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The Magus Era - Chapter 478


Chapter 478: Strike the 'Mei'

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’’Is it that kid?’’ Behind Luo Sheng's military camp and on a towering mountain on the left, Lie Mountain Xu had his teeth gnashed while looking at Ji Hai, who was still a long distance away.

He thought of what happened to Rong Mountain Clan a while ago, for which, he had lost quite a lot. He knew that Ji Hao was close to Si Wen Ming, and now Ji Hao and Lie Mountain Kang had become friends as well. He also knew that Ji Hao managed to stay perfectly fine even after he beat Wuzhi Qi, that old monster up. Moreover, he knew that Ji Hao had attained the noble title of Earl Yao, possessing a higher status than himself, who was a prince of the Lie Mountain Clan, among the entire humankind

So-called princes of Lie Mountain Clan were only a batch of elite young members who were carefully selected by the clan and had been accepting the education and cultivation given by the clan with concentrated resources. As a prince of the Lie Mountain Clan, he had all kinds of special rights, but to the entire humankind, he could only do things by relying on the power and reputation of the Lie Mountain Clan.

Unlike him, Ji Hao was genuinely titled as Earl Yao, which meant Ji Hao was now an important official of the human government. He could walk directly into the Town Hall in Pu Ban city and discuss all kinds of political affairs with the Human Emperor himself.

Seeing Ji Hao, Lie Mountain Xu actually felt a bit unconfident, but in the meanwhile, he also had a hell-like rage burning his heart. Even his teeth began to hurt because of the tight gnashing.

’’Dark Prince, you shall be afraid of nothing.’’ Qing Mei stood beside Lie Mountain Xu, smiled faintly and said, ’’He is nothing but a small Earl Yao, why should you be afraid of him? He has offended Wuzhi Qi, that means he has already been facing an imminent disaster. Now, he is just barely prolonging his last gasp, enjoying his last bit of good life.’’

Giving another faint smile, Qing Mei looked at Lie Mountain Xu with a pair of watery eyes and continued, ’’Aside of that, he's just a barbaric boy who came from the Southern Wasteland. How can he even possibly compare with you, my dear prince, who was born to be a noble one? My prince, you're the chosen one, you are chosen by this world, and you naturally have great fortune in your destiny. Because of that, you will accomplish any achievement, any goal of yours. You should not be afraid of such an insignificant boy at all.’’

Hearing Qing Mei, Lie Mountain Xu only felt that every single word that came out of her mouth was correct and irrefutable. He sensed a solid courage surge right up into his head as he puffed his chest out, giving a quite 'manly' smile to Qing Mei, and said, ’’Priest Qing Mei, you're so right. Why should I be afraid of a Southern Wasteland barbarian? Right now and right here, I'm gonna teach this kid a good lesson!’’

Keeping that smile, Lie Mountain Xu looked at Qing Mei and continued, ’’Today, let's just stay in this mountaintop and watch a great show, enjoy our lives!’’

Turning around, Lie Mountain Xu cast a glance at a troop of warriors, who had been hiding behind the mountain. This was not a big troop, only around a thousand warriors in total. However, every one of these warriors was wearing a top-grade armor and mounted on a dark cloud devil leopard, which was an extraordinarily fierce kind of battle beast;even those leopards were wearing heavy, magic-treasure-level armors.

The ones leading this troop were the ten warrior commanders who were trusted the most by Lie Mountain Xu;all ten of them were Magus Kings. As for the thousand warriors, each of them was a peak-level Senior Magus, only half a step away from the level of Magus Kings. Every single one of them could rival ten ordinary Senior Magi at once on battlefields. Added with the amazing defensive power of their heavy armors and those dark cloud devil leopards, which could move stunningly fast and were ranked within top three among all battle beasts, this personal army force that belonged to Lie Mountain Xu could be counted as a destructively powerful one.

For this personal army force, Lie Mountain Xu had spent seven to eight percent of all the money he had plundered over these years. He had great confidence in this elite troop of his, which had truly cost a fortune.

With a lethal weapon held in one's hands, one might naturally want to kill. Lie Mountain Xu glanced at this combative troop of his, smiled coldly and said, ’’Servants, bring some wine! Today, I'm gonna let this kid, Ji Hao crawl back to Pu Ban city with a dusty face! Earl Yao? Bah, does he deserve the title of Earl?’’

A few maidservants carried over a long table that was carved out of a beautiful piece of jade. A couple of delicate dishes and some fresh fruits were served. Lie Mountain Xu took out an exquisite jar of wine by himself, flatteringly unsealed it and poured Qing Mei a glass.

Over twenty miles away, Ji Hao and Po simultaneously raised their heads and looked at the mountaintop, where Lie Mountain Xu was staying.

