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The Magus Era - Chapter 508


Chapter 508: Residents

Translator: Law Editor: AntiGod

The heavy and thick city gate was divided into three layers, each layer cast from starry divine iron in whole and entirely decorated with thunder clouds patterns. In the middle of these three-foot thick city gates was an embossed, furious-looking portrait of devil god, showing its sharp and long teeth, seeming to devour anyone that dared to intrude this city.

Walking into the city, one could see hundreds of acres of empty area, which could contain tens of thousands of warriors to support the wall and the defenses.

Surrounding the empty area were numerous tall buildings. The courtyard walls of these buildings were all as tall as the city gate and were also thickly covered in divine spell symbols, emitting an indescribable warm light. These courtyard walls were connected into one, firmly circling the empty area behind the city gate up, and only leaving a broad way leading into the city.

People who were qualified to move into the Yao Mountain city were those warriors from Candle Dragon Clan and Zhu Rong Country, Ji Hao's disciples and Magi Palace apprentices;Po's disciple, Luo Shan, and a part of his clansmen, along with their respective families.

Yao Mountain city was great enough to contain tens of millions of people. However, at the current stage, the number of people qualified to live in this city was only slightly more than a million.

Everyone was stunned by this magnificent city that was built by divine Gods. They closely followed Ji Hao and walked into the city, curiously looking at the surrounding environment. Elderly ones, children, men and women, they all had jade talismans, that were specially crafted by Po, tied around their waists, releasing streams of cyan light and dispelling the over-dense natural power and star power in the city for them.

The natural power and star power gathered in the city were so dense that they even felt like water now. Walking in the street, one would feel like being soaked in water and when one moved, they could even sense the great resistance given by them.

Without the help of Po's powerful talismans, those weak clansmen couldn't even possibly move an inch in this city. Instead, they would be 'drowned' by the dense natural power and star power long ago.

As for Ji Hao and the others who were powerful enough, they were gasping happily, as if they had come back to their mothers' arms. The dense natural power and star power automatically surged into their bodies without any extra work, and that feeling was just splendid.

Walking forward along the broad path for a while, Ji Hao started pointing his fingers around.

’’All four city gates in the four sides of the city need to be guarded by elite warriors. Zhu Rong warriors will be in charge of defending the south gate and north gate. Candle Dragon Clan warriors will go for the east gate and west gate, and these two troops of warriors will be stationed separately in residences near the four city gates.’’

’’Lou Shan!’’ Ji Hao gave another shout.

’’Uncle!’’ Luo Shan walked up to Ji Hao with big steps, saluting him with a trace of surprise on his face that seemed to be hard to conceal.

Such a magnificent city! In this Midland world, no one had ever seen or even heard about a city like this built by a human clan leader. Not a single human clan leader would be willing to spend so many efforts on building such a huge city. Those clan leaders, earls and marquises, would mostly spend the money on having fun or purchasing armaments to improve the military strength of their clans, but would never build a city like this.

Luo Shan silently thought back of the city built by his ancestors in the old territory of his clan and comparing the old city with this Yao Mountain City, he couldn't help but blush. That old city of his clan was just like a village, and only big cities like this Yao Mountain city deserved the title of 'city.'

If his clansmen could live in a city like this, they wouldn't have to worry about wild beasts or poisonous bugs anymore, and even if enemies attacked...

Luo Shan felt slightly dizzy. Po had explained the great power of heaven and earth magic formation to him. It was hard to imagine for him how many enemies were required to cause a slight little bit of threat to Yao Mountain city. Even over ten divine Magi with their combined power couldn't guarantee to break the defense of Yao Mountain city, could they?

Therefore, upon hearing Ji Hao call him after assigning those warriors to guard the city gates, Luo Shan hurriedly walked over.

’’Select a million people among your clansmen, who are the closest to you and the most trusted by you, and move them into Yao Mountain city. Hm, on the east side of Earl Yao's mansion, go choose enough residence and settle them down.

Those warriors sent over by Zhu Rong and Candle Dragon Gui were especially powerful. Therefore, Ji Hao assigned them to guard the city wall and city gates. Unlike those warriors, Luo Shan's clansmen were not as powerful, because Earl Ji's clan was a relatively small and less powerful clan. Therefore, Ji Hao arranged these people in the area near Earl Yao's mansion. These people could make the area around Earl Yao's mansion more lively. Otherwise, Ji Hao would be living in a hundred-mile in square large city but unable to see a single person in it, and that feeling wouldn't be good at all.

Lou Shan politely responded with a loud and clear 'yes' with a bright smile on his face. He was silently happy for his clansmen. To be able to live in the area near Earl Yao's mansion, this proved that Ji Hao was conversant to Luo Shan's clansmen and trusted them. To be able to live next door to Ji Hao, somehow this would raise the status of Luo Shan's clansmen to a much higher place than the others.

’’Ji Tian, Ji Di!’’ Ji Hao then said.

’’Yes!’’ Ji Tian and Ji Di, who had been closely following Ji Hao, hurriedly walked up and responded grinningly.

’’Settle your families and families of your brothers and sisters all on the west side of Earl Yao's mansion.’’ Ji Hao hesitated a bit. He then quickly calculated the number of the disciples studying in his dojo and those Magi Palace apprentices he took during these few years, then continued, ’’Consanguinity of theirs within three generations, all move into the city.’’

While speaking, Ji Hao and the group of people walked across numerous five-hundred meter wide streets, passing many stately buildings by.

Kua E and his brothers had indeed spent some efforts and had actually raised plenty of plants besides the streets and inside those mansions with magic. They spread the seeds when the construction was completed, then raised those plants up with their special magic and by now, those towering trees in the city all required a few people to hold their arms around them. It made those trees seem to be thousands of years old.

Looking at these green and thriving trees and all those beautiful flowers blooming under the trees, Ji Hao smiled and said, ’’Ji Xuan, Ji Huang, you go select three thousand smart ones from those slaves I purchased, and bring them here into Earl Yao's mansion as servants. Without enough people, such a huge mansion would seem to be too strange.’’

’’Yes!’’ Ji Xuan and Ji Huang responded loudly.

While walking, the group of people following behind Ji Hao gradually scattered. Led by their own leaders, those people headed to their own residences as Ji Hao ordered. At last, only Ji Hao, Shaosi, Man Man and a group of elite warriors from Candle Dragon Clan and Zhu Rong Country walked to Earl Yao's mansion.

’’Candle Dragon Yan, Zhu Rong Long!’’ Ji Hao called the leaders of the twelve divine Magi that came from Candle Dragon Clan and Zhu Rong Country.

The two divine Magi seemed to be quite surprised as well, totally stunned by this magnificent city. Hearing Ji Hao's calling, they hurriedly took a step forward.

’’You twelve divine Magi each choose a residence for yourselves from the ones that are the closest to Earl Yao's mansion. As for the servants or maids you need, go outside the city and select as many as you want!’’ Ji Hao pointed at tens of especially grand houses that were located around Earl Yao's mansion and said to them.

The twelve divine Magi responded with loud 'yes.'Following Ji Hao's orders, all people who were qualified to live in Yao Mountain city started to move and quickly settled down in the city. The warehouses in the city began to be filled up with grains, meat and other living supplies, and in a short span of a few days, the life in Yao Mountain City had come onto the right track.

This day, Ji Hao came to a lakeside and threw the lotus seed given by Yu Yu into the lake.


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