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The Magus Era - Chapter 511


Chapter 511: Powerful and Prosperous

Translator: Law Editor: AntiGod

Gales roared towards the earth with large flakes of snow, but couldn't approach Yao Mountain City.

The nine three-legged Gold Crows floated upon the mountaintop with the Gold Crow totem flag crafted by Po fluttered in the air, releasing golden fiery light and lighting the entire space. Consequently, the gale was dispelled and the snowflakes were evaporated completely even before approaching.

Earl Yao's people reverently walked into Yao Mountain city in ordered and straight lines. Along with the shouts let out by heavily armored warriors in the surroundings, they came from the east, south, west and north, heading to the city center.

Scores of children and infants were mixed in the group. Among them, even the oldest ones were no more than ten years old, while the youngest ones were still babies held in their parents' arms. All of these people had been looking at those Gold Crows floating in the sky while sensing the surging warm power released by them.

Soon, all streets and alleys of Yao Mountain City were filled up with people from all villages and towns. They stood under Yao Mountain with their heads raised high, looking at the altar, which was blazing on top of the mountain.

Ji Hao stood on the mountaintop, his whole body wrapped in a raging fire. Man Man, Shaosi, Taisi, Yu Mu, Feng Xing, Zhu Rong Long, Zhu Rong Hu, Candle Dragon Yan, Candle Dragon Fire and the other eight divine Magi had been standing next to Ji Hao. Also standing were Tie Lang and the other Magus Kings who had pledged allegiance to Ji Hao, along with Ji Tian, Ji Di, and his other disciples.

Children taken by Ji Hao as his disciples and as Magi Palace apprentices during these years were wearing long red robes and holding different-colored, different-sized Gold Crow battle flags. They were treading on fiery clouds, standing in midair around Yao Mountain. These children hadn't yet attained the power of flying, and instead, they floated in the air and maintained the powerful looks of theirs with the power of magic formations.

Nevertheless, people looking at them didn't know that they were flying in the air by using the power of magic formation. In ordinary people' eyes, only Magus Kings and powerful beings above that level could fly in the sky. Therefore, they believed that all those disciples of Ji Hao and Magi Palace apprentices were Magus Kings!

Tens of thousands of 'Magus Kings' floating in the air, this made these people revere Ji Hao even much more than before. Meanwhile, the sense of pride and glory in their hearts had also been raised largely. Additionally, the sense of recognition they had for Earl Yao and Earl Yao's territory was strengthened as well.

Ji Hao looked at all these people coming from all directions, activated his power and started speaking loudly.

’’Today is an auspicious day. Today is the day you formally become a part of Gold Crow Clan, and people of Earl Yao's territory. Since today, your children will possess the sacred bloodline belonging to ancient Gold Crow. They will inherit the great power of the ancient Gold Crow.’’

’’From now on, these children will have a broader future. Maybe in the future, they will become warrior commanders under my lead, officials working with me, and they might even become famous ones among the entire humankind.

Those people held their breaths and popped out their eyes while looking at Ji Hao.

Quite a few knowledgeable elderly people were so excited that their bodies had even been quivering.

The cultivation power system created by ancient human beings was originated from the powers of all ancient legendary creatures. Without question, the bloodline of Gold Crow was incomparably powerful back in the ancient time. The power systems inherited by many people living in Earl Yao's territory came from creatures which were far less powerful than Gold Crow. Because of this, they would always be a lot weaker than those who came from clans which possessed great inherited powers, even after they became Senior Magi or Magus Kings.

Because the inherited power possessed by their clans were way too weak, it was nearly impossible for divine-Magus-level powerful beings to emerge from their clans. However, Gold Crow's bloodline was extraordinarily strong and powerful, and as long as they could attain the complete bloodline of Gold Crow, having divine Magi emerge from amongst them would become a totally reasonable thing.

This meant that each of these children in attendance today had a large chance of becoming a divine Magus, a powerful divine Magus who could stand high above the masses! To ordinary people, the power of a divine Magus was no worse than the power of a true God!

