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The Magus Era - Chapter 512


Chapter 512: Here Came Xia

Translator: Law Editor: AntiGod

When snow laid thick again over Pu Ban City, a starry sky spirit turtle, which had its body covered in wounds, landed in the Southern Wasteland Market in Pu Ban city.

Southern Wasteland Market, this was a market built by numerous large Southern Wasteland clans join-handedly. Same as the Ten Sun Market built by the Ten Sun Country, Southern Wasteland Market especially sold all kinds of treasures that came from the Southern Wasteland. This Market had tens of thousands of different-scaled stores and countless clansmen and warriors from Southern Wasteland clans stationed in it.

The starry sky spirit turtle laid on the ground while gasping deeply. The gate of the city carried on the turtle's back opened, from which, a metal ladder reached out. Using the ladder, Southern Wasteland people who came to Midland on this starry sky spirit turtle walked out of the city one after another;some of them who came to Midland for the very first time glanced around in curiosity.

Groups of people who had been waiting in surrounding areas immediately rushed up. Some of them started to shout the names of their clans, to call their clansmen together. Some salesmen working in shops also came over, yelling at these newcomers to see if they had any rare and precious goods that could be put on sale in their shops.

Ji Xia walked down through the ladder step by step, with a pair of largely popped out eyes. He was wearing a thick and soft leather armor made from dragon skins, with a dragon-bone long spear, which was much taller than himself, carried on his shoulder.

’’So this is Midland, hm, indeed a nice place,’’ Clicking his tongue, Ji Xia continued murmuring, ’’Look at the soil here, so rich... it can indeed feed more people than the soil in Southern Wasteland.’’ Twisting his own neck and letting out a loud series of bone creaking noises, he then gave a large grin, turned around and said to the over a hundred clansmen following behind him, ’’Brothers, let's have a nice drink after we have found that little kid of mine!’’

Over a hundred tall and study Gold Crow Clan warriors who were wearing the same dragon-skin armors and had faint fiery light surging out of their bodies laughed out loud together. But soon, some of them frowningly scratched their own scalps and said, ’’Xie, we don't have that much money...’’

Ji Xia frowned as well, then grabbed a short and thin salesman over and yelled at him with a deep and strong voice, ’’Kid, we brought some Southern Wasteland herbs that had grown for many years, and some flood dragon skins, bones, and tendons. There is also some wasteland dark bronze and many other things... will you take our goods?’’

That salesman was abruptly grabbed over by Ji Xia and subconsciously wanted to shout in anger. After all, he had been working as a salesman in this Southern Wasteland Market for many years and had seen quite a lot rude people from the Southern Wasteland. However, after hearing Ji Xia's words, a big warm grin instantly appeared on this salesman's face, which made his face look just like a huge blooming flower.

’’Ahyaya, dear uncle, did you say that you have brought materials that came from a flood dragon? What power level was that flood dragon at? How many years old was it? This is just the right time for you to come, as the Magi Palace is now purchasing these good materials at sweet prices for making large-scale magic treasures.’’

’’Do you have wasteland dark bronze as well? The kind of dark bronze that you only need to put a slight single piece into a sword to make it shine brightly and become extremely sharp, able to destroy nearly everything in the world? If so, you're just talking to the right person. For precious materials like that, only we can afford!’’

The salesman hurriedly grabbed Ji Xia's wrist and attentively led him walking towards a tall building, which was a shop.

Ji Xia and his clansmen following behind him curiously looked at the surrounding environment. Buildings in Pu Ban City were huge and beautiful. All these stores were built from enormous rocks, and those houses built with earth and wood back in the Gold Crow Clan could never be compared with buildings like these.

’’Great God, so many big houses! How much manual work you have to do to build all these?’’

A Gold Crow Clan warrior murmured to himself.

The salesman grinningly looked at this group of Gold Crow Clan people. At first, he silently said 'bumpkins' in his head, then he kept that warm grin on his face and responded, ’’Not only manual work, my guests! Manual work will not be the problem if you want to build a store like this in Pu Ban City. Instead, the building materials would be the most important thing.

Pointing at the building that they had been heading to, the salesman smiled and continued, ’’Not to mention the others, only this material shop of our Fire Dragon Clan, it cost fifty-million jade coins back then, including the construction of the defensive magic formation, a whole fifty-million jade coins!’’

