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The Magus Era - Chapter 515


Chapter 515: Crow Attack

Translator: Law Editor: AntiGod

The Senior Magus from Bi Fang Clan was sent flying away by Ji Xia's spear. Immediately after that, nearly a thousand Bi Fang Clan elite warriors standing around him growled out furiously. Raging fires swooshed up from their bodies while strings of bows and crossbows held in their hands buzzed loudly. Hundreds of arrows zipped out towards Ji Xia's vital body parts.

Some other Bi Fang Clan warriors wielded the broad blades, large spears, and axes held in their hands and fiercely hacked towards him. Hundreds of cold dazzling sharp weapons swished over simultaneously, intending to chop Ji Xia into pieces.

Despite Ji Xia having already shown his divine Magus power, these Bi Fang Clan warriors still doggedly believed that Ji Xia was no one but the clan leader of a small 'Fire Crow Clan.'How could he possibly become a divine Magus within such a short span of time? All this while, they forgot that he could easily punch the most powerful one among all these Bi Fang Clan warriors away without even batting an eye.

divine Magus, how could a small clan, which had been declining for thousands of years and could only depend on Bi Fang Clan to survive, have a divine Magus emerge from it?

Looking at the twisted faces of these Bi Fang Clan Senior Magi, a fierce will of fighting surged right up into Ji Xia's head. He raised his head and roared towards the sky while violently wielding the long spear in his hand horizontally.

’’Fight!’’ An arc-shaped stream of flame light swept across the space. Within that dreadful flame, hundreds of arrows and over a hundred heavy weapons melted together.

Over a hundred Bi Fang Clan Senior Magi stepped quickly back while vomiting blood. Those weapons held in their hands were all inherited treasures belonging to their families. Year after year, they nourished those weapons with their own spirit blood and those weapons had already become parts of their bodies long ago. Ji Xia violently destroyed those weapons, and by doing this, he not only severely injured these warriors' bodies, but also made them nearly cry out in sadness.

To Southern Wasteland clans, crafting a magic treasure was never easy. A magic treasure always needed to be continuously nourished by the spirit blood of generations of clansmen. Only then it would become a powerful weapon that had inherited bloodline power contained in it. With a single move, Ji Xia destroyed the hard work of generations of Bi Fang Clan people who came from over a hundred families.

’’Fight him to death!’’ These Bi Fang Clan warriors burst in rage, all rushing towards Ji Xia fearlessly.

’’Take them out!’’ The group of Gold Crow Clan Magus Kings standing behind Ji Xia rushed up against these Bi Fang Clan warriors while roaring rumblingly. In the past thousands of years, Bi Fang Clan hardly stopped bullying Gold Crow Clan. Especially in a couple of years ago, Jiang Bo and his daughter attempted to seize the controlling power of Gold Crow Clan. This made many Gold Crow Clan people see Bi the Fang Clan as their enemy.

At present, Gold Crow Clan's power had been improving dramatically. Therefore, when facing Bi Fang Clan warriors once again, these Gold Crow Clan Magus Kings only wanted to kick their a*ses!

Without using any weapon and merely with punches and kicks, hundreds of Bi Fang Clan Senior Magi were knocked on the ground with broken bones, lying on the ground while twitching intensively and howling loudly, unable to struggle back up. After all, the power difference between Magus Kings and Senior Magi as way too huge.

’’Fire Crow Clan? What is that?’’ The elderly divine Magi who had been talking to Ji Xia growled out in rage. Ji Xia sent that Bi Fang Clan Senior Magi flying away and then the group of Gold Crow Clan warriors put all those Bi Fang Clan warriors down in a flash. All of this happened so fast that the fight was already over when the others tried to stop them.

’’Teach these reckless young men a good lesson!’’ shouted the elderly divine Magus in anger. Meanwhile, this elderly divine Magus and other tens of divine Magi along with over ten Magus Kings launched their moves together. Scorching-red fiery light transformed into silhouettes of dragons, phoenixes, flood dragons and other magical creatures, roaring towards Ji Xia and his warriors in a formidable array. Ji Xia himself was attacked by eight divine Magi together.

The defensive magic formation of Southern Wasteland Market began running at full power. The surrounding area was instantly suffused by a raging flame. All shop managers and salesmen in this area had run away without leaving a trace. The area with a radius of five miles was sealed by the magic formation, and even divine Magi couldn't possibly cause a large-scale damage in this area now.

Without too many concerns, the elderly divine Magus and the other divine Magi and Magus Kings launched their attacks with all their powers, single-mindedly thinking about capturing Ji Xia and his warriors alive and punishing them gravely.

