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The Magus Era - Chapter 485


Chapter 485: divine Magic Formations

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Ji Hao didn't know about the Ancient Heaven, and neither did the Magi Palace have any record of it. However, Po had lived through that great, magnificent era. He surely knew about what the Ancient Heaven was like, and how powerful and terrifying were the ten divine magic formations of the Ancient Heaven.

Nine-dragon sky-sealing magic formation was only one of the ten divine formations. In the entire world, only the Ancient Heaven had the ten divine formations set up all at once.

Separately, the ten divine magic formation each had its own purpose and were all stunningly powerful, but among those magic formations Ji Hao learned from Yu Yu, not a single one would be worse than any of the ten divine formations.

Nevertheless, once the ten divine formations were set up together and combined into one, a 'Heaven and earth great formation' would be complete. Since the combination of the ten divine formations was named after 'Heaven and Earth,'it was not hard to imagine how powerful, mysterious and magical this great formation could be.

The sword formation Yu Yu lent to Ji Hao was known as the number one killing formation, having an incomparably great power of killing. But the Heaven and Earth great formation didn't just have the power of killing, it could also derive the moving tracks of stars and predict the future of the universe;endless mysteriousness of the natural creation would be contained in it.

Even Yu Yu once told Po that if he could ever take a deep look at the complete combination of the ten divine formations, he might be able to achieve a bigger breakthrough in the area of magic formations.

However, the Heaven and Earth magic formation was a top-grade secret treasure that belonged to the Heaven, and with Yu Yu's status, he would feel too embarrassed if he had to go beg those Gods in Heaven for letting him borrow the Heaven and Earth great formation and study it. Therefore, Yu Yu hadn't attained a chance to look into the secrets of Heaven and earth great formation, and this had been a retreat of Yu Yu all the time.

Po silently told Ji Hao about the ten divine formations by use of his spiritual power. Ji Hao couldn't help but raise his eyebrows when hearing Po's voice coming from his head, then knowingly blinked his eyes towards Po.

Yu Yu would feel embarrassed to do such things, but Ji Hao had no such worries at all. But if Ji Hao had to go to the Heaven and beg those Gods to let him see the Heaven and earth formation, he would feel quite humiliated as well. However, if with money he could hire some Gods to work for him and let them build a Heaven and earth formation for him, this would be completely fair and reasonable.

Now it all depended on Kua E. If Kua E truly accepted Po's offer, providing him and his brothers enough to eat would be completely fair and reasonable for Ji Hao as well.

Although he couldn't kill all those well trained large livestock and feed them to Kua E and his brothers, Yao Mountain territory did have inexhaustible resources of wild animals. With countless beasts living in the woods and all those fishes in the vast lake on the east, Kua E and his brothers could totally eat as much as they would want. They wouldn't be able to eat the entire Yao Mountain up anyways.

’’Big God, despite the fact that this Yao Mountain territory of mine is now only in a nascent condition of development, I am not short of money at all!’’ Ji Hao puffed his chest out, showed a look that a rich man was supposed to have and looked at Kua E, continuing in a bland tone, ’’Since we're building a city, we should build a good one! Didn't you say that you have ten divine formations in the Heaven, just use all ten of them in my city! As for how much money should I pay you, how many workers I should hire and how many materials will be needed, you shall just tell. Those are nothing but money!’’

Ji Hao then wielded his arm and followed by his move, enormously great piles of jade coins and magic crystals surged out like streams of water, flowing down along the main peak of Yao Mountain. Those sparkling jade coins and magic crystals flowing down along the peak filled a small valley up within the blink of an eye.

Kua E glanced at those jade coins and magic crystals, frowned his eyebrows then scratched his own skull.

’’You want all ten divine magic formations? The materials and manual work for the construction of the ten divine formations will be huge as an ocean.’’

’’The materials and manual works are nothing to worry about!’’ Ji Hao narrowed his eyes, looking at Kua E. Kua E seemed to be tempted by Ji Hao's offer, and that was great.

