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The Magus Era - Chapter 494


Chapter 494: Sweet-Scented Girl

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The girl had white and tender skin, long shining hair reaching to her waist, and a face as beautiful as a painting. From her body, a delicate fragrance mixed with a dense aroma that could be sensed from a hundred different kinds of flowers was coming right towards people' faces. With a single and quick glance, her beauty and that nice scent released from her body could immediately soften anyone's heart.

Her dress was ragged. It was a nice long and white dress but had been forcibly torn open and now had many holes on it, exposing large areas of the white and smooth skin of hers. The gale was fierce and the snow had been falling all the time. The skin of this girl that was exposed to the air had been frozen blue, which made this girl seem even weaker and poorer.

The wind blew from behind this girl towards Ji Hao's body, and Ji Hao instantly sensed a dense fragrance. A flower-aroma-like fragrance, as strong and attractive as the aroma of rose could be felt, yet it wasn't the aroma of a flower. Instead, it was naturally with the girl;she was born with this sweet scent. Ji Hao accidentally took a breath of this fragrance and immediately felt extremely relaxed and happy.

Such a beautiful girl who had a stunning nice scent with her... Ji Hao couldn't help but have his eyes shine, look at the bearded man and asked, ’’This girl, where is she from?’’

Bearded Man puffed his chest out and said proudly, ’’We kidnapped her!’’

Ji Hao instantly went speechless. This bearded man's voice was loud and clear, and when speaking that this girl was kidnapped, he said it quite righteously. He held his head high and continued without even a slight trace of shame on his face, ’’Half a month ago, we passed by a small clan. We took all their food and livestock, killed all their clansmen, only leaving this girl.’’

Clicking his lips, this bearded man sighed and said, ’’Many clansmen wanted this girl, but such a tender girl... if those rude men took turns and screwed her, she would be dead, wouldn't she? That would be a great shame! Therefore, we have been keeping her and no one has touched her. Now she can be put to use!’’

The few elderly men with white hair kneeled on the ground, politely kowtowing to Ji Hao.

’’Respectful lord, we, Aardwolf Clan don't have too many nice things...Even a big half of our inherited magic treasures have been lost. This woman is our most precious treasure. We offer her to you as a present, and wish that you can forgive us for the crimes we have done in the past.’’

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes, looking at this breathtakingly beautiful girl, who possessed a nice magical scent, from head to toe.

The girl tremblingly kneeled on the ground, looking like a tender and juicy lotus blooming on the snowfield. She quivered, not daring to raise her head while the gale fluttered her hair and dress.

Ji Hao's spiritual power transformed into an invisible net, quickly shrouding the girl and scanning through both the inside and outside of her body.

What a beautiful, flawless body. The body of this girl was perfectly clean, just like a flawless piece of jade. She was rather powerful, and had already reached the peak level as a Junior Magus. Once she woke up a Magus Acupoint, she would become a Senior Magus.

Many meridians of this girl were born blocked like the other human beings, but her body condition was a lot better than ordinary human beings. Her meridians were wide, pliable and tough, and had an extraordinary capacity. A tiny amount of natural power was contained in her Magus Acupoints ever since she was born, because of which, waking up Magus Acupoints would be much easier for her than for ordinary human beings.

Nevertheless, the inherited power system of her clan was not so good. Inside her body, only less than eighty meridians had been strengthened by inner power. Judging from the number of her awakened meridians, her clan was no better than the Gold Crow Clan of yesteryears, when it was still called the Fire Crow Clan. Based on her current situation, even if she woke up all Magus Acupoints on those awakened meridians of her, she would only become a bottom-level one among all Senior Magi.

’’Get up!’’ Seeing this girl trembling in the snowfield because of the cold, Ji Hao waved his hand and sent out a gentle gust of wind, slowly holding her up from the ground, then asked, ’’What is your name?’’

The girl's cherry-like lips had turned pale because of the cold. In a panic, she glanced at Ji Hao and seemed to tell Ji Hao her name, but suddenly, heavy and hurried footsteps came from afar.

