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The Magus Era - Chapter 503


Chapter 503: Insight

Translator: Law Editor: AntiGod

Zhu Rong showed up abruptly, generously leaving nine Gold Crow bodies and walked right away, not even saying a word to Man Man.

Looking at the stream of fiery light left in the sky by Zhu Rong, Ji Hao stood on top of the mountain and couldn't say a word for quite a long while. Zhu Rong and Candle Dragon Gui, these two old men had sent all those warriors and treasures over. It seemed that they were resolved to bond their daughter and female disciple with Ji Hao, weren't they?

’’I had heard about a lot of rapes, but didn't think that someone would be forced to marry like this...’’ A bit helplessly, Ji Hao looked at the nine Gold Crow bodies floating in the midair, which had been releasing inexhaustible light and heat, unable to figure out the reason why.

After a very, very long while, Ji Hao suddenly realized something. He took a slow glance in the direction of Po's cave, seeming to think about something.

He gained the favor from Zhu Rong and Candle Dragon Gui so suddenly. Without a doubt, they had already discovered some of Ji Ha's secrets through the sword formation Yu Yu lent to him, hadn't they? They already knew that Ji Hao was Yu Yu's disciple. Otherwise, Yu Yu's sword formation would never end up in Ji Hao's hands.

Both Zhu Rong and Candle Dragon Gui were old monsters whose ages no one knew. The history of Zhu Rong family and Candle Dragon Clan was long enough as well, both existing since the prehistorical era and lasted till present. It was completely reasonable for Zhu Rong and Candle Dragon Gui to know about Yu Yu.

But, Man Man and Shaosi...

’’They are both good girls, but can I be counted as a good man?’’ Ji Hao sat on top of the mountain with his legs crossed. His primordial spirit came out of his body and floated over his head, while the power of his primordial spirit was fully activated. Then, he began questioning his own heart. The light spot of wisdom in his primordial spirit shone deeply into his heart, and quietly, Ji Hao retrospected his previous and current life, questioning himself about the most original thoughts deep down his heart.

The light released from the nine Gold Crow bodies lit the entire space, while a warm power ceaselessly surged into Ji his body.

Although the souls had perished, the bodies of these nine Gold Crows remained alive. The golden light released by them contained pure life-force, absorbing part of which along with power released from the nine Gold Crow bodies made the figure of Ji Hao's primordial spirit turn much clearer than before.

Spots of cyan light slowly emerged from around Ji Hao's primordial spirit. On each light spot, a slight trace of complicated and profound natural patterns had been forming gradually. Ji Hao only felt that he was sitting in the prehistorical universe and surrounding him was an inexhaustible light. His cultivation was improving speedily;the result he gained through this short while of deep contemplation was as valuable as the achievements he made through years of severe cultivation.

’’Insight?’’ In the quiet valley, and in front of a cave, Po quickly stood up and smilingly looked at the mountaintop where Ji Hao was sitting on.

’’Those nine large fiery birds were indeed destined to meet you, brother. This is wonderful.’’ Po couldn't help but grin in delight and said, ’’In this case, the base of your great Dao, my brother, is lying on this small sun of yours. It's just that, my brother, you're cultivating as a Magus and a Daoist Priest at the same time. What an interesting journey would you make on your way pursuing the great Dao?’’

Giving a few laughs, Po patted the backside of his own head. A cyan-colored cloud emerged upon his head, on top of which, a fist-sized, cyan colored lotus bloomed swayingly. Next, the lotus swiftly transformed into a cyan stream of light and surged straight up to the sky, lithely turning in the air and melting with Ji Hao's primordial spirit.

Ji Hao's primordial spirit rippled like the water for a few times, after which the cyan lotus melted within it. Meanwhile, Po's understanding regarding the great Dao taught by Yu Yu, transformed into countless tadpole-like ancient characters and symbols, slowly merging with Ji Hao's primordial spirit.

Ji Hao only felt that his mind had never been clearer than this before. Under the light given by the nine Gold Crow, the understanding he had regarding the great Dao taught by Yu Yu suddenly grew much deeper.

