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The Magus Era - Chapter 506


Chapter 506: Farewell

Translator: Law Editor: AntiGod

Large fiery clouds descended from the air, treading upon which was a group of divine gods. They had been gasping loudly and deeply while sweat oozed out of their bodies in river-like streams. They swooshed out of the fierce void wind and came back to Yao Mountain filled with exhaustion.

They carried enormous dragon skin bags on their shoulders. Each of these bags had an unimaginably great capacity and could even contain several stars. An incalculable amount of divine raw materials was poured out of these dragon skin bags and sucked into the tens of gigantic stoves.

Zhamu and large groups of warriors sent over a great number of butchered animals, which had already been cleaned and covered in salt and all kinds of spices.

Numerous large vehicles fully carrying slaughtered animals were driven in front of these divine gods who had just returned from the starry void. These divine gods immediately picked up these specially designed large vehicles one after another and poured all the meat into their mouths.

Lying next to Yao Mountain was a pool, over ten miles in square. The pool was built under Ji Hao's order and was filled luxuriously with nice wine.

When these divine gods had their stomachs stuffed, they would walk to the pool of wine and open their mouth, taking a deep breath towards the pool. The top-quality wine would fill their mouths and make these divine gods laugh out loud in happiness. Together, they praised Ji Hao and said that Ji Hao was the most generous employer they had met in all these years.

’’Brothers, when you eat and drink enough, get back to work! Earl Yao is generous, so we're getting our job done nicely!’’ Ku E wielded his enormous arm and shouted loudly, ’’Don't ruin our reputation!’’

Those divine gods laughed out loudly upon hearing him. After a short while of rest, they each gave a resonant growl as fiery clouds rose from under their feet, carrying their tremendous bodies up and flew back towards the outer space.

Ji Hao held Shaosi's hand, quietly standing on top of the mountain and looking at these divine gods.

Shaosi's fingers were long and slim, bonelessly soft. However, after absorbing a Candle Dragon spirit pearl, her power was actually as great as the power of a dragon. This slim and tender pair of hands of hers could release a destructive power anytime.

Nevertheless, in a moment like this, no violence was needed.

The two of them stood side by side, smilingly looking at Yao Mountain city which was about to be built up.

The construction wasn't completed yet, the city wall still in the form of liquid starry divine iron. The scorching red city wall had been releasing a terrifyingly great heat, even burning the ground red. As long as the city wall was built completely and the ten divine magic formations were all set up, Kua E and his brothers would withdraw their powers and the liquid starry divine iron would solidify immediately. After that, this magnificent city would be eventually formed.

By now, ninety-nine percent of the construction of the city wall was already done, but some important buildings inside the city were still under construction. Same as the city wall, these buildings were also cast from starry divine iron, and had powerful divine components buried in crucial spots. The Heaven and Earth great formation had to base on the combination of these buildings and the city wall.

Each one of these buildings echoed the moving tracks of stars in the sky and was connected with earth meridians underground. Although the great formation wasn't built up yet, its power had already started to show.

In the city and in Earl Yao's palace, a hundred-mile in radius lake that was around five kilometers deep had already been filled up by purple liquid. This purple liquid was thick and sticky, largely different from the texture of water. This liquid was a magical production of the combination of the star power and earth power. Star power came down from the sky while the earth power came up from underground through earth meridians. These two types of powers mixed together and compressed by the power of Heaven and Earth great formation. St last, they turned into this purple liquid accumulated in the pool.

The power contained in a single drop of this purple liquid equaled to the power contained in ten pieces of top-grade magic crystals.

Looking at waves of glowing red liquid starry divine iron pouring down from the sky and gradually forming multiple buildings, both Ji Hao and Shaosi showed a pleased smile on their faces while feeling warm and happy.

Half a month ago, Ji Hao abruptly attained an insight and his heart was enlightened by the light of wisdom. After that, he achieved a great improvement in the cultivation of the great Dao. Later, he found Man Man and Shaosi, straightforwardly telling them about the wishes of Zhu Rong and Candle Dragon Gui, and expressed his own willingness.

