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The Magus Era - Chapter 474


Chapter 474: The Soul Came Back

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Blood splashed everywhere, all being sucked into the hazy silhouette floating upon Luo Shan's body.

Within those splashing streams of blood, one could see the faint silhouettes of Luo Feng and his two brothers. They were struggling, roaring in rage, screaming and wailing themselves hoarse, crying and begging for mercy. However, the suction force released by the hazy silhouette was way too strong, swallowing all three of them in whole without having any power of resistance.

Nearly a hundred Senior Magi among all those warriors they brought over, who were pointed out as trusted subordinates of Luo Feng and his two brothers, were beheaded as well.

This was Taisi's suggestion. After all, Luo Shan had died once already, and his soul had left his body. Even if his soul could be redeemed with the mysterious soul-redeeming magic, more or less, damages would be left in his body. Some sequela, such as dementia, were hard to avoid.

Nevertheless, if around a hundred Senior Magi's fresh blood and souls were presented as offerings when casting the soul-redeeming magic, the ancient devil-god connected with Luo Shan would naturally use a part of these souls' power to heal Luo Shan, making his soul more powerful and healthier than before. Thus, no sequela would happen after he came back alive. Additionally, he would become even smarter and more intelligent than ordinary people.

Ji Hao spread his spirit power out and sensed the cries and screams let out by the souls of those Senior Magi which were attached to those spraying blood streams. Subconsciously, Ji Hao glanced at the hazy silhouette floating upon Luo Shan's body.

Without a specific shape, that faint silhouette had been squirming like an ameba. It was a faint, dimly glowing sphere of silhouette, which had been releasing a chilly and emotionless sense of power that made it seem like an ancient stone statue. It gave a feeling of staying unchanged forever and ever, cold and unbending.

That was an ancient devil god, connected with Luo Shan through the soul-redeeming magic. His original body had fallen into nothingness long ago, in the eternal flow of time. However, part of his soul had merged with the Dao of nature. Therefore, whoever could cast the special and secret magic would be able to summon him, and trade for his help with a certain price.

For example, he could help you to bring the dead back alive, flatten mountains or turn an ocean upside down, destroy a city or a country, or even change the weather.

’’Magic of the humankind has its own significance.’’ Po was also staring with full concentration at that sphere of the hazy silhouette. When the silhouette swallowed all souls of those offered Senior Magi, Po abruptly continued, ’’Ji Hao, do you know the total number of magics that were inherited by the Magi Palace and can be used to summon the remaining souls of these ancient devil gods?’’

Ji Hao frowned. He had read the majority of those secret scriptures collected in the Magi Palace, but those about summoning the ancient devil gods didn't fit his interests. Therefore, he didn't pay much of attention to them. Maybe in the future, he would step into this area, but at the current stage, he laid his emphasis on improving his own power and cultivation.

’’As far as I know, there are three-hundred and eighteen secret magic spells, each able to summon an ancient devil-god.’’ Ji Hao pondered for a while, then nodded and continued, ’’Hm, three-hundred and eighteen. Probably the Magi Palace still have other higher level secret magics in this area, but those are all I know.’’

Po looked at that hazy sphere of silhouette and said slowly, ’’To the best of my knowledge, ancient devil gods who emerged when this world was created were over thirty thousand in number. Each of them possessed unimaginably great powers and abilities. I've been wondering all the time that if we gathered all remaining souls of those ancient devil gods and created a magic formation or a magic treasure with them, exactly how powerful would that be?’’

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows. Po's words caught a great interest of his.

What Yu Yu taught Ji Hao was his study of magic formations, and Ji Hao and always been keeping a strong interest in Yu Yu's magic formation study. If he could work with Po on that great magic formation Po just mentioned, this would definitely be extremely beneficial to Ji Hao's cultivation.

’’This kid is a treasure. His body condition is quite suitable for communicating with those ancient devil gods.’’ Po pointed at Taisi and said to Ji Hao with a low voice and a faint, weird smile on his face, ’’He knows nothing about those worldly affairs, and won't be able to help you too much in your territory. So you can just let him build and solidify the devil god altar, that will be serving as a fundamental part of our creation of that great magic formation.’’

