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The Magus Era - Chapter 505


Chapter 505: Slating

Translator: Law Editor: AntiGod

Po didn't chase him, only sneering towards the back of Yi Shen, who was desperately fleeing.

Yi Shen tried crazily hard to flee with all of his power. A gale roared around his body as a pair of cyan-colored wings condensed from the gale spread out behind him, stirring the air and bringing up fierce gusts of wind that screamed all over the ground. The pair of wings brought his body up into the sky and allowed him to move over a thousand miles within a second.

After fleeing for big half an hour like a drowning moth, Yi Shen had already reached far away from Yao Shan territory. Finally, he spat a mouthful of blood and let out a few shrill howls in pain. divine Magus spirit blood surged in his body and healed the dented chest bone quickly, and soon, all wounds on his body had disappeared.

’’Priest Po, what a terrifying man!’’ Yi Shen turned around and glanced in the direction of Yao Mountain, seeming to still be in fear.

An immense wave of power suddenly surged out of the mountain in front of him. That dreadful power caught Yi Shen as easily as a giant caught a tiny bird, dragging him swiftly towards a corner of the mountain.

Yi Shen began screaming in shock and horror. The power that had locked his body was incredibly great, and no matter how hard he struggled, he couldn't move, not even a little bit. The so-called great power possessed by a peak-level divine Magus was just as vulnerable as an ant in front of this tremendous power.

In a twinkle, Yi Shen was dragged to a desolate valley. Before he could take a look at the surrounding environment, a golden fist roared over and heavily smashed on his lower abdomen.

A destructive power burst as terrifying as the eruption of a volcano. Not even a slight wound could be seen on Yi Shen's skin, yet his internal organs were all shattered into bits at that moment. With the incomparably strong life-force possessed by him as a divine Magus, his shattered internal organs were healed immediately, but the sharp and great pain made Yi Shen scream hysterically, making him nearly faint.

He was the most outstanding genius in Ten Sun Country among his generation. He started to be nourished by all kinds of top-grade magic medicines when he was still a fetus in his mother's womb, and after birth, he was treated even better. With the help of all the resources he had, he stepped into the level of divine Magus at the age of thirty.

However, to a great extent, his power came from all those nourishing medicines he took during the past decades, and Yi Shen had never really fought against someone who was equally powerful. Therefore, although he did have great power, his fighting will was no better than ordinary human beings.

For the above reasons, Yi Shen immediately left his warriors and fled desperately away after Po injured him pretty badly with a single strike. Also due to the above reasons, Yi Shen put down his dignity and started crying and howling because of the great pain caused by a heavy punch launched by someone else.

A large, smooth and cold hand that was as hard as a rock gripped Yi Shen's neck, violently pressing his head down into the accumulated snow. After that, the man who grabbed him clenched his other hand and threw a mad wave of punches on Yi Shen's body.

Wherever the man's fist reached, Yi Shen's bones blasted into pieces while his skin and muscles were smashed into meat paste. His internal organs were pretty much damaged as well. Large streams of blood gushed out of his body, melting the accumulated snow around him and turned the entire area into a blood-red mud pool.

At first, Yi Shen screamed and howled in pain. Later, he began crying and desperately begging for mercy, ’’Don't kill me! Don't kill me! I'll do whatever you want me to do! Stop! Stop! You're killing me!’’

Even though divine Magi had incredibly tough bodies and even their heads could regrow, those were all relying on the strong life-force and spirit blood. The life-force and spirit blood of divine Magi were not inexhaustible, and couldn't be consumed endlessly. Yi Shen was valued by his family and clan and was provided with all kinds of resources for his cultivation, because of which his spirit blood was much powerful and abundant than ordinary divine Magi by hundreds of times. Nevertheless, the power and amount of his spirit blood were still limited.

He was ruthlessly beaten up, and for countless times, his entire body was nearly completely damaged. He cured his own body continuously yet his body was ceaselessly damaged, over and over again. Yi Shen's divine Magus spirit blood was consumed speedily, and by now, it was almost used up.

If these kinds of destructive damages happened for a few more times to his body, Yi Shen might truly be beaten to death.

