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The Magus Era - Chapter 514


Chapter 514: Raging Crows

Translator: Law Editor: AntiGod

Southern Wasteland Market was built by numerous large-scale clans joint handedly. It was also one of the few headquarters set in Pu Ban city by Southern Wasteland clans. Therefore, large numbers of elite warriors from different clans were stationed in this market all year round, while more powerful warriors from many clans frequently came and went.

Gold Crow Clan was a relatively weak clan for thousands of years. It had been a rather long period of time since Gold Crow Clan had any connection with Midland world. Neither did Ji Xia nor his warriors have any idea about how powerful the Southern Wasteland Market's defense exactly was. Only until heavy footsteps started coming from all directions did Ji Xia's look slightly changed.

When the sounds of warning horn rang, a dim red light covered the sky up, enveloping the entire Southern Wasteland Market. The faint red light had countless enormous spell symbols sparkling in it. Meanwhile, an overwhelming pressure descended from the air, landing on everyone's body and seeming to even disable everyone from breathing.

The most powerful defensive magic formation of Southern Wasteland Market was activated. This magic formation was constructed especially for this market by the twelve elders from the Magi Palace's outer palace who mastered magic formations the most. The cost of this great magic formation was raised by all stores in this market. This defensive magic formation was a super powerful one, powerful enough to fend against the attack launched by a hundred divine Magi together.

By now, all natural powers in Southern Wasteland Market was drained suddenly, and this market was isolated from the outside world. Additionally, a great sealing power covered this entire space up that, no matter Magus Kings of divine Magi, none of them could fly in this area anymore. Instead, they had to walk and fight like ordinary people.

A transparent layer of fiery light shone on the walls of each store. Every one of these stores was now strengthened by the great magic formation and thus, no harm could be caused anymore by any ordinary-level fight that might happen in this market.

More impressively, those warriors who had been circling Ji Xia and his warriors up had all been strengthened by the great defensive formation as well. Their armors were wrapped up by a fiery layer of light. Their defensive power grew stronger, their physical strength grew greater, and on an average, the amount of internal power contained in their bodies had been raised by over fifty percent.

Deep spell-incanting sounds came from every direction. Before those armored warriors showed up, thousands of Maguspriests hiding in those shops had already begun incanting spells as fast as possible. By doing that, they cast a wave of curse attack to Ji Xia and his people.

Waves of curse power surged over from long distances away. Behind Ji Xia's body, the starry light shone dazzlingly;the scorching red starry light could burn anything in this world and soon, those invisible curse power were completely dispelled by it. Loud howls and shrill screams came ceaselessly from surrounding areas. Obviously, those Maguspriests who had just launched curse attacks were all injured severely by the counterforce of their own curses.

On the broad street, large groups of heavily armored warriors finally showed up.

These elite warriors that came from large Southern Wasteland clans formed a battle formation that was used to fight against the non-humankind. In the frontal line, they straightened up thick, wall-like shields, and in the middle of the formation were warriors with long spears, large axes and broad blades, who were good at close combats. On the backside of the formation were a great number of archers, who were holding large bows and crossbows and sharp arrows.

Southern Wasteland warriors were not as good at archery as those Eastern Wasteland archers. But on battlefields, a large-scale, overwhelming wave of arrow attack could be great enough to offset the disadvantages of skills. Physically, Southern Wasteland warriors were much more powerful than Eastern Wasteland warriors, because of which, they could pull larger and heavier bows open. Therefore, based on the large number of warriors, a battle formation formed by Southern Wasteland archers could be as lethal and dreadful as a group of Eastern Wasteland archers.

Ear-piercing swishing noise came, along with which, tens of sturdy men whose bodies were also wrapped in raging fires leaped high and moved over.

The entire Southern Wasteland Market was sealed by the power of magic formation, even the most powerful divine Magi couldn't fly in this market now. Among these tens of men, a big half of them were divine Magi, yet they could only leap instead of fly. They had to be extra careful to avoid bumping into the other warriors and buildings, as not many buildings and warriors could survive a slight bump against them.

Tens of divine Magi and over ten Magus Kings, who were quite confident about themselves, rushed up and encircled Ji Xia and the group of Gold Crow Clan warriors.

