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The Magus Era - Chapter 504


Chapter 504: A lesson

Translator: Law Editor: AntiGod

Followed by a muffled boom, the golden brick landed heavily on Yi Shen's face before he could even clearly see Po's move.

Yi Shen's body was extraordinarily tough. The golden brick smashed heavily on his face but only generated puffs of fire sparkles. Yi She's head slightly moved backward and the golden brick was bounced back nearly a hundred meter high, drifting back to Po's hands.

’’What a hard face!’’ Po said in surprise while conveniently swinging that golden brick.

That a foot in square golden brick wasn't a magic weapon or tool. Instead, it was just a metal block smelted from the pure and raw materials that Po collected when traveling across the world, and by the essence fire generated from Po's own body. The metal block was just stored by Po as a material for crafting tools.

Although the metal block wasn't yet a well-crafted magic weapon, with Po's power, the metal block made by him that seemed small was actually as heavy as three to five towering mountains. Even without too much power and simply throwing it down, the metal brick could easily smash even a mountain to bits.

However, Yi Shen was struck by the brick right on the face, but even then his face only turned slightly red. On the contrary, a deep and clear human-face-shaped dent appeared on Po's golden brick, looking exactly like Yi Shen's face.

Po was truly shocked. He knew that human Senior Magi had tough bodies, but Yi Shen seemed so young and his body was already so tough, which was completely beyond Po's expectation.

Judging from the soul power released from Yi Shen's body, he was less than a hundred years old, and yet he had such a tough body at this young age. Even back in the ancient era when the humankind was rising, Yi Shen could be counted as a true talent.

As for Yi Shen, he rubbed his own face which was now a bit numb, while glaring at Po. Angrily, his finger flicked swiftly in a row and in the next moment, thousands of invisible sword power streams zipped out.

Po wielded his sleeve and released a cyan layer of light, shielding himself behind. The wave of sword power hit on the light layer, only causing a few faint ripples in the air. It didn't even manage to make the cyan layer of light move slightly. Po then laughed and quickly wielded his pair of broad sleeves, letting out hundreds of golden bricks flying towards Yi Shen one after another.

Loud bangs could be heard endlessly. Those golden bricks made from pure metal materials smashed loudly on Yi Shen's face one after another, making Yi Shen temporarily lose his eyesight and feel dizzy as hell. He madly waved his arms but failed to keep even a single brick out.

He was the most respectful Prince of Ten Sun Country, and although Po's golden bricks couldn't hurt him, being ceaselessly slapped by someone with bricks was just too humiliating. Yi Shen growled out in rage;he swiftly moved his body, leaving shreds of afterimages in the air and dodging among the fierce winds and falling snow at his highest speed.

However, Po's fingers flicked quickly and slightly. Under his control, those heavy golden bricks seemed to be as light as butterflies, rotating around Yi Shen's body. No matter how fast he dodged, those golden bricks still slapped on his face one after another.

Constantly dripping water could eventually make a hole out of a rock. Despite the fact that Yi Shen's face was much tougher than a rock, no water could be compared to Po's golden bricks. One or two strikes might not hurt Yi Shen and a hundred or two hundred strikes might still not harm him. Yet, Yi Shen could never stay perfectly unharmed under the storm-like fierce wave of golden bricks smashing madly on his face under Po's control.

Within the span of a few breaths, Po's golden bricks had smashed on Yi Shen's face for tens of thousands of times.

Yi Shen's face was smashed swollen and his ears began buzzing loudly. The golden bricks caused loud thunderous bangs against his body, and those bangs burst right inside his ears wave after wave without an end, making him feel utterly miserable.

Although he wasn't truly harmed, it was way too humiliating!

When did the Prince of Ten Sun Country ever suffer bullying like this?!

’’Stop! Priest Po, just stop!’’ Yi Shen suddenly realized something. 'Priest Po,'didn't this name sound similar to the name of that mysterious Priest Corpse, who had promised him with an immortal life? Priest Corpse was so powerful, and clearly, this Priest Po was hard to deal with too.

Therefore, Yi Shen hurriedly yelled out, angrily telling Po to stop.

Po wielded his hand and following his move, the hundreds of golden bricks flew back into his sleeve. He smilingly held both of his hands inside his sleeves, mildly and slightly bowed to Yi Shen and said, ’’Brother, if you have something to say, you should just say it. Why did you have to launch an attack? You see, your face is broken!’’