A heavy and violent kick landed on Yi Shen's ribs, which exploded as blood ejected out in huge streams. Yi Shen wailed himself hoarse in pain. That hand which had his neck locked was gone, and he rolled on the snowfield for nearly a hundred meters.

Tremblingly sat back up from the ground, took out a bottle of magic pills that were concocted especially for him by Ten Sun Country's Master Maguspriest, and hurriedly poured the pills into his own mouth. Those magic pills concocted from dragon marrow and hundreds of other kinds of precious materials were extremely effective. Within the short span of a few breaths, thriving life-force spurted out from Yi Shen's nostrils and all the consumed spirit blood of his had been replenished already.

After taking a few quick gasps for air and healing all wounds, Yi Shen quiveringly stood up, carefully casting a glance at the man who had just beaten him up.

Priest Corpse expressionlessly stood in the blood-red mud, staring at Yi Shen with a sinister look.

Lie Mountain Xu was standing under a tree around hundred meters away, looking at Yi Shen as well, and with a weird smile on his face as if he was actually taking pleasure in Yi Shen's misfortune. Standing on both sides of Lie Mountain Xu were Miao Feng and Qing Mei, the smiles on both of their faces seemed to be a bit weird.

’’Priest Corpse?’’ Yi Shen subconsciously said Priest Corpse's name, but then he quickly corrected himself. He politely saluted to Priest Corpse and said, ’’Shifu...What did I do wrong?’’

Priest Corpse looked at Yi Shen expressionlessly and responded, ’’What were you doing in Yao Mountain? Why did you provoke Priest Po? You want to die, fine, but if you ever dare to ruin the great plan of mine, I will certainly take your soul out of your body and torture it with the light of tranquil extinction for ten thousand years and make you suffer forever!’’

Yi Shen quivered instantly. Just now, Priest Corpse had already taken all of the pride and dignity he had as the Prince of Ten Sun Country by cruelly beating him up. Yi Shen kneeled directly on the ground and said tremblingly, ’’Zhu Rong...He gave those nine ancient Gold Crows to Earl Yao, Ji Hao... I, I... I just wanted to go warn Ji Hao... tell him to send the nine Gold Crows...’’

Priest Corpse slapped towards Yi Shen's face from tens of meters away. Following his move, a giant golden hand abruptly emerged in front of Yi Shen and heavily slapped his face, sending him flying away.

The giant golden hand pressed on Yi Shen's body and pushed him to a soaring cliff miles away. Yi Shen thudded against the cliff and the giant hand pressed down. The tremendous pressure given by the giant hand nearly crushed his body;countless cracks appeared on his body and blood spurted out like fountains. Being struck by the giant golden hand, the cliff collapsed rumblingly.

Yi Shen struggled back up from the ground and screamed hoarsely and miserably, ’’Shifu! Yi Shen Clan sent me to Pu Ban City for a reason. I have to...’’

Priest Corpse coldly looked at Yi Shen and rudely interrupted him, ’’Your mission is not important. Since you want an immortal life, you're now my disciple, and you have to do what I say!’’

’’Do not approach Earl Yao, do not draw his attention... especially, do not provoke Priest Po!’’ shouted Priest Corpse harshly, ’’After a while, someone will come to Pu Ban City and I want you to support him wholeheartedly. You are going to help him with the power of the entire Ten Sun Country.’’

’’If you succeed, you will get your immortal life the day my plan is accomplished, but if you act wildly against my will again and ruin the great plan of our sect, even the extinction of your soul would be too easy for you!’’

Priest Corpse said to Yi Shen in a cruel tone, then pointed at Lie Mountain Xu and said, ’’From now on, you are brothers. For many things, you shall listen to your...Brother Xu!’’

Yi Shen opened his mouth but didn't say anything for quite a while.

Lie Mountain Xu cupped his hands towards Yi Shen in a complacent manner and said, ’’Brother, we should help each other in the future!’’

Qing Mei and Miao Feng laughed out together, and their laughs resounded across the air but were soon dissipated in the strong wind and falling snow.


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