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The Magus Era - Chapter 501


Chapter 501: Totem

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Ji Hao stood on top of Yao Mountain, quietly looking at the busy building site of Yao Mountain city.

Large snowflakes had been fluttering down, but Kua E and his brothers were all soaked with sweat while treading on colorful clouds, growling rumblingly and dashing around. Stove-full of liquid starry divine iron ceaselessly poured down from the sky, seeming like a river in heaven flowing down to the human world. Under the divine power of those divine gods, the liquid iron transformed into sections of the scorching red wall.

From time to time, five-meter tall divine gods would rush over while gasping loudly and quickly. Three to five of them as a group carried enormous divine components over and violently smashed them into the wall, merging these gigantic divine components, that contained secret magics of the heaven, with the wall.

Those divine components seemed to be simply shaped and extra heavy. At first glance, they might look roughly crafted, but if one gave a closer look, one would find that every single line of each divine component could be considered marvelous. All of these divine components were lusterless, yet deeply inside these components, patterns of clouds and lightning bolts would flash across like streams of water.

Heaven and earth great formation, the combination of the ten top-grade divine magic formations of the ancient heaven, surely had a magical and tremendous power.

After these divine components merged with the heaven and earth great formation, in the future, Ji Hao's Yao Mountain city would not only have great defensive power, it would also possess a terrifyingly great attacking capability. The city would be tough enough to deal with a formidable army that had hundreds of millions of warriors.

Seeing Kua E and his brothers working so hard, Ji Hao couldn't help but silently guess what exactly had happened to the ancient heaven that caused these divine gods to descend to the human world and build cities for the humankind so conscientiously and hard.

Turning around, Ji Hao looked at the south. On the southern side of Yao Mountain's main peak and on a plain area by a river, tens of thousands of Candle Dragon Clan warriors had been building a foundation for a temporary residence.

Four divine Magi, sixteen Magus Kings and eight thousand Senior Magi, along with hundreds of thousands of elite clansmen;among these clansmen, even the weakest one was a high-level Junior Magus.

For an unknown reason, Candle Dragon Gui sent such a great army over, directly under Shaosi's command. Ji Hao had no idea what this was for.

Nevertheless, this was a good thing anyway. With all these people stationed in here, the military force of Yao Mountain territory had grown further stronger.

Separated from these Candle Dragon Clan people by a river, and in woods, those elite warriors sent by Zhu Rong had also been building houses. These two groups of people came one after another. Candle Dragon Clan people arrived only less than an hour later than Zhu Rong's people before they even managed to build their houses.

Shaosi and Man Man each led a batch of warriors, and had been quite busy on both sides of the river.

Shaosi had been managing the hundreds of thousands of people perfectly well with a clear division of work. Everyone had his or her specific job. Soon, a temporary town had roughly started to show its shape.

As for the thousands of elite warriors under Man Man's lead, they all seemed in a bit hurry-scurry. At first, those warriors were doing pretty well, but after Man Man stepped in and randomly gave out a series of orders, these warriors had lost their direction and the whole building site had fallen into a mess. The houses they built all seemed to be crooked and in irregular shapes.

’’Eh!’’ Ji Hao helplessly shook his head and gave a bitter smile.

'Well, just let them do whatever they want. All Candle Dragon Clan people and Zhu Rong's warriors are going to move into Yao Mountain city after it is built up anyway. This temporary residence of theirs can be allowed to be not so decent, and that doesn't matter.' thought Ji Hao.

All of a sudden, Ji Hao sensed a gentle yet warm sense of power coming from behind him. He hurriedly turned around and saw Zhu Rong, who was incomparably, breathtakingly handsome and wearing a long red cloak, standing behind him with a weird faint smile on the face. He truly was the current Fire God and the Great Libation of the humankind. Although Ji Hao's spiritual power remained activated all the time, he failed to notice how Zhu Rong actually showed up when he came.

Ji Hao hurriedly cupped his hands and saluted to Zhu Rong, ’’Great Libation!’’

’’Hehe,’’ Zhu Rong laughed, then gently looked at Ji Hao and said, ’’Don't be so formal, just call me Uncle Zhu Rong.’’