Therefore, many elderly people tremblingly kneeled on the ground and worshiped Ji Hao.

More and more people kneeled, reverently kowtowing to Ji Hao.

Streams of pure power of faith gathered on Ji Hao's body. Once again, Ji Hao sensed that magical feeling;his mind became extremely clear that the number of questions he could think about within each moment had risen by hundreds of times. His understanding of Yu Yu's magic formation study and the great Dao of nature had gone deeper by hundreds of times. It was a truly magical feeling, which even made him feel like an omnipotent person.

’’Great!’’ Ji Hao only gave a resonant shout then wielded his right hand. Following his move, nine blobs of fist-sized spirit blood spurted out from his fingertips, quickly merging with the nine Gold Crows floating in the sky.

Ji Hao's spirit power merged with the nine Gold Crows, after which, a trace of the sense of Ji Hao's power had been added to the sense of power releasing from these nine Gold Crows, who had alive bodies without any souls.

Ji Hao slowly walked around the altar, while started to incant a spell of offering that was passed down from the ancestors of Gold Crow Clan through generations.

With the power of a magic formation, Ji Hao's voice reached the ears of every single person on the scene, loudly and clearly, allowing them to hear every single syllable. Following Ji Hao's voice, those people kneeling on the ground began singing, and their souls started to vibrate with the same frequency.

A great wave of soul power rose into the air. Everyone's soul power gathered on Ji Hao's body which quivered slightly. At this very moment, he was the true God of Yao Mountain city;every thought and every slight secret in the hearts of his people had been revealed in front of him, and everyone's soul was under his control. He could perish any of these people's souls if he wanted to.

Finally, Ji Hao realized the marvelousness of the spells of offering that were passed on from generation to generation and were possessed by those large clans. These spells were all splendid treasures that originated from the ancient world.

In such a holy ceremony, the souls of all those people had merged into one, along with their powers. This was not only an offering ceremony, but it was also more of an ultimate defensive move that the ancient human beings would make when facing enemies;this was a solemn and sad tactic that allowed people to perish together with their enemies.

’’So this is what it is!’’ Ji Hao slowly nodded, then pointed at the nine Gold Crows.

With the help of the combination of all those people' soul powers, this simple move made by Ji Hao generated an extraordinarily magical power. Eyes of the nine Gold Crows opened simultaneously while a crack appeared in between their eyebrows, from which, dazzling golden Gold Crow spirit blood ejected out, transforming into glowing golden spell symbols and flying towards the surrounding areas.

These golden spell symbols landed in between those children and infants' eyebrows, transforming into beams of golden light and merging with their bodies, dyeing the meridians in their bodies golden-red. Additionally, it added a special sense of power that solely belonged to Gold Crow fire into their bodies.

From now on, as long as these children were willing to cultivate themselves severely, they would certainly attain the ability to manipulate fire, instead of any other type of ability. They had Gold Crow spirit blood merged with their bodies, along with Ji Hao's spirit blood. From now on, they were true clansmen of Ji Hao, who shared the same bloodline with him.

Meridians in these children' bodies were lightened up one after another. Ji Hao released his power with which, each child had forty-nine thousand meridians lighten up inside their bodies. In the future, when they managed to grow powers inside their bodies, they would be able to smoothly awaken these meridians up.

Forty-nine thousand meridians, only thousands less than the limitation of the meridian-expanding magic possessed by the Magi Palace.

Once these children in Earl Yao's territory who had forty-nine thousand meridians activated started to cultivate themselves, they would always be many times powerful than the others at their age. To same-level warriors that came from other clans, their strength would be too great to be compared with.

’’Earl Yao!’’

’’Earl Yao!’’

’’Earl Yao!’’

Looking at their children glowing with a faint golden-red light, all people in the city started shouting loudly.

At this moment, all the people seemed to be of one mind. Everyone living in Earl Yao's territory could now share everything with each other. They no longer had any differences of origin, and instead, all of them had become Gold Crow Clan people!


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