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The Magus Era - Chapter 507


Chapter 507: Completion

Translator: Law Editor: AntiGod

Time flew, and when the first tender green grass drilled out of the thick layer of snow, the construction of Yao Mountain city was completed.

Surrounding the main peak of Yao Mountain, the city wall was hundreds of miles long in total, and over five-hundred meters tall. Thirty-six watchtowers with a height of five kilometers each stood on all four sides of the city, and standing in the middle of each watchtower were twelve divine weapons called 'Meridian Thunder divine tower';Meridian Thunder divine tower was used to fight against all kinds of evils under the heaven.

Kua E and his brothers imitated the Heaven Palace of the ancient heaven and made Yao Mountain city like a copy of the Heaven Palace, only thousands of times smaller than it.

The streets in the city were wide and broad, crossing vertically like lines on a chessboard. All kinds of buildings stood beside the streets, and these were all designed in simple and aesthetic shapes, lying by the streets like beasts lying in their own territories. All buildings had been giving out a feeling of stateliness. Each one of these buildings was cast in whole with starry divine iron and decorated with black volcanic rocks on the outside. The buildings in the city were entirely in a color of black, which made them seem to be even more solid, sturdy and indestructible.

Among these buildings in Yao Mountain city, some were dwellings, some military camps while some were warehouses. There were plazas, pools and fountains and ditches in the city as well. One could find buildings with all kinds of functions in the city. This city was broad and functional enough to contain ten million people living and working in it.

Because of the Heaven and Earth great formation, one could often see hazy silhouettes of dragons, phoenixes, Qi Lings and other legendary magical creatures flashing across the air and disappearing immediately. These silhouettes were condensed from the combination of natural power and star power. Wherever they flashed across, strong power streams and positive energies would pass too. If one stayed in a place like this on a long-term basis, it could magically strengthen one's body and prolong life.

Followed by a thunderous boom, the last section of outer wall was cast and thus, the entire Yao Mountain city was finally built up.

Heaven and Earth great formation was completed, and without being activated, countless divine spell symbols emerged from the city wall, the walls of buildings and the ground, one after another. Meanwhile, numerous silhouettes of dragons, phoenixes, cranes and other legendary magical creatures slowly walked out of a splendid glow. Following them, dense streams of warm light descended from the sky, transforming into an enormous shield of light that shrouded the entire Yao Mountain city.

Countless tremendous earth meridians rumbled underground simultaneously, through which, surging waves of natural power gathered towards Yao Mountain city like an overwhelming flood. It was transformed by the great magic formation buried underground into a visible, clear and beautiful mist, puffing up into the city air.

It seemed as if all stars in the sky had gathered above Yao Mountain city. Standing in the city and simply raising one's head could allow one to see splendid, colorful stars rotating slowly. One wouldn't even be able to see a small area of regular sky. The dense star power could be seen as well, descending in big streams along with muffled booms, flushing every inch of soil in the city like tidewater.

The star power coming from stars mixed and merged together with the natural power coming from underground through earth meridians. It was then magically transformed into the purple liquid that accumulated in the broad lake which was located behind Earl Yao's mansion.

By now, the lake had already been filled up by the purple liquid. As more and more liquid accumulated in the lake, the liquid's density grew higher and higher. Eventually, fist-sized, purple crystals began to grow on the bottom of the lake.

These crystals were the so-called 'divine crystals' used by divine gods in ancient heaven as a supply of cultivation. Even the lowest grade piece of purple divine crystal could trade for a hundred pieces of top-grade magic crystals or a million jade coins in markets of Pu Ban city.

Ji Hao spent a fortune to build this city, but with this magic lake that was producing the divine purple liquid and divine crystals accumulating in it, he would have a considerable income each year only by selling the divine crystals. In three to five years, he could even earn the money that he spent on this city back.

The pure and strong star power and natural power constantly nourished every inch of this city. Starry divine iron was an extremely magical type of material. Even though the starry divine iron used by Ji Hao was in the lowest quality, being ceaselessly nourished by star power and natural power, the quality of the starry divine iron would gradually enhance.

