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The Magus Era - Chapter 479


Chapter 479: Summon Them to Surrender

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Seeing Qing Mei wounded by a single strike, Luo Shan's eyes shone with excitement.

As a naughty kid who had just gained a magical new toy, he surely wanted to play with it for a bit longer.

Ji Hao and Po narrowed their eyes, watching Qing Mei flee desperately;the sneers on their faces exactly the same. Lou Shan had already raised the thunder dragon awl and incanted the spell once again. A thin, dark dragon silhouette flew across the sky like a sharp dagger, along with waves of heaven-shattering dragon roars. The thunder rumbled and the lightning bolts descended. The tens of Senior Magi were still in the air and had not yet managed to land, but the dark dragon silhouette fiercely struck into their ordered group in a flash.

Hundreds of water-tank sized spheres of black lightning bolts struck down from the sky. Countless fist-sized black lightning bolts sizzled between their bodies, like thousands of fierce poisonous snakes.

Spell symbols sparkled while the thunder growled, the lightning bolts dazzled that caused piercing pain in people's eyes. The tens of Senior Magi howled out simultaneously. Spirit-slaughtering thunder dragon awl was Po's evil-destroying treasure that he used in his early stages of cultivation to fend against outside evil forces. Simply speaking, this thunder dragon awl was a powerful piece of treasure that Yu Yu gave him when he started his life of cultivation to assure his safety!

Based on Yu Yu's habit and Po's position as YuYu's very first disciple, one could easily imagine how powerful this thunder dragon awl was. It was given to Po by Yu Yu for fending against evilnesses and ensuring Po's life safety after all. Even after being activated by a slight little bit of power, and only with a simple secret spell, this killing weapon could release a breathtakingly great power.

The armors worn by the tens of Senior Magi blasted out layers after layers. Layers of spell symbols exploded one after another, releasing a bright light, even lighting up the whole space. Countless spell symbols dissipated in the lightning bolts. Everyone on the scene clearly 'saw' how those spell symbols that contained great defensive powers shattered slowly, bit by bit, under the destructive power of the lightning bolts.

Black lightning bolts swept across the area around a mile in radius. Bodies of the tens of Senior Magi were glowing within those dazzling lightning bolts, even nearly turning translucent. They howled, screamed and cried shrilly;their hairs were twisted, withered and burned. After that, their bodies were crushed bit by bit into ashes by the lightning, then finally became a puff of smoke, drifting and dissipating in the air. Not even a slight pinch of ash remained.

A remaining bolt descended from the sky, fiercely striking the red-fur elephant that was mounted by Luo Sheng.

The red-fur elephant, which was over forty-meter tall and hundred-meter long, incredibly muscular and had a great defensive power, howled out in pain. Its four thick and strong legs instantly softened, and its enormous body thudded against the ground, making the ground vibrate intensely.

Lou Sheng was frightened like hell. He squealed out while leaping up immediately, running towards the camp behind him. While running, he screamed, ’’Help, help! You bastards! Come and help me! I am Earl Ji! I am Earl Ji, Luo Sheng!’’

'I am Earl Ji, Luo Sheng!'

Lou Sheng's yell made Luo Shan tremble slightly. Abruptly, he raised the thunder dragon awl high and intended to launch a strike at Luo Sheng.

Although he was young, kids in these days knew a lot even at young ages. Lou Shan knew that his father had fallen in a battle, along with his grandfather, who was the old Earl Ji, Luo Lin, in Chi Ban Mountain. He knew that his mother was murdered by his three uncles and had already vanished from this world. He also knew that he had died for once, and if Po didn't have his eyes on him, he would have died for good, and the territory and all clansmen left by his father would have been swallowed by those beast-like relatives of his!

But now, he had a good Shifu;the immeasurably powerful, mysterious Priest Po.

He also had a good uncle, a new government official promoted by the human emperor himself;a man who had made some great contributions in Chi Ban Mountain and now had a solid background in Pu Ban city, no one else but Earl Yao, Ji Hao.

