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The Magus Era - Chapter 477


Chapter 477: Hijack

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In the village of Luo Shan's clan, over a hundred thousand clansmen were packing their bags in their houses, which were flooded by water.

Around ten elders had been patrolling around with a batch of clansmen, loudly yelling at those clansmen, telling them to bring everything that might be useful. They were going to join Ji Hao's migration troop, heading to Yao Mountain, which was far, far away yet much broader and more fertile.

By now, their clan had become a dependent clan of Earl Yao's clan. In the future, all supplies they brought from their old homes could be useful in Yao Mountain. They were going to build a new homeland to live and breed, accumulate powers and wait for the day when Luo Shan could finally return to Ji Mountain and take back everything that belonged to them.

On a small hill outside the town, Ji Hao was watching ten thousand warriors sent by him escorting three elders of Luo Shan's clan and tens of clansmen, heading to three different directions. They were going to Luo Feng and his two dead brothers' clans. They would kill all trusted subordinates of the three of them, then force their clansmen to join Ji Hao's migratory troop and move to Yao Mountain.

Clansmen from the three clans would be forcibly merged into Luo Shan's clan.

If they obeyed, they would become civilians of Luo Shan's clan, but if they ever dared to resist or make any other inappropriate moves, Ji Hao would downgrade them into slaves without any hesitation.

’’Ji Hao, it was as simple as me taking Luo Shan as my disciple. Why do you want his clan to migrate with you?’’ Po stood beside Ji Hao, looking at him and asking in confusion, ’’This is his father's territory, also his grandfather's feoffment. Why do you have to take his clansmen with you?’’

’’Yao Mountain, my territory, is short of people!’’ Ji Hao looked at Po and responded frankly, ’’Since Luo Shan is now you, my big brother's disciple, he is my disciple too. So his clansmen are also my clansmen. For our own clansmen, they are surely safer in our own territory, without that much contention for powers and benefits.’’

Blinking his eyes, Ji Hao then continued straightforwardly, ’’In fact, the best way for Luo Shan is you, my big brother, to stay here and teach him all kinds of skills and abilities till he achieves a certain grade on cultivation. Only after he gains enough power and reputation and becomes capable of ruling this Ji Mountain, you, my big brother, can leave without any worry. However, I still need you, my dear big brother's help on my side. Therefore, we can only bring Luo Shan with us.’’

’’And since Luo Shan is leaving, we shall take his clansmen with us. Otherwise...’’ Looking at those elders who had been yelling around in the village, Ji Hao continued blandly, ’’If Luo Shan left alone and stayed out there for too long, these elders would probably forget who he is, wouldn't they? They now are all about loyalty, but who can guarantee that in a decade or two decades, they would still stay here and guard this piece of land for Luo Shan?’’

’’Not to mention that Luo Shan's grandfather, Luo Lin, his suzerain clan is Soul Wolf Clan, and so many people have been staring at this piece of land with greedy eager eyes. A title of 'Earl' and an independent feoffment, this is such a fleshy piece of meat!’’

’’So we should take all clansmen in Ji Mountain with us?’’ Po pondered for a while, thinking that Ji Hao's words indeed made some sense.

Lou Shan couldn't leave his clansmen for too long. Otherwise, once his clansmen forgot him and the influence left by his father, in this chaotic era when the conflicts between clans would never stop, who knew what would happen after decades?

Po couldn't stay in Ji Mountain and teach Luo Shan. Therefore, in order to cultivate this young disciple of his well, Po had to take Luo Shan with him, giving him earnest guidance. In this case, Ji Hao's solution was the best one, which was taking Luo Shan and all his clansmen with him.

But since they were taking Luo Shan's clansmen with them, Po wondered that why didn't Ji Hao want to take all clansmen in the entire Ji Mountain?

Judging from the current move made by Ji Hao, Ji Hao only wanted to take the clansmen from Luo Shan's father and his three uncles' clans with them. But those were merely four to five million people while the entire Ji Mountain had over ten million people living in here. The biggest clan in this area was located inside the Earl Ji's direct ruling territory.

Ji Hao remained silent for a while, looked at the direction of Ji Mountain and said, ’’Probably it's already late. We will pass by Ji Mountain on our journey to Yao Mountain anyway. If it's not too late, we will just take all of them with us. But if it is, I don't want to contend too much with hem.

Po looked in the direction of Ji Mountain as well. His face was darkened by a little bit.

Yu Yu and all his disciples always had a not so good issue that they were all especially protective, particularly of their own disciples. They could punish their own disciples anyhow, but if anyone else dared to touch even a hair of their disciples, a true deadly battle would be started.

From Ji Hao's words and moves, Po deduced that someone had already laid their greedy hands on his little disciple's territory and clansmen, hadn't they?

If this could be tolerated, what could not? Po's face turned darker as a fierce, chilly aura rose from around him. Even Ji Hao couldn't help but quiver because of this dreadful aura.

The rain was letting up by now. The next morning, Ji Hao's migratory troop started to continue their journey, moving towards the north-east, which was the direction of Yao Mountain and also Ji Mountain. According to the current speed of this migratory troop, they would arrive at Ji Mountain in seven days at the maximum.

On the fourth day's noon, the three troops Ji Hao sent out had returned successfully. They swept across the clans of Luo Feng and his two brothers, forcing over three million clansmen to join Ji Hao's migratory troop and move along with the others.

The scale of Ji Hao's troop instantly expanded by over two times as compared to before. With the help of those elders of Luo Shan's clan, this migratory troop was smoothly reorganized and lined up, transforming into hundreds of meter wide and over twenty miles long troop, and kept moving forward.

After moving for another big half a day, two mountains appeared in front of the troop. The pair of mountains were facing each other, with an over ten-mile wide path in between. An army was stationed in this vital path in between these two mountains. They trenched the camp with a hundred-meter wide ditch, firmly blocking the road that led through the two mountains.

Two square arrays of warriors, each numbering ten thousand, moved out from the camp and lined up in front of Ji Hao's migratory troop.

Lou Sheng rode on a rare red-fur elephant, standing in front of a ten thousand warrior square array, and was surrounded by tens of high-level Senior Magi, greedily looking at Ji Hao's migratory troop. In this migratory troop, four flags that had the patterns of a wolf howling towards the sky painted on them had been fluttering in the air. In Luo Sheng's eyes, those people were all his clansmen, they were his personal properties!

When Lie Mountain Xu helped Luo Sheng take control of the Ji Mountain, he conveniently sent a batch of elite warriors to kill Luo Feng and his two brothers. However, the news brought back by the warriors he sent made Lie Mountain Xu and Luo Sheng feel both funny and annoyed. Luo Feng and his two brothers led their armies to occupy the territory left by Luo Shan's father, but ended up being killed by Ji Hao, who unexpectedly stepped into this!

By now, in Ji Mountain, the only one who was qualified to compete with Luo Sheng for the title of Earl Ji was Luo Shan!

As long as he could take Luo Shan out, with Lie Mountain Xu's support, Luo Sheng would naturally become Earl Ji!

Whether in the aspect of law, bloodline, right of succession or family background, no one else could ever compete with Luo Sheng!

Ji Hao's migratory troop stopped. Feng Xing, who was mounted on a battle beast, lazily moved up to Luo Sheng.

’’Oi, why are you blocking our way? Friends or enemies?’’

’’Go! Kill this kid! And take my clansmen back!’’


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