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The Magus Era - Chapter 516


Chapter 516: The Grades of Dao

Translator: Law Editor: AntiGod

When Ji Xia defeated tens of Southern Wasteland Market divine Magi with hundreds of thousands of Fire Crows, Ji Hao was sitting on top of Yao Mountain.

Then nine Gold Crows floated in the sky. The twelve-star space twisting magic formation restrained the dazzling golden light released from the nine Gold Crows, and transformed it into nine bowl-thick streams of light, pouring into Ji Hao's body through the top of his head

Under the effect of the twelve-star space twisting magic formation which was given by Yu Yu himself, the star power purified by the Heaven and Earth great formation had also transformed into a seven-colored stream of light. It was so dense that it even seemed to be touchable, pouring down from the sky and surging into Ji Hao's primordial spirit.

Under Yao Mountain, countless enormous earth meridians had been surging like raging dragons. Extremely dense streams of natural power surged up through the body of Yao Mountain, which had already been cast into a unity by starry divine iron. It transformed into a gigantic lotus that firmly wrapped up Ji Hao's body and his primordial spirit, which was floating upon his head.

Floating in front of Ji Hao were the three scriptures given by Yu Yu. At this moment, Ji Hao had been carefully reading these three scriptures of Yu Yu's Daoist system, from the most basic part, word by word. In his primordial spirit, the fist-sized jade tablet that Po gave him before leaving had been shining with a cyan-colored light. Recorded on this jade tablet was the summary of all of Po's experiences, which were attained through his cultivation of the great Dao.

Somehow, the power of faith coming from Yao Mountain people had been ceaselessly gathering into Ji Hao's primordial spirit, even when he was asleep.

With the help of the faith power that came from over ten million people living in his territory, Ji Hao felt that he could now think over a thousand times faster than before, and his comprehension ability had risen by over a thousand times as well. Before, he felt those extremely profound words and terms in the three Daoist scriptures were extraordinarily hard to understand. But today, he could read through ten lines at one glance and with a little thinking and could figure out the specific meaning of every term regarding the great Dao.

Meanwhile, the cultivating experiences of Po written on the jade talisman had also been continuously seeping into Ji Hao's primordial spirit like drops of spring, infiltrating Ji Hao's primordial spirit and making it glow with a cyan-colored light, looking like a human-shaped statue carved out of colored glaze.

After a long time of study of the great Dao taught by Yu Yu, Ji Hao finally, roughly matched the stages of cultivation of the non-humakind with the power level division of the humankind, in his head.

With Yu Yu's help, Ji Hao killed countless non-humankind beings and gained a reward from nature. With that, he directly condensed his spiritual power and soul power into a primordial spirit and enabled his primordial spirit to leave his physical body and wander around. The power of primordial spirit and the strength of physical body were two totally different terms. But still, the power that could be released by Ji Hao's primordial spirit after it left his physical body was already great enough to kill a human Magus King.

And human Magus Kings roughly equaled shell-breaking stage non-humankind beings.

In other words, other than the power level Ji Hao had reached currently through years of severe cultivation since he was a child, the actual power possessed by his primordial spirit equaled the average power of human Magus Kings and shell-breaking stage non-humankind beings.

However, Ji Hao was different from the other ordinary Daoist cultivators. Cultivators like Po and the other brothers and sister had all been paying more attention to primordial spirits than physical bodies, while Ji Hao had been cultivating both his primordial spirit and physical body at the same time. He had activated all 129600 meridians of his, and at the current stage, his body condition was no worse than ordinary Magus Kings. Therefore, his comprehension power was way greater than same level human Magus Kings and shell-breaking stage non-humankind beings.

'Those disciples in my dojo can absorb natural powers to nourish their souls. This is just like a hen brooding her eggs, all fundamental work. When they raise their primordial spirits and enabled their primordial spirits to leave their physical bodies, that's just like baby chickens breaking out from eggs, which is shell-breaking. This is the same as the non-humankind and humankind's power systems.'

Ji Hao silently pondered. Using a roll of softened dragon skin as the paper and hundred years old cinnabar powder mixed with fresh flood dragon blood as the ink, Ji Hao wrote these thoughts of his down one after another.

'After the primordial spirit, a seed of Dao would be generated;this equaled the 'stage of emptiness' of the non-humankind, and also can be compared to the humankind's power level of divine Magus. Nevertheless, neither can non-humankind beings at the stage of emptiness nor human divine Magi compare with cultivators who had seeds of Dao, as the power of cultivators at this grade could be unpredictably magical.'

'Generate a seed of Dao, then grow a rudiment of Dao. After the rudiment of Dao is shaped, the cultivator will be stepping into a new stage;this stage equals the non-humankind's stage of sun and moon and the humankind's level of peak-level divine Magi. Cultivators at this grade can be boundlessly powerful.'

'The rudiment of Dao continues to grow and transform into the final shape of Dao. After the Dao is finally shaped, the cultivator will reach another grade that equals the non-humankind's stage of infinity and the humankind's level of Supreme Magus. Cultivators at this grade can be nearly indestructible.'

