman approach him. Haha, no one can snatch Ji Hao away!’’

Ji Hao couldn't bear listening to them anymore. Man Man and Shaosi discussing these kinds of things in front of all those people, how was he supposed to lead his warriors like this? Coughing embarrassedly a few times, Ji Hao yelled at Tie Lang, who was in charge of driving the vehicle, ’’Tie Lang, let's go! To Pu Ban City!’’

Tie Lang, who had already become the leader of Ji Hao's close guards, happily gave a resonant growl. He grabbed an iron stick and violently knocked on a flood dragon's head. Immediately after that, the twelve flood dragon let out roaring streams of flames from their mouths and rose directly into the air, pulling the vehicles up to the sky within the blink of an eye.

As the vehicle that was pulled by those flood dragons moved, the enormous fiery cloud flowing behind it moved as well.

Three thousand elite Zhu Rong Country warriors and thirty-thousand dark-kind warriors under Zhamu's command were standing on the fiery cloud in straight lines. Their chests were puffed out and heads held high while guarding those large vehicles. These warriors were brought into the air by the fiery cloud as well.

The fiery cloud hovered around Yao Mountain for three times. Standing on the vehicle, Ji Hao waved his hand towards Shaosi, Taisi, Feng Xing and Yu Mu, who were standing in Earl Yao's mansion. The twelve flood dragons simultaneously let out a shrill roar, and along with that, the moving speed of the vehicles rose sharply. A series of fiery clouds tore the dense mist in the air open and brought up a hundred mile long fiery light, swiftly flying towards Pu Ban city.

Ji Hao stood on the vehicle, turned around and shouted to his warriors, especially those dark-kind warriors under Zhamu's command, ’’This is the very first time for people from our Earl Yao's territory to meet the human emperor. In Pu Ban City, you shall all follow the rule strictly, and no trouble can be made!’’

The two divine Magi who were leading the three-thousand Zhu Rong Country warriors, Zhamu and the warrior commanders under his lead, all responded with a great growl.

Ji Hao nodded and continued in a deep voice, ’’However if anyone offends can just beat them up without any worries. For normal hostile challenges, you can break the trouble makers' limbs, and if they ever dare to push it further, it wouldn't matter even if you had them beaten to death. I would find someone to hold the scales even for you!’’

Ji Hao's body was wrapped in a raging fire, and under his smooth, red-jade-like skin, countless tiny light spots had been sparkling.

Since all of his meridians were activated and all Magus Acupoints were awakened, Ji Hao was also going to ask Si Wen Ming and Si Xi about promoting himself to Magus King from a Senior Magi, and how to find that so-called spirit star of his.

Ji Hao had already made a certain achievement on the cultivation of his primordial spirit. At present, he just couldn't wait to become a Magus King and attain greater powers.


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