Ji Hao turned to Taisi with a huge grin on his face. He was rather satisfied with this suggestion given by Po.

Taisi, this silly guy, could even starve himself to death if Shaosi wasn't there to look after him, Ji Hao didn't want him in his territory as a completely useless person. Po's suggestion was just perfect.

’’We will arrange this in detail after we arrive at Yao Mountain.’’ Ji Hao said while smilingly looked at Luo Shan, who was now entirely wrapped in a raging fire.

Gusts of frosty wind blew out from that sphere of hazy silhouette. At the same time, countless visible shreds of black shadows emerged from the air, gathering towards Luo Shan. These black shadows coiled and rotated around each other and soon, one could see an extremely faint silhouette of Luo Shan flying around his own body.

Ten shreds of shadows remained coiling around Luo Shan's body. As cold gusts of wind ceaselessly injected into these shreds of shadows, Luo Shan's silhouette gradually turned clearer and clearer, and the face of Luo Shan's silhouette seemed to be less pale than before.

Taisi leaped up, grabbed the bone wand in his hand and performed a strange yet intense dance. Following the quick and complicated spell incanted by him, a dense sphere of black mist slowly flew out from that hazy silhouette floating upon Luo Shan's body and gradually merged with that of Luo Shan, which was nothing else but his soul.

Lou Shan's soul quickly turned much clearer, and soon, it became just like a real person.

Following Taisi's spells, Luo Shan's soul obediently and slowly drilled into his body through his ears, mouth, eyes and nostrils. Next, Luo Shan's chest suddenly puffed out. As he took an extra long gasp for air, all people on the scene heard a strong heartbeat.

’’Ah! He came back alive!’’ Man Man popped her eyes out and yelled in shock, ’’Even dead people can come back alive?! Ahyaya, Taisi is great! I thought he can do nothing but eat.’’

The ten lamplights suddenly surged up tens of meter high as thick black smoke spurted out from the ground, transforming into hundreds of black hands, reaching to Luo Shan's body. Taisi started incanting the spell once again. From his body, large streams of black mist ejected out, transforming into numerous ancient style daggers, stabbing towards those hands.

’’The netherworld won't let the souls of dead people go!’’ Po growled in a deep voice, ’’Bringing the dead back alive is against rules of nature... nature will hate us for this.’’ Po said and turned his palm around. A white stamper appeared in his palm. Po raised it, seeming to launch an attack. Ji Hao hurriedly pressed Po's hand down, and said, ’’Taisi can handle this. Chill, brother!’’

’’Offerings!’’ Taisi showed the whites of his eyes and yelled in that spooky voice.

Hundreds of strong bulls were pressed down on the ground. Zhamu and his warriors chopped these bulls to death, letting surging streams of fresh blood gush out. Those black hands condensed from smoke instantly paused, then all turned to those dead bulls lying on the ground. After grabbing the dead bulls, those hands slowly drew back underground.

After being grabbed by those black hands, the bodies of those dead bulls swiftly withered and turned into piles of black ash within the blink of an eye. Watching this, all Luo Shan's clansmen were frightened badly. They couldn't help but quiver intensely, daring not to say a word.

’’The soul, come back!’’ Taisi stood still and raised his pair of arms high.

The hazy silhouette floating upon Luo Shan's body gradually dissipated, and the ten oil lamps died simultaneously. Lou Shan's scrawny body landed back on the ground. His eyelids moved slightly, then that watery pair of eyes opened. He looked around with that pair of puppy eyes and suddenly cried out.

’’Grandpas! Grandpas! I'm so afraid!’’

Around ten elders of Luo Shan's clan rushed up while crying, surrounded him and held Luo Shan up from the ground.

The other clansmen began dancing and singing in joy while looking at Taisi in both happiness and shock.

He had come back alive, he had truly come back alive! The dead young clan leader of theirs had come back alive!


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