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The Magus Era - Chapter 509


Chapter 509: Educational Administration

Translator: Law Editor: AntiGod

Dozens of statues of legendary creatures stood by the lake, and on the north side of the lake was a platform built from black jade, upon the lake. The platform was five meters and two feet higher than the water surface and was hundreds of acres in area. Tens of thousands of cattail hassocks were placed orderly on the platform.

Ji Hao stood on the platform and gently threw the lotus seed into the lake.

Following a sizzling noise, the purple liquid contained in the lake, which was condensed from the mix of natural power and star power, quickly dropped. Within the short span of a few breaths, the water level had dropped by a hundred and fifty meters. The cyan lotus spun swiftly in the lake while speedily absorbing the purple liquid, just like a black hole.

Ji Hao picked up the magic wand that was crafted by Kua E and his brothers especially for controlling the Heaven and Earth great formation and slightly wielded. Followed by his move, the Heaven and Earth formation was silently activated. The condensing rate of the natural power and star power rose sharply by over a hundred times higher. Thus, the water level of the lake finally stopped dropping.

Two-thousand and four-hundred disciples of Ji Hao and nine-thousand Magi Palace apprentices were standing by the lake, looking at the lotus seed that had been emitting a soft cyan light, in awe.

Pop! The skin of the lotus seed blasted out and at that moment, everyone on the scene heard that indescribable pop;which felt as if the most mysterious great Dao of nature had just given a slight touch to everyone's heart. Including Ji Hao, all people in attendance stepped into some kind of a magical state.

The skin of the lotus seed silently melted, transforming into a cyan-colored mist and rose into the air, hovering around and then silently dissipated. Instantly, a faint fragrance suffused in the entire Yao Mountain city. Elderly men, women, and children living in the city breathed this nice fragrance greedily and only felt that streams of warmth had been spreading out inside their bodies. Immediately, everybody became incomparably energetic and sensed that a nearly inexhaustible life-force had burst in their bodies.

All illnesses and old injuries disappeared suddenly, and those elderly people had their youth restored, instantly looking tens of years younger than before.

The lotus seed began growing quickly. A jade-white lotus root was growing out at a visible rate. More and more lotus roots spread out in the purple liquid and soon, hundreds of five-hundred-meter long lotus roots floated in the purple liquid.

Lotus stalks grew out from the joints of those roots, and along with a sizzling noise, the water surface of the lake dropped once again. Countless tender lotus leaves grew out one after another, some faint Nattier blue lotus flower buds silently reaching out among leaves.

At first glance, twelve-thousand nine-hundred and sixty lotus flower buds were seen swaying in the wind. A great amount of purple liquid evaporated within a moment, transforming into dense purple mist and being absorbed by those flower buds. A nice refreshing aroma spread out and in the next moment, these lotus buds bloomed simultaneously.

Every single lotus was as large a bowl and had eighty-one petals, divided into nine layers. The layers of lotus petals seemed to be carved out of jade, giving out an inexplicable feeling of life.

Ji Hao looked at those blooming flowers, only feeling that his heart was completely empty and his mind was incomparably clear. The surrounding area was filled with pure life-force, without a single grain of dust. While breathing, the power of his primordial spirit started to grow speedily;soaked in the aroma, the improving rate of his primordial spirit power had raised by at least a hundred percent!

’’Twelve-star, space-twisting formation!’’ Ji Hao put down the magic wand, locked his fingers together and pressed his hands towards the sky.

Beams of silver light emerged from the sky, pouring down one after another. Every beam of silver light shone on a lotus in the lake, seeming to have made some kind of magic connection with these lotuses.

Nourished by the silver light, the lotuses became more vivid and alive than before and were added with an attractive sense of mysteriousness.

A large glowing silver mist spread out in all directions. Wherever the silver mist reached, the divine spells symbols on walls and ground all dimmed down. Yao Mountain city was suffused with a splendid colorful glow and had warm light streams rising from the ground, seeming to be as magnificent as Heaven Palace. However, under the effect of twelve-star, space-twisting formation, all of the magical glow and light had dimmed down and no glitter could be seen in this city anymore. At first sight, this city looked like an ordinary city built from piles of black rocks.