The nine Gold Crows floating in midair kept on releasing a dazzling golden light and shining on the entire area. One could even see the golden-red light ten-thousand miles away. Countless Yao Mountain people kneeled on the ground, kowtowing to the nine enormous Gold Crows floating in the sky, worshiping them solemnly.

For an unknown reason, these people felt more confident and loyal to this Yao Mountain territory. Some of them even turned their loyalty and confidence into a passionate faith, and all started to eulogize Ji Hao for his greatness.

Pure power streams of faith continuously surged into Ji Hao's body from a great distance away. Being nourished by this magical power of faith, the cyan light spots emerged from around Ji Hao's primordial spirit more frequently than before. More and more cyan light spots emerged and soon combined into a thin layer of light, covering the entire primordial spirit up.

A spot of clear cyan light emerged from upon Ji Hao's primordial spirit, dripping down from the top of its head, dropping across the entire spirit like a drop of liquid silver, settling on the bottom at last.

The hazy primordial spirit of his was like an empty container, and after this pure cyan light spot had emerged, it had instantly been added with some vivid colors and a mystical sense.

’’The power of faith belongs to the humankind. The fortune given by nature...just as magical as I heard.’’ Po stood in front of his cave and watched the cyan light spot emerge in Ji Hao's primordial spirit, and couldn't help but praise, ’’Shifu has many disciples under his guidance. From the condensation of primordial spirit to the primordial spirit leaving the body and wandering around, to the condensation of this, very first spot of light of great Dao... even those talented and powerful few disciples of Shifu had spent around thirty years of severe cultivation to achieve all this. But how many years has brother Ji Hao been studying on Yu Yu's Daoist magic?’’

Abruptly, Po's look changed as he growled deeply out.

’’How dare you? Want to die?!’’ Po's body then flashed across the air and transformed into a gust of wind and swiftly blew out.

Under Yao Mountain, Yi Shen had been dashing speedily in the fierce wind, as fast as a roaring arrow. A human-shaped long trace was left where he moved across, and all snowflakes that drifted near this trace were shattered into powder by the invisible fierce intent.

This straight human-shaped trace started from the top of another mountain, which was thousands of miles away, and pointed straight to the top of Yao Mountain where Ji Hao was. If no one showed up to stop Yi Shen, he would show up directly in front of Ji Hao.

However, because of what Zhu Rong said and what Zhu Rong and Candle Dragon Gui had done recently, Ji Hao and now fallen into a state of gaining an insight. In this state, he could grow understanding regarding the great Dao of nature and question his own heart in the meanwhile. And at last, a light spot of true wisdom would emerge from his primordial spirit and lighten the surrounding environment. This state was extremely hard to get into. If Yi Shen disturbed Ji Hao and cause him to break out from this state, God knew how many years Ji Hao would have to wait for another chance like this.

When Yi Shen reached a hundred mile away from Yao Mountain, a faint layer of cyan light suddenly appeared in front of him while he was swiftly moving forward.

Yi Shen snorted coldly and violently bumped against that cyan light. Once Yi Shen's body touched that light, he felt a soft yet great power coming right against him silently and forced him to stop moving. He even staggeringly stepped quite a few steps back.

Yi Shen was startled. He raised his head up and growled furiously, ’’Who is it?! Who dares to block my way?!’’

Po held his pair of hands in his sleeves and smilingly walked out of the fierce wind and drifting snow.

He mildly, slightly bowed to Yi Shen, and said with a nice smile on his face, ’’My brother, I am a mundane cultivator, and my name is Priest Po...Nice to meet you.’’

Yi Shen gave a cold smile, then narrowed his eyes. Next, a completely silent stream of sword power surged straightly towards the spot between Po's eyebrows. Tens of snowflakes were immediately shattered by the fierce sword power and formed a clear track in the wind and among the falling snow.

Po snorted in a frosty tone. Meanwhile, the smile disappeared from his face.

He was just greeting and Yi Shen directly launched a deadly attack?

’’Humankind nowadays is just violent... how did your parents educate you?’’ Po growled in a deep voice then slapped both of his hands forwards along with a clear stream of light, easily dispelling that stream of sword power of Yi Shen.

A shining golden brick flew out from Po's sleeve, smashing towards Yi Shen's along with a muffled swooshing noise.


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