Ji Hao paused for a second, then laughed as well and called 'Uncle Zhu Rong' as Zhu Rong just said.

Zhu Rong satisfyingly nodded. He too two steps forward, held his hands behind his body, looking at the two building sites of Candle Dragon Clan people and his own warriors, which looked completely different. Abruptly, the handsome face of his twisted and his mouth corners twitched intensively downwards.

’’Eh, is the girl, the female disciple of that old bast*rd, Candle Dragon Gui... her name is Shaosi? She's indeed a smart and capable girl!’’ Zhu Rong coughed embarrassedly, then swung his arm up and pointed at the other side of the river and said, ’’But, my Man Man is also not bad, right?’’

Ji Hao grinned instantly. He nodded and responded, ’’Man Man is good indeed.’’

Zhu Rong nodded again in satisfaction. He then slapped heavily on Ji Hao's shoulder and said, ’’My, Zhu Rong's girl is surely good. So, I shall leave Man Man in your hands from now on... you cannot bully her. Eh, Candle Dragon Gui, that old bast*rd... he's indeed quite generous this time. Four divine Magi as his close guards, Huo, Yan, Fire, Yi...This old bast*rd, is he truly willing to send all of them over?’’

Hearing Zhu Rong, cold sweat oozed out of Ji Hao's forehead. What did he mean by 'I shall leave Man Man in your hands from now on'?

Snorting coldly for a few times, Zhu Rong continued blandly, ’’I also have an army of warriors in Pu Ban city. They are packing now, and later, they will come over along with that divine Fire Palace of mine. Since then, that army of warriors of mine will be under your direct command!’’

Zhu Rong turned around his palm and threw a fist-sized red tablet that was crafted in the shape of flame into Ji Hao's hand without giving Ji Hao a chance to reject. Then he said, ’’Among them, eight are divine Magi, twenty-four are Magus Kings while the rest twelve thousand are Senior Magi. They were mine, your dear uncle's close guards when I was in Pu Ban city. But hereafter, they are all yours!’’

Faintly, Ji Hao sensed something didn't feel right. He glanced at Zhu Rong, then looked at those Candle Dragon Clan people around Shaosi, and instantly realized something. He then gave a few embarrassed laughs and asked, ’’You and elder Candle Dragon, what, what are you doing exactly?’’

Zhu Rong wielded his broad sleeve and laughed out loud while saying, ’’Dowry! Didn't you see? That old bast*rd is so shameless, sending so many people straight over here. Only me, your dear uncle, still had some sense of shame at first and...But thinking about it, these days what good can a sense of shame possibly do? As long as you're powerful enough, you're a decent man. As for things like sense of shame, hehe!’’

Punching hard on Ji Hao's chest, who was nearly transfixed, Zhu Rong continued in a bland tone, ’’So I'll leave Man Man in your hands. When she gets older, you shall have your babies as soon as possible. That girl, Shaosi, she's also good. You shall just marry her too. Otherwise, I wouldn't know how to negotiate with that old bast*rd, Candle Dragon Gui...that old bast*rd...’’

Cursing angrily, Zhu Rong wielded his hand and a sphere of fire slowly flew out of his sleeve as he said, ’’This Yao Mountain city of yours is not bad. You have invited these big guys to build the city for you... right choice. I'm heading back to Southern Wasteland, and this is a small gift to your Yao Mountain City.’’

Nine entirely golden red dead bodies of three-legged Gold Crows that had the wing span of ten to fifteen thousand meters, slowly flew out from Zhu Rong's sleeve.

The nine Gold Crows floated upon the top of Yao Mountain and immediately, a great heat was released as a bright light lit the entire area up. Within the area of ten miles in radius, the snow was evaporated and the wind ceased, as a purely positive, warm power spread quickly. Ji Hao only felt that a great heat had shrouded his body and next, the power contained in his body was suddenly activated.

Following by a loud series of popping noise, under the Gold Crow's glow, Ji Hao momentarily woke up over ten thousand new Magus Acupoints up!

’’These nine Gold Crows can be the totems of your Yao Mountain territory!’’ Zhu Rong said while generously waving his hand.


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