Ji Hao smilingly looked at Kua E, then continued in a slightly deriding tone, ’’As an earl, when I'm doing something, I always want the best of it. Therefore, all the ten divine formations, put them all in my city if you can. The problem is, Big God, do you know how to set the ten divine formations?’’

Kua E proudly held his head high and said carelessly, ’’Is there anything that I don't know how to do? Although I only know how to set three divine formations among the ten, I have so many brothers. Together, what can't we do? But Earl Yao, if you want all ten divine formations in your city, you can't build your city like this anymore.’’

Ji Hao cupped his hands towards Kua E, then asked smilingly, ’’May I hear your opinion?’’

Kua E clicked his lips then patted on his own belly, laughing towards Ji Hao.

Ji Hao curved his mouth corner slightly down, helplessly shook his head then looked at Po and asked, ’’Brother?’’

Po gave a bitter smile then wielded his left hand, following which, a long and strong gust of wind roared up, reaching a hundred miles away in the twinkling of an eye. It then coiled around a group of buffalos which were drinking water by a river. Over a hundred thousand strong and muscular buffalos were rolled up by the wind while howling, drifting back and floating before Kua E's face.

Kua E's eyes instantly shone brightly. As he opened his mouth and took a long deep gasp, those buffalos were all sucked into his mouth, and he barely chewed before swallowing these buffalos up.

After swallowed eighty thousand buffalos all at once, Kua E finally burped loudly in satisfaction and said, ’’I am stuffed, stuffed! With this meal, I don't have to eat in the following three months. Feels good, feels wonderful! Ah, it does feel wonderful when you have meat in your stomach.’’

Kua E then waved both of his hands and instantly, large clouds of dust rose from the ground, quickly forming an image of a city on the main peak of Yao Mountain and around ten peaks surrounding it.

’’Since you want all ten divine magic formations in your city, the area of the city can't be too small. Otherwise, the city wall wouldn't be able to contain that many divine spell symbols and the underground space of the city wouldn't have a capacity of the foundations of the ten great divine magic formations. Therefore, the city has to cover all this area.’’

A new series of designing work was quickly done by Kua E. The newly designed city was three hundred and sixty miles in square, and the city wall was nine hundred meters tall. Along the city wall, thirty-six enormous watch towards were standing, each being six thousand meters tall. The height of those watch towers had already surpassed the main peak of Yao Mountain.

Thus, the main peak of Yao Mountain had become the natural core of the Heaven and earth great formation. With some adjustments done to all earth meridians and water meridians in this area by a certain kind of great magic, all of these earth meridians and water meridians would be gathering under Yao Mountain. After this, the Yao Mountain would be made into an immense, mountain-shaped magic treasure by using a supreme level magic, serving as the core of the great formation. It would act by manipulating the powers of those earth meridians and water meridians, supplying energies to the Heaven and Earth formation.

In order to coordinate with the Heaven and earth magic formation, the Yao Mountain City's city wall needed to be built with top-grade divine materials. So-called divine materials were all kinds of natural materials hiding in stars. These materials were constantly nourished by star powers. These natural materials contained a trace of pre-world power and were never polluted by negative energies which emerged after the world was created.

This kind of divine materials only existed in the void, hiding deeply in the cores of all those different sized stars. To collect these materials, one had to break the thick crusts of those stars. Whether the round trip between the starry void and Midland or breaking stars' crusts and collecting the materials, it all would be highly demanding.

After Kua E had designed the city, he said something to Ji Hao.

’’Earl Yao, there's something that might be unpleasant to hear for you, but I have to say it before we start. This Yao Mountain city of yours is not a palace in Heaven after all. No matter the scale of the city or the quality of divine materials that we would be using, especially the magic treasure that would be serving as the core of the great formation...You just can't use tens of thousands of pre-world powerful treasures to serve as the core of the great formation exactly like the Ancient Heaven, can you?’’

’’Therefore, my brothers and I will set up the complete ten divine magic formations for you, but the powers of the ten divine formations in your city wouldn't be able to compare with the ones in Heaven. You can't complain about it at that moment!’’

Kua E's words were straightforward, and Ji Hao agreed right away.


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