As the quality the starry divine iron enhanced, the defensive power of this city would improve too. Year after year, the defensive power of Yao Mountain city would eventually reach a certain degree that would make their enemies despair.

’’Finally done!’’ Those divine gods, whose faces had all been covered by dust, laughed out loud towards the sky and cheered out. They floated in the air, pleasingly looking at this magnificent city which was built by them. It had been so many years, this city was the largest one they had ever built, and it was the only one completely copied from the Heaven Palace.

In this world, except the one in the heaven high above, finally, the second Heaven and Earth great formation appeared.

’’Earl Yao, trust my brother and me, every single jade coin you spent on this city is worthy!’’ Kua E delightfully took over the ten space bangles given by Ji Hao. All these space bangles were top-grade pieces gained from Yu Clan people, and their capacities were tremendous.

All ten space bangles fully contained jade coins, only jade coins and absolutely nothing else.

These divine gods only accepted jade coins as a method of payment and didn't want the other things like jades and gold pieces at all. With jade coins, they could purchase nine wines and delicious dishes that they needed from markets in Pu Ban city. It seemed that except for eating and drinking, these divine gods didn't have much of pursuits.

’’You won't get into any trouble by building the Heaven and Earth great formation in here, will you?’’ Ji Hao crossed his arms over his chest, smilingly looked at the Yao Mountain city that was shrouded by a warm and beautiful layer of light and asked curiously.

’’This...’’ Kua E paused for a second while fiddling with the ten space bangles, after which, he slightly shook his head with a slightly complicated look, and said, ’’Hehe, the heaven... ten thousand years ago, this might truly have been troublesome. Back then, a few senior law enforcement officials of the heaven were still alive. But now, they have all died, and no one is there to mind things like this.’’

Clicking his tongue, Kue E sighed slightly and continued, ’’Besides, even though the Heaven and Earth great formation is indeed no longer a secret of the heaven, so what? In these days, who would still think of the ancient heaven?’’

Kua E then gave a loud shout with a slight trace of sadness. Following his voice, hundreds of divine gods who had been working rather hard for a few years cheered out loudly all together. They rose into the air one after another, treading upon clouds, following behind Kua E and flew away. Those giant stoves floating in the air were taken away with them. Finally, the bright fiery light that had been shining upon Yao Mountain for years had dissipated, only leaving the golden red shine of the nine Gold Crows.

Ji Hao looked at those divine gods who were flying away and murmured in a low voice, ’’Heaven...I will certainly go up there and take a look when I have the chance. Does the Southern Gate of Heaven truly exist?’’

Murmuring for a while, Ji Hao landed back on the ground and respectfully took out the twelve flags and magic formation blueprint given by Yu Yu.

’’Shifu, please help me with your great power.’’ Ji Hao held the flags and blueprint and politely kowtowed three times.

From all directions, Ji Hao's people gathered over, especially those warriors from Candle Dragon Clan and Zhu Rong Country. Those warriors curiously popped their eyes out, wondering what Ji Hao was doing.

The twelve flags held in Ji Hao's hands transformed into silver streams of light and surged up into the sky, rotating around Yao Mountain city for a while then suddenly blasting into millions of silver light spots that merged with the air. As for that blueprint, it transferred into coiled airstreams with the color of black and white, puffed up into the air as well and quickly spread out in every direction. After covered up the area with a radius of three thousand miles, the blueprint descended from the air and swiftly merged with the earth.

Ji Hao instantly realized that the twelve-star, space-twisting formation was successfully set up. Since this moment, everything within the area three thousand miles in radius was under his control. This was the power of this magic formation. Once it was set up, Ji Hao felt as if a giant mirror suddenly appeared in his mind, reflecting everything within this area at all times

’’Go, let's go into the city!’’ Ji Hao smilingly waved his hands towards those people surrounding him and said, ’’Go, take a look at our new home!’’

Shaosi and Man Man followed Ji Hao on both sides, leading hundreds of thousands of people and pushed the city gate open, walking into the city with big steps.


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