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The Magus Era - Chapter 491


Chapter 491: Enemy Attack

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Yao Mountain was covered in snow as well. Ji Hao stood on top of Yao Mountain, looking down at the building site of Yao Mountain City.

Hundreds of divine gods bared their upper bodies and had been singing a working song resonantly while working hard;their bodies were all soaked in sweat. The foundation of Yao Mountain city was done. With Yao Mountain as the center, for a thousand and two hundred miles in square and a hundred and eighty thousand meters deep, the soil within the area was cast into a unity by starry divine iron.

When standing on top of Yao Mountain and looking around, one would find that countless large spell symbols had been sparkling on the ground, while hazy silhouettes of dragons, phoenixes, Qi Lin and other legendary powerful animals constantly flashed around like real living beings.

All earth meridians of the entire Yao Mountain territory had gathered to Yao Mountain. Ji Hao paid Kua E and his brothers well and had been providing them with abundant nice wines and high-quality food. Therefore, these divine gods had been working extra hard. They even sneakily moved tens of enormous-shaped earth meridians outside Yao Mountain territory and dragged those to Yao Mountain.

Ji Hao was delighted to hear and see such things, but he pretended seeing nothing and knowing nothing about these sneaky small moves made by those divine gods.

Huge amounts of earth meridians had gathered in this area. As a result, the power contained in them rose straight up after being purified by the Heaven and Earth great formation. Inexhaustible natural power concentrated around Yao Mountain, and had forcibly, completely changed the environmental condition of this area.

Earlier, Yao Mountain's soil was only ordinary soil, but after being soaked with starry divine iron and then being nourished by strong and pure natural power, it had changed entirely. On randomly picking a handful of sand and stone up, one would find that these sands and stones were as smooth as oil and contained great natural powers.

The soil in this area was now a top-grade magical soil that had unimaginably great power. Although the outside world had been suffering a heavy snow, nourished by this magical soil in Yao Mountain, plants in this area remained thriving and blooming without showing any sigh of withering.

A couple of days ago, Po said that Yao Mountain had now become a magical place, and Ji Hao could plant all kinds of rare and effective magic herbs in here in large quantity. In the future, Ji Hao wouldn't need to worry about the materials for concocting magic pills anymore.

Visibly, white mist had been hovering in between mountains. In Yao Mountain, every inch of soil, every drop of water flowing in the rivers and streams in valleys, even every leaf and every inch of plant roots all contained great natural powers. The air in this area fully contained natural powers as well, and with a deep breath, ordinary people would feel choked by the dense natural power contained in the air, and never stop coughing.

Ji Hao's disciples didn't need to try to absorb natural powers when cultivating anymore. Instead, the natural power contained in the surrounding environment would crazily, aggressively drill into their bodies. As long as they slightly triggered their minds, fierce streams of natural powers would immediately surge into their bodies. Hundreds of Ji Hao's disciples had already been struck to vomiting blood by that suddenly attacking natural power streams, and were almost driven mad.

Because of this, Po had to build a large magic formation around the dojo, not for gathering natural powers but for dispelling the overly dense natural powers in that area. Otherwise, his own disciple, Luo Shan, and all those Ji Hao's disciples could never do their regular cultivation.

Natural powers contained in earth meridians surged like tidewater and ceaselessly gathered towards Yao Mountain. However, the effects of the Heaven and Earth great formation were far more and greater than just this.

Although only the foundation of the great formation was built, a small part of the Heaven and Earth great formation's power had already been revealed. Underground, natural powers had been surging like the tidewater, while from the sky, star powers had been descending without an end.

Star powers in Midland were as dense as flowing water. Once after the Heaven and Earth formation's foundation was built up, the star power in the area thousands of miles around Yao Mountain started settling down, seeming to be as dense and heavy as liquid silver.

Even in the daytime, one could see multicolored star glow diving down from the sky like beams of light. The splendid star glow and the white mist down there bumped into each other, even causing a deep rumbling noise that sounded like a tsunami.

Such a great effect had already been delivered even before the great formation was shaped, upon which, it was not hard to imagine what a heaven for cultivators that Yao Mountain would become once the construction of Heaven and Earth great formation was complete. Cultivating in this area for one day might be more effective than thousands of years of severe cultivation in other places.