Behind the army of dark-kind warriors under Zhamu's lead and from the direction of Yao Mountain, a dragon-like, fierce stream of snowflake clung to the ground was roaring over. That was someone dashing over at lightning speed, tearing the air apart and bringing up a fierce hurricane and rolling up large amounts of accumulated snow, eventually forming that dreadful snow-dragon.

From a great distance, Man Man's silvery voice penetrated the blowing gale and falling snow and reached over, ’’Ah! Ah! Ah! Someone's causing us a trouble?! Who are those daring person?! Who dares to make trouble on my, Man Man's land?! Who are their leaders? Come taste my hammers!’’

Along with the series of rumbling footsteps, Man Man dashed over with big steps. The dashing turned her little face pink as a crystal layer of sweat drops had oozed out of her forehead. Her hammers were extremely heavy, and every step she made sounded as thunderous as a meteor strike. Every single step would leave a five meters huge hole on the snowfield.

The accumulated snow layer was smashed completely. Man Man gasped quickly while rushing over with the pair of large hammers carried on her shoulders, then leaped across the distance of five hundred meters, heavily landing beside Ji Hao. She popped out her eyes and looked around.

’’No one's fighting? Is the fight over?’’ Very much disappointedly, Man Man threw her pair of hammers on the ground.

Bang! Bang! The ground violently vibrated for a few times. What a dreadful power. Not only the girl, even that bearded man and those elders behind him couldn't help but have their faces twisted.

’’Why don't you continue the fight? Is it over already? Ah, I ran too slowly, but not a single mount could carry my hammers!’’ Man Man disappointedly held Ji Hao's arm and smoothly swung her head, wiping the sweat from her forehead perfectly clean with Ji Hao's sleeve.

Ji Hao patted on Man Man's little head and said, ’’Well next time, you should start running before the fight begins so you can arrive in time.’’

’’You're right!’’ Man Man was deeply convinced by Ji Hao's words, instantly starting to laugh in happiness. Next, she fixed her pair of watery eyes on that girl's body, ’’Eh? You smell so good, so nice! Do you have honey spread on your body? Why do you smell so nice?’’

Ji Hao looked at Man Man, then glanced at that girl, rubbed Man Man's head and said to her, ’’Alright, she's a poor girl. From now on, just let her be with you as your maid!’’

The girl's look slightly changed, subconsciously casting a glance at the pair of hammers thrown on the ground by Man Man. Loudly, she thudded her knees on the ground and kowtowed hard against the ground towards Ji Hao while begging, ’’Lord, I am willing to follow you. You can treat me like a cattle, a horse, I will do anything for you, good lord!’’

Man Man jumped up to that girl, directly carrying her up from the ground with one hand and put the girl on her shoulder, turned around and walked away quickly.

’’Haha, treat you like cattle and horse? You don't have any hoof, why should Ji Hao ride on you? And you are so scrawny, and your skin is tender, we can't put a doddle on you, can we? So you just can't be a ride. I could really use a helper to make tea, do the laundry and bedding, clean my room and boil bath water and other chores for me...You smell so good, and you are not annoying at all, so it shall be you who will do it all for me!’’

Just like a big bully who liked to snatch beautiful women, Man Man carried the pair of hammers and held the girl on her shoulder, walking away directly. At first, the girl managed to give a few screams but soon, Man Man started running fast. The gale swooshed right into the girl's face and instantly, not even the slightest sound could be made by her anymore.

Ji Hao took out a triangle shaped jade talisman, flicked his hands and following his move, cold spooky sounds that sounded like ghost screams came from it.

He smiled coldly towards the bearded man and those elders, and said, ’’Alright, I shall not mention too much about rules. Each one leaves a drop of spirit blood and a trace of soul, and from now on, you shall all be my obedient people. If you disagree, today would be the day of the extermination of your Aardwolf Clan.’’

The bearded man and those elders glanced at each other, then kneeled on the ground once again, kowtowing loudly and paying their homage to Ji Hao.


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