An elderly divine Magus, who had pure white hair and a dreadful great heat released from his body, glared at Ji Xia, pointed at him and growled, ’’Release that boy now! Where did you come from? How can you handle things so violently? This is Southern Wasteland Market, is this a place for you to show your power and bravery? Who is your Abba?’’

Ji Xia was at such a 'young' age, but he already had eighteen spirit stars gathered inside his body. Those spirit stars of Ji Xia all had an immense shape and multiple angles, with an especially strong, ancient, prehistorical and stately sense of power released from them. It was obvious that Ji Xia's spirit stars were speciously powerful.

At a young age, he had already reached such a great achievement. In Southern Wasteland, only a few most powerful clans which had the longest history and possessed the greatest power could ever raise an amazing talent like this. Therefore, although that elderly divine Magus was truly angry, he still chose to talk to Ji Xia in an easy way.

He didn't know Ji Xia, but he asked Ji Xia about his father 's name. Judging from the fact that Ji Xia's clan was actually able to raise such a young divine Magus, Ji Xia's father must be a famous man in Southern Wasteland, and as long as this elderly divine Magus had a friendly relationship with Ji Xia's father, this trouble here could be solved appropriately.

Nothing too big had actually happened, only the store of Fire Dragon Clan was smashed and robbed. This couldn't be counted as a big deal as nobody had died. After the problem was solved, Ji Xia only had to pay a small sum of jade coins as compensation, and this could be easily wrapped up. No further big trouble would be caused and absolutely no bloodshed needed to happen.

’’Young people like you just love to cause troubles for no reason. Every few decades, people like you would come and make a disturbance like this!’’ By relying on his own age and experiences, this elderly divine Magi attempted to educate Ji Xia, ’’Can't we just be more kind and friendlier when talking and dealing with things? It should be nothing but some silly shop manager or salesman who tried to fool you with unreasonable high prices. Just teach them a lesson, that would do. Why do you have to make this so big?’’

Ji Xia snorted coldly and responded, ’’My Abba? Ji Xiong, have you heard of him?’’

The elderly divine Magus was confused, so were the tens of Southern Wasteland divine Magi and Magus Kings, and a group of Senior Magi standing around him.

The family name 'Ji' was an ancient surname. Having such a family name could indeed prove the fact that Ji Xia came from a large clan with a long history. However, to be honest, no one had ever heard of the name 'Ji Xiong' back in Southern Wasteland.

After all, why would these powerful divine Magi and Magus Kings pay any attention to the name of the clan leader of a declining small clan, who was merely a Senior Magus?

The elderly divine Magus narrowed his eyes, looking at Ji Xia from up to down. His voice turned colder as he continued, ’’Ji Xiong? Hm, I don't seem to remember the name of this old friend. Kid, which clan you came from? Tell the name of your clan and don't make this too big.’’

Ji Xia was about to say the name of his clan, yet abruptly, a peak-level Senior Magus standing among the group of heavily armored warriors laughed loudly out, then grabbed a crossbow and released an arrow towards Ji Xia.

Meanwhile, he yelled, ’’Old Lord, I know this guy! He's Ji Xia, the clan leader of Fire Crow Clan! Fire Crow Clan...Haha, what kind of lowly thing is that?’’

Arrows that were enchanted with a powerful armor-damaging spell screamed across the air and flew right towards Ji Xia's forehead.

A thunderous boom came right in the next moment, along with which, those arrows shattered into pieces while the skin on Ji Xia's forehead remained perfectly undamaged. Not even a faint mark was left on Ji Xia's head. The Senior Magi who launched the attack stared at Ji Xia stunned, then began screaming as if he couldn't believe his own eyes. ’’Have you truly become a divine Magus? How can that be possible? Back then, when I left Southern Wasteland, I heard that your Magus Acupoints were all damaged and you weren't even a Senior Magi anymore!’’

Ji Xia was enraged. Southern Wasteland men were all bold and hot-blooded. People they hated the most were the ones who would launch attacks sneakily.

He gave a resonant growl as his body flashed across the air and left a shred of afterimage. Next, he fiercely lunged the spear held in his hand. Blood ejected out from the chest of the Senior Magi who had shot Ji Xia with a crossbow just now while he was sent flying back for tens of miles by Ji Xia's spear.


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