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The Magus Era - Chapter 500


Chapter 500: Dowry

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Back in Pu Ban city, near Emperor Shun's Town Hall was an old woods of pine trees. Among those pine trees with thick and twisted branches that looked like countless dreadful monsters, a crooked cottage was standing alone beside a tens of meters in radius, dark green pool that was covered by duckweed.

The woods, the cottage and the pool all had been giving an unspeakably old feeling, even the old frog lying on a lotus leaf right in the middle of the pool seemed ancient. The gray eyeballs of that old frog moved occasionally, and every time it did that, it seemed to weirdly say,' I am getting tired of living.'Everything was weird in here.

Candle Dragon Gui was squatting in front of the cottage, looking at a small black snake which had been lazily swimming under the duckweed.

The black snake had a strange body shape, a human fist-sized head of its was attached to its chopstick-thick body. With the first glance, its head seemed similar to that of a flood dragon, and it indeed had four tiny claws under its belly. If it weren't for its strange body proportions, this small black snake would truly look like a black flood dragon.

Instead of the pair of eyes of the black snake were two blazing green fires. It didn't have eyeballs, those that two blazing green fires, emitting a dim and spooky green light, flashing across the dark-green pool water. The longer one looked at it, the weirder and scarier it would feel.

From time to time, this black snake would close its eyes and instantly, the entire pine wood, which was facing a heavy snow, would dim down. The outside remained in bright daylight, but inside the woods, it was like dusk. All the light had gone dim as the black snake closed its eyes,

When the twelve Fire God warrior commanders and the three thousand and six hundred elite Fire God warriors sent out by Zhu Rong trod on fiery cloud and swooshed across the air, Candle Dragon Gui, who seemed to have an absence of mind at the moment, suddenly stood up and raised his head to look at them.

’’Eh? Looks quite nice... what does that old fire monster want to do?’’ Two brightly green spheres of fire swooshed up from Candle Dragon Gui's eyes. The green fire in his eyes was exactly the same as the green fire blazing in the black snake's eyes. Countless twisted spell symbols floated in the green fire and had been rotating;all spell symbols were dark as ink, seeming to devour every single stream of light in the world.

He turned his palm around and abruptly, a new turtle shell appeared in Candle Dragon Gui's hand.

The black snake reached its head out of the water surface, opened its jaws and let out a green stream of fire towards Candle Dragon Gui. He put the turtle shell on the green fire and burned it for a while. Soon, a few tiny cracks emerged from the turtle shell along with a series of cracking noise.

Candle Dragon Gui's finger gently stroked across those cracks. Following a shrill noise that came from an unknown source, wisps of green smoke gradually puffed up from where Candle Dragon Gui's fingertips and the turtle shell made contact. His body slightly quivered, then he put that turtle shell back into his sleeve, raised his head again and looked at that army of Fire God warriors, which had already flown away, only leaving a faint trace of fiery light. He then gave a mysterious smile.

’’Yo, yo, yo, not long ago he was saying that Ji Hao was not yet good enough for his daughter, but now he's in such a rush to send people over there. Is he truly seeing Ji Hao as his son-in-law already? Well, that's totally understandable... he might generate a relationship with that man after all, hehe!’’

Candle Dragon Gui grinned so hard that even those deep wrinkles on his face had been flattened while murmuring, ’’However, that little girl of yours is still young. As for her temper...Ah,’’ Clicking his tongue, he continued, ’’Speaking of being a mother...Earl Yao is the owner of a million-mile radius piece of land after all. As his wife and the first lady of his land, the girl best be quiet and clever, and help Earl Yao to administrate all kinds of domestic affairs.’’

While shrugging, Candle Dragon Gui coughed slightly. He then lowered his head and asked that small black snake with a gentle voice, ’’Old pal, if the first lady of Earl Yao's land ends up to be as wild as a monkey, carrying a pair of huge hammers and smashing everyone she doesn't like... do you think that would be possible?’’

The black snake blinked its eyes, and after a while, a cold and hoarse voice slowly came from inside his body, ’’I like energetic and strong women. Do you disagree with my words?’’