Even the city wall, which had been shining the most brightly, had now turned into a purely dark wall. Some stains that seemed to be caused by long-term exposure to wind, rain and sunlight, had even appeared on the city wall. By now, this city wall seemed exactly like an ordinary stone wall, except for its great height and thickness.

This magical city dimmed all the splendor by itself, and not a slight trace of glow could be seen. In satisfaction, Ji Hao looked at this city, which had already started looking like a rather average one, and silently expected that someday, a group of unlucky enemies would bump into this city.

Clang! Clang! The silver beams of light descending from the sky quietly gathered on those lotuses and gradually condensed into drops of silver dew. These dew drops were strangely heavy, and when they bumped against each other silvery clangs sounding like the tinkles of jade beads could be heard.

Ji Hao was a bit surprised. He waved his hands and a drop of dew flew into his hand. That was a bean-sized drop of dew, yet it was hundreds of kilograms heavy. He pondered for a while then threw the dew drop into his mouth. Instantly a wonderful refreshing aroma spread out in his mouth, and in the meanwhile, an extremely strong life-force surged into his entire body, which even slightly raised his body temperature.

A single drop of dew like this could fully replenish the consumed life-force for a Senior Magus in a moment. To Senior Magi who could activate their spirit blood and heal their wounds within a short span of time, these dew drops were undoubtedly life-saving magic pills on battlefields.

Ji Hao observed that each lotus could produce a drop of dew like this every quarter of an hour, which meant that over ten-thousand lotuses in the lake could gather hundreds of thousands of drops of silver dew, which were as powerful as the top-grade life-saving magic pills.

Ji Hao hurriedly told Yu Mu and the others about his discovery. Fatso Yu Mu paused for a second, then swiftly let out his power and grabbed a few drops of dew and threw into his mouth. After a while, without saying too many words, Yu Mu quickly took out tens of black jade bottles out of his sleeve and hastily collected those dew drops into them.

’’From now on, you kids take turns and carefully guard this place. Do not let go of a single drop of dew!’’ With a pair of brightly shining eyes, Yu Mu loudly gave his order to a group of Magi Palace apprentices who had been standing around him.

He had been concentrating on the study of magic medicine concoction all these years. If he put these silver dew drops, which contained a stunningly great amount of life-force in it, into use, he could definitely develop a legendary magic medicine that might be able to bring the dead back alive. How could he possibly bear the waste of even a single drop of silver dew?

’’What my Shifu gave us are indeed great treasures!’’ said Ji Hao delightfully.

’’Shaosi, Feng Xing, Yu Mu, let's discuss and set some rules for the daily study and lives of these children from now on!’’ Ji Hao chose a cattail hassock and sat down, then waved his hand towards Shaosi.

The few of them sat on the platform, looking at those kids standing around the lake. On Ji Hao's suggestion, they set and confirmed a series of rules for Ji Hao's dojo and those Magi Palace apprentices they had taken in this Yao Mountain territory one after another.

For example, similar to the differences in subjects studied by those Magi Palace apprentices, Ji Hao had divided them clearly into several groups: Spirit Magi majoring in the magics using to communicate ghosts and gods;Medical Magi majoring in the study of magic medicine;Magi warriors, majoring in battling skills;Curse Casters, majoring in the study of magic curses;Magi of law majoring in the study of all kinds of laws and fulfilling the duty of supervision;Magi Spies, majoring in the skills of gathering information. According to their interests and courses taken, these Magi Palace apprentices taken by Ji Hao were divided into seven departments, and each department had its own rules.

As for Ji Hao's disciples who mainly study in Ji Hao's dojo, they were divided into three departments, the department of magic formation, talismans and Dan.

Among the group of buildings behind Earl Yao's mansion, the ones on the east side belonged to Ji Hao's disciples who had been cultivation as Daoist Priests, while the ones on the west side belonged to those Magi Palace apprentices who were cultivating as Magi. These two groups of young people were settled down separately and would be concentrating on what they had been studying from now on.

In that nice aroma of lotuses, no matter those Magi Palace apprentices or Ji Hao's disciples, everyone remained in a peaceful state and made progress on their cultivations much more speedily than before.


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