'After the Dao is shaped, the primordial spirit can merge with nature. After that, a fruit of Dao can be achieved in whole. Upon attaining the fruit of Dao, a cultivator can be considered as an immortal being. As long as the world he or she lives in remains existing, this cultivator can live up to eternity.'

Ji Hao worked hard on studying the three scriptures, in coordination with the article given by Yu Yu, regarding the basics of primordial spirit and great Dao. At last, he read out the interpretation of the last grade of cultivation, ’’Fruit of Dao... fruit of Dao. That is the final outcome of the great Dao. What will be contained in the fruit of Dao is beyond mysteriousness and profoundness. Even cultivators who have attained the fruits of Dao can be significantly different in terms of power.’’

’’Not only at the grade of fruit of Dao, the grade of primordial spirit, seed of Dao, rudiment of Dao, shape of Dao... the higher the grade goes, the greater the power differences will become. At higher grades, even a slight little bit of improvement can make a heaven-great difference. Shifu has already attained the fruit of Dao, while Po might already have one of his feet stepped into that grade.’’

’’But the fruit of Dao, the fruit of Dao... even after attaining the fruit of Dao, a cultivator would have to share life and death with a world. If the world is destroyed, the cultivator might fall.’’

’’Beyond the fruit of Dao, there should be other possibilities... there should be 'detachment.'Just like legendarily enormous fish named 'Kun' transforming into a giant roc and flying straight into the sky, breaking all obstacles and cutting off all tangles, eventually attaining pure freedom...This should be the ultimate goal of the great Dao.’’

Ji Hao's body slightly quivered while an overwhelmingly great amount of star power and natural power ceaselessly flushed his body and nourished his primordial spirit. New Magus Acupoints had been waking up inside his body one after another;the golden-red light released from the nine Gold Crows expanded his Magus Acupoints and strengthened his body. After merely a whole night of cultivation, the last thousands of new Magus Acupoints had been awakened.

With the help of the tremendous power of the Heaven and Earth great formation, all Magus Acupoints in Ji Hao's all 129600 meridians had all been awakened. The millions of Magus Acupoints glowed dazzlingly under his skin, in his muscles and internal organs, looking like countless stars shining in the dark sky. Ji Hao's entire body was now shining with a bright red light, and faintly, a magical aroma spread out from his body.

’’This is the true peak level Senior Magi!’’ Ji Hao slightly shook his body and instantly after that, a tremendously great stream of power rose directly from around his body. Even the air vibrated violently.

’’This is the true peak level Senior Magi!’’ Ji Hao stood up, feeling that his spirit blood was surging inside his body like flying dragons while more spirit blood was being produced by his internal organs and transformed into five-colored power streams, surging directly towards his primordial spirit. Inside his primordial spirit, cyan colored light streams coiled around each other while the star power and natural power mixed together, liquefying into large amounts of purple liquid and bumping around inside his primordial spirit.

Terms mentioned in the three scriptures given by Yu Yu sparkled in Ji Hao's mind. Ji Hao silently took out a bottle of golden pills that was given by Po, then pointed his finger at the bottle. Golden pills contained in the bottle instantly transformed into bright golden light and merged with the primordial spirit. After that, Ji Hao's primordial spirit suddenly turned much clearer than before and soon, his primordial spirit seemed no different from his physical body at all.

As Ji Hao looked back at what he learned today regarding the great Dao, an especially mysterious sense of power was released quickly from his primordial spirit.

Numerous cyan light spots gathered together like drops of liquid silver. All of a sudden, a fresh air stream ejected out for hundreds of miles far, after which, a cyan-colored lotus gradually bloomed in Ji Hao's primordial spirit. Next, the cyan lotus transformed into liquid, and transformed into an incomparably clear cyan-colored light, drifting around his primordial spirit.

After the grade of primordial spirit was the grade of the seed of Dao. For stepping into this grade, fifty streams of Yu Yu's Qi of Dao were required. Ji Hao cultivated himself severely and finally generated the first stream of Yu Yu's Qi of Dao. After this, the power of Dao possessed by him was improved immediately by a couple of times.

Ji Hao then took out a piece of starry divine iron, which was left by Kua E and his brothers. This was the hardest material Ji Hao could find.

Wielding his hand, he released a beam of Yu Yu's divine light. Normally, Yu Yu's divine light cast by Ji Hao was thin and faint, but today, after Ji Hao generated the first stream of Yu Yu's Qi of Dao, the divine light had become thick and solid. The cyan-colored divine light wrapped the starry divine iron piece up and slightly squeezed. A creaking noise could be heard continuously. The terrifyingly tough starry divine iron was actually crushed into powder by the divine light.

’’Great!’’ Ji Hao was honestly pleased, and couldn't help but yell out in praise for the soaring improvement he gained tonight in both his power of Dao and his physical strength.

Silently, Ji Tian dashed up to Yao Mountain and politely bowed to Ji Hao.

’’Shifu, everything is ready.’’


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