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The Magus Era - Chapter 513


Chapter 513: Crow Strike

Translator: Law Editor: AntiGod

What a quick and clear slap!

Yao Kaiyuan was a talented child as well;he was carefully selected out from Fire Dragon Clan and sent to Pu Ban City, joined the Magi Palace and had been cultivated by the Magi Palace with all kinds of resources, becoming a young elite. He woke his first Magus Acupoint up at the age of thirteen and became a Senior Magus. During the past few years, he had been improving even faster, and by now, he already had two to three thousand Magus Acupoints awakened.

This level of power was surely far lower than Ji Hao, who was richly endowed by nature. But among those apprentices in the Magi Palace's outer palace, it was already rather astonishing. Nevertheless, when Ji Xia launched the slap, Yao Kaiyuan didn't even manage to see Ji Xia's move clearly before he was slapped to the ground and disabled from moving.

The especially tough Senior Magus body of his had somehow became incomparably vulnerable today and lost its great power of self-healing. Ji Xia slapped Yao Kaiyuan's facial bone broken and dented half of his face. But no matter how hard did Yao Kaiyuan try to activate his spirit blood, a scorching-hot stream of power lingered in his wound which would violently destroy all spirit blood that he boosted up.

Ninety percent of his Senior Magus Blood was consumed up, but not a single sign of healing showed on those wounds. Finally, Yao Kaiyuan screamed out hysterically.

Watching all this, the salesman freaked out and started screaming as well. He leaped up like a crazy man, pointed his finger at Ji Xia and growled, ’’Someone! Help! Help! Bandits! Bandits! They are robbing us! They're robbing us! Someone is robbing our store!’’

Followed by a loud buzzing noise, glowing-red spell symbols emerged from the walls, floor, and ceiling. Those spell symbols connected together into streams and coiled like dragons, releasing a bright fiery light that lit the whole store.

Tens of Fire Dragon Clan Senior Magi angrily rushed out from behind the store under the lead of a Magus King. The Magus King, who seemed at the same age as Ji Xia, rushed in the front impatiently and burst into growls even before he could clearly see Ji Xia's face.

’’Which blind man dares to offend our Fire Dragon Clan?! Want to die?!’’

Along with a series of loud clangs, the Magus King and the tens of Fire Dragon Clan Senior Magi pulled their weapons out simultaneously, circling Ji Xia and his warriors up with furious looks.

But soon, including the Magus King, all tens of them stopped moving, staring at Ji Xia as if he was a ghost. Especially the Magus King, who had been leading the troop;he stared at Ji Xia and the eighteen Gold Crow Clan warriors standing behind him,

Faint yet shrill caws came from inside Ji Xia's body. From behind the bodies of Ji Xia and the other eighteen warriors, a dense sphere of fiery light swooshed up, within which was burning red, splendid starlight. The dense and seemingly sticky starlight had an indescribably ancient, prehistoric and stately vibe. The fires burning behind Ji Xia and his warriors' bodies were different from the fire generated by internal powers, and with some experiences, a Senior Magus could definitely tell the difference between the starlight and the fiery light produced from internal power.

More astonishingly, shining brightly within the splendid starlight behind Ji Xia's body were eighteen scorching-red stars that had multiple angles. Among the eighteen Gold Crow Clan warriors standing behind Ji Xia, the one who had the least stars shining behind his body also had seven large red stars shining and rotating behind his body.

’’divine Magi!’’ The Fire Dragon Clan Magus King shouted hoarsely out, ’’Enemy attack! divine Magi attack! A divine Magus with eighteen spirit stars and the other eighteen divine Magi, and over a hundred Magus Kings! Holy ancestors' souls! Enemy attack!’’

’’Break!’’ Ji Xia gave a resonant roar as his plain eyes suddenly turned glowing red. An unspeakably ancient and prehistorical sense of power spread out from his body, as overwhelming as the sense of power released by a God descending from the heaven. He raised the long spear held in his hands and fiercely lunged. Followed a thunderous bang, the door of this Fire Dragon Clan's shop was punctured by a stream of fiery light.

Fire Dragon Clan was a top-grade Southern Wasteland clan, and the defensive magic formation they put in the store they opened in Southern Wasteland Market was surely a high-quality piece. This defensive magic formation in their store was not as dreadful as the Heaven and Earth great formation Ji Hao had in his Yao Mountain city, but it was one of the top-grade magic formations one could find in the Magi Palace.