Both of their spiritual powers had covered the mountaintop up, which allowed them to detect every single move made by everyone there. Ji Hao saw Qing Mei with the first glance. He then said to Po, ’’Brother, this woman, back in Evil Dragon Bay, was one of the few who broke into our Shifu's sword formation and attempted to kill me. How come she's hanging out with that bastard, Lie Mountain Xu now?’’

’’Hehe.’’ Po laughed and said, ’’A bastard surely wants to hang out with another bastard...This girl's monastic name seems to be Qing Mei, right? In term of seniority, she's a junior, so I'd be too ashamed to lay my hands on her, and so would you, Ji Hao. On the one hand, at the current stage, you cannot defeat her, on the other hand, bullying a junior will bring you a bad reputation.’’

Ji Hao let out a bitter grin while he glanced at Po and said, ’’So we can only watch her do whatever she wants?’’

Po disappointedly glanced back at Ji Hao. Afterward, he took out a long awl out of his sleeve, handed to Luo Shan, who was standing next to him. That long awl was a foot and two inches long and was purely dark, decorated with countless complicated patterns of clouds and dragons. Within those patterns, electric bolts flashed across from time to time.

’’Our little disciple will do the job. If he is not yet powerful enough...great treasures will make it up.’’ Po smilingly patted Luo Shan's head and said, ’’Luo Shan, this is 'spirit-slaughtering thunder dragon awl'. Back then I, your Shifu, crushed some real evil things with it. It doesn't require much of power;you only need to incant the spell correctly then throw it out at your target.’’

Ji Hao's mouth corner twitched instantly. The way Po handled things was just the same as Yu Yu.

Ji Hao thought of the day when Yu Yu lent the sword formation, which was probably the most powerful piece of his, to Ji Hao. Yu Yu's facial expression and the tone of his speech were exactly the same as what Po had been using right now.

In front of the migratory troop, Luo Sheng gave his order and following that, tens of Senior Magi surrounding him rushed up together, driving their mounts and dashing towards Feng Xing at their highest speeds. Behind them, warriors in the two square arrays instantly fell into disorder. Many warriors began yelling loudly, and the two arrays turned straight into a mess.

Warriors that lined up in front of the migratory troop and blocked the road all used to be under Luo Lin's direct command, They recognized the four flags fluttering in the migratory troop, each having a pattern of a wolf howling towards the sky. These were battle flags of the Ji Mountain, was developed from the battle flag of Soul Wolf Clan, after Luo Lin attained the noble title of Earl Ji. These flags were unique and belonged solely to Ji Mountain.

Those Ji Mountain's warriors didn't want to be under Luo Sheng's command. If it wasn't for the great pressure given by Lie Mountain Xu, and if Lie Mountain Xu didn't kill that many elders and warriors commanders, these warriors would never listen to Luo Sheng's orders.

Nevertheless, it had been merely a couple of days since Luo Sheng grasped the control power of Ji Mountain, but now he wanted these Ji Mountain's warriors to attack their own people. How could he even do that?

Warriors in the two square arrays and warriors staying in the camp all fell into disorder. No matter how loudly those commanders who were trusted by Luo Sheng yelled, not a single warrior rushed out towards the migratory troop.

Only those tens of Senior Magi had followed Luo Sheng's order. Those Senior Magi were given to Luo Sheng by Lie Mountain Xu for him to keep the situation under control. They listened to Luo Sheng's order and dashed towards Feng Xing without any hesitation. From over five-hundred meters away, they simultaneously leaped up from their mounts, raised their weapons high and hacked down fiercely towards Feng Xing.

Feng Xing turned his mount around, fleeing backward at his highest speed.

He was an archer, not a warrior who was good at close combat. He wasn't stupid enough to start a life-risking close battle against tens of Senior Magi.

At the same time, Luo Shan began loudly incanting the spell Po taught him, with spirit-slaughtering thunder dragon awl gripped in his hand. On the surface of the thunder dragon awl, countless bolts of lightning sparkled while waves of dragon roars rose. All of a sudden, the over a foot long thunder dragon awl darted out, transforming into a thin, black dragon silhouette, that was thousands of meters long. It tore the air apart and violently struck Qing Mei.

Qing Mei was holding a glass of wine with a youthful smile came across her face. Seeing the dragon silhouette roar over, Qing Mei screamed out loud, wielded her plum branch held in her left hand and sent out numerous cyan-colored plum blossoms against the dragon silhouette.

An earth-splitting thunder descended along with tens of fiery lightning bolts. Those plum blossoms were shattered into bits while half of Qing Mei's body was struck into pieces, large clouds of black smoke puffing out of her damaged body. She then transformed into a cyan-colored stream of light, swiftly fleeing towards the south, just like a frightened homeless dog.


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