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The Magus Era - Chapter 502


Chapter 502: Story

Translator: Law Editor: AntiGod

Once the bodies of the nine enormous three-legged Gold Crows showed up, an overwhelmingly great positive power caught the attentions of Kue E and his brothers. The group of divine gods glanced over in surprise, then all began yelling.

’’Eh? Those nine old fire birds? Back then they died so miserably!’’

’’Hm, speaking of them, they were kinda related to my family!’’

’’Old fire monster, are you really willing to give out these nine treasures of yours? These are genuine treasures that had been cherished by your family for generations!’’

’’Eh? Truly willing to give out treasures like these? Ha, Earl Yao, although he's not as tall and strong as we are...’’

The group of divine gods shouted and yelled, and Zhu Rong turned around, nicely giving a warm smile to those big guys. Then all of a sudden, countless beams of fiery light dazzled out of his pair of eyes and violently burned those big guys' bodies, as Zhu Rong roared thunderously out.

’’Piss off! All of you!’’

Along with waves of sizzling noise, a smell of burnt skin spread out far away. The group of divine gods, who had thick and tough skins, all howled out in pain while slapping on the fire attached tightly to their bodies in haste. They then turned around and fled away swiftly. While running, they had still been complaining without an end.

Ji Hao raised his head and looked at the nine Gold Crows.

Back in Southern Wasteland and in the secret space hiding in the mulberry woods, there was one skeleton of a Gold Crow. Later, in order to make friends with Ji Hao, Zhu Rong Tonggong presented Ji Hao with hundreds of Gold Crow skeletons, which were stored by Zhu Rong Family.

However, no matter in terms of shape, appearance, sense of power and the degree of preservation, those Gold Crow skeletons could not be compared with these, nine three-legged Gold Crows, which had now been shining in front of Ji Hao. One could compare the power contained in those Gold Crow skeletons possessed by Gold Crow Clan currently to a magnificent towering mountain while these nine Gold Crows with an extending, huge mountain range of unperceivable height and covered in dense mist.

These nine Gold Crows had died countless years ago, yet the power vibration released from their bodies remained extremely strong and vibrant. At the same time, they looked extraordinarily beautiful. They maintained a gesture of diving down, seemingly targeted on a prey, and that fierce aura of killing released by them even made Ji Hao feel hard to look directly at them.

More astonishingly, despite the fact that they had died for God knew how many years, their hearts were still beating and their blood was still flowing. Their bodies had even been continuously absorbing natural power, ceaselessly transforming the natural power into scorching hot, sunlight-like like bright light, and emitting it out.

Additionally, their bodies were perfectly unharmed. Not a slight wound could be seen on their bodies. Ji Hao couldn't tell what had actually killed them back then.

’’They are...’’ Ji Hao looked at Zhu Rong in shock. The strong and warm power unceasingly surging into his body made him soak in sweat. The immense, scorching hot power released from the nine Gold Crows was like stored floodwater that finally found an outlet, which was Ji Hao's body. Automatically, the surging power wave gathered towards Ji Hao's body.

The hot power slightly flew in Ji Hao's body, then quickly transformed into his own power, surging along his meridians like flooding great rivers. Within the time span of a few breaths, the newly awakened ten-thousand Magus Acupoints of Ji Hao were filled up to an extreme extent. The power stored in each Magus Acupoints rotated round by round, continuously strengthening the Magus Acupoints.

New Magus Acupoints were swiftly filled up one after another. Newly grown power accumulated in those new Magus Acupoints like boiling lava, becoming thicker and thicker, greater and greater. Nourished by that power, Ji Hao's body condition was improving bit by bit at a sensible rate.

’’These are the first batch of Gold Crows in this world, born when the world was created. The ancestors of all Gold Crows and the other crow-kind creatures in this world are these nine.’’ Zhu Rong raised his head and looked at these nine three-legged Gold Crow, continuing blandly, ’’You came from Gold Crow Clan of the Southern Wasteland, and you are born with the special fire power that is originated from them. Therefore, although these nine Gold Crows have died for many years, the power released by their bodies can still be highly beneficial for you.’’