A magic formation like this could at least withstand a fierce series of attack launched by three to five ordinary divine Magi. However, Ji Xia broke it with a single spear move.

The Fire Dragon Clan Magus King and the group of Senior Magi were instantly thrown into an extreme fright. The Magus King grabbed Yao Kaiyuan, turned around and attempted to leave right away. The salesman who brought Ji Xia and his warriors into the store had already fallen on the ground with softened limbs, but no one had the heart to mind the safety of a small salesman.

’’Wanna go? Make this clear at first, how did Ji Hao offend you?’’ Ji Xia snorted coldly and said. His entire body was wrapped in a raging blazing fire, and with a single step, he dashed up to that Magus King, threw a heavy slap on his face and sent him flying up.

The Fire Dragon Clan Magus King stationed in this store was a rather powerful one. He was a peak-level Magus King, only a step away from the level of divine Magi. Normally, he could defeat eight to ten Magus Kings all at once. Nevertheless, when Ji Xia launched his move against this Magus King, he instantly became as vulnerable as Yao Kaiyuan and was almost slapped straight to death by Ji Xia.

Ji Xia didn't restrain his power when launching the attack. Every Southern Wasteland man had a temper as fierce as the fire blazing in Southern Wasteland. They were irritable, crude and combative. When facing his own clansman, Ji Xia wouldn't go this far because of the shared bloodline, but when facing outsiders, such as clans like Black Water Serpent Clan, Ji Xia would never hesitate before he launched the deadly attack.

Struck by that destructive strike, the Magus King's face was dented as well. Large streams of blood sprayed out along with great heat, burning with a loud sizzling noise on of the floor.

Ji Xia stomped on the Magus King's head, pointed the spear tip at the spot in between his eyebrows and asked, ’’Tell me, what had happened between Ji Hao and you. That little kid had his face darkened immediately after heard Ji Hao's name. What did he ever do to you?’’

Ji Xia was so anxious. Back then, Ji Hao was a little kid, and an ordinary Junior Magi when he left home and came to Pu Ban city with Si Wen Ming. Fire Dragon Clan was a top-grade Southern Wasteland clan. They had a solid foundation in Pu Ban city, while Ji Hao didn't. If any conflict ever happened between Ji Hao and them, the life of Ji Hao would be in danger.

Despite the fact that Ji Hao wasn't his only child anymore, Ji Hao was still his oldest son, the son that he cared the most about. Ji Xia was worrying about Ji Hao's life safety, and even his voice had turned a bit weird.

The eighteen divine Magi and nearly a hundred Magus Kings standing behind Ji Xia roared out. Through years of wars and fights that happened in Southern Wasteland jungles and between clans, these Gold Crow warriors had attained a nature of fighting, and now, it had shown up fully. They grabbed their weapons and started madly smashing the store. Shelves in this Fire Dragon Clan store were smashed into pieces, all valuable goods and some jade coins and magic crystals stored in a secret room were looted;some shop managers and salesmen who dared to fight back were all knocked down, lying on the ground and vomiting blood.

What suffered even worse was this shop itself. The defensive magic formation set in the shop was destroyed violently. All precious materials which were used to set up the defensive formation were dug out, and even the large pile of magic crystals filled in the core of the magic formation was dug out as well.

All valuable pieces carried with those shop managers and those salesmen, including those 'luxurious' long cotton robes worn by them were taken away by these Gold Crow Clan warriors, who had been living a thrifty life since forever. It was a heavily snowing day, but hundreds of shop managers and salesmen huddled naked on the ground, quivering and continuously vomiting blood. That scene was just eye-catching.

The Magus King who was being pointed at by Ji Xia's long spear screamed hoarsely out, ’’How dare you attack our Fire Dragon Clan's shop in Southern Wasteland Market?! You are dead! You are so dead! This is Pu Ban City, we have laws in this place!’’

’’Laws?’’ Ji Xia and the group of Gold Crow Clan warriors had never heard about such a thing.

Shrill sounds of horn came from all directions. The ground began shaking slightly while large troops of heavily armored warriors started gathering towards there.


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