He also had a group of seniors who were all powerful and willing to protect him;one of them could even cast the legendary soul-redeeming magic. Man Man, Shaosi, Taisi, Yu Mu, Feng Xing, every single one of them had astonishing powers and unpredictably great potentials.

As a child who was bullied heartlessly by the others, he finally had someone to depend on. Lou Shan growled out in rage and incanted the spell once again, releasing another dark dragon silhouette, striking straight at Luo Sheng.

Ji Hao remained silent, only smilingly looking at Luo Shan.

A decent man should always take necessary revenge and erase humiliations. Back in Southern Wasteland, a man who dared not to fight for his clansmen and territory, or to take revenge for his parents, would be seen as a coward by everyone else. Ji Hao appreciated Luo Shan for his determination;that was exactly how a man should be.

As for Po, he had only been smiling honestly. As a cultivator, he shouldn't always be thinking about killing. Otherwise, he could go mad easily and all other kinds of negative effects would be caused as well. Nevertheless, when his disciple wanted to kill...Hehe, remember what Yu Yu did when Ji Hao wanted to kill?

As both Ji Hao and Po had been remaining silent, none of the others came to stop Luo Shan either.

Those elders and warriors of Luo Shan's clan had even raised their weapons and began shouting hoarsely.

’’Mighty! Young leader!’’

The growls of 'Mighty! Young leader' were so loud that even the earth began trembling. Over a million people growled all together, their thunder-like sound spread out to a long distance away. Hearing it, many of Luo Sheng's warriors paused in shock, all turning their heads around and looking at the migratory troop.

'Young leader'? In Ji Mountain area, the ones who were called 'young leader' would be Luo Lin's direct descendant.

A thunderbolt struck down, Luo Sheng screamed as loudly as he could with a high-pitched voice.


Lie Mountain Xu transformed his body into a fierce gale and dashed over, with a large bronze stamper held in his hand.

’’Lou Sheng has already been acknowledged by the government in Pu Ban city! Now he is Earl Chong! He owns Ji Mountain! Who dares to kill him?! Who dares?!’’ roared Lie Mountain Xu hysterically.

Ji Hao raised his head in surprise. It had only been three to four days since they left Luo Shan's clan, but Luo Sheng was actually acknowledged already?

Lie Mountain Xu, what a powerful prince! How solid his background was that he could even handle such kind of thing so well within merely a couple of days.

Po wielded his hand and followed by his move, the black dragon silhouette transformed from the thunder dragon awl instantly dissipated, not even a single bolt of lightning remaining in the air.

Lie Mountain Xu landed heavily on the ground while raising the bronze stamper high. He looked at Ji Hao, laughed out loudly and yelled, ’’Ji Hao, Luo Sheng is Earl Ji! He is Earl Ji now!’’

On top of the mountain where Lie Mountain Xu and Qing Mei were sitting and drinking earlier, two Magus Kings who were trusted by Lie Mountain Xu had been gasping quickly and deeply for air. They had been rushing all the way at their highest speed and finally, returned from Pu Ban city, bringing back the official document approved by the government and the official seal of Earl Ji right before the moment Luo Sheng was about to be killed.

If they were slightly late, with just a tiny little bit of delay, Luo Sheng would be struck dead. Once that truly happened, Lie Mountain Xu probably wouldn't even know how to wrap all this up.

The stamper glowed brightly as Lie Mountain Xu held it high, laughing crazily out loud. He pointed at Ji Hao's migratory troop and yelled, ’’People of Ji Mountain, what are you waiting for? Just come and pay homage to your Earl Ji!’’

A great disturbance was instantly stirred up in the migratory troop, yet no one stepped out.

Ji Hao's face turned dark. He grabbed Luo Shan's hand and trod on a watery cloud. He rose directly into the sky, floating in the air around five-hundred meters away from the ground.

’’People of Earl Ji, this is Luo Shan, the only remaining direct descendant of your old Earl Ji's bloodline! You should know about him, you should know him as well!’’

’’He is the only remaining direct descendant of your Earl Ji, the only possessor of the bloodline of your Earl Ji!’’

’’What are you waiting for? Why don't you come over and pledge allegiance to him? You are not going to pledge your allegiance to an outsider, are you?’’


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