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The Magus Era - Chapter 495


Chapter 495: Immortality

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A thousand miles away and on top of a towering mountain, Lie Mountain Xu was wearing a luxurious cloak made from white peacock feathers, coldly looking at Yao Mountain.

’’Can that sweet-scented girl truly get that kid?’’ After looking for a while, Lie Mountain Xu curiously turned to Miao Feng, who was standing beside him and asked.

’’How can that kid possibly survive the great magic of our sect?’’ Miao Feng, who now had a cold and lifeless vibe, smiled faintly, then proudly raised her head and said. Although she had already lost her nature, the inherent pride of the phoenix-kind still existed deeply in her heart.

She looked at the falling snow and said in an ice-cold voice, ’’That sweet-scented girl, as long as Ji Hao gets her laid once, she would be pregnant for sure. According to the rules of your humankind, her child would reasonably become an inheritor of the title of Earl Yao. Till then...’’

Lie Mountain Xu narrowed his eyes, seeming to hesitate a bit, ’’It's not easy to kill that boy.’’

Qing Mei, who stood next to Miao Feng, smiled gently and responded in a soft voice, ’’You don't have to kill with a dagger. As long as Ji Hao accepted that sweet-scented girl, his life and death would be held in her hands. A man obsessed with a girl and dying on her belly with exhaustion... for such a shameful way to die, even Emperor Shun wouldn't have the face to dig into it, would he?’’

Looking at that beautiful face of Qing Mei, Le Mountain Xu laughed out in satisfaction.

He abruptly wanted to thank Ying Yunpeng who had already passed away. If it weren't for the death of that old bastard, how would all these people with magical powers, who used to be Ying Yunpeng's friends, all come finding Lie Mountain Xu and help him deal with Ji Hao by all magical means?

’’What if I present a few sweet-scented girls to that guy, Lie Mountain Kang? What do you think?’’ Lie Mountain Xu suddenly thought of Lie Mountain Kang, who had been suppressing him so hard that he could barely breathe now. Lie Mountain Kang had made great contributions in Chi Ban Mountain war and was conferred with the noble title of Earl by Emperor Shun as well. In Lie Mountain Clan, Lie Mountain Kang's influence raised amazingly after the war. Based on the current situation, Lie Mountain Kang might succeed to the throne of the clan leader.

’’Since you, dear Prince, have mentioned it, then we shall do as you said!’’ Qing Mei narrowed her eyes and said while smilingly gently, ’’It's only that presenting the girls straight to him would be quite inappropriate. Like today, we still have to let the girls naturally show up in front of Lie Mountain Kang through some special methods.’’

A whirlwind rose from the mountaintop and rolled the driving snowflakes up. Quickly, the silhouettes of Lie Mountain Xu, Qing Mei and Miao Feng disappeared within the rotating snow.

After quite a while, a tall and straight silhouette trod on the gale and drifting snow and walked to this mountaintop step by step. It was a man who had been releasing an especially fierce sense of power from his entire body, Yi Shen. Yi Shen stood on the spot where Lie Mountain Xu had been standing on before, his pair of hands naturally hanging on both sides of his body while looking at the direction of Yao Mountain with a pair of dagger-sharp and cold eyes.

Behind Yi Shen, thousands of straight and muscular silhouettes were standing in the snowfield, each giving a fierce aura of killing just like a shining blade that had just been pulled out of the sheath.

’’Ji Hao? Earl Yao?’’

Yi Shen gave a faint smile then murmured, ’’Gold Crow bloodline... Back then, they didn't manage to destroy the Gold Crow bloodline... what a shame.’’

A cyan stream of mist rose from the top of Yi Shen's head as a simple-shaped longbow gradually emerged from it. Yi Shen reached his hand out and gripped the longbow, slightly flicking the bowstring. Buzz! Every single snowflake drifting down within the area that had a radius of miles was punctured by an extremely thin and sharp stream of power, and on each snowflake, a tiny hole appeared.

The number of snowflakes was no less than a billion. Despite the fact that the snowflakes were fragile enough to shatter into pieces with a single touch, a small movement made by Yi Shen punctured them all simultaneously while perfectly maintaining their shape. Without question, Yi Shen's archery had already reached a magical level.

