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The Magus Era - Chapter 497


Chapter 497: Warm Fragrance

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Leaving the meeting hall, Ji Hao walked to his residence along the rough path opened up on the mountainside, against the roaring wind and falling snow.

Yao Mountain city was still under construction, and Ji Hao didn't want to spend too much money and time on building a temporary residence. Therefore, he and the other leaders of his territory, such as Man Man and Shaosi, had been simply living in caves excavated on the mountainside.

Next to the three-foot-wide plank road, was a hundreds of meters deep cliff. Fierce winds roared over from all directions along with huge flakes of snow. The wide plank road didn't have a fence, and the wind and snow would directly strike on the bodies of the people walking on the road, seeming to roll anyone walking there away like a withered leaf.

Ji Hao held his hands behind his body and stood by the plank road, silently looking at the building site of Yao Mountain City.

Although it was dark, the tens of gigantic stoves floating upon clouds were still letting out raging fires, even burning half the sky red. Large amounts of precious raw materials had been ceaselessly thrown into the stoves, transforming into liquid starry divine iron, flowing out in streams.

The foundation of the city wall was done, and at this stage, newly arrived raw materials had all been smelting into starry divine iron and the city wall was being cast. Kua E and the other divine gods had been striding around the steaming hot, newly cast city wall, ceaselessly letting out enormous divine spell symbols and printing them on the wall.

Apart from smelting starry divine iron, these divine gods had also made a large number of divine components in those stoves. These divine components had simple and primitive shapes and were decorated with beautiful patterns. Each piece of these divine components had been glowing with a splendid light and contained supremely great power.

A complete heaven and earth great formation had to be composed by over a hundred thousand pieces of divine components like these.

Even with Kua E and his brothers' immense powers and the great capacities of those giant stoves, the casting work of those divine components would still take quite a few years. Ji Hao only wished that with such a tremendous cost, Kua E and his brothers could build him a truly great city that would satisfy him enough.

Silently watching for a while, Ji Hao slowly walked to his residence along the planked road.

A few frosty Xiao birds slowly flew across in the distance. A few of the first batch of disciples Ji Hao had taken, who had already learned how to absorb the natural powers and grown a bit of power in their own bodies, were sitting on the backs of those Xiao birds, hands pressed on longbows and vigilantly looking around.

Ji Hao didn't take these disciples for letting them enjoy their lives. Instead, he was seeing these children as his strength and in the future, no matter in wars between the humankind and non-humankind or in conflicts between great forces of the humankind, they would all be playing significant roles.

Therefore, although these disciples of his were young and not yet powerful, Ji Hao had been retraining them with the most strict military rules already. Each day, these children would take turns to stand sentry and do the night watch;their daily lives were exactly like real soldiers.

Glancing at the few disciples who had been vigilantly looking around and daring not be even slightly careless, Ji Hao silently praised them. He kept walking towards his own cave along the plank road without disturbing them.

Walking up along the road for over five-hundred meters, there was a hundred-meter in square flat area on the mountainside, which connected with the mountainside via a two-leaf stone door. Behind the door was where Ji Hao lived.

A clear layer of light shrouded the stone door. This was a magic among the magics Yu Yu taught Ji Hao, named Yu Yu's divine light. This divine light was powerful and flexible and had many different usages. After Ji Hao condensed his primordial spirit with his soul power and severely practiced for a rather long period under Po's guidance, he finally successfully cast Yu Yu's divine light a month ago.

The seemingly thin layer of Yu Yu's divine light was in fact extremely tough. With Ji Hao's current power, the divine light cast by him could withstand an attack launched by tens of peak-level Senior Magi joint handedly without breaking. By setting this protective divine light outside his own residence, Ji Hao didn't really intend to prevent stealing, as he didn't have any pricey thing in his cave. Instead, it was purely because of the desire to chase things for fun he had as a teenager, he wanted to just practice the divine light which was a newly-learned magic.

His body flashed across the air and a clear stream of spread on his body. Next, Ji Hao walked through the divine light outside and reached the door.

Wielding his right hand, the foot-thick stone door silently opened, as a warm and attractive fragrance surged straight to his face.

Ji Hao knitted his brows right away. He grew up in Southern Wasteland jungle and had gotten used to the natural and original scent of the jungle since long ago. Therefore, his never lit any incense in his cave and neither did he have any scented thing in his residence. Where did this fragrance come from?

Clang! Ji Hao released the Flame Dragon Sword, and a raging fire rose from his Gold Crow cloak. He was preparing to take action at any moment.

Mr. Crow stood on Ji Hao's head and stretched his pair of wings as his pair of blood-red eyes shone with a sharp light. He too seemed ready to zip out and launch attacks on enemies anytime. The pair of magic fire snakes had changed their adorable looks as well;they opened their jaws largely, showing their long, thin and curved poisonous teeth shining brightly under the fiery light. A few sticky drops of venom hanging on their teeth seemed to transform into mist and spray out in a flash.

’’Who's in there?’’ Ji Hao shouted coldly.

’’Lo...Lord!’’ A weak footstep came from inside the cave. It was the girl who had been kidnapped by Tie Lang and his people and presented to Ji Hao, ending up being snatched away by Man Man. She was wearing a white fox-fur overcoat, tremblingly walking out of the cave.

This girl was extraordinarily beautiful, and today, she had cleaned herself. Her smooth and shining hair was hanging loosely on her back, making her face look even whiter and more delicate. Ji Hao didn't know where she got that fox-fur overcoat from. The wide overcoat wrapped around her slim body. Added with that magical fragrance emitted from her body, all of this had actually made Ji Hao want to tear her coat into pieces and take a look at her body underneath it.

’’How did you get in my cave?’’ Ji Hao looked at the girl and asked in a frosty tone. He had a deep impression of this girl because that fragrance emitted from her body was quite unique. However, after Man Man snatched her away, Ji Hao had forgotten about her. She was just a girl that Ji Hao didn't even ask the name of, how could she possibly have anything to do with Ji Hao, and why wouldn't Ji Hao forget about her?

The girl took out a cyan-colored jade talisman from her sleeve and said in a soft voice, ’’I took this jade talisman from Master Man Man.’’

Ji Hao glanced at that jade talisman. After he had learned how to cast Yu Yu's divine light, he sealed his own cave with the divine light but was worried that Man Man might smash his cave with her hammers if she couldn't come in when she wanted. So he made Man Man, Shaosi and rest of his teammates each a jade talisman for them to come into his cave any time they wanted.

This jade talisman was indeed the one that belonged to Man Man. It had been carried around by Man Man for a couple of days and already had a trace of Fire God power that solely belonged to Man Man.

’’Why is Man Man's talisman in your hand?’’ Ji Hao continued that frosty tone.

This girl was so beautiful and attractive, and that fragrance emitted from her body would generate many fanciful thoughts in any man's head. Yet, what kind of man Ji Hao was?

In his previous life, his name was Qing Long, and he would seek revenge for the smallest grievances. The number of beautiful women who had died in his hands was not small at all.

’’Lord, you mercifully saved me from the hands of those beast-like bandits, I have nothing to give in return, only to devote my body to you.’’ The girl quiveringly looked at Ji Hao with a pair of watery eyes, which were faintly sparkling with a layer of soft and warm light.

Her body then slightly shook and abruptly, the fox-fur overcoat worn by her fell down. A dense fragrance came right at Ji Hao's face making him feel dazzled. Next, he saw an extremely beautiful, flawless body of a young girl exposed right before his face without any cover.

’’Lord, I am willing to do anything for you... please pity me!’’ The girl spread her arms then rushed into Ji Hao's arms.


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