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The Magus Era - Chapter 490


Chapter 490: A Secret Visitor

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In Pu Ban city, snowflakes whirled in the sky like a myriad of feathers.

A fierce gale swept across streets and alleys of Ten Sun market, and only a few people were walking in the market now. Some shop owners angrily stood by the door of their shops, looking at the sky while silently complaining.

On the east side of Ten Sun Market was a large empty flat area. The ground in that area was paved with iron stone and was well polished, as smooth and shining as a mirror. Next to this flat area was a tall building, and coming out from this building were tinkles of glasses and happy laughs. The silvery laughter of girls came from the building wave after wave without an end, making people just want to walk into the building and have a look.

The top floor of the building didn't have any partition, such that the entire floor was an extra large room.

Pillars were decorated with gold and jade, while the floor was inlaid with pearls and gemstones. This entire room was luxuriously decorated. Outside, it was snowing big flakes while this room was comfortably warmed by charcoal fire, which would make people want to sleep.

Wuzhi Qi sat behind a large jade table, holding a hot, beautiful girl in each of his arms. These girls were constantly rubbing Wuzhi Qi's body with their plump body parts, or ceaselessly pouring him wine, picking up food for him;they were trying their bests to please Wuzhi Qi.

Wuzhi Qi accepted all their warmth, gulping fine wine and dainty dishes as fast as drinking water. Meanwhile, he rubbed the two girls' bodies with both of his hands.

Ying Yunhe sat behind another jade table and was fiddling with a golden cup. His eyes were narrowed while looking at Wuzhi Qi who seemed to be having lots of fun. He also had two beautiful girls standing beside him, yet the two girls had been remaining absolutely silent all the time, standing still without moving an inch.

Sitting behind another jade table was Lie Mountain Xu. He picked up a large bowl and drained the whole bowl of wine. He burped loudly, then abruptly banged the bowl against the table, pointed at Wuzhi Qi and yelled, ’’Wuzhi Qi, when did you become so nice? Eh? You was beaten up in front of that many human ministers and it has been nearly two years after that. Yet you have actually no reaction to that, do you?’’

Wuzhi Qi showed the whites of his eyes, held the two girls tight and smirked, ’’Reaction? Little kid, what reaction do you want me to make? Should I rush to Yao Mountain and bash that little bastard dead? I would like to, but you know that little bastard has three-hundred assistants sent by Emperor Shun with him for helping him to get familiar with government affairs...You can't say that they are not protecting that kid simultaneously!’’

Slapping on the jade table, Wuzhi Qi then pointed his finger at Lie Mountain Xu and yelled back at him, ’’Bashing that kid dead in front of Emperor Shun's people is easy, but that kid is Earl Yao, and this title was given by Emperor himself! If I killed him and Emperor Shun looked into his death, would you take the blame for me?’’

Lie Mountain Xu paused, then lowered his voice and said, ’’When have you started to take Emperor Shun so seriously?’’

Wuzhi Qi snorted coldly, grabbed a bottle of wine and poured into his mouth, then stared at the embossment of the jade table and murmured to himself, ’’You can't just say that. I was punished by Emperor Shun with a hundred years of house arrest, but later I sneakily went to Chi Ban Mountain and joined the war, made my contribution and expiated my crime. This can work.’’

’’But kill an 'Earl,'who was entitled by Emperor Shun himself right in front of his people...Hehe, not only Emperor Shun, all 'Earls' and 'Marquis' in this world would want to kill me.’’ Wuzhi Qi showed the whites of his eyes again then looked at Lie Mountain Xu with a pair of eyes that were shining with blood-red light and said, ’’Do you think that your Wuzhi Qi master is a fool?’’

Lie Mountain Xu paused for quite a long while, then turned around to look at Ying Yunhe.

Ying Yunhe gave a faint smile, fiddled with the wine cup and said slowly in a deep voice, ’’My brother died, and I am very sad about that. My brother died for unknown reasons, but our Ten Sun Country is not a pushover. No matter who it was that had entrapped my big brother in darkness, I will never let go of him or her.’’

Lie Mountain Xu coughed, then said in a deep voice, ’’Ying Yunhe, your brother had enmity with Ji Hao. The deaths of those two nephews of yours also have everything to do with him.’’