However, one direct side-effect that would be caused by the dense natural power in this area would be inability of ordinary civilians to live in Yao Mountain City. This would be because they wouldn't be able to withstand the great pressure brought by the strong, tidewater like surging natural powers and great star power gathered in this area. Ji Hao had roughly calculated and found out that in the future, people living in Yao Mountain city should at least be at the level of Senior Magi.

But of course, Po had already designed an exquisite, ingenious type of jade talisman for Ji Hao. This kind of talisman could dispel the overly dense natural powers in the surrounding areas of its carrier. In the future, underpowered people living in Yao Mountain city would have to carry this kind of natural-power-dispelling talisman at all times. Otherwise, their lives would be in fatal danger in that city.

’’An annoyance due to this happiness.’’ Ji Hao held both of his hands in sleeves, watching this Yao Mountain city constantly change its look every single day, and couldn't help but delightfully giggle out.

It had only been more than a year and already, Yao Mountain had changed in nature. In the future, this place would definitely become better and better.

Raising his head and looking at the sky, Ji Hao stretched his body.

Since he had already made so far;since he was lucky enough to meet Priest Yu Yu, Po and the other brothers and sisters, Ji Hao couldn't help but be puffed with ambition. Now, he wanted to pursue those things that he dared not to even dream about in his previous life.

Such as the great Dao of nature, immortality, eternity!

’’What a wonderful place!’’ Ji Hao stomped his foot heavily against the ground, stepping hard on the main peak of Yao Mountain.

Yao Mountain now was the foundation of Ji Hao's Dao, was the root of his small ambition. He already had the greatest magic of Dao in this world, and the most powerful friends and teammates. The broad territory of his allowed him to never worry about cultivation supplies. Added with Yao Mountain, such a magical, wonderful place, why couldn't he slightly expand his ambition based on all these?

’’It's nothing but immortality!’’ Ji Hao laughed relaxedly. Why did he set the dojo and take the eight hundred disciples as his disciples, and would take more disciples in every coming year? For nothing else but living longer!

The lifespan of a divine Magus was only ten-thousand years, only ten-thousand years!

Ji Hao had already met people like Yu Yu, Po and Gui Ling, who had been living in this world ever since the world was created. Therefore by now, the mere ten-thousand years of lifespan of divine Magi couldn't satisfy Ji Hao anymore!

At this moment, shrill sounds of horn came from afar, short and sharp. That was an alarm.

Streams of black smoke puffed up into the air, wave after wave. Within the white falling snowflakes, these black streams of smoke were rather eye-catching. A golden-red light shone in Ji Hao's eyes. He activated his Gold Crow pupils, with which, he clearly saw the source of the first stream of black smoke.

This black smoke was also an alarm, coming from an early warning mechanism that Ji Hao set within his territory. Was there an enemy attack?

From a camp outside the building site of Yao Mountain city, ordered footsteps rumbled like thunder. Zhamu led thousands of slave warriors, mounted on battle beasts and dashed out of the military camp. The dark cloud beasts mounted by them moved swiftly. However, the ground was covered with a thick layer of snow, and because of that, these dark cloud beasts would have to spend a quarter of an hour to reach hundreds of miles away.

Ji Hao let out a long roar while the pair of fiery wings spread behind his body. His body flashed across the air and left shreds of afterimages tore the gale and falling snowflakes apart and reached over a hundred miles away within the blink of an eye. The pair of fiery wings had only vibrated slightly and yet, Ji Hao arrived in where the black smoke rose from, ahead of everyone.

The snowfield in that area was all stained by blood. Thousands of warriors under Ji Hao's command had been roaring resonantly while leaning against the fence wall of a village, fending against the attacks launched by tens of thousands of enemies.

Those attacking enemies were with messed up dresses, their battle formations were completely in disorder as well, yet their number was huge and every single one of them seemed to be absolutely fearless of death. The defense of the village seemed to collapse anytime, and many spots were just about to be broken.

Ji Hao looked at these messy enemies in shock, wondering who the hell they were.


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