Candle Dragon Gui's grinning face instantly froze. He stared at the black snake for a while and at last shouted angrily, ’’Old monster, those three main tendons of yours deserved to be broken by the dragon emperor's daughter for flirting with her! For the rest of your life, you can just dribble towards that female dragon!’’

The black snake giggled with a frosty voice, then said in a weird, slightly skittish tone, ’’You old bast*rd... I do like that kind of woman, what can you do to me? That old girl will...lay eggs for me and hatch my babies sooner or later!’’

Candle Dragon Gui snorted coldly, then turned around and walked into the cottage.

Looking from the outside, this cottage of Candle Dragon Gui was merely five meters in radius and could contain three to five people at most. However, once one walked inside, one would find a magical world actually hiding in it. Inside the cottage was a magnificent palace, entirely made from black gold. Surrounding the palace were countless brightly glowing pearls floating in the air and slowly rotating around the palace, just like stars in the sky.

A dense black mist had been spreading within the palace, and in the seemingly boundless palace, numerous human silhouettes could be seen standing in the black mist. Every single one of those human silhouettes had been giving out a weird and mysterious feeling, along with a strong power vibration that could make anyone feel hard to breathe.

Candle Dragon Gui walked deeply into the palace and sat down on a large chair that was purely black and decorated with nine embossed dragons while gasping quickly.

He grabbed a tablet, which was placed on the small golden table in front of the large chair, then slapped it loudly against the golden table.

Followed by a loud buzzing noise, countless people standing in the palace simultaneously got down on one knee, silently saluting to Candle Dragon Gui. Next, they raised their heads, showing their dark and deep eyes which had green fire blazing in them, while silently staring at Candle Dragon Gui.

’’Candle Dragon Huo, Candle Dragon Yan, Candle Dragon Fire and Candle Dragon Yi, the four of you listen to my order. I order you to lead our warriors and head to the Yao Mountain. Hereafter, you will be under Shaosi's command. You, from your skin to your bones, from your blood to your flesh, from every single hair of yours to the clothes and armors worn by you, to the weapons you're carrying, even to your families, your sons, grandsons, and generations of descendants... will all be Shaosi's personal warriors.’’

The four warriors, who were nearly ten meters tall, muscular and even apparently a bit sturdier than the Jia Clan big warriors, responded with resonant growls. They then thudded both of their knees heavily against the ground and kowtowed loudly to Candle Dragon Gui for three times.

’’By the way, take this Candle Dragon altar with you. Tell Shaosi that this is her dowry that I have prepared for her, and when she gets married, this altar, a great treasure, will be presented to her husband.’’ Candle Dragon Gui waved his hand while speaking. A small altar made from black and white bones and entirely wrapped in a dense mist flew out, being caught by a warrior with his hand.

Ten minutes later, the four close guards of Candle Dragon Gui who were at the level of divine Magi and had served him for thousands of years, led sixteen Magus Kings and eight-thousand elite Senior Magi warriors of the Candle Dragon Clan, along with over three hundred thousand families of theirs. They started treading on a black cloud and flew towards the northeast in a formidable array.

In front of human emperor's Town Hall, Zhu Rong, who had been smilingly chatting to a human minister, suddenly darkened his face while angrily raising his head and glancing at that black cloud.

’’A man who has outlived his usefulness is not a decent man...You old bast*rd!’’ Abruptly, Zhu Rong pointed at the black cloud and cursed relentlessly.

In the old pine wood, Candle Dragon Gui had squatted back by the pool, quietly looking at that small black snake.

After quite a long while, he suddenly started giggling, then said, ’’Do you really think that I'm gonna die and know nothing? Hehe, once I saw that sword formation, I know that the boy, Ji Hao, had gotten a giant luck.’’

Clicking his tongue, Candle Dragon Gui continued, ’’Old pal, do you think that I am a bit marrying my own female disciple to someone to establish a relationship with someone else?’’

The small black snake reached its head out of the water, looking at Candle Dragon Gui honestly and responded, ’’To be honest, the sense of shame, what good can it do anyways?’’

’’As long as you can get some benefits... For benefits, if you have to be shameless, then just be shameless. Who cares?’’


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