Shaosi generously accepted Ji Hao's proposal, and as for Man Man, she loudly claimed that 'Ji Hao was already hers since long ago.'Since then, the relationship between the three of them was settled formally, and people of Yao Mountain territory had already started to see Man Man and Shaosi as their first ladies.

’’Haha! Haha!’’ The loud laughter of Man Man came out, instantly tearing the quiet and warmth between Ji Hao and Shaosi apart. Heavy footsteps came next like rumbling thunders. No one knew which cave did Man Man drag a poor bear out from, but now, she happily grabbed the poor bear's neck and pulled it over.

’’Oi! Shaosi! Ji Hao! Look, this big bear is sleeping! His belly is even hollowed! So strange, we have bears in Southern Wasteland too, but I never saw them sleep during snowing days!’’ While yelling, Man Man excitedly shook that poor bear which was ten times bigger than Man Man in shapes, but still couldn't even move a little bit in Man Man's hands. All he could do was only let out sorrowful moans.

’’But Man Man, when did it ever snow in our Southern Wasteland?’’ Helplessly, Ji Hao looked at this over-energetic little girl and asked.

’’Ah! You're right, I remember, this is the first time I saw snow!’’ Man Man excitedly kicked that poor bear far away then feverishly howled out. She rushed hundreds of miles away with a few rises and falls and dashed into the thick layer of accumulated snow, frisking joyously.

Ji Hao helplessly patted his own head, turned to Shaosi and gave a bitter grin, said, ’’Can you make Man Man learn to be more gentle when you have the time?’’

Shaosi narrowed her eyes and giggled, then said to Ji Hao with a soft voice, ’’Aren't you afraid that I would learn to be like Man Mna?’’

Ji Hao's face instantly twisted and disappointedly, he turned to Yao Mountain city.

A fresh gust of wind came, and Po walked out of it with one step and a serious look. He was holding a jade tablet in his hand while he said to Ji Hao in a deep voice, ’’Ji Hao, I'm leaving. For you and Luo Shan, I have stayed in Yao Mountain for a few years and now, the thing that I have been looking for all this time has appeared abruptly. Our people have already sent the message, and I have to head over now.’’

Ji Hao's look changed in shock. He looked at Po and asked, ’’What are you looking for? Do you need my help?’’

Po knitted his eyebrows, slightly shook his head and said, ’’I am looking for something, that is related to the great Dao of our Shifu, and uncles. You are not yet powerful enough to get involved in things like this at the stage. You shall settle down in here and concentrate on your cultivation!’’

Pondering for a short while, Po took out a small silk bag and handed it to Ji Hao and said, ’’These are some things I made, you shall keep them as a protection. Remember one thing, beware of Ten Sun Country and those Eastern Wasteland people.’’

Ji Hao raised his head, glancing at the nine three-legged Gold Crows floating and shining upon Yao Mountain, and asked in a deep voice, ’’Brother, do you mean that they will be trying to hurt me?’’

Shaosi stared at Po seriously, as a fierce aura of killing gradually emerged around her.

Again, Po pondered for a while, then slowly nodded and said, ’’A while ago when you were attaining your insight, a divine Magus from Ten Sun Country and thousands of warriors approached Yao Mountain. I stopped them. Whatever they were planning to do, it wouldn't be good for you. You have to be careful and cautious.’’

Ji Hao frowned his pair of eyebrows, seriously looked and Po and nodded.

Po cupped his hands and slightly, formally bowed to Ji Hao while continuing in a low voice, ’’Luo Shan, that disciple of mine, will be left under your care. I have already given him enough homework. Brother, supervise him for me every day... don't let him be lazy.’’

After telling Ji Hao the other few specific things that needed to be taken care of, Po's body flashed and transformed into a stream of air, rising directly into the sky and disappearing without leaving a trace in the blink of an eye.


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