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The Magus Era - Chapter 492


Chapter 492: Flow Bandits

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This was the remotest village of the Yao Mountain territory.

Not too many people were living in his village, only around thirty thousand of them. The population of this village was the smallest among all Yao Mountain villages.

Ji Hao regarded the defensive power of each village as important. Therefore, the defensive power of this village was not weak at all. Two-hundred Senior Magi and three-thousand elite warriors were stationed in this village. Ji Hao was rather rich. Therefore, all his warriors were with top-grade armors, and all their armors were of top-quality as well.

Tens of thousands of enemies unexpectedly attacked the village from all directions. In order to protect people from getting hurt and keep properties from being damaged, Senior Magi warriors stationed in the village had already gone over a hundred miles away. They now had been fighting a battle against a group of enemy who also numbered around two hundred near a mountain.

The fifteen meters tall fence wall built from earth was covered in blood. Warriors of the village were wearing heavy armors and holding sharp weapons, roaring loudly and fending the village against these enemies. The battle had started just now, yet over a thousand dead bodies had already lined under the fence wall.

The enemies were like a crazy colony of ants, madly rushing towards the fence wall together with large blades and axes held in their hands, attempting to start close combat against warriors under Ji Hao's command. The ones who were with long spears stood slightly further away and randomly lunged their weapons while some were holding roughly crafted longbows and shooting warriors on the fence wall without even aiming.

The arrows with wooden bodies and metal heads zipped through the air. On some arrowheads, a few simple, sparkling spell symbols could actually be seen. However, those arrows were rather weak. Although the overwhelming wave of arrows released by the enemies seemed to be quite dreadful, yet they were actually not too lethal. Ji Hao saw that a few low-grade army commanders staying on the fence wall had already been shot into human-shaped hedgehogs, each of them having at least thirty to fifty arrows stuck in their armors and bodies. However, their movements were still flexible and fast, and wherever their long blades swept across, enemies fell down from the fence wall into puddles of blood one after another.

Nevertheless, the number of the enemy was way too huge, and the fence wall that those warriors needed to guard was too long. Those three thousand warriors couldn't manage to guard the entire wall.

In a quite a few spots, the fence wall was struck by the enemies with huge wooden sticks. Those enemies with ragged clothes cheered out loud and immediately began rushing into the village with pairs of red eyes while gasping quickly. A few taller ones among them, who seemed to be leaders, raised their weapons and growled out:

’’Food! Clothes! Leathers! Livestock! Salt! Take as much as you can!’’

’’’’Women! Take all women and children! Ha! We're gonna be rich this time!’’

’’Do not light up the fire yet! Not now! Set the fire after we empty this village!’’

People living in the village let out raging growls. Over ten-thousand male villagers, whether the old ones or the young ones, all grabbed weapons and rushed out. In this era, everybody could be a warrior. For males, even five to six years old children could pick up a weapon and kill enemies.

Thousands of young and healthy women picked up bows and crossbows, stood on roofs and shouted loudly. Arrows flew through the air and screamed towards the enemies.

The number of enemies was huge, and their battle formations were intense. Therefore, without any great archery skills, these women could accurately shoot the enemies by simply pulling the bows open and releasing the arrows. Over ten-thousand arrows were released within the short span of two breaths right towards the faces of the enemies. Over a thousand enemies who had rushed into villages were shot down to the ground.

Villagers quickly started a tangled fight against enemies rushing into the village. Blades, swords, spears, all kinds of weapons were madly hacked down and soon, shrill howls came from everywhere.

Those enemies seemed to be quite aggressive, and each of them looked as fierce and brutal as wild beasts. Yet, they were actually no stronger than these villages. After those villagers had joined the fight, Ji Hao found that his villagers had actually earned the upper hand in the fight and each of these villagers could rival two enemies on an average.

The enemies rushed into the village but had fallen into a disadvantage after that, and now were being forced back by these villagers step by step.

The enemies staying near the fence wall seemed to be even weaker. They had already broken into the village, therefore, warriors who were responsible for fending the village hardened their hearts. Three thousand warriors quickly gathered together and formed a battle formation, sweeping across the entire village. Wherever they swept across, human heads rolled all over the ground while blood flowed in huge streams. The fresh blood soon was frozen into ice.

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows, wondering why these enemies were so weak.

Turning around, Ji Hao saw that a large group of people had been hiding in woods tens of miles away.

Those were hundreds of thousands of elderly people, women and children gathered in the woods, anxiously watching the fight that was happening over here. All those people were with ragged clothes, some women only barely covered their bodies with tree barks. They didn't even have a full piece of leather.

All of them were scrawny and sallow, seeming to be rather weak. God knew for how long they had been starving.

’’Mr. Crow, go scare them!’’ Ji Hao glanced at those people hiding in the woods, then said to Mr. Crow in a low voice.

Mr. Crow, who had been standing on Ji Hao's head, raised his pair of wings and flapped. All of a sudden, he transformed into a flame stream and rose up hundreds of meter high. His body expanded to five meters while his feathers turned golden-red, every single feather of his spraying a golden-red flame.

A resonant caw pierced right into the sky. Mr. Crow activated his power and released raging flames from his body. A great heat swept across miles in radius, burning the snowflakes drifting upon the village all out. They even burned a huge hole out of the dense layer of clouds in the sky.

Mr. Crow spread his wings, floated in the air and remained perfectly still, while releasing dazzling golden light from his body, looking just like a small sun. The fierce power vibrations released by him made all those people who had been fighting on the ground quiver simultaneously. Those enemies howled out in fear while Ji Hao's people cheered out in joy.

When Ji Hao built the altar and hosted the offering ceremony for mysterious beings living in his territory, Mr. Crow had shown up in front of all his people. Therefore, Mr. Crow abruptly showing up upon the village meant that Ji Hao had already arrived.

The two magic snakes weren't willing to stay silent. They abruptly dashed out from Ji Hao's shoulders, and after each took a deep breath, the two tiny magic snakes suddenly expanded to fifteen meters long. Their wriggling bodies were wrapped in fiery clouds while they released scorching hot flames from their jaws along with deep hissing sounds.

Suddenly, they widely opened their jaws, and each released a stream of lava towards the ground. Following a loud sizzling noise, the three-foot thick accumulated layer of snow was melted, and two five meters in radius and a hundred meters deep holes were burned out of the frozen ground. From the two holes, lava gushed out in streams.

Ji Hao stood in midair, looking at those enemies and growled harshly, ’’I am Earl Yao, the owner of this area. How dare you offend my territory and attack my people? Are you challenging the entire humankind?’’

Enemies on the ground glanced at each other without saying anything. They had no idea what Earl Yao was, and neither did they know what 'attacking Earl Yao's territory' meant.

They only knew that it had been cold as hell and tens of thousands of their people had nothing to eat and nothing to wear. They had to find food, or a large number of their people would be starved to death.

From near a mountain in the distance away, a few silhouette dashed over. A sturdy man with thick beard growled furiously, ’’What Earl Yao? Never heard of it! Kids, just kill and take as much as you can! Do you want to watch your parents starve to death?! Do you want to watch your children starve to death?!’’

The sturdy man leaped high into the air nearly a thousand meter high while throwing a heavy punch towards Ji Hao's face.

The fierce gale brought up by his fist roared. This man was actually a Magus King!

Ji Hao snorted. All of his power started gathering towards his lower abdomen and quickly compressed into an extremely tiny spot. In the next moment, the power erupted like fierce dragons. Ji Hao wielded his right fist and violently launched Earth-splitting.


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