If Ji Xia and his warriors were divine Magi that came from top-grade clans, the elderly divine Magus and his people would still be hesitating more or less, and wouldn't dare to hurt them too much. But in fact, Ji Xia came from a weak and small clan. In this case, he should not blame these Southern Wasteland Market people for beating him too hard.

The eight divine Magi combined their powers. They moved so fast that could even appear and disappear at the same moment like ghosts. All of a sudden, hundreds of thousands of heavy punches were thrown out towards Ji Xia.

With quite a difficulty, Ji Xia fended against the attacks launched by eight divine Magi. He had a great power and the with eighteen spirit stars, he was much more powerful than the elderly divine Magus, who was the most powerful man among all people on the scene. But obviously, he hadn't yet learned to smoothly control his divine Magus power, and because of this, he exposed many weaknesses when launching attacks.

Within a single second, Ji Xia has suffered tens of thousands of heavy strikes. The dragonskin armor worn by him released a bright fiery light. The fiery light condensed on his body bit by bit into seemingly touchable, glowing-red dragon scales. This dragon skin armor had an amazing defensive power, and at least seventy percent of the powers released by the eight divine Magi was absorbed by the armor, and only around thirty percent managed to strike into Ji Xia's body. But still, Ji Xia suffered tens of thousands of fierce strikes launched by eight divine Magi with eighty percent of their powers. Because of the fierce wave of strikes, Ji Xia couldn't stop his body from quivering while faint bone-cracking noises ceaselessly came from his joints. Meanwhile, he opened his mouth and let out big mouthfuls of blood.

Ji Xia was the most powerful one among this group of Gold Crow warriors. He could still withstand the attacks launched by these Southern Wasteland Market divine Magi, but the eighteen divine Magi and nearly a hundred Magus Kings brought over by him were far less powerful than him. Facing these Southern Wasteland Market divine Magi and Magus Kings who had stayed at their current levels for many years, both their attacks and defenses were filled with weaknesses. Consequently, within the time span of a few breaths, some of them were knocked down by their opponents.

’’Tie them all up. If they dare to fight back, behead a half of them as a warning to the others!’’ The elderly divine Magus yelled loudly in an extreme excitement;his long beard even fluttering in the air.

The group of Southern Wasteland divine Magi laughed out loud. Next, they each took out a speciously crafted chain that was specially designed to lock divine-Magus-level powerful beings and intended to lock these Gold Crow Clan warriors up.

After being locked up, the life and death of these Gold Crow Clan warriors would no longer in their own control.

’’You have pushed this too far!’’ Ji Xia gave a long and resonant roar. The experiences he gained through countless life-risking fights that happened in Southern Wasteland jungle told him that he could never, ever put his life in the hands of the others. He wielded his hands and immediately after that, a raging fire rose along with a roaring wind. At the same time, a golden-red large flag appeared in his hand.

From this large flag, the raging fire rose while a dense black smoke coiled around the flag. Faintly, countless hazy Fire Crow silhouettes could be seen sparkling in the flag.

Abruptly, an earth-shaking wave of caws swept across the entire space. A stream of black smoke puffed out of the flag, along with which, hundreds of millions of Fire Crows roared out with bodies wrapped in fires, suffusing the entire Southern Wasteland Market like a world-ending flood.

Rampant attacks launching by countless Fire Crow started landing on the bodies of the elderly divine Magus and the other divine Magi, those Magus Kings and Senior Magi. These Fire Crows had different body shapes, some of them had three legs while the others had two. Their entire bodies were wrapped in different-colored magical fires. Large Fire Crows had the wingspan of five-hundred meters, while the small ones were only about the size of a fly.

Countless Fire Crows circled these Southern Wasteland Market warriors up and crazily scratched them with sharp claws and pecked them with beaks. Additionally, these Fire Crows ceaselessly let out flames and dense smokes from their beaks, burning the faces of those Southern Wasteland Market warriors. Even the elderly divine Magi failed to react timely and had had his pair of eyeballs dug out by a Fire Crow.

Instantly, the Southern Wasteland Market fell into chaos. Countless divine Magi and Magus Kings had their bodies covered in wounds. Some divine-Magus-level powerful men were even crushed by countless Fire Crows within the short span of a few breaths. Some of their bones were broken as if they were crushed by a mountain, and they could only lie on the ground with their faces completely out of shape, struggling and howling hoarsely.

Wherever those Fire Crows swept across, raging fire and dense smoke would swoosh up into the sky and soon, the entire Southern Wasteland Market was thrown into shambles.

Amidst this chaos, a crack appeared in the defensive magic formation of Southern Wasteland Market without anyone noticing it. Ji Xia gave a shrill whistle, and following that, he and the group of Gold Crow Clan warriors dashed out, leaped up and ran away with a few rises and falls, without leaving any trace.


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