Ying Yunhe threw a sideway glance at Lie Mountain Xu and said coldly, ’’I don't need you to remind me this. Not to mention that my brother had enmity with him, only for the fact that he was born in Gold Crow Clan I cannot tolerate him living in this world. But, same as Lord Wuzhi Qi, we are not stupid enough to break into an 'Earl's territory and kill the 'Earl' violently in front of Emperor Shun's people!’’

Lie Mountain Xu instantly lowered his people like a gas-leaking balloon. He tiredly complained, ’’In this case, why do you, Ying Yunhe, invite us here? For nothing? For scenery? But it's all white out there, what's so good to see?’’

Ying Yunhe stood up and abruptly pushed the french window facing that large empty area open. Fierce gale roared into the room along with huge flakes of snow. He then sneered and said, ’’What's so good to see? Of course, there're some nice things that you would like to see. Since both of you have enmity against Ji Hao, I invited you here so that in the future, we can work together with our powers.’’

Deep yet resonant growls came from the sky. An enormous swirl emerged in the higher layer of cloud, and gale and snowflakes began swiftly rotating around it. An extremely strong pressure pressed direct down while a tremendous black silhouette tore the cloud apart, slowly descending from the sky.

From the buildings in surrounding areas, large numbers of Ten Sun Country warriors rushed out, quickly gathering in the flat area.

Along with roars of a hurricane, a huge starry night spirit turtle slowly descended from the sky, its four gigantic feet landing loudly against the ground. A series of creaking noise was squeezed out from the ground paved by iron stones, while all buildings in the surroundings vibrated simultaneously.

The enormous turtle slowly lied on the ground while gasping.

Warriors gathered in the flat area quickly drove numerous large vehicles over. The turtle opened its mountain-cave-like mouth, and those warriors poured tons of salt into it. They then started throwing large pieces of beast meat into its mouth, and from time to time, a few sparkling magic crystal would be thrown as well.

’’Who's here?’’ Wuzhi Qi wiped the oil on his mouth with his hand, then conveniently wiped his hand on a girl's chest, leaving an oily hand mark.

Tens of dark silhouettes dashed out of the city on the turtle's back as swiftly as shooting arrows. They rushed into the room, after which, Ying Yunhe closed the window, politely kneeled on the ground and began kowtowing.

’’Minister Ying Yunhe kowtowing to Prince Yi Shen!’’

Wuzhi Qi and Lie Mountain Xu stood up simultaneously, seriously looking at the young man who dashed into the room the first.

This young man, who was called prince Yi Shen by Ying Yunhe, was tall and slim and had a fierce and strong sense of power releasing from his body. By just standing there, this young man seemed as sharp as an arrow. He was five-meter and six-foot tall, had snow-white skin, yet the skin had a cold, metallic luster. Yi Shen's facial contours were extremely sharp and straight, the lines of his eyebrows, nose, lips and chins all seemed to be hacked out by a huge ax, which made him look cold and mean. Not a single gentle and smooth line could be found on his face.

Wuzhi Qi gave Yi Shen a measuring glance, from up to down. Abruptly, he let out a scornful series of laughers then relaxedly sat back to his seat.

’’Well, you startled me. I thought at such a young age, you've already...But it turns out that you're just a little divine Magus!’’

Unlike Wuzhi QI, Lie Mountain Xu dared not to show any disrespect. Yi Shen was not only a divine Magus, but he was also an extremely powerful divine Magus. He was a peak-level divine Magus, and his power was immeasurably great. By merely standing there, Yi Shen had been giving Lie Mountain Xu a deathly threat, as if with a careless glance, he could shoot Lie Mountain Xu into a griddle with thousands of arrows.

’’Prince Yi Shen? I am Prince Xu from Lie Mountain Clan!’’ Lie Mountain Xu politely introduced himself.

’’I, Yi Shen.’’ growled Yi Shen in a cold voice, ’’Under a secret order since this moment in Midland, all Eastern Wasteland people are under my command, and will follow my orders. Anyone who disobeys my orders...will be punished with an extermination of his or her entire family!’’

Ying Yunhe thudded his forehead against the ground, respectfully responding with 'yes.'


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