’’I didn't live through that period of time. But I heard that back in the ancient time, these nine Gold Crow were nearly invincible, and could rival all gods and devils in this world.’’

’’But eventually, they fell. Along the entire Gold Crow kind, they were all killed by someone else, only leaving a faint, inherited bloodline.’’

Carefully listening to the heartbeats of these nine Gold Crow, Ji Hao asked, ’’But their bodies are still alive, right?’’

Zhu Rong slowly nodded and said in a deep voice, ’’Yes, their bodies are still alive, but their souls have been destroyed by someone with the 'supreme sword intent.'Even though their bodies remained alive, their souls had died. That's why they had fallen eventually.’’

Snorting coldly, Zhu Rong gave a weird smirk and continued, ’’The one who killed them was planning to peel them and make them into a pot of soup, then eat them up. But just in time, the ancestor of my family passed by and thus, these nine Gold Crows became cherished treasures of my family ever since.’’

’’Passed by just in time?’’ Ji Hao suspiciously looked at Zhu Rong and asked.

Zhu Rong rubbed his own nose, then laughed embarrassedly and continued in that bland tone of his, ’’Hm, just passed by. Anyway, that killer had fought against these nine Gold Crows for a rather long span of time and was severely injured. Therefore, my ancestor managed to conveniently take these nine Gold Crow bodies.’’

’’Zhu Rong family possessed the Fire God bloodline. Therefore, all magical creatures in this world born with a nature of fire, including all kinds of animals and devil gods, all had a good relationship with my Zhu Rong family, including the Gold Crow Clan at that time.’’

’’The ancestral totem worshiped by Gold Crow Clan back then was the three-legged Gold Crow. Gold Crow Clan's original territory was in Eastern Wasteland, but after their ancestral totems were murdered by someone else, the Gold Crow Clan almost died out. My ancestor saved them, after which, the remaining one branch of the Gold Crow Clan fled to the Southern Wasteland.’’

Ji Hao widely opened his mouth and looked at Zhu Rong in shock.

Gold Crow Clan's original territory was in Eastern Wasteland? And because the oldest, most powerful nine Gold Crows were murdered, only one branch of clansmen of the ancient Gold Crow Clan managed to survive, fleeing to Southern Wasteland with the help of Zhu Rong family, and lived in there ever since?

’’This can also be counted as returning these Gold Crows' bodies to their original owner!’’ Zhu Rong smilingly looked at Ji Hao and said, ’’Before the Chi Ban Mountain war ended, I had already sent messages back to Zhu Rong Mountain and told them to send these nine Gold Crows over. These were delivered just a few days ago. I was planning to give these to you when you and Man Man got married, as a gift. But...some shameless old bastard!’’

Cursing Candle Dragon Gui again, Zhu Rrong continued a bit disappointedly, ’’But it's fine. When your Yao Mountain city is built up, these nine Gold Crow bodies can be placed in your city. By then, this Yao Mountain city of yours will look great and decent enough, and as Earl Yao, the owner of this place, you will seem to be more powerful and influential.’’

’’The one who killed these Gold Crows back then, who was it?’’ Ji Hao narrowed his eyes and asked.

’’The founder of Ten Sun Country, but he is long gone.’’ said Zhu Rong affirmatively, ’’But you know, things like hatred between clans...Ten Sun Country, I mean people like Ying Yunpeng and those clans under the influence of Ten Sun Country, they will not be friendly to you.’’

Ji Hao suddenly understood why those archers from Eastern Wasteland sneakily attacked him back when he just came to Pu Ban city and became an apprentice of the Magi Palace. After that, Shaosi and Taisi made their moves and cursed Ying Yunpeng's son and nephew to death. And since then, a hatred had grown between Ying Yunpeng and Ji Hao.

It turned out that all these didn't happen for no reason. Instead, the blood hatred existed all the time, since long, long ago.

No matter what the nine Gold Crows were murdered for, and whether it was right or wrong, Ji Hao had their bloodline in him. If Ten Sun Country's people wanted to bring troubles to him, he could only puff his chest out and fight back!


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