Hearing Po, Yi Shen finally sensed a burning pain from his face. He hurriedly raised his hand and wiped his own face. Just as Po said, his face was all swollen and had quite a few wounds on it. Warm fresh blood had been flowing out from those wounds.

’’You!’’ Yi Shen's face turned purple from anger. He gasped deeply and activated his divine Magus spirit blood, healing those few tiny wounds on his face quickly. He pointed at Po, body trembling in rage. He wanted to say something back to Po but was afraid that he might end up in an embarrassing shape like he did just now.

Remaining silent for a while, Yi Shen thought that Priest Corpse had warned him of a powerful man on Yao Mountain who even Priest Corpse himself dared not to provoke.

’’Priest Po, you attacked me for no reason. Why did you do that?’’ Forcibly restraining his anger, Yi Shen threw out the question.

’’My I ask your name?’’ Po smilingly looked at Yi Shen, not answering his question. Instead, Po asked his name.

’’I am Yi Shen, the Prince of Ten Sun Country!’’ Yi Shen proudly raised his head and responded, ’’In Yi Shen[1] Clan of Ten Sun Country, only the most powerful, talented descendant of each generation can be qualified to be named after Yi Shen!’’

’’Ten Sun Country, Ten Sun Country of the Eastern Wasteland!’’ Po knitted his eyebrows, then turned around and glanced at the nine enormous Gold Crow's bodies floating upon Yao Mountain.

Yi Shen's pupils suddenly shrunk to the size of a needle point. Po turned back and looked at those Gold Crow bodies, this made Yi Shen see a perfect opportunity to launch the attack. A dense cyan-colored mist rose from behind him nearly a hundred meter high, within which, a longbow appeared that was tightly gripped in his hand.

His fingers locked on the bowstring and pulled the longbow open. Next, a dazzling golden arrow emerged on the bowstring.

’’Die!’’ Yi Shen gave a malicious grin and loosened his fingers. The golden arrow zipped towards Po at lightning speed, bringing up a long golden streak.

Meanwhile, thousands of silhouettes simultaneously emerged from the strong wind and falling snow. Thousands of Ten Sun Country's elite archers who followed Yi Shen here pulled their longbows open together. In the next moment, a tremendous wave of arrows was released, surging like a heavy rain. Thousands of archers released their arrows together, and within a second, tens of thousands of arrows flew towards Po, each following a special track and all in well-arranged sequence.

’’Reckless!’’ Po snorted coldly. He had been a gentle person all the time but now, he was truly enraged. Suddenly, his body flashed and transformed into a stream of mist, disappearing completely.

The overwhelming wave of arrow paused in the air, and next, all arrows silently blasted out into large puffs of powders, dissipating along the wind.

Flashing across the air, Po showed up right before Yi Shen's face. A pair of eight angled hammers were held in his hands. The pair of hammers started a dark storm of natural power while violently striking on Yi Shen's chest one after another, along with a dreadful swishing noise.

Bang! Bang! Yi Shen vomited blood intensely. His chest was dented and he was sent flying backward for tens of miles, heavily thudding against the ground. A large stream of blood ejected out of his mouth, after which, Yi Shen leaped up, turned around and rushed away at his highest speed without saying a word.

After fleeing over ten miles away, Yi Shen finally let out a hoarse scream to his warriors.

’’Run! Run!!’’

Thousands of Ten Sun Country's elite archers shouted out in both fear and shock together. At the same time, they all turned around and fled desperately, just like a group of badly frightened old hens, crazily dashing on the snowfield.


[1]Yi Shen: The author didn't give a clear explanation to this name, but in context, I think Yi Shen as a name that actually refers to 'Houyi' (后羿), formerly romanized as Hou-i, who was a mythological Chinese archer. He was also known simply as Yi (羿). He is sometimes portrayed as a god of archery descended from heaven to aid mankind. In Chinese lore, when 10 suns rose from the Earth and scorched the fields, turning the world into a wasteland, Houyi shot down 9 of the 10 suns, leaving the last one alive. The 9 murdered Gold Crows mentioned in earlier chapters of this book could be referring to the 9 ancient suns.


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