Ji Xia and the other Gold Crow Clan warriors immediately popped their eyes out in shock.

They money they spent for taking the starry sky spirit turtle to here was only around a hundred jade coins for each person, and they had sold a great amount of leathers to pool that money. This time, around a hundred warriors came from Gold Crow Clan, and the total traveling expense was over ten-thousand jade coins. This already was a great sum of money in their eyes.

This hundred-meter-tall building made from rocks had actually cost fifty-million jade coins for construction?

Many of these tall and muscular Gold Crow Clan men looked down and started counting their fingers, trying to figure out how much fifty-million actually was. Nevertheless, they tried for quite a long while but still failed to figure it out as they didn't have enough fingers.

The salesman had his eyes narrowed while looking at them with a proud smile. He liked to see the shocked faces of these bumpkins.

Proudly holding his head high, and with a superiority that showed obviously on his face, this salesman lead Ji Xia and the other warriors into the shop and quickly found a young man, who had been standing in the middle of the lobby and seemed to be in a daze.

’’Lord Yuan, these guests brought some flood dragon materials. They said that they have wasteland dark bronze as well!’’

It was Yao Kaiyuan, who once started a fight against Ji Hao in the Magi Palace but ended up being punched out by him. He was one of the leaders of the Southern Wasteland Society. He raised his eyebrows and surprisingly turned to Ji Xia and other Gold Crow Clan warriors.

During theChi Ban Mountain war happened in a couple of years ago, the Magi Palace had gained large amounts of advanced tool-crafting techniques from the non-humankind. After years of study and absorption, master craftsmen of the Magi Palace had learned quite a lot. Recently, they planned to make a big move by producing a new batch of powerful magic treasures and tools.

For producing high-grade magic treasures and tools, many rare and precious materials were required. Especially materials like wasteland dark bronze;this rare kind of metal had a magically supporting effective and could raise the sharpness of weapons by over a hundred times. Therefore, materials like wasteland dark bronze had become extra popular, every master craftsman was willing to pay a high price for these materials.

Yao Kaiyuan was staying in Magi Palace all these years. By relying on the power of his clan, he had already become an official of the outer palace. Quite a few Magi Palace master craftsmen were on good terms with Fire Dragon Clan. This time, Yao Kaiyuan came to the store of his clan under an order to see if he could find some good materials for those master craftsmen.

Hearing that Ji Xia had wasteland dark bronze, Yao Kaiyuan was overjoyed. He hurriedly walked up to Ji Xia and smilingly asked him, ’’You have wasteland dark bronze? How much? Take it out and let's have a look, I will offer you a good price!’’

Ji Xia gave a measures glance at Yao Kaiyuan from head to toe. After that, an extremely simple styled bangle worn on his left wrist released a wave of flowing light streams. Next, a human-head sized bronze block flew out. Ji Xia held the bronze block in his hand and said in a deep voice, ’’Hm, a piece of wasteland dark bronze, weighted eighty-four thousand stones. You take a look and see how much you can offer me...with that jade coin or jade what?’’

Such a huge piece of wasteland dark bronze! It was even enough for cast a super-sized magic weapon piece.

Yao Kaiyuan's eyes sparkled brightly as he grinningly asked Ji Xia, ’’May I asked where did you come from? I am Yao Kaiyuan, from Fire Dragon Clan, Southern Wasteland!’’

Fire Dragon Clan? That was a top-grade Southern Wasteland Clan, a powerful clan that had many divine Magi.

Hearing Yao Kaiyuan's self-introduction, Ji Xia dared not to show any disrespect. He hurriedly responded, ’’I am Ji Xia from Gold Crow Clan, Southern Wasteland!’’

The warm grin on Yao Kaiyuan and the salesman' faces suddenly froze. Slowly, Yao Kaiyuan narrowed his eyes and looked at Ji Xia with a dark face.

’’Ji Xia? Do you know Ji Hao?’’

Ji Xia and the other warriors sensed a weird atmosphere, and their smiles were frozen as well.

’’Ji Hao? That's my boy! What? You little bastard, you and my boy, you two hate each other? Go to hell!’’

Before Yao Kaiyuan could say anything, Ji Xia violently slapped Yao Kaiyuan's face, even denting half of his face and made all of his teeth fly out of his mouth like raindrops.


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