Raising his right-hand high, Yi Shen wielded his fist and said, ’’Move and hunt in freestyle. Avoid Emperor Shun's dogs. I need to see Ji Hao's head placed in front of me within three days.’’

Thousands of archers behind Yi Shen kneeled together and gave a salute to him. Next, they instantaneously disappeared among the falling snow like gusts of wind.

The strong wind was continuously blowing, but some weird swishing noises were added to it. Looking carefully, numerous dark shadows seemed to dart swiftly around, yet, if one looked closer, the snowfield would seem completely empty. Not even a single trace of living creature could be seen.

’’Prince Xu...Your plan will probably fail!’’ said Yi Shen with a scornful smile, ’’That's a small plan, indeed can't be counted as a great one. It's just a small Yao Mountain territory, do you have to spend so many efforts and play so many tricks on it?’’

’’Dear Prince, you're absolutely correct. You, Prince, are far-sighted. In the future, you will certainly become an extraordinary man.’’ From behind Yi Shen, a dry and hoarse voice unexpectedly came. Yi Shen turned around in shock and saw the scrawny man, the Priest Corpse standing behind him.

Priest Corpse had a grey lotus floating upon his head upside-down, releasing streams of grey mist and wrapping his body up. Faintly, images of grey lotuses had been spinning quickly in his eyes and a sphere of cyan-grey light was partly visible behind his body. Suddenly, the sphere of light transformed into a cyan-colored cocoon, shrouding both their bodies.

Yi Shen was startled and immediately raised the longbow held in his hand, intending to attack Priest Corpse.

Priest Corpse hurriedly waved his hand and said gently, ’’Don't panic, my dear prince. I have no malicious intent. The reason why I covered us up with this powerful treasure that belongs to my sect is that an extremely dreadful man has been hiding on Yao Mountain. If you, Prince, caught his attention, you would be begging for the death of your own soul.’’

Sighing slightly, Priest Corpse continued in a gentle tone, ’’Don't launch the attack and let's talk. My visit this time will only bring you benefits without any harm.’’

Yi Shen glanced at the cyan-grey light that had shrouded himself up, then looked at the grey lotus floating upon Priest Corpse's head upside down. He abruptly began laughing at Priest Corpse. ’’You coward.’’ said Yi Shen, ’’Hehe, since you are so afraid of that man hiding on Yao Mountain while I am not, why are you qualified for benefiting me?’’

Priest Corpse smilingly shook his head, looked at Yi Shen and talked in that gentle tone, ’’The world is vast. How many mysterious things that are beyond your understanding have been happening? The Dao is great, how unpredictable and profound is it? Prince, you were living in Ten Sun Country all these years, and it's reasonable that ordinary people mean nothing to you. However, do you have any idea how many unknown powerful, extraordinary people, are hiding among the masses?’’

Yi Shen remained silent for a short while, then slowly nodded and said, ’’It is making some sense. But what kind of benefit can you bring me?’’

Priest Corpse warmly looked at Yi Shen and said in a soft voice, ’’How old are you, dear Prince?’’

Yi Shen raised his eyebrows, smiled coldly and proudly, ’’I was born with awakened meridians and a hundred and eighty thousand Magus Acupoints. Back then, I was already a peak-level Senior Magi. At the age of three, under my father's guidance, I successfully lightened my spirit star and became a Magus King. After that, I have severely cultivated myself for twenty years and merged my body with the star, becoming a divine Magus. And now, I'm only thirty-three years old.’’

’’A thirty-three years old divine Magus... so impressive.’’ praised Priest Corpse, ’’Just as I thought, you, my dear Prince, and our sect are meant to be connected...Prince, do you want an immortal life?’’

When Priest Corpse said that Yi Shen and his sect was meant to be connected, Yi Shen only gave a scornful smile. However, when Priest Corpse asked Yi Shen if he wanted an immortal life, Yi Shen's pair of eyes were instantly fixed on Priest Corpse, looking deeply straight into his eyes.

’’Immortal life?’’ Yi Shen took a long gasp and asked.

’’Immortality!’’ Priest Corpse gave a more specific explanation, ’’If you, my prince, are interested, please call your warriors back.’’

Yi Shen remained silent for a while, then raised his right arm and wielded. A faint wave of power vibration was released, spreading in every direction.


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